The text of a talk given at Parklands by Eugene Halliday. Ishval Audio 81.

Now I am going to talk about corks, bobbing in the bath water.

I have loved Jacob and hated Esau,” saith the Lord. Why should God say I have loved one human being and hated another human being?

The answer is that Jacob means, in the lexicon, it means supplanter, cunning fellow, someone that can take your heritage away from you surreptitiously. But it really means something else. It means, ‘affirm the secret, affirm coverage, do not expose all your weapons.’ Now Esau means a hairy man, a wild man, an uncivilised man, a person of impulse and a person prepared to swap his heritage for a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of Egyptian beans. One chopstick is quite easy to handle beans with, two beans, one chopstick. The idea is that the nomadic peoples of the world were not going to make a civilisation. We see this in modern Iran an Afghanistan and suchlike places. Wherever there are nomadic peoples today, they are progressively being displaced by the founders of settled civilisations. And, if we don’t make a civilisation, we cannot build a mathematical, geometrical, logical, scientific world. The nomad riding his camel or his pony, doesn’t build a great science such as we see today. If we had all nomads for our ancestors, we would be coming here on camels, or donkeys, or even on each other, because you know that long time ago, the weaker people in the head and stronger in the. leg were used as ponies by rather overweight, wealthy, intelligent men, but you wouldn’t have been coming in a car, you would not have been coming in a reciprocating engine device, nor a turbine device, those of you who have turbines driving your cars, stand up and be recognised as in the mode! You would rather have been on foot or riding on some creature and you would not be civilised, sitting on chairs You might sit on the floor like nomadic peoples do; you might make good carpets like nomadic peoples do, because they put those on the floors that they don’t immediately get eaten by beetles and ants.

I have loved Jacob because he made the great civilisation and his brother Esau was a wild, uncontrolled, non-civiliser. Now ‘hate’ what does hate mean? Hate means that a power structure shall be fixated so that it cannot move. So the dialectic is that a moving, nomadic person, was fixated in his development. He couldn’t develop a civilisation because he was roaming about; whereas the man that settled down and made a city and made agriculture to feed the city, and made an army to defend the agriculture and the city; made a science to recruit the army, that man is not fixated. So the apparently fixated man, the city-dwelling fellow, is somehow not fixed at all, because his intellect is developing and he is gradually acquiring more and more power, more and more knowledge of the whole Universe.

It couldn’t be a nomadic people that put the first men on the Moon; it couldn’t be a nomadic people that have got somewhere wandering beyond the orbit of Pluto some kind of device that can travel to the furthest stars. A nomadic people cannot build that kind of a concept. So the hate means fixate the power of the inefficient.

You know that Indian Philosophy, Shiva is the destroyer, Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu is the Preserver and Shiva is the destroyer. Destroyer of what?, Destroyer of the useless, destroyer of rubbish and therefore the preserver of anything whatever that anything that is useful and progressive.

Track 2

Now I said I was going to talk about corks, and we will see here, how this applies. We all know today, as a matter of fact, not fantasy, that matter can be broken down and demonstrated to be energy. So we have to think about the Universe as a great ocean of energy, a we know, by the rotation of the planets round the Sun, and the sun and the whole Solar system rotates round another point in a star system far away, all reality is rotational. So if we imagine the greatest rotation that we can and call that the big Universe. You could say macro-cosmos if you liked or go even bigger, magalo-cosmos, the biggest of the big. Now imagine a colossal ocean, spherical. You know our word ocean is from a Greek word and that word meant a circular river. Okeanus means a circular river surrounding the Universe. It was merely their mythological expression for the universe is a rotating energy system. Now, therefore, we can say, imagine, there’s a couple of friends of mine here tonight, and they have got a fair approximation to a circular bath, you have a circular bath as well as a long one; so imagine that the whole Universe is a vast ocean, circular, surrounded by a spinning belt of power to keep it in, and call it the megalo-bath, call it big bath, the big universe. The word bath and beth means house, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a dwelling, a place where you can live.

Now imagine a vast house, the biggest house we can imagine, made of pure power, and beyond this bath, this dwelling, this macro-cosmos there is Infinite power, non-rotating. Think about that very carefully. Imagine an infinite ocean that wasn’t rotating at all, extending in six directions, at right angles to each other, three planes of being, extending

with no edges. If it had no edges, it could not be. The word ‘be’ means to encapsulate, it means to rotate, to circulate. If energy is scattered and doesn’t begin to rotate again, it is lost in Infinity.

