The text of a talk given at Parklands by Eugene Halliday. Ishval Audio 99

Now I will go to the subject matter which has been given to us this time by Margaret Littler. She wants us to talk about the Second Coming of the Messiah. And that presupposes there was a first coming and I want to see and I want to see how many comings there have been and are likely to be. And for that we will have to have an aid in the form of a little diagram which I hope will help to clarify what we are talking about. I am going to put seven numbers down beginning with zero, which is also a number.

Now you know that all numbers are symbolical and talked about in a symbolical way, reveal things that confer meaning upon otherwise very obscure statements in religion and philosophies. So I am going to start by putting the numbers down, so we number from zero to six and we will then define them and we will see how many comings are required in the Cosmic Process. The zero at the top signifies God, prior to Creation with the potentiality of all forms hidden within Him and not yet creating. So I am going to call that quite simply, God with Logos. The Logos is inherent in God, inseparable from him. Now we will discuss what we mean exactly what we mean by Logos and you remember we have a diagram of the word Logos, two Os and an S, and the Greek letter lamda and the Greek letter gamma together. Now we are to take that word Logos, which is linear and serial and turn it into a diagram. The L, that’s the Greek L Γ, and the G, the gamma, with the two Os and the S. Now the L means light, equals consciousness, total awareness. The Gamma means dark, unconscious, the Lamda means Spirit, the Gamma means matter, but the matter is only the Spirit willing to be resistant to itself, to provide itself with a resistance, so there is no mystery of duality about it. That God with Logos inherent is Himself the hidden Logos before its Cosmic expression. Logos means word and ratio and intellect of the highest order, not empirical intellect of materialistic science, pure a priori thinking from pure logic, logic derived from this Logos word. Now Heraclitus used that word logos in Ancient Greece to signify energy which he would symbolise as fire, which is, of itself, eternally flowing, “No man bathes twice in the same river”, and this Logos is light and substance, spirit and matter, consciousness and unconsciousness, immediate efficiency and resistance together. Dialectic means that we must hold simultaneously, pairs of opposites. If we do so, we solve certain problems which we cannot solve any other way.

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So when we think of the Logos, let us translate that word into this diagram, we say the diagram within a six-spoked wheel, and six is the basis of the word existence. Existere means out of six, six-fold. Five fingers spring out of the palm and they are differentiations of the hidden-ness of power and intelligence symbolised in the palm. Palm is PALM. The P means the precision of pure pneuma, that is, spirit, and the M at the end symbolises substantialisation of the same, and the AL between is God. So it goes intellectual precision, pi ratio and pneuma, substance, recipient thereof, as polarisations of that primary word for God, Al. The L goes to the M, and the A goes to the P. L means to bind and to stimulate, it moves towards substance by its self-binding. The A means activation, and activation formulates, and formulation in its pure form is intellect, is intelligence, is precision in every sense of the word. If we take the P, the ALM as the meaning of the palm we see why certain priests, long ago of very great intelligence, named the parts of the human body with these special symbolic letters. So that, by meditation upon parts of the body and their functions, we could arrive at the true definition of what God is. God is an active binder, God is a freeing being, the A, and the binding being, the L. He creates, and creation is encapsulation and encapsulation is binding. But he also releases progressively the bound in the process we call evolution So He is both the holder of the key of loosing and the key of binding. The A moves to the P and the L to the M. You notice that the base, the PA gives you the father word and the M is the mother word, the binding. It is very important to recognise the binding function of the mother principle symbolised in the M. The oldest word for a mother that we have in various languages is Ma, and it means substantial activity and it binds its progeny to itself because it has to feed them, has to care for them. So in a very special sense we say the role of the mother is a role of dedication to self sacrifice for the perpetuation of the evolutionary process. Now if mothers were to realise that they are instruments of evolution of higher intelligence and that their terrible little off-springs, which are called little blessings are there to evolve towards spirit and ultimately to the pure consciousness of God.

So when we think about the O, the zero there, we are to think of a very zealous living, discriminating zone of activity. Now that O has been written, in this case by me, but the concept of the O pre-exists in Cosmos and derives from a force that gradually posits itself. And when we draw the line positing and then the O we have made the number six so we are to think about the Logos as the very principle of six-ness equals existence. Without that bondage, without that circumscription, without that self-binding, no creature could exist. We have a binding integument, the skin, covering our body, and we take things in and let things out, in and from our zone of encapsulation and this zone of encapsulation is what we call self. So selfhood is the very beginning of existence and existence implies self-hood. To understand that is to get rid of a lot erroneous ideas about what it means to be selfish and unselfish. There are two kinds of self, stupid self and intelligent self, but they are both self and the self is the fact of their encapsulation.

