Cyclic Law


Our thoughts on Cyclic Law, we have done (indistinct),they tend to get forgotten if we donít remember this strange fact of Cyclic Law we can become depressed when we are not moving forwards. We will have a few illustrations of it and if we can remember what it is about, we will not be surprised if we donít make a continuous forward movement. When we draw our force map of the absolute we cover the paper with circles and these circles are zones of influence. Now they are not static, they are dynamic and as you know every line is a point propagating and every point is an impulse. Now impulse is inpulse the reason the letter M is there instead on an N is because it is followed by the letter P and the P is a labial, you make it with your lips and therefore economy says why not make theMwith your lips as well instead of saying in pulse you say impulse. So the word impulse means inpulse and there is the sign of Saturn if there is no inpulse there can be no expulse. There must be a contraction onto a point and as soon as the point has come to be by this contraction it must let go itself again if it doesnít the thing will be static and is not within the nature of power to remain static.


Also as this power is sentient power there would be no purpose in it remaining on a point because if it remains in any state whatever continuously it will lose consciousness of that state, because the only way it can retain consciousness is by varying the content of consciousness. If it contracted itself onto a point and remained at equal contraction then it would lose awareness of that fact, only by varying the intensity of the contraction can it retain awareness of it. This is from our basic law ďconstant stimulation equals no stimulationĒ. So as soon as we bring it by impulse a point to exist we have become aware of it and it becomes time to let go of it, so that when we remake it we can re become ††aware of it. Now if we make an impulse in one point and then let go of it and then in the next second make another impulse adjacent to it and then let go of that one and make another impulse adjacent to that one we have one two three seconds and in each second there is a pulse an in pulse and the movement from point one to two to three is apparent. There is a contraction in the place one which brings a point to exist then relaxes and point two contracts and makes a point it relaxes, point three contracts and makes a point. Now there is then visually an apparent progression of a point from place one to two to three but really no point has gone. This is why we say ď all motion is apparent motionĒ. Now because of this law that says ďconstant stimulation equals no stimulationĒ you have to let go of what you have got. Relax and come at it again later and this is a law that is quite rigid, the absolute power is power it cannot by its very very nature be static. It can only create the static by opposing forces to each other and as soon as it has opposed forces to each other then it brings to be a point of opposition. This point of opposition is for the moment a point of awareness but if it is retained at equal tension continuously it will lapse from consciousness and therefore it must be let go again. Now this is a big law and it covers not only the tiniest parts of a second but it covers the second, the minute, the hour, the day, the month, the year and centuries, millennia and so on.This law of the cycle is the big law. If you try to hold an idea in your mind you will find that this idea will disappearvery shortly if think it has gone forever you may become depressed if you know cyclic law you can expect to see it again later. Now you may know of a little simple experiment with the human eye where the eyeball is fixed by a little mechanical device so that it canít move. You then shine into the eye, onto the retina, a light it may have a certain shape in a mask on the source of the light. But what happens is this, the retina sees this light and then very shortly it doesnít see it. The eye being unable to move the same part of the retina is stimulated by the light quickly tires and the light disappears. So when you allow this experiment to be done with one of your own eyes you see a light then you donít see it then you do and then you donít then you do it pulses in and out. And if it were not for this fact certain peculiar thoughts would arise in consciousness. Now imagine the human eye and there is the iris and there is the pupil in the middle, a hole, through which you shine a light onto the retina. Now imagine the retina is made of little elements pointing at you like a bunch of er spring onions tied together or like your fingers. But when the eye can move and the light shines on the part of the retina, at the moment that part of the retina begins to tire your eye flickers and thus moves light onto another part of the retina not yet tired. And by the eye flicking in this way you can keep up continuous stimulation, apparently. You can come back to a portion of the retina that was tired a few seconds ago and let the light fall on it again and it wonít be tired now it has recovered. What we are saying is this that the very nature of power, sentient power therefore of our own substance involves cyclic law, that whatever we know shortly we are not going to know and then later we may know it again. But If we donít allow this cyclic law to exist if we forget about it, and it tends to be forgotten by the nature of cyclic law periodically. If you forget about it then when you are not knowing something you think you ought to be knowing you think you are back pedalling or loosing timeor you havenít moved. People often face a problem and do what they call solving the problem when they find perhaps five or ten years later they find they have not solved the problem at all. The problem isnít solved because then they proceed to react in a manner they thought they had transcended. When this happens it is an example of cyclic law again.

