The text of a talk given by Eugene Halliday at Parklands. Ishval Audio 83

Track 1

Subject matter for tonight, two requests, one transcendence, the other cosmic origin of sexuality. Which would you rather have?


Transcendence, gentlemen cry – transcendence, ladies cry immanence, maybe they will fit together if we are lucky.

We will start with Absolute Transcendence and get rid of it very quickly. Now, transcendence, going beyond anything whatever, supposing we go beyond all manifestation whatever, beyond the universe of phenomena, beyond all appearances, beyond finitude into the Infinite before the beginning of Creation. What do we have there? I shall call upon Ghreta to define it for me.

The void.

The void, and the void must mean potential form because the Universe exists, so somehow the transcendence has given rise to existence. Those of you who have read Lao Tse’s Tao will remember that before the existent is a non-existent, that is the Absolute transcendence, and then the existent is the Mother of All Things, The Mother. That might suggest that the transcendent is the Father, and having got rid of transcendence that quickly, we will go on to consider something we can talk about a little longer.

Imagine that everything that we know is, factually energy. The forms of energy when they rotate, are interpreted from outside the rotation, as resistant matter of some degree, subtle, like ideas or gross like so called physical bodies. Now if it were not for energy there would be no work. If it weren’t for work there would be no universe of phenomena. So somehow, the Transcendent has a capacity for work. When it doesn’t use it, there is no manifestation, when it does use it, manifestation begins, or continues.

Let us imagine Infinite Sentient Power, remember, because we are not dualists, it cannot be so, logically, sentience and power must somehow be two different sides of the same coin. Sentience refers to the fact that we feel that we exist, we have a sense of existence, and power refers to that we can push things about a bit. Sentience without power would be an awareness of nothing: power without sentience would be pushing with no knowledge of the push, so somehow, sentience and power, S P are inseparable. Let us put them together as SP and arrive at the S and the P from an A, which is put in the middle, making sap. We will say A symbolises the Absolute and its first polarisation is into sentience and power. That is, it can push around within itself, it is power and the power pushes itself and it can be aware of its own pushing and the effect of it. We will say that that SAP, sap in sapient is a word that means, fundamentally wisdom, wisdom like a snake.

Now, I will do a little drawing, if this thing will kindly oblige, to show.

Imagine power going along in a uniform manner like this. Let that represent three streams of power, travelling at the same rate in a uniform manner, no acceleration, no deceleration. I again turn to Ghreta and say, what is the self experience of a field of power which is moving uniformly, no acceleration, no deceleration?

It has nothing to feel against.

It has nothing to feel against. If we were to fill the rest of the space here available with lines in this manner, make all the lines uniform, all in the same direction, all at the same speed, the result of that would be as if nothing had been done at all because of the uniformity which would not allow any differential awareness.

Track 2

Now power is also sentience, it feels its state. But, if it is moving uniformly, what it feels is uniform motion, uniform motion will not give it any differential, and therefore it might as well not be. So this same power, if it desires to become self aware in a differential or discriminate manner, it must either accelerate or decelerate or bend in some way. One of the most obvious ways of bending is a wave form. Now again when we see this wave form and remember that it represents a movement of sentient power, we can see that in the one side, there, it is apparently negative, that is to say it is concave, and on the other side it is positive, it is swelling. Now if we take a piece of wire to represent this line and proceed to bend the wire backwards and forwards, what is the first thing we quickly observe about the wire? The temperature is going up. In bending it we have introduced a differential at the place of bend. That means, when the wave goes down, there is a pushing on the one side and a relative vacuity on the other and as it goes along, it changes phase. The negative become positive, the negative becomes positive.

Now, imagine Sentient Power in the wave form, has discovered a way of enjoying itself by simply bending. Now that is the origin of the symbol of the serpent as sensuality. Sensuality consists in a search for heightened self- awareness, heightened pleasure in being. Now, if that is one way, maybe another can exist so this Sentient Power, this serpentine proposition, self-positing, SP, can do this without stopping its continuous movement, it can introduce into itself, zones of arking. I’ll put ark down with a K, all the way along, wherever there is a rotation, there is an ark.

Now the ark there, in its fullness, is a circle, not simply a little piece of the circle, but the whole circle. The energy streams along and then rotates and then goes into the opposite side, goes along, rotates again. When it does so again it heightens its awareness, but there is a possible danger for it. It can, when it goes like this, instead of going out to a fresh experience, it can go round and keep going round, and become repetitive. Now in the loop form, loup as in wolf, you have a situation when Sentient Power, going along, has improved on the original polarisation of flexing and bending, and introduced the concept of arking and the creation of a zone of heightened awareness because of increased self-resistance. All is still well, but the moment we make a closed circle and forget to go out of it, we become repetitive. And it is at that point where we say The Fall has occurred.