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Now, therefore we have God with the Logos inherently inseparable from Him and God means Infinite Sentient Power, Infinite Sentient Power. The sentience explains how we know about it, the power explains what we can do about it. Now the function of that God is to go down all the way to the bottom level, right down here, so zero and six join together because at the bottom we want the total creation enlightened about its origin, and of that it says in the Bible, “Here, no man shall teach another of God for all shall know Him”. So, at the bottom we can write Logos, that is the same one as that one, enters all mankind. Now that is the final condition of evolution. And man means the counter, an enumerator, an evaluator. So all beings whatever are correctly called man if they can count. Now that includes all living creatures, animals and vegetables as well as so-called human beings, all that can count. A spider can count to make a web to catch flies, a worm can count to get leaves and take them underground, a plant counts by selecting particular chemistry from air and the soil, so in that sense there are no non-men in existence. All living beings in that sense, are men. William Blake went a little further by saying every grain of sand on the beach is a man. And he was quite correct because the mineral world also selects, there are chemical affinities, and those affinities are selections, they are powers of choice.

So we want to get from the zero God with an inherent non-manifest Logos to all mankind enlightened by the same Logos. So the first thing we have to do is make a Macro Logos, a very big one, as the first step towards that final stage. Macrologos, the big Logos is the totality of the manifest Universe viewed as a very large sphere. When you look out at night at the stars you see the stars are arranged in a vast, circling system. They are actually within a sphere of being and that presupposes that the Cosmos, and the word Cosmos means beautiful order, the Cosmos is, fundamentally a geometrical proposition, a mathematical, logical, geometrical proposition. It is put there by power that has this inherency of formulating itself logically, mathematically, geometrically, so when we think of the Macrologos we are to look out at the sky at night, look at all the stars we can see on a nice clear night and there is no moon to dazzle us, just pure stars, and notice the great wheel of the star system. And the totality of it is what we mean by the Macrologos. Now that Macrologos presented to creatures not yet enlightened, would not of itself be able to save those creatures. A worm digging in the earth, does not come out, contemplate the stars and say those stars imply an inherent Logos hidden in the primordial power of the Logos. It would not say there is an invisible God making all these stars for myself, worm, to meditate upon. So we need a method of getting the Macrologos concept into the human race to enlighten them all. So therefore we have to have prophets, prophets.

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Prophets, prophets are people who posit rationally before hand something to be attained. Now as we put the zero to the six, we are going to put the one, like that, to the five, we want the Macrologos to become manifest in the time process there and we are going to call that the second coming. Can I put C for coming or would you like the whole word?

The whole word.

The whole word, greedy,

That second coming of Logos. Now when the prophets speak, they do what we call prophesying. Now prophesying is very peculiar, very powerful, very magical stuff, because it describes things not yet existent, but by the very description, it inserts ideas into the mind of man and causes man to look forward with expectancy towards the realisation of the thing prophesied. In other words, the prophets actually cause the growth in the nervous system of the human race to enable that nervous system to be able to comprehend the meaning of the Logos when it finally comes. So we can make a rule, no prophesies, no Messiah. Unless the prophets prophesy coming embodied intelligence, then no Messiah can come because that Messiah has got to come in a human organism that has been specially prepared by definitions of what it is going to be like. And the ones that make the definitions of that coming being are called The Prophets. Prophesy prepares the nervous system to grow to become finally a true vehicle of manifestation of the Logos. When the Logos comes into a body, it is called the Messiah for that body. That Messiah word, like the word Moses means lifted out of the water into life, and there the water symbolises the M function, the [ meher], inertia. To lift people out of inertia which they tend to fall into there must be prophesy saying that freedom is a possibility, choice is a possibility, intelligence is a possibility, and when it appears it will be in such a manner, such a manner, and by this definition there will come to be intelligent beings and they will incarnate in themselves the full meaning of the Logos. But those prophets have got to prepare the way for a Messiah, that is, a saviour, that is one that lifts us out of the inertia of matter. Messiah means he who lifts us out of the inertia of matter, and they must prepare the way.