Now, to stop the loss of infinite energy in Infinity, the simple device, the Sentient Power, which we call the Godhead, spun he power, made it spin round, and in so doing established a big bath, a big Universe, the letter M, the mem of Hebrew, signifies the water in the bath and also, substance, because water is plastic water can assume any shape whatever, so water is the perfect type of an original, prime material

Now, imagine, within that vast, spherical ocean, that great cosmok bath. I said ‘cosmok’ there, a case of closure that holds it in and stops it dissipating.

Now we have likewise, a skin, an integument which holds our body in. Our body is nearly all water with a few chemical precipitates in it to turn that water into an electrolyte so that nervous impulses can be transmitted in it So imagine, sitting inside your skin is an ocean of life fluid. We call it protoplasm a sort of colloidal, jelly-like substance. Now remember that S equals P, sentience is power. And remember that you cannot have a dualism because an ultimate dualism would have two fundamental entities, utterly different, and if they were utterly different they could not interact, but they do. Our sentience and our power interact. Sentience is our capacity to feel and power is our capacity to change the form of our being, the form of our action, the mode in which our feeling expresses itself.

So we can say S equals P, sentience equals power; the power is our ability to move, the sentience is our capacity to know that we move.

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Now, in this vast spherical ocean of Sentient Power, there is a capacity for Self-mobilisation. The Self there is a capital S and means the whole sphere of the great Universe. Now, inside this sphere there is a process of turbulence, turba, turnings. Which make little turnings within the big turning, and the little turnings go right down to sub-atomic level. Then at half way between the smallest sub-atomic particle. And the biggest system of stars we can see, half way between is the human being. The human being is a half way being between the infinitely small and the infinitely large, and I am going to ask you to imagine that this human being is a little turning system, quite complex, because it is made of even smaller turnings, and it’s half way between the smallest and the largest of the turnings. In the Bible it says, “When time ceases there will be no shadow of turning.” What we call shadow in the Universe is the function of turning. If all the energy in the Earth did not go round, or of the other planets, the Earth could not cast a shadow. The Sun, not meeting a rotating energy would go straight on, there would be no shadow, so it’d not just a mythical guess but at the end of time is the cessation of turning, there will be no shadow of turning at the end of time. At the end of time everything returns into an absolute condition of Sentient Power, not rotating, but fully conscious of all the rotations that have ever been made by it in constituting for it Cosmic memory.

Now, we, as half way systems of turnings between the minutest and the greatest, we are like a little cork. I want you to look at the word ‘cork’ COR the basis of coeur, cor, heart. This thing, any ‘Frogs’ in the audience will have an approximation to that word, and also the British, English word ‘courage,’ coeur age .courage It is in the heart it’s in the feeling. Now think of the word ‘cork’ symbolising cour that is to say, running round, closed. The K on the end of the word means to close, and inside the closure, there is a running around, a coursing, which makes a heart.

You know our own heart, four-chambered is actually produced by a circulation of energy in the developing embryo, the rotation builds the heart. And that cor, the same cor as in the word ‘ chorus,’ that cor is a running around within an enclosure.

Now imaging that throughout Infinite space, in that great megalo-cosmos, there are an infinity of little corks bobbing about and they are human beings, but remember the cork is not a different substance from the energy of the ocean in which it floats.

How many of you, in your holiday travels through oceans, have looked over the edge of the boat and seen a vast number of jellyfish swimming in the sea? Have you seen them? And you notice, they are very hard to see. If they hadn’t got a fine skin on them to make a highlight you couldn’t see them. They are actually swimming zones of sea-water, yes? Now our chemistry is very similar to that of sea-water. We are really jellyfish who have deposited some calcium and other minerals to make internal skeletons, to lean on, to rest on. Those jellyfish swim quite nicely but they get carries along by the oceanic currents. Now we have risen out of that and we say we are not going to be carried along by external forces that compel us to do things we don’t want to do. With a very high wind and a very high storm, many jellyfish get thrown onto the beach and perish. But we don’t like perishing on beaches so we have worked very hard and thought very hard and we have been like Jacob, we have Ya cob, we affirmed the secret, we have kept the secret of supremacy inside ourselves, we are self-determinant and we have encouraged other forms of life like the jellyfish to believe that they are carried away by fortune, by the conditions around them. We have encouraged them to believe that they have no internal self-will, that they can’t go where they want, they are not reflexive.

