8th January 2017
Technical problems meant site was down for a week or so. Should all be fine now I think. Let me know of any glitches. 1st February 2016
Added John Bailey's transcript of Opposition.
Added John Bailey's transcript of Pursuit of Aim.
4th October 2015
Added John Bailey's transcript of Operators and Things.
Added John Bailey's transcript of Original Sin.
Added John Bailey's transcript of Physical Body and Symptoms.
Updated John Bailey's transcript of Dreams.
Added John Bailey's transcript of Space.
Added John Bailey's transcript of Reading.
Added John Bailey's transcript of Reflexive Self-Consciousness.
Added Tony Duckworth's transcript of Judgement.

22nd June 2014
Added John Bailey's transcript of Making Things Operative.

21st April 2014
Added Michael Graham's transcript of On Jesus.
Added John Bailey's transcript of Manipura.

20th Feb 2014
Added Elisabeth Lawrence's transcript of Opposites and Non-Opposites.

12th Jan 2014
Added Anon's transcript of Fantasy and Imagination.
Added Penny Moon's transcript of Memory.
Added Bob's edit of Reflexive Self-Consciousness.

28th Dec 2013
Added Fred's notes on Centres in the Human Being, How Not to be Influenced, Here and Now, Yoga of the Seven Centres.

11th Nov 2013
Added Richard's transcript of Modification of Substance.
Added Carol and Alan's transcript of Education.

9th Oct 2013
Added Andrew Bird's transcript of Belief and Doubt.

6th Oct 2013
Changed the search facility to Google Custom Search. The old Sphider search thing wasn't working properly - it failed to show results for words which I knew were in the archive even after indexing - probably my fault but I don't know what the problem is. The Google Custom Search has pros and cons. On the plus side, it does the job of searching fairly well, and it also searches the DOC and PDF files as well as the HTML. So you now get a more comprehensive search of the site, but it still misses things and I don't know why. On the downside, there's a limit to what I can do to customise it, it has ads which seriously compromise the integrity of the site, and I'd have to pay Google £100 a year to get rid of them, and it searches absolutely every page on the site, not just the ones with EH specific content on them, so we get a few junk results. I'll look into other alternatives.

4th Oct 2013
Added Margaret's transcripts of Aquarian Age, Architecture and Forms, Are We Tried More Than We Can Bear?, The Tarot.

3rd Oct 2013
Added Richard's transcript of Love and Will.
Added Fred's notes of Demonic Voice, Easter Play 1969, Jesus the Being, Love and death, Time and Eternity.

22nd Sept 2013
Added Margaret's transcript of Will and Intellect.

22nd Sept 2013
Added Alan's transcript of Deja Vu.

21st Sept 2013
Added Penny's transcript of Body Wisdom.

18th Sept 2013
Added Margaret's transcripts of Raising the Corpse and Tetragrammaton.

15th Sept 2013
Added Carol's transcript of Dialectics.
Added Sheila's transcript of Harmonics.

1st Sept 2013
Added Zhu's transcript of Geometrical Thinking.

7th Sept 2013
Fixed broken audio links.

1st Sept 2013
Added Alan's transcript of Non-Seriality.
Added Richard's transcript of Cyclic Law.

14th August 2013
Added Bob's transcript of Arrogance.

4th August 2013
Added Margaret's transcript of Pearl of Great Price. Margaret calls it 'Peril of Great Price' because of a pun at the start of the talk. I've followed the naming convention Bob has used on his website to avoid confusion.
Added Margaret's transcript of Lucky Numbers.
Added Margaret's transcript of Truth.
Added Margaret's transcript of Prayer and Boehme. There is no audio for this.

31th July 2013
Added Richard's transcript of Boehme.
Added Alan's transcript of Analysis.

14th June 2013
Added John's transcript of Lucifer.

6th June 2013
Added Bob's edit of Christian Philosophy 1-11.

16th May 2013
Added Bob's:
- html transcripts of Absolute, Accident, Alpha and Omega, Apocalypse, Applying What We Know.
- PDF of Essays on God

12th May 2013
Added Mark's transcript of Centre.

30th April 2013
Added The Conquest of Anxiety to the written work page.

6th March 2013
Added Gesine's transcripts of God and the Devil, Who is Jesus?.
Added John's transcript of Levels of Being.

7th February 2013
Re-indexed search function. All HTML transcripts added before this date are now searchable.

6th February 2013
Added John's transcript of The Kingdom Within.
Added Gesine's transcripts of Hidden Persuaders, Non-attachment, The Witch's Sieve.

28th November 2012
Added Mark's transcript of Choice.
Added Bob's transcript of Vocabulary.
Added John's transcript of Hierarchy.

20th October 2012
Added John's transcript of Freedom.

16th October 2012
Added Fred Freeman's lecture notes of Involution. They are listed under the talk title on the downbloads page. There will be some more of these available at some point. I consider them useful mainly because the diagrams in them are likely to be close to EHs original sketches which he made during the talks, and transcribers may wish to incorporate these images into their transcriptions.

16th October 2012
Added Bob's transcript of Words. Also Ken Ratcliffe's scanned transcript of same, donated by Bob.

16th September 2012
Added John's and Bob's transcripts of Energy.

13th September 2012
Removed link to Hephzibah's site on the 'about' page.

1st September 2012
Added links to Hephzibah's site on the home page and the 'about' page.

31st August 2012
Added John's transcripts of The Egg and Who is Jesus?.

14th July 2012
Integrated the Search page into the site a bit better.

22nd June 2012
Added John's transcript of The Buddhist Wheel.
Added Essays on God to the text section.

11th June 2012
Added some more texts in HTML form. I've cut the 'About Halliday' page almost completely. It now just contains a couple of links. I want to turn the site into more of a pure archive now that we have Bob's blog for the secondary stuff.

6th June 2012
I have streamlined the links at the top of the page and cut links to stuff you are only likely to read once. There are links in the first paragraph of the home page to all that stuff.

I have also started the process of including Halliday's written work on the site, starting with Defence of the Devil.

5th June 2012:
Added search function. Lots to do to make it look like the rest of the site, but this is a major development and makes the site considerably more useful. The search function only searches the web page versions of the transcripts at the moment. I could make it include all the PDFs and DOCs but that would mean considerable duplication of results. Also, if people are searching they don't necessarily want to downlaod lots of files to find a section. Much better to find the right section by browsing the HTML files and then download the transcript once you've found the bit you want.

26th May 2012:
Added talks to the list for which there is a transcript but no audio.

25th May 2012:
Added John's transcript of Colour and the Zodiac. The HTML conversion messed up the formatting quite a bit.

24th May 2012:

I have added this changelog page today. I had been using the ISHVAL forum to record changes but that forum will soon be closing so I thought I'd better make a page on this site.

I've tidied up the CSS.

11th May 2012:
Added: John's transcript of Classical/Romantic
Caroline's transcript of Mythology
and Bob's transcript of Energy

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