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And then we can say here comes… I’m sorry I am writing the wrong language…, all this is symbolic of course, we will call this first coming of Logos. Remember that Logos is our saviour. That Logos is intelligent, geometrical, mathematical logic. That is the Saviour It is that intelligence that makes high tec, it is that intelligence that built your car, it is that intelligence that made Concord, it is that intelligence that makes everything that is in the Universe. So, the prophets say the Logos is going to be incarnate and we tell you he will come and we will tell you what will be his characteristics and by this description of him then men begin to learn, begin to listen.

So the prophets go down from two to four and at the level four they elect, that means the few who are called out of the masses, because, when any subject matter is taught there are always a few who learn it first. You can’t actually broadcast, even with today’s tec, you cannot broadcast a message to the whole world. Supposing you broadcast a message to the Aboriginals of Australia, the Papua New Guineans, the people in Vietnam, in Korea, in Japan, in China, in Russia, how many language do you need to broadcast in, how much control have you got .over the reactions of those people? Will they all respond in the same way to the one message? So in America they do have a tendency to do this because they broadcast to the world. I don’t know whether you have heard in the middle of the night, American religious broadcasts which actually tell you the meaning of salvation? And they broadcast in many languages. Some of them actually got discs for bouncing the message from outer space back to the Earth, all over so that the message is going all over. But, tell me, who listens? How many people listen? How many people when they see John Guilgud reciting poetry don’t switch to football, or golf or Spot Black, yes? Very few, and the few who listen first are called the elect of Logos. They are the ones who, through listening to the prophets have acquired a capacity for higher level choices. So that leaves us with the first Logos in the third position there, and, if we count the zero as a number it goes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. And when we go one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, that number three there is the point of incarnation of the Logos. And we are going to put for his symbol there, a hexon and we are going to turn it by the simple process of putting a lamda in it meaning life, intelligence, and that is the cube, that is the cube which is the six-faced human being, Incarnate Logos. Six faces because we know there are powers higher than ours, we know here are powers lower, we know you have got a future ahead of you not yet made and a past behind you weighing, tending to produce inertia, and powers developed to the right, and deficiencies not yet overcome to the left. And those six opposing faces constitute the human being.

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So now we can talk rather more carefully about the first and second coming.

Now the first coming was the one of the step down from the zero into one. The Macrocosmic logos, the whole system of all the stars and solar systems, and planetary systems and lives, all those were really the first one, but that was not in time. That was the whole system in its simultaneity, non-serial therefore not temporal. So what we call the first of the Logos is the time function, so we will put the symbol of time, TM, there. The T means cross, fixation, crucifixion, and the M means the substance, so that the first coming talked about by people that believe in the messianic coming is the first temporal coming, but the true ontological first was the Macrologos up there. Now the second coming of the Logos is yet to come but before that Logos comes, the elect of the Logos, those are the very advanced intellects, sensitive feeling beings who already anticipate that coming and they are prepared to let out that information and hope that by doing so they will function like the prophets did for them, only they will function for all mankind.

Now really it is a very simple proposition. The whole is going to enlighten each minutest part because it owes to all its parts its whole enlightenment, because if it does not enlighten all its parts then the parts will be ignorant and will oppose its purpose. So there is a total creaturely enlightenment by Logos implicit in the primordial act of Creation

Now the question in this diagram is how do we get from our position down here, we are all mankind, all mankind is inside our skin, how do we develop it? The answer is we must accept that the second coming of the Logos can occur in the individual elect before it occurs in all mankind simultaneously. We all know that there people on Earth, about five per cent, who are genuinely interested in philosophical, ontological, religious, spiritual problems, but we know that ninety-five percent, at this stage of evolution, are not interested in that subject matter, and somehow they have to become educated towards attaining that interest .

Now if we look at this diagram very carefully we can say every stage is involved into the original. It is all co-present with itself. Within what we call God, which is Infinite Sentient Power, there is the totality of enlightened creature-ness, creaturely-ness which is hidden as a mystery inside pre-creational God. Now remember creation means encapsulation, en-sphering, embodying, prior to the embodying, the encapsulation, this God is an Infinite Power. Now it has not compressed itself into a spherical form and therefore it has not made for itself a body called Macrologos, the big reason, the big plan. We will put the word plan in there PL AN. Now PL is the symbol for Pi law or reason and AN is the symbol for serpent, so reason, snake, reason, sensuality. The plan is how to control sensuality by reason without destroying the serpent with the reason and without evading the reason by the serpentine activity. Now the prophets are telling us for what? That PH there we will write above it the Greek letter phi, Ψ, that means all there is, analysed. The E means the life, the T is fixation, the S we call it in this case, is an issuant pluraliser.