Now remember that the Sentient Power is Infinite and is all there is, it is to explain everything we know, Sentience is the awareness, Power is the positor of the object of the awareness. Anywhere whatever we can draw this closed system it doesn’t have to be related to another closed system. Infinity anywhere can do that. The number six has always been since numeration was used symbolically, as the number of existence. In fact existence derives from the same word that we derive six from, existere, out of a six-ness. It means the energy from the Infinite goes and turns and that creates in the turn, a fall into the principle of turn. Now the principle of turn, we can say, tur, a door, plus N, which means continuity, continuous turning, continuous door-making. Here is a door, you go in to the door and you don’t come out, and you repeat your performance, possibly for ever. It is possible to conceive that a Sentient Power might lock itself in to a situation, so tightly, that it would forget that it had ever been out and it would consider itself to be a separate being, and then something else arises. If we have the power by six to produce a zone of finitude, we have the power to produce a zone of contingent stimulation where the two strike each other. Now this is what happens in the Fall, a situation that before the closure, was free and the power was going along and gaining its sensuous enjoyment by its free oscillation, by its turning through and out and on, now becomes a situation where one being can stimulate and cloud another. We call that contingent, or with- touch relationship. When you tap yourself like that you are demonstrating contingent stimulation to yourself.

Now if you then focus on the contingent stimulus point and forget that you are self precipitated, you have fallen from the highest freedom into the lowest type of bondage, slavery to an external stimulus. Now most people suffer very largely from what they call the need to be noticed, the need to be affirmed, the need to be recognised, the need to be given a place amongst society and other beings. Well this need is a contingency and as long as there is a need for any being to need a stimulus from without, a stimulus of the contingent order, that being is in total slavery to the external situation and has forgotten his original transcendence.

Now, it is this identification in the six even the forgetting of the tail of the six so in its extreme form we simply have the circle, anciently that would be symbolised as a serpent with its tail in its mouth, a self-stimulating, self-perpetuating, eternal pursuit of something, where nothing is but self, locked in the belief that it has to be stimulated in order to know. It bites its own tail, and the stimulus on the tail goes out, along from the tail point, along the body to the head, and says, “I have been stimulated”, and the head says, “Bite back,” so that another stimulus goes out. And this serpent, this sensuous cycle of self stimulation is what is meant by Hell. In all the great religions hell means a bondage caused by self-stimulation of a closed system.

Track 3

Now let us look at the original concept of the polarity in another way. Imagine our stream of energy, uniformly going along in that manner thinking here is another way of self-stimulation. I will go so far and then I will turn in, like this and tunnel along making a vector within. Now you see from this simple diagram it is possible for energy to move along, fold in and move back so that the original movement on the appearance of the retrograde movement, becomes like a tube surrounding an inner force travelling in the opposite direction, Now that movement of power gives you an interesting thing. I’ll put it more in three views of perspective, a tube of power that closes on itself, turns back, goes in the opposite direction and continuously does this in both directions. Now, what happens here is exactly the same as that mode of function that generates lightening. The movement of the one field of Sentient Power inside the other charges, that is to say, wakes it up, stimulates it and makes it more and more intense. The more that movement goes in contrary directions like this the more energy goes into it. If we then turn the whole diagram over and take it so far and then back again so we take the energy from there and turn it back like this we now have a drawing of the pre-formed hermaphrodite. Remember it is Sentient Power. It is capable of making a tube of itself, which is a vestment, folding up, going inside, going to the other end and then travelling the other way. Now in so doing it is drawing energy from Infinity and creating around it a great aura of interest. Now if we like to simplify this diagram further, we can say here is the force that goes in and here is the force that generated it in this manner. That is exactly the same diagram, simplified. Then later on, the recipient one will become, by progressive intensification, will become a womb in a living being on Earth. There is no difference in the process of the generation of polarity by this method, the fusion of lightening in the sky, the sudden release of power generated by this double motion and the ejaculation in a sexual encounter. Now we have to find out, of what use is this double motion? What does it do that cannot occur any other way.

Now you remember your elementary biology. A single cell, a marine creature, can reproduce itself non- sexually, that is without manifest sexual organ differentiation, it can turn inside itself and make smaller turns and then it can open and flip them out, like that and it can propagate its kind in this manner, and we observe, under the microscope, that when beings are reproduced in this manner of self-reproduction, they are all identical with the original. There is no appearance of a unique character, there is no added interest. So then, if we return to our other diagram we see a method whereby we can create a difference. You know, in vegetative reproduction, you can get a potato, cut it to pieces with eyes in and plant it and get the same potato. But if you wait till it goes to seed and then plant the seeds, then the forms are different. Differentiation occurs through a cross fertilisation process.

Now the experience of the tube with itself, there is one experience, and it is demanding a filler for its voidity and the filler is another experience. Remember the power is sentient and it always feels exactly what it is doing. It is self-aware of its own mode of activity. In the process it can do any kind of diverse operation within this dual relationship, and in the process avoid mere repetition. Instead of the round going-ness of the simple marine creature mono cell, flipping out other roundnesses identical, by this process of self opposition the division into two different kinds, one of them a receiver the other a giver, and the non-correspondence, the non-uniformity of their mode of action, differential stimuli arise. Now the most amazing thing about this Sentient Power which is at the back of all evolutionary theory, is its capacity to capitalise, to capitalise, on anything whatever that happens.