Now in the Ancient world, in Ancient Egypt, in Babylon and Greece, in India and China, there were two kinds of beings, and the beings that made the definitions, defined themselves as gods, and by gods they meant self- moving essential, spiritual beings; self-determinant, conditioning their own motions, making their own decisions and doing whatever they willed to do; and then they said, and the rest, those that were not self-determinant; those who take orders from those who are self-determinant. And they called themselves ‘The Elect,’ and they kept that a very, very great secret, an elect race, Issus stole the idea for a time but he hadn’t got the wherewithal to keep it. The real elect don’t mention it. That is to say, they don’t put their chief trick on the table, face up, for their opponents. They conceive life as an ocean full of fish and the fish are like the corks, swimming about and bobbing up and down, and they have a rule, ‘If it weren’t for the sharks, there would be no fast swimmers; if it weren’t for the tigers, if it weren’t for the lions, there would be no fast deer, if it weren’t for the very clever fellows the other ones would not wake up. So the very clever ones have a function, namely advancing the evolution of the rest.

Now there are many people that have claimed to be the ‘Elect’ and probably one of the earliest of all of them were the Brahmins of India, but the same thing occurred in China, the Son of Heaven, in Japan the emperor, and some of the Roman emperors, putting on a radiation like a Sun, and said, “I am a god,” but they knew what meant when they said a god, they meant a being of total self-determination, who is not enslaved by the initiative of other beings.

So a spiritual essential means initiative, a spirit means initiative here-nowness, essential means precipitating the very beingness of that spirit into manifestation, into incarnation, in so far that you have a body and you can persuade that body to move at your will, you are a god; in so far as when you tell it to get up on a cold morning, it doesn’t, you are a slave to the temperature.

Track 5

Now imagine, in the cosmic bath, a fantastical number of corks bobbing up and down and each cork is a human being, but the cork, like the jellyfish is made of the same energy that makes the cosmic ocean. Now, what happens if a power, a force, from beyond Cosmos, we call that a paracosmic power, energania, energy, comes in to the system, hits one of the corks? Now that cork goes up and down in a bit more agitated manner than the other corks it hasn’t hit, and the cork that receive that extra energy is said to enthuse. Enthusiasm really means God, that is initiative, that is Spirit Power has entered into that individual, but the moment that cork goes up and down more than other corks around it, something happens to the other corks, what is it, can you tell me?

Envy, envy. Now look at the word envy, it’s made of the first part of the word, the ‘en’ part En, actually means being, it means ‘life movement,’ and the VY means developmental affirmation. When one moves first with initiative, the other thinks “I could have done that, if I had thought of it.” That is the history if of invention, “If I had thought of it.” Well how do you get to the point, where you can, if you are a cork, bobbing up and down, get to the point where you can bob yourself without waiting for a blow from Paracosmic energy coming in to hit you and say wake up!

When energy comes from Para cosmos, into cosmos and hits an individual cork, he is said to be “inspired,” he becomes enthusiastic, but that is said to be an act of grace and grace means free, it means the bondage of the geh, the hard G, the geo, has been broken and then there emerges, in that very being, He is suddenly a Rah, a differentiating, discriminating ruling power. How do you get it without waiting for grace?

Change the timing.

Change the timing, how do you do that?

If all the corks are bobbing up and down at the same time

Mm mm

Hold for one second and the rest will go down and this one goes up and that shows enthusiasm…

That’s a very good solution, change the timing. I think that either Peter, at the moment, is inspired from above or he has been reading a very deepest Hindu philosophy which says, ‘change the timing,’ yes? Just change the timing. Timing of what? We will now attack your brain even more and we will become vampires on your intelligence and we will suck your mental blood. Tell us more, how does an individual change his timing?

By first of all recognising that he was started off as a cork…

Will you mind coming up here please, Peter? Face that way please., will you carry on your discourse and I’ll have a rest. He has got the perfect solution, so will you say it loud and clear please.

By recognising that you are part of the whole cork group first of all, and then tense and then the rest of the beings then will go down, the rest of the corks will go down, you would stay above for a moment and then the timing has changed so this starts to happen

Yes, and this fellow has the nerve to tell me he wasn’t Jewish. Why did you say you weren’t Jewish Did you believe you weren’t or were you just pulling my leg?

Well we’re all Jewish

We are all Jewish in a way, right. Do you want to carry on and I’ll continue resting or would you like a rest?

What do you prefer?

You carry on.

I’m also very bothered,…

You carry on, tell me when you are ready. Am I allowed to lie down.

No, like for instance now I feel the point of being compelled to sit down because that would be the easiest way to act at this moment…

But he is not going to… because he is an up-bobbing cork.. success will be this man in his own right, self-rising cork in the cosmic ocean, doomed to become a millionaire, say hello to him now while you have got the opportunity. You don’t mind me interfering do you Peter?

No, actually, that is something else to get me the interference… because it isn’t actually interference.

Well it is actually, inter-ference.

Then again, you see, that’s the same point again, it’s a matter of do I accept what you have just said, and although it’s the truth it means, just having listened to it, repositi into your mind and then say yes, accept that is the truth and not just go along with i.