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Now the prophet’s function is to describe rationally, beforehand, the characteristics of a perfectly reflexive self-conscious self- creative being. Now you know that certain insects, of which the butterfly is the most obvious, have a power to appear in a form like a caterpillar and then to wrap themselves up and become apparently a dead thing and then come out as a butterfly. They have a power called metamorphosis, a change of form. And they do it by a process of liquefaction of their organs. The caterpillar is structured internally in a certain way. Now to change from butterfly to egg, egg to caterpillar, caterpillar to butterfly requires the removal of the formal determinant for a time, the liquefaction of the organs, reduction to a primordial fluid form, and then the re-building out of that fluid of a new form. Now we tend to think that a butterfly can do it, some beetles can do it, various creatures can do it, but we can’t do it. It is not true, we can do it, and that word psyche also has the significance, butterfly. We can change. But, imagine the condition of a caterpillar that has been eating leaves until it is stacked with food energy, and then it commits itself to being wrapped up and becoming immobile, perhaps stuck on the underside of a leaf or hanging from a thread where any predator may come along and eat it. Because that happens in Nature doesn’t it? Predators come and destroy things. So the object of the caterpillar is to disguise itself as much as possible, to reduce the possibility of it being eaten. Would you believe that the fear of the human being to change its mind is exactly the same as the anxiety in a caterpillar when it wraps itself up and commits itself to the process of histolysis, to its self liquefaction. Now minds of human beings from the time they begin to articulate words, try to structure them selves to become indestructible. Their aim is to survive and to survive they must formulate, and they must make their formulations like strong citadels, they must become impregnable. So everything they in-build, from the time they begin to speak as babies, aims at survival and they only build-in and like that which they believe at the time, will actually aid their survival. So, if somebody comes along with a new idea that contradicts that idea that they have built into that citadel wall, they feel immediately under attack and maybe they won’t survive. So they tend to argue and destroy any argument that comes from outside, any logical proposition given to them if it doesn’t support their survival intention in accord with their existing verbal structure, they will try to destroy it, quite naturally. Then in the process they will be nailing themselves into a dead system unless the citadel is built from Logos. “They labour in vain who labour without the Lord”, means you build to no effect if you don’t build on the macrocosmic, logical structure of reality. And yet we know unless we destroy the erroneous structure built by egotism, verbally, from babyhood, we cannot enter the kingdom of free, spiritual creativity. And, therefore, what we call the egoic structure, verbalised from babyhood in self defence, that egoic structure must be destroyed.

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Now there are two deaths referred to. One is the death of your physical body, that is called first death and the next one is the death of your ideological self- defining survival structure. Now it says that if you obey this Logos, you will not be hurt of the second death. That means that the idea structure that you have built logically from this true Macrologos, that structure, once put inside you cannot be destroyed even by physical death. At physical death, if you have got a well furnished mind with a macrologlogical base, instead of falling apart, which was what happened to erroneous ideas when they are exposed to a stimulus that they cannot assimilate, instead of falling apart in that way you have a structure that is absolutely resistant to all forces inimical that might come from outside. You therefore have a body of macrological immortality after death.

Now you know perfectly well, and as I have had several examples recently and one this week, of a man who actually had such a jumbled mind when he died, that every member of his family were very upset by his condition at death because he was confused. Now can we imagine that a man who has been illogical all his life at death should suddenly assemble a defensive survival structure, suddenly? Can we imagine it happening? Not easily. But if a man has worked all his life to establish a perfectly self-consistent, macrological structure of thought in his being, then at death he is at absolute peace with himself and the removal of that formulated structure of pure truth which is what macrologic is, survives physical death and the consciousness of that person is then immortal, because you survive for ever in all universes if you have absolute self-consistency.

Now the prophets have prophesied it and they have actually laid down rules which they have perceived by meditating on the Macrologos. Those prophets used to go out and in the middle of the night, look at the starry sky and meditate upon it, and watch the rising of the Sun and the setting thereof and the moon and its phases, and gradually assimilate what this meant for man on Earth, and realised they were getting nearer and nearer to comprehension of the plan.And therefore, some day, their collective knowledge would embody itself in some recipient human being whose body had been prepared by the expectancy prepared by prophesy.