So if we imagine, supposing we imagine two lovers who are totally in agreement, so if they want to go to the theatre to see a play, they want to go to see the same play in the same theatre at the same time. Now such creatures are very rare and conditions approximating to that might last about five minutes, then after a few hours, differences arise simply because the will of the Absolute towards S and P is insisting that the relationship shall not fall into a uniform condition. Uniformity is equivalent to voidity. Women are more sensitive to this than men so women are always reminding men there is a thing called relationship. Now men don’t know about relationships with ladies, women know about relationships with men. Men know about relationships with scientific projects that they have in mind; they don’t tend to relate back to the woman who is relating to them.

Now there is a very good reason for this which comes under the heading of the “Raising of Cain”. The division is, there shall be a receptacle which has devolved into the form in the human level of woman, and there shall be a Cain raiser in the form of man. Now Cain represents intellectual, formative power and it is the function of man to find something different. It is the function of the feminine pole to receive that difference and then to feed it, consolidate it and release it into the world.

Track 4

Now here is the absolute ground of all the debates that have ever occurred between men and women since they first appeared on earth. But we have to remember that the gross, physical body contains, in its economy an emotional body, fine energy, a mentational body, a conceptual body and a volitional body within the field of consciousness. When we start permutating the number of constituents of our being and allow them a polarisation of receptivity and donational power, we come into an untold, untellable number of differential possibilities. Let us consider this very carefully, the uniform motion of a pair of beings would mean the non-awareness of those beings to each other. Uniformity gives no power of differentiation and if there is no differentiation, there is a fall into sleep. In physics, that is called entropy, in Hindu philosophy it is pralaya, a flattening effect. When things collide with each other repeatedly, they slow each other down each time, because each one absorbs some of the energy of the other one in the collision. So finally the energies are passed from one to the other both ways until they are both equally energized and that equal energization is equivalent to flatness, to non-being. Unless you have a differential you cannot be aware that you exist. So this primordial movement in contrary directions and the generation out of a non-dual power, the Absolute into two aspects, one of sentience, one of power, the generation of the relation between sentience and power, through its myriad permutations produces all the universe that we know. Now what use is this to us? Well it means if we want to do what is called living, why one wants to live is a problem, but if one does, then the only way to become consciously aware of a livingness, and to heighten it, is to produce differential stimuli. You must not say the same thing in the same way continuously.

Some of you may remember the little sketch of the man that always went to the door in the morning, to go to work with his wife on his heels, and held his cheek up to be kissed, eight o’clock in the morning every

morning, except the seventh day. And then his mother–in-law became ill and his wife went away to see her and still, at eight o’clock in the morning, he went to the door and held his cheek up to be kissed. That meant to say, the behaviour pattern, the rotation in the nervous system, had established itself, he was now unconscious of what he was doing. Therefore, there was no value whatever in that ‘goodbye darling’ every morning kiss, it had gone.

Now that is a dreadful warning. Somehow the process called waking up. And all the major religions say, “Wake up! The great Zen meditations are to do, “Wake up”. The meditations of Jesus, “Wake up, be quick, be alert, do not fall into uniform stimulation of your environment,” because if you do you will cease to exist, you will not stand out. Anybody who is uniform in their stimulation of the environment, like Emanuel Kant going for a walk every day at the same time, becomes a thing, not a vital, living proposition.

Now in the fallen state of man, there is progressive forgetfulness of higher levels, so that a one time deliberate production of a non-uniform stimulus lapsed and then fell into behavioural cycles with continuous loss of consciousness. Now at the lowest level, called the gross material level, which is the level of our bones, particularly the bones of a corpse, at that level there is only knocking on each other and the being that requires from another being a knock to wake it up, is a slave to the stimulus. If no stimulus comes, it feels as if it is dying, it feels neglected, it feels not wanted, it is quite sure that it is not wanted, and then it begins to accuse itself of being worthy of being not wanted. Now many people experience a phase of self-accusation, when they stand in front of the mirror and say, “What is the matter with me, nobody likes me, nobody invites me to parties, nobody gives me presents, nobody remembers my birthday.” Now when a person is quite convinced that no one else is thinking about him or her, when they are quite convinced, they die. That is to say, the energy which would be provided by the stimulus, doesn’t come.

Now you know that if you warm a body and the environment around that body is cooler than the body, the body radiates its heat into the environment. Now, imagine a void with a hot body in it, the hot body will lose its heat and the heat will vanish into the void and it will be no more, it will become non-existent. Now you remember your elementary physics, heat is work and work is heat. If you lose heat, you cease to work. The less heat you have, most of our heat is derived from food, which comes from the Sun, but if you lose that energy, you diminish in size. Just like the astronomers say the Sun is loosing photons, millions of tons per minute and is getting smaller and smaller, and sometimes in the far distant future it will be out. It will undergo what it is called the heat death, there will be no more Sun, and if we were still on earth at that time we would all perish through lack of energy input. So imagine that unless you can give a non-uniform stimulus into your environment, then the environment will forget that you exist and your energy will then go out looking for a return from the environment, and in the process, you will diminish in size and effectiveness and become like nothing at all. And the nothing you will reach will be a negative phase of the original No Thing which was the transcendence that started the whole process in the first place.