Mmm. In other words when you see a truth, you have to see it and make it yours before you agree with me.


For you know that agreeing with me you are agreeing with your own insight.


Fine. If we can all do that we are doing very well indeed. Never accept anything that is true of another person until you first appropriate it, discover for yourself and then accept it because you personally have made the discovery of it, and then you are not indebted at all to any other person.

For that fault is your own fault you’ve thought about stealing.


And it would if it stood time because you are thinking about this idea of stealing and it isn’t a matter of re-orientating t yourself to realising what stealing means.


It’s quite correct in saying that because it is what other people have said to keep you in order, but really you are not stealing using the bounties of God…

Very good, and again Hindu Philosophy. One of my Hindu friends, worships a goddess, very well known in India, and the worship consists in stealing and telling lies. And it is still worth it. It depends how you see it and whether, in worshipping your goddess, you don’t mind if some other people worshipping another god or goddess throw you in jail. If being thrown into jail alters your form of worship, you are not a true believer. Mmmm?

Would you like to carry on then?

As time goes along it becomes more and more difficult…

That’s only a matter of energy and form.

Like you could say that I’ve put myself in a position, really, that I have to stay here all the time until I can accept that…….

You said, you put yourself there didn’t you?


Was that strictly true?


It was? And you didn’t need an external stimulus to get you up there?

It may. I allowed… the energy that was put forward was allowed to act in whichever way it would have done anyway.

Very good, yes. In other words, regardless of what I said, he would be up here. It’s true you know, it’s true, because constituted as he is, I know very well how he is going respond, ‘cos I look at what is not at what isn’t. And I know one or two gentle-souled people who would not have risen to the bait, don’t I? I wouldn’t ask Ghreta to help me, she’d help me immediately, like you, and I’d have to look around for somebody who is a bit tardy at being helpful, and then pass quickly over it. Would you like to accept the analysis on those and sit down now?

Yes I would, I’ll sit down now.

Thank you. I think that is worth a round you know.

Track 7

Now Peter’s solution was perfectly correct The cosmic ocean of sentient power precipitates corks, that is to say, heart centres, closed with an integument round them, and we are such centres, whether we like it or not, as the Muslems say. Whether we like it or not we are centres of power, of hierarchy the ‘cor ‘(khor) aspirate the K sound, you’ve got the same sound, chorus, CHOR, hierarchy of power inside the closed integument, but observe, as Peter said, all you have to do is remember that fundamentally, the jellyfish is only ocean, the jellyfish is seawater. Now, if it identifies with the integument and thinks I am only a self jellyfish up to the limit of my integument. It has fallen. It only goes worse, it contracts itself very tightly ad it makes a shell, like the crustaceans, like a crab, that’s a bit harder than a jellyfish. You know that the crustacean, the crabs and so on, have gripe themselves tighter than the jellyfish because they are more scared.

Now we are going to have three little terms, and we are going to borrow them from Hindu Philosophy. We could do without them, but we won’t, because we are lazy, Brahman means that ocean, the greatest ocean we can think of which is binding itself. Parabrahman means beyond that outermost bound, into the Infinite. Brahman is that great ocean of Sentient Power. Now inside it, the cork or the jellyfish, inside its integument, is called atman, ATMAN. I want you to see that like a jellyfish that is not too tight, it’s a very loose one, it is very, very, very near to being Brahman, with a thin integument, very, very thin skin, so thin, on a grey day you couldn’t see. You need the highlight of the Sun to spot, “There is a monad. There is a one within the Infinite Brahman there is a one. ” It is one jellyfish, one monad, a one Atman. So we are now distinguishing there, the Brahman, that great Cosmic Sentient Power, from a zone within it which is relaxed, but still zoned, and then we are going to remember the crab with its hardened zone, tightened up within the Atman, because it is defensive.

Now it is JIVA, jiva, that Jiva means the affirmed, individual for developmental activity

It is now going to decide to develop all the possibilities.of finitude within the Infinite. Now think beyond the Brahman is Parabrahman, para means beyond, PARA, beyond the Brahman we say nothing except it is beyond, so when we mention the Brahman we means this great, fantastical sphere of Sentient Power, and inside it, lots of little spheres, Track 8relaxed, like jellyfish, and they are Atman, they are yourself in a non-fearing. Relaxed condition responding to the undulation of the brahmanic ocean, and then, sometimes it occurs that a given cork is hit by a force and bobs violently up and down, and then defends itself against the interference, terrified of illumination by the God Absolute, and it shrinks, and at that moment, it hardens its outermost boundary and becomes a crustacean. It’s like a crab and you know, by the way crabs run, sideways, they give you evidence. They are terribly fearful, your very, very strong nippers, very hard, very hard case round then, and that degree of the hardness is the degree of the fear.