Now letís see how we can conquer it, we sometimes see old diagrams in which there is an eye in the middle and round the sides are the signs of the zodiac. And this eye is looking and it is looking at the sign of the zodiac and its arc of vision is travelling round the zodiac. Now factually we do undergo the shifting of stresses in the body when you have a meal then forces go into the stomach to digest it and that moment forces leave another part of the body, you have so much available force at a given time. This force can do a certain amount of work of a certain order. If you place it in your stomach while you are digesting a meal you very probably if you are not careful rob your brain for the time being. Everybody knows what it means to have a large meal of potatoes and then a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes later become drowsy. Now what we are saying is if we like to look at the human body. We put the three parts of the body in here we can say that just as the forces travel round the solar system, the earth is travelling around the solar system and the earth is being exposed to forces different in March from the ones it will be exposed to in September and so on.

The fact of this exposure to different forces in a cyclic manner means that the organism is undergoing different stimuli from month to month. Now as moments of consciousness depend upon a variation in the content of consciousness, therefore your content of consciousness is going to varythroughout the solar year unless you have a method of stopping it. There is an old Chinese saying the says ďif it is winter think about summer, if it is spring think about autumnĒ. Now this is the kind of trick, a psychological device, to help you to conquer cyclic law. We have a belly, a chest, a head and a coordinator. Supposing you decide that you will be very very cleaver and you will start work on coordination. What does coordination have to do, it has to fly very rapidly from the belly to the chest to the head to the chest to the belly and back again. Flying up and down, because if it doesnít fly up and down and watch the urge, watch the feeling, watch the idea. Fly back over them all if doesnít do this it is simply not coordinating it is a scanning device to see what is the urge doing what is feeling doing what is thinking doing. And if you actually try and do this you find after a time that you will start to tire and this tiring process is according to law. We know that tiring is the same thing as†††††††† ( tora-ing,) that is the law. The law says if you keep on doing the same thing you will tire, you will lapse from consciousness because constant stimulation equals no stimulation. If you forget this law you will become depressed at certain points because you will be convinced that you havenít moved. You know the old saying if you sat in the back of the cart you can see how far you have come, if you sit in the front you will see how far you have got to go. Sitting in the front of the cart can be very depressing; sitting in the back of the cart can be very elevating. You might even suffer from St Pauls disease, exultation of spirit or sheer swell headedness. Sitting in the back of the cart and seeing how far you have come compared with ordinary mortals can help you to become pleased and positive for the time being. But if you go and sit in the front and see how far you have got to go it has a sobering effect, now what we tend to forget if we are not careful is this, we are not training ourselves for time. We are how many years before we thinking about training generally, letís say 20 years of life have gone, we may have 40, 50 left.We have 50 years to play about and to put yourself in order. You are not playing aboutwith yourself and discovering yourself for time because if thatís all you were doing it foryou would be wasting time. This is absolutely essential to remember, if you forget that you are preparing yourself for eternity and think you are preparing yourself for time you can become very disappointed in your progress. Because in effect if you think you are preparing yourself for time you think you are going to get perfection within a week or a month or if you are very patient within six months. But in fact you are not going to get your perfection in such a short time and you should not get your perfection in such a short time. You are not training for time, you are going to be definitely dead within a few years apart from nuclear weapons you are going to be dead by cyclic law. So no matter how hard you work how clever you become how perfect you become in time your body is going to fall apart, and therefore you are not training for time. So that you shouldnít be surprised if the prize being eternal the temporal work should take all the time you have got.