Now the whole system is a guarantee that ultimately all mankind will become enlightened. But before that time, the Elect, the few who are interested first, must know about it and they would not know about it if the prophets had not spoken about it, and they would not know about it if they had not watched the night sky. It is not without significance that three of our major religions came out of the Arabian Desert, Judaism, Christianity, Islam are simply a logical development. First phase, the Judaic, fear of God, fear of God runs through the Old Testament. Fear because you look up and you are amazed. If you have any intelligence at all you think, “Could I control all this”? And you say, “No I couldn’t”. And it appears there are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and sun flares and weird eclipses, “Can I control them”? The answer is, “Not yet”. So there is fear, of the not-yet-understood whole system, so that is the Judaic religion in its first formulation. But gradually through the activity of the Old Testament prophets, they refined it and they became so delighted with what they were discovering about this fearful, great Universe, they began to love what they were finding out, namely the structure, the pure logic, the dynamic, the kinetic, everything about it. Instead of becoming an object of fear became an object of love, and it is at that point where the first temporal incarnate Logos says, “Now, new dispensation, Love it. You have feared it that is correct, because it is all powerful, now you understand a little bit you can begin to love that very possibility of becoming totally enlightened”

So we say, Judaic religion is based in fear of the Lord; the New Testament is based in Love of the Lord and that leaves the Islamic one, Knowledge of the Lord. The Islamic dispensation is because you have feared the Lord and hen loved the plan progressively revealed through the prophets, study the Lord, study the Universe, and that gave a tremendous impulse to Islamic science, long before Europe had any real science as we know it, Islam had already started a process of scientific development based on the concept, fear the Almighty, yes, love the Almighty, yes, and then know the Almighty. Now that caused Mohammed to say this is the last religion. The first one was the religion of Adam, but this third one closes the system. You can fear a thing, you can love it and you can know it, and when you know it that is the end of the process. Therefore he is called the seal of the Prophet. So we have a three stage development.

Now a lot of this stuff made its way through the North West Passage into India and changed its form and became Brahmanism there. So we can say that religion also came out of the same source as these three Arabian religions and in fact, when the Muslims discovered the Hindu’s religion they just appropriated it as the true extension of their own original position.

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Now Blake said, unless the baby born in Bethlehem is born in us as an individual, it avails us nothing, it is no good talking about it. That baby is simply a personification, incarnate of Logos. Any person that begins to comprehend the Logos is said in Christian terms, to have the mind of Christ. Now the word Christ is a nice simple word is we write logos that way then we write Christ this way. Christ means the circle and we put a T in it. That is the word Christ in its original symbolic form. Anybody who has the mind that begins to understand that all being is circumscribed and all being is active as to its capacity for choice and passive as to its suffering the choices it makes. Such a being is called a Christos or participator in the macrocosmic Logos mind.

Now Jewish friends of mine say very often that they have difficulty in accepting the historical incarnation in Jesus of Nazareth of the Infinite God. It is difficult because of the inertia of training, but the Infinite God is omnipotent, there is no reason at all why he should not incarnate some time. And if that Jesus of Nazareth was not the first true incarnation of the Logos and if that Messiah is yet to come, when he comes then the people then living will have exactly the same difficulty in dealing with the idea as the present unbelievers have. Whenever he comes it doesn’t matter he will still constitute a difficulty for those who believe the Infinite cannot embody itself, in its fullness in the finite. But that is to say that the Infinite Sentient Power that we call God, is not omnipotent and if He is omnipotent, He can do anything whatever. So we have to say, we must open our minds.

A man appears on Earth and says, “I am the door, I am the dalet, I am telling you how to do it. DLT. Analyse, synthesize, fixate, or analyse, synthesize, define, fixate, DLT. Now if you analyse, synthesise and fixate your conclusion truly, you are a door of the revelation of the Macrologos in the finite, individual, human being, anyone who does that can become a door. In any science that you studied in your university degree pursuits, those scientists have been doors. Before you knew them you couldn’t get through into certain information. When you learn the terminology you could get through. To learn the terminology you must analyse, synthesize and fixate or record the products of your analysis and synthesis. What could be simpler than that? Any person can act as a door to another person.

A young eighteen year old boy the other day said to me he had been thinking about the word relation, thinking about relation between people and he had come up with a definition. “Relation is opening doors for each other”. That was very good. Now most of the associations of human beings are attempts to close doors for each other.

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Let’s look at that simple proposition with seven stages finishing up in six number, existence, in which ultimately, every creature will be a self-conscious, freely self- determined manifestation of the Infinite God Logos that is eternally present with itself prior to all Creation, through Creation and after Creation. And if we understand the whole process we gain immortality through the self-consistency of the formal, constructive apprehension of that simple diagram. Now the question is do you want to become immortal? Some people don’t.