Now just think this is true for every being including human beings, to the degree that you are afraid of losing something, you are hard; to the degree that you are prepared to let anything whatever go, be lost, you are like the jellyfish with the thinnest of thin membranes. And you can say the atman, that relaxed jellyfish, cannot be hurt.

Trevor showed me a photograph, recently, where a drop of water was dropping through a drop of water which was a bubble. Get some water, blow it up, make a bubble and then let water drip through that bubble and it fell straight through, and the bubble remained a bubble. It had penetrated through the bubble but the bubble hadn’t burst Nice picture that, Trevor, wasn’t it? Can you imagine, a simple, little experiment, you blow a bubble that is made of water surrounding air, and then you let water drip onto it in separate drops like this and it drops straight through the bubble without bursting it. As the particles and the charges, electrically, approach, the bubble lets them through, like that. Whatever goes, it goes,.. let it through. Now, if a human being can do this, that is to say, be transparent, let every attack go through, every rude word go through and close and retain yourself without bursting, you’ve done what that bubble can do. So, apparently the lowest, an object of scientific research, a mere bubble, illustrates a very high principle. If you can take an insult and remain yourself undisturbed and let the insult go through, you are as clever as that bubble.

Track 8

Now imagine again, this cosmic ocean, the Brahman, and inside it, myriads and myriads of atmanics, those self-closed forms, but so tenuous they can feel every movement of the Brahman, every movement of that macrocosmic ocean, they can feel it. Can you see how sensitive they are? They can feel the Gulf Stream on that side, not that side; they can feel temperature differences, and then by changing their shape in the water, they can travel. You know, that a fish shape, a normal fish is a double wedge, which is such that the pressure of the water helps it to swim. Now, imagine in the same way, a jellyfish, going along, on one side there, part of the Irish Sea is cool and on this side the Gulf Stream is coming and it feels that’s warmer than that, so the pressure is greater on the cold side than the hot side to it, because the pressure is contracting on the cold side and that all the jellyfish does is alter its shape a little bit and it goes into the warm water of the Gulf Stream and it has done it by super-sensitivity. Now at our level called the atmanic level, the real self, the membrane is so thin it can feel every intention of the megalocosmos, the Brahman.feel the intention of surrounding space, feel the gradients of destiny and then just alter your shape a little bit. So off you go to fulfil a destiny, but, if you come down to contract yourself and surround yourself with calcium and mineral salts and harden yourself, you cannot feel the subtle energies of the Brahmanic ocean, so you don’t have a destiny, you have fate. Now destiny means having somewhere valuable to go and fate means what befalls you because you are crucifies. Remember that FT in FaTe, the same as PD in PeD, and the FT in FooT, Phallus crucifixion. Fate happens to the beings that are identified with sexual self imagery, you want to be potent, you want to be big, you want to be impressive, and because of that react to every flattering word, to every coaxing to every temptation, and that reaction is fate, it is not destiny. Destiny is where your super-sensitivity, you know there is a line of least resistance that way towards success in any field. You are so sensitive, you don’t shut down and that if something comes at you, an arrow, a bullet, any energy whatever of any weapon, an inter-continental ballistic missile, whatever it is, comes at you, and you look at it with interest and you open like that and let it through and close again on your being. Is that an interesting igbu going through? You can describe it, you can describe the alteration of your temperature in it’s passive, but you have become invulnerable. You are not woundable if you can open up in that way. You open up and you close and you do it immediately, as soon as the thing hits you, you open up.

Did any of you see the Akido programme recently? Did you see a fellow of about seventy odd, turning a very much younger man round like this? Now he did it by speed and one knowledge. The Universe is a sphere, there are no straight lines, so do not oppose a force that attacks you with another force, opposite in line with it. Move at right angles.

Have you all done that exercise with each other before? Just turn to a person next to you and agree to press your hands together like that, just press hands with somebody next to you, and then one of you agrees to keep pressing like that, the other agrees, instead of pushing back, you will move at right angles like that. Will you do that with a person next to you, take a hand, press it, agree to resist first, and then one of you moves sideways and see what happens.

Now move sideways instead of opposing, and what happens? Did you notice a general raising of the temperature? Do you know we’ve actually added a few calories in the room? Who needs electric heating?

You don’t.