This is of the utmost importance to realise and it is the thing we constantly tend to forget that we are not training for time, we are training for eternity. Death is certain all born being to date have statistically managed to get dead. And therefore we havenít even got one case that we know of that hasnít been deaded. Even Christ resurrecting had to get killed first, the question of whether we can resurrect after our personal deaths is open but that we will die we have not one evidence statistically to suggest it is unlikely. We are going die a physical death this body is going to fall to bits. We can promise that with statistics of about 150 thousand years, human, and several million of years animal, and considerably more vegetable. So we are not training for time we are training for eternity and we would be damned cheeky if we thought that by fooling about for a year or two years or three years we could then establish ourselves in eternity without any further work. It is a kind of short view itís a short sighted view. It canít possibly be a true view that a thing of permanent value shall be gained in a year or twoís slaphappy occasional work. So we will remind ourselves that we are working not for time we are working through time for the timeless for the absolutely permanent. We will then not be disappointed that if we discover that in three years work or four or five or ten we have still got more work to do. We have got work to do as long as we have a physical body. If when we finish up on the deathbed weíve accumulated enough directive forces in us to carry us into the next world with the right direction that is all we ought to hope for. Not to have completed the process in this time but to have established such a direction in this gross body that after the dissolution of the gross body we will be able to say I know that my subtle body now is so surcharged with direction of evolution of consciousness that it canít stop, it must go on.

And therefore in Eternity the (A) trinitythe absolute state of power my evolution is going to continue. If we remember this fact we will not be disappointed if standing on our left ear on a block of ice and melting it does not land us into nirvana in three years practice.

Now letís look a little more closely at this cyclic law. We cover the paper with our circles we make ever so many every circle is propagated from a point its own centre that point is the product of an impulse or saturnine impression and is followed by Jupiter or expansion, ex-pulsion. Now the cyclic law then consists of the wheel turning into the centre and from the centre so the cyclic law can be represented by a continuous travelling to the centre and from the centre. Thatís one way of looking at it, also we can take any perimeter and realise because there are no lines other than points propagating, points and impulses. Then we can see cyclic law going round the perimeter the stress accent of any existent perimeter is varying from moment to moment. If you could examine a billiard ball cut a section through that billiard ball and look at the pulsations, the molecular pulsations, constituting it you would find there is a cyclic ripple running through it. No matter how small the cycle or how big the cycle there is an impulse running round the perimeter and there is another one running to the centre and from the centre to the perimeter all the time. This being so we can say that the human being with his three parts can be considered like three wheels and there is a force down here we will call the sexual force, who turns on his circle and goes down to express himself up to recuperate his energies. After he has done that another circle starts the circle of belongingness, goes down wants to belong to people invites itself to a party and it climbs up and gets bored stiff and doesnít want to go to that party any more. If you belong too closely to people you will lose your individual value if you go on a desert island forever you will lose your belonging value. You have to leave and come back in everything when you have gone through your sexual cycle then you go through your belonging cycle you will go through your lets have dinner cycle. When you have gone through these you will climb to another cycle, I like it cycle, Iím indifferent cycle, I donít like it cycle. When you have gone through that you will go through the true thing, I perceive, I remember, I evaluate. Now these are all little wheels within big wheels. You see here that we have gone through, in effect, nine phases within three bigger ones. Letís look at the cycle again, there is the sexual impulse plays out , belonging impulse, food impulse, liking something impulse, being indifferent to the same thing, disliking it , perceiving things, remembering things, evaluating things and then we go back again.


Now this means that the energy inside your body is playing up and down the spinal column thereís another cycle. If you expect to be able to fix your energy in any one spot, we will pretend there is a spot up there called intelligence. If you think you can hold that spot of intelligence in a few months or years work, permanently, you are misconceiving the nature of the work. Constant stimulation equals no stimulation and if you put yourself on that point of intelligence and didnít allow it to vary and didnít allow yourself to come off it, you would become unconscious. It is only by leaving and returning that you maintain the content of consciousness that you know about. Up and down the spinal column the forces are travelling there are various cycles and sub cycles. These is one cycle rather an interesting one that takes place just under the eye. 58 minutes 4 seconds certain forces flow into the right side of the body and they come back and there is a stasis and then they go into the left side of the body . So one side of the body the will side is charged you feel you can do things without thinking about them and then shortly after you will be thinking about things instead of doing things. When you feeling will full that seemís right when you are feeling rational that seems right. Whatever you are being dominated by feels to you right at the moment you are being dominated by it unless there is inserted into you a concept that it shouldnít be like this. Now this concept comes through the ears. The ear carried in a concept we will say this is the concept of perfection the perfectionist concept and this said I shouldnít vary I should always be the same always equal. And then that tends to reduce itself to a static concept in which by equal you mean static but this is already false. Equal does not mean static it means scanning the whole field of possibilities so rapidly that you accomplish the whole field and all its contents.