Track 5

So this nothingness can be viewed in two different ways. Now the word means “not a thing”, so the word ‘nothing’ is not quite what most people think about. Nothing means ‘not a thing, not a finite’. A thing is a power crucified on itself and inwardly condensed on itself so that it does not give out, and it is condensed more and more on the centre of its own being, so that any powers moving outside can treat it as a non-responsive thing to be kicked about. That is the negative aspect of a no-thing is precisely that it has given no stimulus to the environment. Its uniformity is the same as its non-existence

Now the positive aspect which is pursued by all the mystics and all the yogis is to come to the same state of nothingness but not negatively, that is deliberately pursue it. Now supposing we imagine the Universe is full of beings and on Earth we know it, we see them. Lots and lots of beings, and we know that they are in their fallen state, they have identified with the physical body and we know, therefore that they are requiring stimulation from outside their bodies, knocking to wake them up. And if they don’t get their knocking, they begin to diminish. Now supposing therefore, you deliberately say, inside my skin there are as many beings as there are outside it. We call this the microcosmic-macrocosmic correspondence. The little Universe, the microcosm and the big Universe the macrocosm are the same. Their content is identical and inside us we have portions of ourself seeking expression by knocking on other portions of ourself to try to wake us up. And we have three main divisions, we feel and we move and we think.

In this order, first we feel, then the feeling is the need for a stimulus, we move to seek it and then we encounter a resistance and the resistance provokes us to think how to overcome it. So if we draw three circles, the head and the chest and the tummy, we number the chest one, the tummy one two and the head one three. It starts in the feeling, in the heart state, moves down into the drive or conation, that encounters an obstacle or opposition or even pain and the energy flies back into the head to think how to overcome the opposition. If we know this we can then stimulate our thought, our feeling and our will within ourselves and this is a kind of internal sexual relation. We polarise ourselves into drive, pursuit of sensuous delight, reason telling us to be careful because the pursuit of sensual delights results in troubles and these two are polarisations of the primordial feeling in the heart.

Now if we feed an idea into the tum that is utterly irrelevant to the purpose of the tum, the tum remains asleep, but if we feed an idea into the tum related either to food or sexuality, it wakes up. If we feed an idea into the heart that is the centre of compassion, if we feed the idea of compassion into the head, the head will find reasons for us to justify the compassion but if we feed the idea of compassion into the tummy it will find some very good non-reasons to disregard it if it contradicts its own search for pleasure.

Now by this internal process of internal self-feeding and the poles of being, comes heightened awareness. Instead of waiting for an external being to feed an idea into us or to be emotional in our presence, or to attack us sexually, instead of waiting for that, and it may not come, we meditate on the kind of response that we would give to any of those energy inputs and this process of meditation consists in feeding from one part of the being a characteristic stimulus into another part with another characteristic.

Track 6

Now in Yoga philosophy you talk about chakras or lotuses which we call nerve plexi in the West, in which there are seven foci in the body, up the spine and the three lower ones are called baddies, they are naughty. The lowest one is the survival intent, pure survival, everything is to be done for survival. If you are to survive, you may have to kill another being, it doesn’t matter the imperative is survive, you are a predator, they are prey. And, although it can’t think in the ideational sense that the head can think, it can and does have a process of self-justification in the instinct to survive. Now immediately above the survival chakra or lotus, you have another one, sexual enjoyment. Now that one is always trying to procreate out of generosity, it wishes to reproduce itself and like that little marine creature, condensing in itself and then throwing out reproductions of itself so that second level chakra is what we call the sexual centre, aiming at reproduction of itself. In the process it has encountered other beings and found if it has a male stress in itself it needs a receptacle to receive its offering of self-reproduction; if it is a female it goes around looking for something to receive.

Now the third centre above that is the will to power expression. You are not concerned with mere survival or with mere reproduction, you are concerned with being a proper top cat or a top dog, according to whether you are a woman or a man, but power demonstration is the third level. Now the fourth level is in the heart and that chakra is centred in the whole being, and because the heart is the centre of the circulation and the blood feeds all, that centre is aware that the survival and reproduction and demonstration of power, requires the feeding of all the being. So the heart is the natural centre for compassion. It has feeling for its own toes, feeling for its ears, feeling for its hair, feeling for its teeth. If you feel very carefully without touching the end of your nose with your finger like this, you can actually feel that you have a nose, can’t you? Do you ever think that the word feeling has two exactly opposite meanings, in which, in the lowest sense it means touching like this; and in the other sense it means not touching but sentient power, self-aware. So in the heart, which is the centre of the circulation, is the awareness that this whole organism must be fed with the elements in the blood and with the oxygen, to keep the whole being functioning for the benefit of the whole, and that is called the centre of compassion.