Late last night, in a thing called “Naked City” which is supposed to be based on true police records, I saw the dramatised version of the life of a man who was so disgusted with himself, he asked his son to kill him. His behaviour was so horrible in his view that he wanted to die, but he hadn’t got the courage to kill himself, so he asked his son, “Please hep me to die”. Now what is the condition of a man like that, who chooses mortality because he is so disgusted with himself, in his being, his action, his thought, his feeling, he thinks he should be annihilated? Now he is called a lost soul.

Think of the opposite. A man, who works very hard to comprehend his situation, studies that logological base of existence and attains progressively, more and more and more self- consistency, that he can only look at one diagram, either a mogun david double triangle, or a cross in a circle or a yantra, or whatever symbol, and say that means my personal self-consistency, which because it is self consistent, must be of the great God’s self-consistency and He is the Immortal, and you participate, you become one of the immortals. And then, after you have died in that state of perfect self consistency you can either stay in any other world there is or you could come back to this world and do certain works which you have observed need doing.

Now in Buddhism you have a concept called the bodhi satva concept. Now that is the concept of a fellow who is actually on the edge of total Buddhahood and he is going to disappear from the Earth entirely through his self-enlightenment unless he sacrifices himself by staying on Earth to help other people towards it, And that is considered to be a very, very high level of being, where a person says I could go out of this world because I know how to be self-consistent in any world but I can stay in it or come back in it at will. So we can roam through an infinity of different worlds if we have a body of self-consistency. And if we haven’t we are going to fall apart. Now the enemy, remember, is the egotistic structure of self-defence built by babies and the first verbalisations up to the age at which you meet them. And that structure will fight to defend itself, and if it wins that person is doomed to be held in by its own definition, and that is called Hell.

Supposing you have erroneous ideas and you work on them very hard to justify them, and pretend to yourself that they are quite right although you know they are erroneous, but you use them as a battling weapon against the external world so effectively that you are stuck with an erroneous view of the world. Let’s take an example, any materialistic, empirical scientist behaviourist who believes that the human race is nothing but a kind of machine with no will, no capacity for choice, no intelligence, just a reactive, mechanical, chemical system and no more. Now he has paralysed his creativity by his own definition. Now if he dies in that state, he can’t develop further because he has defined for himself a locked-in condition. So post mortemly all he can do is live within the dictatorship of his erroneous concept, and meanwhile there are other worlds.

Supposing we place down at sixth level, the lowest level and a man that is identified with existence but doesn’t believe in the origin of existence but then, post-mortemly he is stuck with the idea that he is a material being. Some of those beings, when they die, are so wrapped up in their own definitions that when you meet them post-mortemly, in meditation, they are absolutely convinced that they haven’t died, they are still living within their finite definition. They don’t know whether they have died, they are locked in an erroneous idea. Those are lost souls. Some are locked in concepts of guilt. I saw a man crouching on the ground and his body was shaking spasmodically because he was being whipped by a devil. But the devil was a projection of his mind because he thought he was a sinner, and he thought he was guilty and nobody could make him think he wasn’t guilty because he was, because he knew that he had done various misdeeds to other people, and then he got older and older and then he couldn’t misbehave any more, he found he was on the wrong trail. And then he thought he needed punishing because of his wrong life process. So he conjured up from himself a devil to whip him and there he was shaking with every lash of the whip. But there was no devil there other than his self- defining structure of his own guilt and its deserts. Now how would you like that kind of existence?

So I prefer, personally, a reflexive, self-conscious self- determinant, self consistent logological structure which I know can never change in any world whatever, so whether somebody kills me or not makes absolutely no difference to me because I know that that consistent structure cannot be broken. You cannot break an absolutely self defining system in which all the parts presuppose all the other parts When you hear that little phrase, “I know that my Redeemer liveth”, redeem means re-judge, I know that the Logos is a fact, that the Universe is structured truthfully and its truth is its self-consistency and by embodying that, which you do by an act of assent to it, or acceptance, that your Redeemer lives in you. You re-judge any error you may make and you re-assess it as an error and you build into your being, an absolutely self-consistent, logological, truly mathematical, truly geometrical structure which you can see in all eternity there and refer to it as the very centre reference of your being and with that, you can walk in and out of universes and other worlds and this one and return or leave at your own free will.