Up and down the body these energies will go and they will keep on going as long as you have got a body. Because this is so, if you want to amuse yourself by accelerating your development in a rather unusual way all you have to do is by feeling know where the energy is in your body and this you can do by simply watching it and asking yourselfďwhere am I centred now?Ē and as soon as you feel where you are centred find the opposite point to it and deliberately change centre. Now this will always produce in you a conflict and this conflict will heighten consciousness. If you are situated we will say in the sexual centre and climb right up to the rational centre that compares things at that moment you will find between the two a field flux develops, you become aware very consciously. A man who is passive to a sexual impulse isnít really aware of it. Supposing he decides he will try and control it does he become less aware of it or more aware of it, In practice he becomes more aware of it. As soon as you interfere you become more aware and this is a method by whereby you use psychic law to defeat psychic law. Psychic law still exists but knowing you transcend it by recognising it from playing the things in opposites. Itís summer you stimulate winter most people do not visualise snow on the ground in this weather yet in fact if you look at the trees now and visualise how they looked in winter with no leaves on them you will have an experience different from if you simply allow summer to speak to you now in summer terms. To see summer in terms of winter is to see summer properly. ď What do you know of England, who only England knowĒ ( quote from Rudyard Kipling . Puck of Pooks Hill) You know that brother Laurenceís great conversion depended on something, he saw trees in winter and he said when I consider that these trees now looking so dead will in the spring be covered in leaves I am filled with faith. He saw death there standing up, no evidence whatever of a leaf and yet he saw in his memory last spring and he said spring will come again. And that meant that our life forces are conquering death and from that moment he began to whistle very very cheerfully and he washed his dishes and bought the wine with great skill always making a profit. He had discovered something by looking inside himself about cyclic law. We had it before on many occasions but it tends to lapse by the nature of cyclic law from consciousness.

We have got so much to remember but we are not training for time, we are training for eternity. And Yesterday a young woman said to me, asking me, I have been practicing Yoga that I learned in a ladies magazine, I have been standing on my head to make my hair grow and her boyfriend said ď oh the article I read wasnít in a ladies magazine and I gathered from it that we stand on our heads, we yogis, in order to make the body numb so that we can forget about it and become all intelligenceĒ now that is two versions of Yoga. Now we have said before we have Karma yoga, yoga of action , we have Bhakti yoga the yoga of love, we have Jnana Yoga the yoga of knowledge, and we have Raja yoga the yoga of coordination or the yoga of kings. Thereís the four main divisions of yoga but they are only divisions of yoga, you see coordination requires you to know to love and to do. And how can you coordinate knowing and loving and doing unless you first know what knowing is, loving is and doing is. You canít put them together unless you experience them and you canít experience them fully except in terms of their opposites. You can only know what doing is properly if you donít do but think about doing. You can only know what knowing is properly by doing something without knowing about it. You can only know what feeling is by neither doing nor thinking. So you define a thing in terms of its opposite.

There we have a cycle where there are four yogaís and they are going to keep rotating, and there are various sub-divisions of Karma yoga such as Hatha yoga all the yogaís of action. Hatha yoga , physical yoga Laya Yoga, Kriya Yoga and so on there are many sub-divisions of these. Most of the sub- divisions are in the realm of Karma because in the realm of physical activity you can find an awful lot of funny things to do. You can thread bandages up your nostrils you can pull them out dirtier then they went in. You can swallow several yards of bandages into your stomach and pull it up covered in slime. All this is part of yoga but it isnít all yoga maybe standing on your head is good for the hair it should be, gravity helps blood flow. But If you stand too long on the same spot of the head you will probably get less hair instead of more.