Now, above the centre of compassion, you have three goodies. One is the larynx centre where you are aware of the capacity for articulate expression; another is between your eyebrows, where you are aware that you can command things and they shall be, “Let it be”, and it is. And on the top of your head you have another lotus, said to be thousand petals which simply means a very large number because it includes everything there is.

Now the three lower ones are survival, reproduction through sexual relation, and power demonstration. They are the three baddies. And the three upper ones are true speech, firm command, based on the truth and awareness of the Absolute on the top of your head.

The middle one, number four is the heart centre and it is in that centre that everything is to be co-ordinated. If, in a process of meditation, you were to think very carefully, very accurately, like a true Aquarian, and you were to have the survival intent and the will to reproduce and the capacity for speech and you were aware that the Universe is Infinite and you had six of these but not the seventh, namely compassion, your meditation is self-destructive. Because, when you feed energy into a part of your being, that part grows and in the process, becomes independent. This is the ground of schizophrenia. If you feed any part of your being without having compassion, that is, awareness of all the parts of the being, you feed, isolate, make tumescent, make aggressive that part of the being on which you concentrate.

Track 7

Now we have to see that that primordial division of a power moving through itself in contrary directions at the level of Macro-cosmos, the very first creation of a sphere of a sphere to provide a resistance for the Infinite Absolute to push through, is exactly reproduced in the human economy. Then you have to say to yourself, I am going to learn to do exactly in my skin, what the Universe outside does inside the big Universal Skin.

You have planets going round the Sun; you have forces going round the body in the same way; you have phasicity in the Moon and other planets, you have phasicity in your mind and you have the apparent motion of the Sun through the wheel of the Zodiac, and you have a motion inside your body of the will which is going about inside your body and doing things with all the different parts of the body.

Now you remember we have four horizontals and one vertical, the physical body, the emotive body, the mentational body, the conceptual body. They are all passive, the will is not. And just as the thumb can oppose each finger at will, or they can be bunched and oppose together, so all the organs of the body can be focussed upon by the will. Now you know that the blood circulation follows in the body in nervations where the nerve impulses go, there the blood goes, but where the interest goes, there goes the nervous impulse. And the interest goes where your will indicates as worthy of research. So within the physical economy there is an emotional economy and a mentational one and a conceptual one and these are ruled by the will in the reflexive being. But in the being that has fallen into external contingency, needing something from other beings, it doesn’t use the will, it reacts mechanically and so is enslaved and determined in its behaviour by the characteristics of the stimuli that come to it.

Now this fallen state is the state that when experienced at its worst level, which is called the dark night of the soul, of total misery in the belief that this being has no value, this being would be better non-existent, this being has been deserted by God if there is a God, this very, very worst state is the state from which, historically, has arisen the desire for transcendence, transcendence of that state, of fallen-ness. We will see that this is not transcendence of the Infinite Absolute state, but rather the opposite. Instead of going beyond, the Absolute creative Power went inwards and posited the individual as a doorway through which to push and feel the resistance of the doorframe in passing through.

Now you know if you force a fluid through a tube, and then narrow the tube, where it goes narrow, it accelerates. That is the same thing as saying, when you get pinched by the environment, your consciousness heightens.

Track 8

Now there has been an awful lot of waste of thinking by people in a negative state who have written books about transcendence in this negative state and recommending getting out of existence. The Buddhistic psychology itself is the supreme example of this where is says, let us start off with the proposition, “All existence is suffering,” and then logically work to get out of it and the way to get out of suffering is simply give up the desire to exist and become a no thing. Mrs Rees Davies did not believe that this is the original teaching of Gautama Buddha. She said a man that can have such an effect on people must have had a lot of energy, he could not have taught escapism and yet funnily enough most of the Buddhist scriptures, nevertheless, teach that kind of escapism into the condition Nirvana, Absolute Bliss beyond existence, where the self-consciousness vanishes into infinity and there is no more problem. Now Mrs Rees Davies’ statement about it is ignored. She said he couldn’t have taught that, they say he did. She said, “No”, it was later disciples who taught that three hundred years later, or even more and that no records of his actual statements were made at the time he was teaching, but most of them come from three centuries later and by the natural law of human distortion, she said you can’t expect to get the truth out of people who went hiding in monasteries.

Now which one is right we cannot historically determine, but what we do know that there was another man, a Jewish fellow who came from Nazareth, who taught Lao Tse firmly the opposite. He said you can’t get rid of yourself, he said, take up your position, the one you are in daily, call it crucifixion, affirm it, and then penetrate through the resistance, don’t back out of it and get the message of the characteristics of the resistance by pushing through it. In other words, do not avoid the devil, go out into the desert, that is, into isolation, and test yourself for your reflexes, and then come back into society and give them the results.