The thing is, if you oppose in the same direction, as if the bubble, seeing the drop falling on it hardened and went bong, said the bubble. Taking the bubble to hit that little drop of water, and it would cease to be what it was, a super-sensitive sensorium, opening to an experience. Now if you can open to an experience and still remember who you are, and who you are is a zone of Sentient Power you can let the experience go right through you and still be you ad you are not insulted. Now if somebody decides to insult you and you are not insulted, they are insulted because their insults are impotent. It is called by Jesus putting coals of fire on heads of opponents. Don’t react, don’t get mad at them. Take the criticism and examine it very carefully and immediately let it go through, and then say, “Next criticism please..” And it ‘s funny the temperature of the opponent goes up, and his brain works quicker, he gets smarter, so you are actually doing him a service., by wakening his brain up, by non-resistance.

Track 9

Now within this cosmic ocean, imagine all the corks, do it in the bath at home or in a bowl if you haven’t got a bath. Most people can afford a small bowl, or even a cup, and put some little floaters in it, corks from guinness bottles, or whatever you are used to, or champagne, who knows, let them bounce up and down, I don’t like champagne. Let then bounce up and down, then get a pencil, let the water go flat and all the corks are there, waiting, and you are going to play Parabrahman, You are going to come as a bit of grace disguised as a pencil, and you select a given corks and you suddenly hit it. What happens to the cork? It starts bouncing. What happens to the water? The water vibrates. What happens to the other corks?

They go up and down.

They also respond, don’t they, and unless they are very super, subtle, sage-type corks that let the stimulus of the water go through them and close again, they start bobbing up and down, in reaction to the initiating force that hit the first cork. Would you believe that that is the key to all that this world calls success?

Now Peter said the cork that knows that jiva, atman, Brahman are non-different, has understood it, so that if another cork is hit by grace and bounces, instead f reacting to it goes still. Ou let the motion go through you, you don’t get mad with the initiator, you don’t envy the initiator, you sat some unfortunate mortal has been inspired, poor fellow, and see all the other corks bobbing up and down annoyed, and you sit still. How does it feel like when everybody’s gone mad? If you can keep you head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, you’ll be a man my son.

So all will be effected by this.

Oh yes, they are, but unless they use the bit they get, they react to the bit the other fellow got. Everybody some at the atman level and at atman level they all get the same amount. But at the jiva level where the crab has made a harder shell, they defend themselves unequally, and therefore, their talents are unequal because they are so busy self-defending unequally, and you know no two human beings have the same degree of energy of self-defence. And that has quite a lot to do with the nation, the people from which you derive, some nations are bashing-type nations and some are not. Those f you who saw the Japanese film on Karate and then the Indian one on carrare. There is strength and violence in the first one saw something totally different, and then terribly subtle and quick in the other one. That’s to do with nationality, with grace,, with experience, with terrain, with climate with involved experience.. I can’t press my hand back and make my fingers touch my forearm but I’ve got several Indian friends who can. I’m unfortunate. If I could do that I’d be a bit looser than I am, but I can’t do it so I accept it,.I’m cursed with a Caucasian (cork-asian) curse on one side of the family. We’re rigid, terrible isn’t it? But I have to put up with it. It is part of my fate if I react to it, and it could be part of my destiny if I am transparent to it

Track 10

Now imagine, remember the jellyfish is only the ocean with a thin skin round it and the skin is made of the same energy as the jellyfish and the ocean so there actually no difference whatever between the jellyfish and the ocean, so there is absolutely no difference whatever between Parabrahman, Brahman, atman jiva.. Jiva the empirical egotism in you, the atman your real intelligent, spiritual self, the Brahman, the Cosmic Self, and the beyond Self, the Infinite. There is no difference. Other than modes of actuality., but the mode of actuality depends on your will to use your intelligence. Now we are all three full beings, slung on a co-ordinator. We think, we feel, we activate, will, drive, and we have a spine to co-ordinate them. We can activate ourself by thinking or feeling or willing quite differently from other people. The more we become reflectively ware that our thought is our will, our feeling is our will, our physical action is our will, all will expressed in different ways, and then, in History, some people have been brought up to be superior. A Brahmin friend of mine will not eat if the shadow of another Indian falls on his plate. That is the way he has been brought up. And he hasn’t yet broken his education.

Now, I don’t know whether any of you have been in the Paris Metro and happen to get next to a humming tramp, have you ever been near, most people say, an unfortunate? But he is not, it’s the ones that get near him that are unfortunate! He can’t smell it, but around him, the clothes that were given to him in 1902 and have not yet been changed , and as he moves, very minute particles ascend in the atmosphere and all the other people in the underground lean over like this and it’s a lovely rosette pattern as seen from above, that’s God’s viewpoint. God is interested in such rosettes, yes.