Now the cyclic law says, that whatever we are doing if we are not careful we will not be doing very very shortly and if we donít engrave upon our minds the principle of cyclic law, we will forget it. If we donít devise a method whereby everything that happens we say this is cyclic law and I must state the opposite. If we donít devise this method then we are going to be in a bit of a mess. You know that the sea when it is heaving about making its waves in general terms the molecules of the water do not travel in the manner the wave appears to travel. They heave up and down and the rising of one part of the water is coincident with another part and this lifting travels along the body of the water. But the water itself does not travel so that the wave is an appearance. Now if we draw ourselves a simple sine wave like this there is a complete cycle , we are going up ,right down and up to the middle again. There is the cycle if we know that this cycle is really a cycle when the bottom half of the cycle shifted one diameter we will know that the real nature of the cycle is always this and our wave is an abstraction from cyclic law. Now the man that does not know that there is a wave in his being that there is no motion whatever in the whole of the universe that is not built on cyclic law. When he is going up he will feel smart , he is a clever fellow, ambitious and he is successful but if he gets to the top he must come down and if he doesnít know about cyclic law he is a failure because he is going down. But it canít go up without going down you remember our method of conquering manic depressive psychosis. All we do is this every time we feel elevated we pull ourselves down deliberately by stating cyclic law. This causes the amplitude of the wave to diminish and we get a wave which is nearer the horizontal line. Every time we pull down exultation of spirit the wave gets flatter, the moment we do this we cannot be depressed. Depression is only evidence of previous elevation. If you let yourself go up one foot above the median line you will be down one foot below the median line at the end of the cycle you cannot avoid this. Now the observer is not the observed this means we have the power to dissociate from phenomena. Phenomena are the product formally of cyclic law we can conquer cyclic law by seeing the opposites in the cycles, we can see the trough and the crest to pre-suppose each other. There is no crest without a trough there is no trough without a crest if we admit this we are alright if we donít we are going to be elevated and depressed alternately until we finally decide to commit suicide on the slight up rise out of a wave of depression.

Here we are and we recognise if we understand this cyclic law we can defeat it, we can transcend it. It will still exist but by understanding its law we will get above it. An aeroplane is heavier than air and yet if flies. How does it fly? It flies by obeying natural law not disobeying it. If we obey the law of the cycle we can fly above it but if we donít know there is a cycle we will certainly fall below it. Throughout the whole of our being and throughout the whole of universal being cyclic law rules. If we donít say this to ourselves we are going to be in trouble we are going to think we are doing very very well one day and pretty lousy the next day, if we have a high opinion of ourselvesin one week when we are doing wonderfully we are going to have a very low opinion of ourselves when we are doing badly. And we might when we are being very very low bump ourselves out of the world and lose the opportunity for completing our education. Human birth is hard to get there are only twenty thousand million physical human bodies on the earth and there are an infinity of intelligence trying to get in. They canít all get in at once it needs time and time itself is a cyclic process.

To get into a human body and complete your evolution is very very great good fortune to ignore the opportunity is foolishness. To expect the process to be completed in a few years effort is also foolishness but to accelerate ones development we must understand the law. The great law ďThe Observer Is Not The ObservedĒ, and within the realm of the observed, the objective realm cyclic law rules absolutely. To climb out of the dominion of cyclic law we must practice non identification with it and to aid in this we must assert the opposite phase of the cycle. If the cycle is down, there is a depressed state in the body and a lack of knowledge we must say this is cyclic law, tomorrow I will be a genius, and we must mean it. And if we are being a genius one day we must say (indistinct word) tomorrow you are a moron. He who takes success and failure equally has pulled himself onto this horizontal line and he is of equal spirit. He can if he wants deliberately elevate himself like an actor does or he can depress himself like a young girl trying to persuade a little boy to buy her a box of chocolates. Whatever he does if he can pull himself onto the median line he will be able to elevate or depress himself at will, but if he is not on the median line he will not be able to elevate himself deliberately nor will he be able to depress himself deliberately he will be elevated one moment by cyclic law and the next moment he will be depressed by the same law.