Now he is therefore called the first, historical, true individual because instead of saying, let us vanish into the infinite bliss, he said let us appear in time and stand out, that is the word exist, stand out, speak, be upstanding and be counted and make your view known, and this will enrich total universal Sentient Power and justify your individual existence. These two apparently opposite religions are reduced to another kind of religion by certain groups who say let us call it Esoteric Buddhism equals Esoteric Christianity and let us recognize that the men that took the teaching to India in the first place, came out of the same area that Abraham came out of, and that the Brahamins in India and the Abrahamins of the Jewish faith were really the same people who dispersed this idea throughout the world and then say you can do both at once. You can transcend your situation by the technique called non-identification, breaking of identification, detachment, varaja means to see the whole troublesome game and then instead of letting go of the deed, continue the deed but let go of the identification. Now this is the message, condensed of the Bhagavad Gita, act without regard to the fruit of the action, do not identify with it but don’t stop acting. The action keeps power moving through power and the power moving through itself in contrary directions, heightens the awareness and presents every new problem, and by the non-co-ordination of view point arises millions and millions of new viewpoints so that there is a permanent and eternal enrichment of Universal Sentient Power not through agreement but through disagreement, but a disagreement in which you disagree deliberately. You agree to differ and you differ in order to agree about the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is infinite enrichment of Universal Sentient Power. The way to it is differential presentation, viewpoints that are not harmonised, not made identical.

Now you know perfectly well in your own experience that if you try to agree with somebody else, within society, you are always suppressing something. You are not giving your true opinion, you are afraid of treading on someone’s toes, contradicting their viewpoint and possibly gaining an enemy and society since the Fall, has been built on this peculiar mode of behaviour we call polity, politeness.

Let us consider this very carefully. When you meet any person at all and you get into conversation, you are presumably trying to enrich your life by an exchange of views. But ordinarily, when you talk you put questions to them, and if you see certain looks of disapproval on the face you remove the question. If you see a look of pleasure at something you said which might be accidental or naive or stupid, as soon as you see the look of recognition and delight, you say it again. This means that in civilisation most people are lying all the time to each other to produce a condition of social calm. So if they all go into uniform agreement they all fall asleep. So you need a competitive spirit re-introducing into the body of the people.

Track 9

And for this now, dialectic means that in every word employed there is the opposite significance to the face one. If you say transcendence, immanence is implied because why does an egoic structure, an individual, wish to transcend? The answer is it is in trouble. Why does it want to get out of trouble? Because it is painful and if it gets out of all pains and all troubles it falls into uniformity, maximum entropy and ceases to be an individual. Now the funny thing is most of the schools of yoga, today in the world, have been formed by men who have promised egoic powers transcending that of ordinary people. You can pay four thousand dollars to learn how to levitate, you can do all kinds of wonderful things are these things are to make the ego stand out over all others and the more people join, the less possibility there is of those people becoming what they wish to be. Now the appeal is always to the finitely identified, weakened and the approaching impotence condition of the empirical egoic structure. The ego wishes to retain itself to be what it is, to remember its own name, its own origin, its own heraldry, to write a book about it and at the same time it wishes to become infinitely transcendent. But to be infinitely transcendent is not to be an ego at all. (The tape runs out at this point)

Now this is what we mean by a dialectical process. What ever is done contains in itself the opposite, and if you push it, it will start to go the opposite way. Now this is like our original diagram, the energy is going along, folds in on itself, that make the ego structure and pushes back through the pre-egoic field. When it does so it becomes very aware that it is increasing power, building up for the big lightening flash, and in that moment of increasing power, it always gets the idea, “I can make a big bang that will shock every one into noticing me.” But the moment of the big bang is the explosion of the egoic structure that has the ambition to make the big bang. At the moment of that explosion, it doesn’t exist.

Now those few of you that have actually got married and had sexual relations and experienced orgasm, know, that at that moment, the orgastic moment, at that moment, you don’t exist. If you have ever tried to retain awareness in the sexual relation at the orgastic moment, if you tried to retain perfect self-centredness without diversion from the orgastic process, you have failed. At the moment of targeting to reach that point of explosion you cease to exist. So, who is getting the benefit? Not the egoic structure but the Universe itself is being enriched, the Universe is laughing every time it sees anybody crying. Now that is a dialectical process, the tears of the people attend to their life and water it and it grows. And their prayers ascend to God and God looks upon them and says, “Very nicely composed hymn that was.” Now to get that hymn, like John Bunyan, you have to go to jail. So every time you get into a situation that squeezes you and you produce a poem or a song or a new Andrew Lloyd Webber work or something, every time you do that, God is smiling because your shoes are pinching and there is no other way of creating. Creation requires suffering, Creation heightened, requires heightened suffering.

Now, there are two ways of suffering. One is miserably, as when somebody else imposes on you the suffering and you think I don’t like it because I didn’t invent it. Suffering imposed on you which you take passively, is no good, it is no benefit to you whatever, but deliberate suffering, where you choose for yourself a difficulty and push yourself into a difficult situation, and insist on pushing through it to the end, that causes enlightenment, that causes enrichment of the Universe.