Now, imagine, each cork, bobbing up and down, either in response to either the immediate input of grace, energy from para through Brahman to atman, or, reactively, through fear, or even worse, when two corks are driven by waves and hit each other in the relation we call contingency. Contingency means with touch. If two corks hit each other, they vibrate and they obscure their spontaneous awareness of the Brahman Cosmic Ocean, and they confuse, they turbulate the water in which they both are, they can’t see the pattern of their own beings because of their contingent, mutual stimulation. You get that with human beings; if one fellow is in a bad temper and says something rude to another fellow who reacts in a bad-tempered way and then they both get very bad-tempered and they involve everybody else. This can be verified in any public house on a Saturday night. If you wish to go there and start a fight it is quite easy, you wait till about ten minutes before closing time and then make a statement about a major religion or political view. Immediately the temperature changes, lots of contingency starts. The best thing to do, you go and sit down quietly in a corner if you can’t get out the door., and watch, observe. And be like the bubble that lets the stimulus go through, can be very educational.

Track 11

Now we have to remember the jiva,,that is, your empiric egoic self, the atman, that’s your true spiritual self separated only by a very thin membrane from the Brahman, which is the great Cosmic Self, and the Parabahman goes beyond all that and at the same time, permeates every layer within it. The Parabahman penetrates the Brahman, the Brahman with the Parabrahman penetrates the atman, the atman penetrates the jiva, the individual, empirical ego and that thing penetrates nothing unless it gets down to using swords, daggers, guns and so on, in a contingent relation with other identified, egoic structures.

Now, when any energy cannot be assimilated, reactive corks, bouncing up and down is partially destroyed by the unassimilated energy, not by the assimilated, by the unassimilasted. When a stimulus comes and hits you. You can assimilate it to a degree, the part that you assimilate, doesn’t do you any harm, but the part that you don’t assimilate starts to destroy the pattern of the energies within you. Therefore, to be free from damage, one must be totally transparent, totally able to let the stimuli through; and, at the same time, very alert, very awake to see what it is that is going through the bubble.

Now what happens, if we say, a person, a cork, a jiva, an empirical egoic being decides to shut down very tightly and fight at contingent level, and strike and strike and counter strike, each blow bruises, that is to say, damages the energy structure of the individual that it is fighting, and the same time it is damaging its own knuckles. Some of you boys will remember thumping something you wished you hadn’t. Do you remember, as a small boy, before you knew how to make a fist properly and hitting somebody incorrectly and hurting your knuckle? Do you remember? Or were you always able to make a good fist, and somewhere in the world the other fellow is remembering his non- assimilation of the blow. When the energy input is too great to assimilate, part or whole of the recipient is destroyed.

Now we have levels of being. Physical destruction is one; emotional destruction is another; mentational destruction, that is the time ideas you have; conceptual destruction, your governing concept of what the world is about; volitional destruction means that you are discouraged because of the failures of the other four and you don’t will; and then your zone of awareness becomes totally turbulated and you can’t do anything and these things are going on at every level. You can’t touch a physical body of another person without creating a feeling state, like or dislike, you can’t do that without making them think a bit mentationally in the time in which you do it, you can’t do that without rousing in them a conceptual structure, of forms which belong to eternity, you can’t do that without the will being presented as a situation to which it may or may not respond. If it responds mechanically it is no longer will; if it responds consciously and deliberately with full awarerness, it is still will and is not damaged.

Track 12

Now, imagine the ocean full of corks, bobbing up and down, try it in the bath, verify that every time you hit a cork, the motion from the cork goes through the water and makes the other corks go up and down, and it is possible to get hold of one cork, just as it is about to rise and put your finger on to stop the rise, that’s what Peter was meaning. You can get hold of yourself. I mean that you can see you are a power, a self-determination, you can actually hang onto your own being, you can have such a concept of your being as a zone of Sentient Power, utterly self-determined, absolutely valid, backed by Brahman, Parabrahman, God and Godhead to be you in the place where you are.. And when you do that, you are invulnerable. No matter what happens, you will, not be hurt, because you have not identified and you have not shut down and tried to stop assimilation.

Keep repeating to yourself this, “All matter is energy, the energy is not confined to bodies, it radiates and it is through all space, there is not space that is not full of energy. Real space is solid power and that solid power with its intentions within it, makes the little spheres with their very fine envelopes, like the jellyfish, the monad, the spiritual atman and then, that atman has the power vested in it, vested means dressed in that thin membrane, the power of the Absolute is inside that being,. your Absolute Power inside you, and then there is one thing against it, inertia of mis-education. The Sanskrit word there, MOHA, moha means stupidity, dull-wittedness, ignorance. You don’t know who you are; you don’t know that you are Absolute, you don’t know that you are Infinite; you don’t know that the membrane that surrounds your body is only power within power, within power, and you fall into thinking that you are an individual, existential, material being, subject to the laws of matter and the tyranny of memory and habit.