Now whatever practice we make and every person practices something somehow. Everybody is trying to get somewhere whether it is lord of the realm of mammon or lord of the realm of inner spirit and so on. Everybody is trying to get somewhere and there is a technique of getting there and a person tends to attach himself to a particular technique. But any particular technique whatever is not the whole technique and therefore if you adhere to a particular technique for a long time it will stop showing a profit. The person who practices Karma yoga, I have an Indian friend a very handsome little boy, he can put his legs round his neck , put his tongue out a very long way, he can balance on the palms of his hands and he can twist his body and hold his right toe with his left thumb all sorts of funny things, and he landed in an English jail for six years by committing bigamy. Now he did this because he thought that being able to distort his body in this way he had license to perform various things. Now the courts thought otherwise, when I discussed it with him he said he had failed to take into account one or two points and he is now relatively a reformed character.

If you decide you are going to get to heaven with Karma yoga and you analyse what karma means you will find it involves another kind of yoga. Every yoga contains the other yogaís hidden in it. A letter R here is the differentiating power the ruling power, the Rex, the rest of the work Kama is the Indian word for Eros. The erotic impulse kama is desire, this is the erotic impulse Karma is the ruler ship of desire. If you are dominated by desire then that is kama and there is always anti-karma a hit back at you, a reaction. This means that if you try to do Karma yoga the yoga of physical things you are actually operating on your desire nature because why do you desire to do Karma yoga? Why do you desire to do physical yoga because you desire it and that isnít in the realm of action. In the physical sense desire is a psychic phenomenon. Now letís look at the other one here is the Bhakti yoga and this is the yoga of love. Bhakta is a man who loves, what is to love it is a state of the soul love, but to love is a verb it means you have got to do something and you have got to know what to do. The Bhakta the Bhakti yogi himself knows what to do, he loves god he loves Ishvara he loves the cosmic intelligence to this he devotes himself. He doesnít love the little lady down the street whose toes turn in too much and has winkle tipped toes and so on, he doesnít love her he gets a high object.To get this he has to be a Jnani yogi he must know what object is worth loving and then he must proceed to do it to love is a verb he must do it.

Now letís have a look at the word for knowledge ( Indistinct section) truth now he had the base of know KN in English now the base of to know is made up of Ga and Ah . Ga the very principle of gulletel energies that is straight back in Kama yoga again then Na in it means negate it. Thereís your gullet negate it. Gna, you know by inhibiting your gullital urge, if you donít inhibit it you will never know. If you do inhibit it there will be a conflict and you will become aware of the conflict so whether we take Karma, Bhakti, Jnana yoga it doesnít make any difference. Each one has the other two yogaís hidden inside it and to neglect the two hidden ones is to fail in the one you have chosen.

You might do the plough or you might do a lovely asana of a padma or you might term the drum or do anything you like whatever you do it wonít avail unless you do all there is to be done. It is no good doing a bit, to the exclusion of the other bits nothing less than the whole work can make whole. Many people thing that by breathing very heavily or over a long period or by holding their breath in and having a haemorrhage or holding it out and just getting a bit dizzy, itís always safer to hold out than in, they think they will get to heaven. They wonít, not unless they love heaven and know what heaven is and then coordinate it.

Whatever it is we know from the fact we are dealing with this absolute sentient power, this spirit symbolised by this paper. The chemistry of all parts of space is the sameany mark we make on the paper no matter how big no matter what shape itís all on the paper. The marks are nothing else but little illustrations of the fact that the paper can move that spirit can mobilise itself, spirit can model itself, when it has done so it is still only spirit. And spirit in no sense separable into particulars, it is always and everywhere itself wholly. So if that spirit is a sentient power in act, it is sentient power knowing itself in act. It is a triune power to neglect one of the trinity functions is to neglect the very one you are concentration on because two thirds of the one you are concentrating on are already belonging to the other two missing thirds.