Now, imagine a man who knows this and there is a special type of process called the way of the left hand magician. It consists of doing all the naughties, very vigorously but very consciously and it causes everybody to get very, very excited and then they all throw energies out in their despair or their fury, and the energies go out into the Universe and the Universe is stirred up very much and wonderful patterns appear in the Cosmic mind and the Cosmic mind is very glad to see them. And the people who are able to do that are counted as naughties by the fallen people but they are counted as very useful fellows by God because they stir everybody up.

Track 10

Now imagine the situation. You have centres in your body dedicated to certain functions. In the spine nerves come through at certain levels and they are connected to certain organs, and each organ is dedicated to a certain kind of function. And each function is selfish and the more it is used, the more isolated from the others it becomes, the more selfish it becomes. So, if you take any one of them and feed it to the exclusion of the others then you will actually begin to disintegrate, to fall apart. Now we have said only number four, that is compassion in the heart, saves the other six. The three goodies are baddies unless they are fed by compassion and the three baddies are baddies unless fed by compassion, just as the will to be of survival can produce predatorial, murderous intent and the intent to reproduce one’s kind can result in head bashing by goats and things, and the intent to exercise power, those three most obviously are baddies, just in the same way the top three are baddies if they have no compassion; the ability to talk, the larynx centre, the ability to give orders, between the eyebrows, and the awareness of an absolute transcendence on the top of your head. It is very good to know there is Absolute Transcendence, it is very good to be in a position of being able to give commands which are obeyed. God said, “Let there be”, and it was, and it is very good to be articulate and know what you are talking about; but if those three are divorced from the heart centred compassion, they are no good at all, only that fourth position on the heart harmonises them all and makes them work together.

Remember the macrocosm- microcosm correspondence. Whatever there is in the Universe, stars, solar system, planets, all these things are inside our skin and the same law applies within as without, as within, so without, as above so below. So we can study astronomy and then apply the rules the rules of astronomy inside our physical body. And we can study the principles of psychology and apply them in the external world. We can apply any rules that we learn within or without to the opposite from where we derive it because the inside was precipitated from the out and the outside precipitated the in.

How do we feel if we think to ourselves what we have ignorantly thought of as sexuality at the contingent level, was the most inefficient of all sexual relations? The idea that you have to knock over your opponent with a fist and then take the body or leave the rest of the body, and treat the body as a contingent stimulating device, you can buy them in PVC. Any living being that is treated as if it were a thing of contingency only, hates the user, we should say, the mis-user. Now will you observe that if we add compassion to any of the others, we immediately lift the profane into the sacred. Now profane is said to mean, and this is a blind, that before the temple, pro fanum, but that fan means straw and straw symbolised in the ancient world, the common people. So that to behave profanely meant to behave like common people behave. Now how do they behave? They behave with total lack of consideration, total lack of compassion for each other in the survival situation and in the sexual situation and in the power demonstration situation. Now the higher you go up the social scale educationally, the more consciousness there is, the more consideration there is and the more there is an approximation to the condition of at least the idea of compassion, but the idea of compassion is not compassion. An idea of compassion can exist in the head. You can have an idea that compassion is a good thing, that it helps inter-function, that it makes things work better, but the idea of itself is not the compassion and a lot of people think it does, they think if they have an idea of being helpful they are helpful; but if their idea of helpfulness remains an idea, even if they were to donate to charities various things and the charities got the benefit and did various things, if the giver had only an idea of compassion he personally would not get the benefit of the compassion because he will be feeding the idea centre and not the heart centre. Remember, only the heart centre supplies the blood for the whole being; the idea centre doesn’t. The idea supplies form, idea means form, it allows you to count, to evaluate, to formally correct things but it doesn’t do anything but formally change things and the word that is articulate and can talk very nicely about things, if that is divorced from compassion, you can actually talk or write poems about compassion, and you can recite them and you can do them as well as Dylan Thomas but it doesn’t mean that you have the internal condition of compassion and there is feeding of the whole being in that way. And so with the others, with the will to power, if you have compassion, you don’t over-exercise it. You don’t not use it if you have got it, you might need power to lift somebody out of the canal, but if in the moment of lifting the child out of the canal you are thinking about your muscles and not the life of the child, you don’t get the benefit. The same with the reproduction.

Now the major problems for the human race at our present state of evolution consist of two. One is envy which sees anything superior in any way, as to be decried because it is not possessed by the envier, and to be able to take a joy in the good fortune of another being, a genuine felt joy, from the heart, a compassionate joy in the good fortune of another being is nearly an unknown quality in the human race.

Track 11

So in order to develop wholeness one has to learn, one has to practise actually taking joy in somebody else winning the pools, somebody else receiving a large legacy, to be able to be delighted with somebody else’s good fortune is the great problem; and the other one is sexuality. What is called of the seven deadlies concupiscence, is the enjoying of another’s body without regard to the other person’s enjoyment in the relation. That is to use the body of a being in sexual way without any regard whatever for the effect up on the psyche of the body being used. That is called concupiscence. Now the opposite of that is supreme compassion within the sexual relation for the partner, so that the partner’s needs, the partner’s joy in the relation takes first place and at no point does it ever fall into the partner being used as a means of external, frictive self-stimulation. Two points, envy of all the goods of the world, and compassion within the sexual situation. Those are the two rarest things on earth today.