Now, you can easily see why one great sage said, if you want freedom, it’s easy, don’t have habits. Whatever it is, don’t have a habit, physically, emotionally, mentally, conceptually, you couldn’t have one of volition, because volition means initiative. Don’t have those four habits. A habit of conceptualising yourself as a knowledgeable being; a habit of knowing about time events of World History: what year was it that the Germans invaded Belgium in the beginning of the fourteen war, what day was it? If you have that kind of memory you say, mmm “I’m clever,” and you can then think and repeat and repeat, and then you have to go into a pub where people want to hear about it an sit there and pontificate about temporal events. You might have met people that know a particular period so intimately and then you can get a free lecture without going to a university just by accepting an invitation to coffee. You can become if you pick your coffee mornings properly, saves money. When we remember this we are utterly self-determinant. The empirical ego, jiva, ,the atman, the spiritual zone in a fine membrane, the Brahman, the Macrocosmic Self, and the Parabrahman which interpenetrates all, they are all there, simultaneously operating.

Track 13

So if you say, “ Bend a finger,” who is bending it? The answer is, in the full act, the bender of the finger is the empirical ego, accepting the energy given to it by the atman, the spiritual self, accepting the energy of the Brahman, accepting the energy of the Parabrahman so that when you do that, god is doing it and beyond God . beond God is God the Father of God, called the Godhead in theology, who is bending the finger. All of it is bending the finger. So we have another expression, Para para, that means beyond beyondness, You see we have started with a little body and expanded it till we get to the Infinite, Parabrahman, and if we go Para, Para, beyond beyondness, we come back in and incarnate. Now feel inside your body who is beating your heart? Is it your empirical egotism?


No, can’t be because you only acquired that through mis-education, after birth what it is that is formulating that heart and beating it inside an embryo, you get a sonic scanner today, you can see babies in the womb an there are little pulsings gradually forming organ , who is forming the organs in that developing protoplasmic mass? Who is it that divides the one cell into two, four, eight, sixteen? Who is it? Not the empirical ego. It is the Para Para, it is the Absolute Infinite focussing inwards to make a new being. Now when you get slapped when you are born, that is a contingent stimulus tha threatens to destroy your awareness of your Absolute origin and then you become afraid, and like the crab, you harden, you are frightened of speaking your mind

Is there a person here afraid to speak about anything. If so, stand up and speak about that which he doesn’t wish to speak about, and he will conquer the inertias of empirical, badly- trained egotism. When I was Andrew’s age and earlier, I had a funny habit of saying things that were deliberately designed to test the responses of political figures. So, if you go in the best seats, I remember at the time, it was two guineas to see Oswald Mosley. There were cheaper seats, but if you were in the best seats, you were assumed to be a fascist, so they didn’t expect interruptions from the few front rows, and I and a few friends of mine used to sit on the front row and then heckle from there. Because the fundamental idea of fascism is that a mass of stupid, ignorant people can be controlled either by one man or an oligarchy, a few men who are so cunning, so powerful, that they can make a mass of people count themselves as nothing but tools of the few. Now, unfortunately, or, fortunately, I was cursed with individuality. Remember curse means run round.

Now, insofar as you are prepared to affirm your individuality, internally, you don’t need to shout it out, or you could, depending on how much nuisance you wish to let loose, and insofar as you affirm your innermost self-determination, you are necessarily against the fascist concept. You believe that every individual, every jiva is nothing but Parabrahman, Brahman, atman incarnate in a living human being, and that no one, no matter how bog, how old, how physically strong, how mentally clever, is in any way justified in making you, from outside, by contingency, do something that you do not will to do.

And if you are transparent, if you are not hardened with fear like the crab, you cab feel, like the jellyfish in the ocean, the currents. You can actually feel a movement amongst the crowd, like I felt the movement on one occasion the movement of a lead pipe goiong through the air before it was raised so it was not on my neck that it was landed. On that occasion it landed on the neck of Oswald Mosley, who was the British representative of the Hitler-Mussolini clan. If you are quite sensitive you can feel the crowd moving, and you can feel where they are moving and you can say, “This way, gentlemen,” and let them go by. If you are very smart, you can have a little chestnut stand for later, selling hot chestnuts. There is no situation in which you can’t sell something, but your sensitivity to the movement of the ocean is essential to know what that commodity is.

Now how do you all feel if you say to yourself, “God is the God of the living. “.You know, you repeat it, God is the God of Abraham, of the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, and so on. You don’t say He is the God of |Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, because that would be a group, because that would be a group. He is not the God of a group, He is the God of every, human , individual, spiritual self and therefore he has to be your God for you individually, whoever you are, He has to be your God, not just the God of humanity at large, and that God is free, initiative, here operative, now, spiritual being.