Are there any particular questions out of this?


Eric : it is said we should not presuppose what the future holds for us and this could equally well apply to psychic law. Presupposing that we are going to have a fit of depression after a period of elevation is setting up that statement in fact it may be delayed it or it may not come. We are going to set up the idea.

Not at all, ( Long Gap) but when we consider the nature of the cycle we are not considering the future. We are considering the natures of cycles as such not in the future but in themselves. Every cycle is a cycle it is a circle and if we draw half the circle today and the other half tomorrow and thus giving rise to a wave it does not alter the fact that on the first day the whole cycle existed and when we said to ourselves at the top of the cycle there is the bottom of a cycle I am not referring to the future we are referring to the nature of the cycle. We are making no predictions about how long this cycle will last we are saying that the cycle must complete itself, in any duration whatever. So we are not presupposing in the sense that where the prefix pre means before. We presupposing only in the sense that pra means rationally inherent in the proposition to presuppose in this sense is to say within the nature of cyclic law every element in the cycle must reoccur. We are not saying if it is Monday ,Tuesday or Wednesday this year next year , sometime never. But the law as such must complete itself in cycles. ( Repeat section)

Eric : it is said we should not presuppose what the future holds for us and this could equally well apply to psychic law. Presupposing that we are going to have a fit of depression after a period of elevation is setting up that statement in fact it may be delayed it or it may not come. We are going to set up the idea.


Not at all, here you are taking presuppose and you are meaning by it sub posing putting underneath before (M) but when we consider the nature of the cycle we are not considering the future. We are considering the natures of cycles as such not in the future but in themselves. Every cycle is a cycle it is a circle and if we draw half the circle today and the other half tomorrow and thus giving rise to a wave it does not alter the fact that on the first day the whole cycle existed and when we said to ourselves at the top of the cycle there is the bottom of a cycle I am not referring to the future we are referring to the nature of the cycle. We are making no predictions about how long this cycle will last we are saying that the cycle must complete itself, in any duration whatever. So we are not presupposing in the sense that where the prefix pre means before. We presupposing only in the sense that pra means rationally inherent in the proposition to presuppose in this sense is to say within the nature of cyclic law every element in the cycle must reoccur. We are not saying if it is Monday ,Tuesday or Wednesday this year next year , sometime never. But the law as such must complete itself in cycles.



Well you make a point in relation to work and not feeling like working er and this is again cyclic, and it has just been said that when you are going to go into the office so when you donít feel like working then you shouldwork and when you feel like work you should not work.

E.H. Yes

Eric: Is this so?

E.H. Quite so, yes. If you want to defeat cyclic law certainly you must and if you donít you will be under it because you are either over it or under it. You canít come onto equal terms with it there is a hierarchy. Either you use your knowledge of cyclic law and if you feel an urge you say ď I am feeling an urge because of cyclic lawĒ so I am going to disturb it , I am going to insert a little bit of energy from my reservoir of energy stored up out of my numerous dindins. And I can move myself and on the other hand when you feel like rushing out and doing something you say ď this is also cyclic law , I will sit down and not go to the cinema now and see this marvellous film I will sit here and wait until the others come back and say after all it was a lousy film. The thing is to defeat by the opposite impulse the reigning impulse and in so doing to pull down the variation knowing that when you have pulled it down to the median line you have attained the very thing you need. Initiative power freedom from the cyclic law and the ability if you want to do, to be quite maniacal by act of will or quite depressive by act of will. That is you can jump on the reigning cycle deliberately and then come off it again.

Question: Pulling down to the median line doesnít diminish content of consciousness does it?

E.H. No the effort to do it increases it. It isnít easy to pull yourself down when you are feeling on top of the world.

Question: No but when we think of seeing summer fully by seeing what the winter was like

E.H. Yes

Question: we are taking two opposite, but here we are lessening the distance between opposites.