Is that not true? Do we spontaneously have the ability to takee great joy if somebody else starts something good or do we think I could have started that if I had have thought of it? It is true. This is a universal in the human race at this stage of evolution. Somebody paints a picture, somebody writes a poem and you know damn well you could have written that yourself. It is like all the books you see on the shelves in the shop you pick them up and say, “Good God it’s rubbish”, you know that and you say, “I could have written that myself if I had thought of writing it. It is so bad I could have written myself and got the money. And this poor fellow who has written that rotten book which I could have written has got the money.” And you don’t feel terribly happy about him. That is tremendously important, envy and concupiscence, the using of another living being as a mere body of frictive operation. Those are our two biggest enemies today which have generated from the original situation long ago which was called the Golden Age, an age of spontaneous compassion. Vaguely you can see it today in some animals, some birds, a sort of mutual compassion but there is not much of it even in the animal world because the human being has not only corrupted himself and the race he has also helped largely to corrupt other life forms.

Now, transcendence means going beyond and the situation for an egoic being, trapped in the negative results of his own activity is to want to transcend it, get out of it, mm? He wants to get out of the trouble, only the trouble, not the implications, and if you transcend absolutely you are back in the Infinite Absolute. In the Infinite Absolute you are in the condition before creation, you are simply in Infinite Sentient Power, uniform and as if you were non-existent. Therefore, in that absolute state there arises a will to create and there you are, back again in the situation as an individuated being that you wanted to get out of. So you have to see this transcendence from both ends, transcend the egotism and then transcend the transcendent and come back into individual existence.

Now we have this two-fold problem for us, more than any other problem, envy and utilisation, for sexual purposes of another being are not centred in the compassionate heart. If we don’t work on that compassion no matter what else we may acquire whatever, if we have survival capacity, reproductive capacity, power over other beings, articulation, command and authority and awareness of infinite Universe, all of those six count for nothing unless there is compassion for all beings that we encounter.

Track 12

Now, let’s consider that problem, take it seriously, consider it, it really is a problem, and then decide whether or not you will work upon it. If you don’t decide to work, you won’t, if you do decide to work you won’t, but there is a difference. You make an effort in the one case and the effort gets a reward that the lack of decision does not get. The moment you try to be compassionate you will create situations inside yourself. Now this is tremendously important. It is said that the word fire and the word pure have the same origin, which is true. Now fire purifies. That is to say the fire gets rid of every non-essential.

Now, how do we generate fire inside our own being? The answer is by opposing tendencies within us. If we don’t oppose we can’t create the opposition, the friction that generates the heat that throws out the rubbish. In order to become more and more essential and therefore more intelligent, more powerful we have to oppose our own inclinations on the inside simply because they are inclinations. Inclinations are inertias and inertias are not free spirits. So in order to become a free, intelligent, self-initiating power at our stage of evolution, we have to practice self-opposition. We have to look for any tendency, whether it is so-called good or bad, it doesn’t matter, any tendency, first we have to stop it and in the opposing of the inclination forces are going in opposite directions and raising the temperature and purifying the being. They are throwing out non-essentials. Let us think of the ultimately pure being as a being with no non-essentials. Now the essential, Heraclitus pointed out, is itself, fire. That is to say to purify is to return ourselves into the condition of fire before creation, before polarisation. Now the essence of that fire is that it is itself sentient Power in its initiative phase, no inertia.

How do you like the idea of having the capacity for self-initiation, anywhere, so you determine your own condition, your own destiny entirely by the will and intelligence inside you, freely operative, not pushed by inertia? Does it sound nice?


Well there is a way of getting it and only one way and that way is self-contradiction, and the reason is want to force going along and you want to force going in the opposite direction. Now the inclination provides you with one force, that inclination led to the fall, the fall led to the generation of opposition, of obstacles of gross materiality of inertia.

Now the fight against inertia is the fight back to free initiative. There is no other way to get it other than self-opposition. It is no use buffing oneself up by remembering the high things that you have thought about.In the Russian prayer of Jesus, there is a lovely statement, “When engaged in prayer, one prays in the heart. One is not to allow oneself to be diverted by high thoughts.” Thinking is not the same as compassion and only compassion, universal compassion attends to everything. Try that during the interval will you?

Actually try the person you talk to, or whatever it is, actually try to think that person is myself inside that body where the Self, capital S, is the Infinite Power, the Infinite Sentient Power, and it is there sitting in my friend Peter, there who has been singularly quiet for some reason, and it is sitting in Bill behind him, all the people I look at, they are all gods sitting there. If I forget it, then I can go down below, start surviving and reproducing and exercising power, skipping the compassion, talking, commanding and transcending. But if I do that using only six instead of seven I should fall apart. And therefore the number six, which means existence also means fundamental evil. That is to say disintegration of the being through non-attendance to the one thing that makes it cohere, namely compassion. Shall we think about that?

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