E.H. We can only do that by taking the opposites to reduce the distance, Between summer and winter you have got two other points spring and autumn,

Question: It occurs to me that that with this shifting into the opposite position you could be reducing the amount of experience you could get. I mean suppose you suddenly became aware of an urge and you nip it in the bud like that wellyou havenít done much really have you. But if the urge takes effect then you cut it out there will be a degree of effort involved isnít it.

E.H. If you under impulse manage to conquer it you will have an experience, you neednít be afraid of fighting an impulse and defeating it, if you can. The tendency for the impulse to say but this is life, it isnít life, its leakage. Life is when you pull everything onto the median line so that you are free and then you look at the prevailing cycle, the solar bandwagon if you like and you jump on it and off it at will.

Itís a question of the timing the idea again so you see if you are the median line maybe the lady wants to be kissed if you are on the median line you will certainly know about it. But if you are not you may be too depressed or you may be so animated that you will kiss the wrong girl. This median line is not static it so tremendously intensely conscious compared with the other two modes that you canít possible understand it during a depressed state nor if you are in an elevated state because it is a highly compacted state. The whole of the energy involved in the full amplitude of that wave is in the reduced wave the median line. It hasnít disappeared its compacted you feel more vibrant, more intense all that has happened now is your frequency is higher, you havenít lost anything. Most people are terrified of this median line they think it means death, it doesnít, it means heightened sensitivity, heightened awareness, heightened initiative.

Question: I take it that there are also big cycles to peopleís lives as well as small cycles

E.H. There are cycles from the smallest division of the second up to millions and millions of light years. There are obvious cycle like the seven year cycle, in the body, there are also cycles like the ( Indistinct word) cycle and there are five sub cycles within the R and there are sub cycles within those. And even the breath is a little cycle, how often do you breath? How many thousands of times do you breath in a day? a hundred thousand. Each one is a little cycle out and in.

Question: Whatís the position between say immediacy and cyclic law

E.H. Immediacy means you have got yourself on the median line because you canít be immediate if you are riding up and down on the cyclic law. You are conditioned by it.

Question: So you are sayingyou transcend cyclic law

E.H. youíve transcended it in exactly the same way a man flying a plane transcends the so called law that says that heavier than air objects cannot fly. You fly be means of the law, you donít break the law you utilise it.

Question: I take it the first step is stopping serial thinking

E.H.The first step is serious, to think that cyclic law really exists and it is quite a good thing to stop it. And that the technique of stopping it is stating the opposite. Take a most obvious thing in human relations, a relation of love. Do you find in spontaneous love, not calculating love. Do you find that both people come together in the same moment? Or do find that as they come together one of them turns away? Provocatively where does this provocation come from, supposing they came together like a couple of lampreys, would that be love? That thing they stick their mouths on stones in rivers. What are you going to do, strike and miss the target and have to read adjust heightens awareness. Oh there is a subtle purpose behind it all, it is the tacit conspiracy hiding behind everything. Even behind the lampreys. Can you imagine one lamprey getting jealous of another because it is kissing a stone? They are terrible creatures they just go on going.. but you can imagine a pair of those in an eternal embrace would be to say nothing if not boring.

Cyclic Law is very important and everybody tends to forget it according to Cyclic law. Somehow you have to defeat it by writing on your brain Cyclic Law exists. The night is closing in now so it will be dawn soon when you get up in the morning and say what a lovely day, itís going to be raining. Say this to yourself so you do not depend on the external stimulus situation when you donít dependthat if you want you can go out in the rain with your mac on and feel very very cheerful, like kiddies do. This is the innocence that Jesus talks about that goes into the kingdom of heaven, the mother thinking about the future health of her child buys it a large pair of rubber gum boots and sends it out in the rain. It takes them off and treads about in the gutter having leant them to a poor friend. Now the child is right and the mother is wrong if the child has its own way it will at least become hardy and if the mother has her way it will be quite unfit to let loose in nature at all.

Somehow we have got to see Cyclic Law for what it is, understand it, penetrate to its meaning in every little thing. You mustnít expect your emotions to remain the same. If you declare everlasting love to x and then Friday you are wondering why you said it.........................

Stopped mid sentence.

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Richard Freeman