Eternity and Time

The text of two talks given at Parklands by Eugene Halliday. Ishval audio 152-153


Track 1

Do you remember the definition of faith that we use? Faith is the ability to put your foot down where nothing is and in the act of putting it down posit something to put it on.

Do you accept our definition of faith?


Yes. Why do we make this statement? I am going to open one of those…

I have had a sumptuous gift of Twelve plus pens of different colours. Does that work?

At the moment.

I will just test it. Can you see that red? Can you see that red? Can you see that red? Well the one you can’t see was in my mind wasn’t it? Did I put it there or did I pretend? Can you see that one? That one I didn’t touch the film, right? Now imagine that this sheet of cello represents pre-creational intelligent power. It is infinitely extended intelligent power. We can call it SP – sentient power, infinitely extended not yet having contracted. Contracted means contra-acted - acted against itself. It is infinite. Remember the red and the blue appears. The red symbolises energy active and the blue energy intellective. The intellective is inhibited. It finites. Now imagine between the red and the blue there is that which can appear as either. An infinitely extended sentient power not yet having manifest either as power or as form, form is intellective; power is volitional. Now, from within itself it posits. I am thinking of a point there which I will put but I have not yet put it.

Is that before potential?

No, potential means power held, power held. That is another way of saying power inhibited. Power tends to posit. If you inhibit your tendency to posit, that is like you do inhibiting a tendency to propound a problem. You have to work very hard to inhibit a tendency to posit something. Why? Because when there is nothing whatever there other than Infinite Sentient Power, there is an opportunity not being used. Imagine prior to creation there is an infinity of sentient power not in use. All right?

Right., now, I have in my mind an idea of a point. Have you all got an idea of a point in your mind and if not will you put one there. How do you do it?


Imagination. The word imagination is the noun form of a power, I make, imag. I, the observer, can actually focus. Focus means force-strike, fo-cus, force-strike. Now, somewhere around there I have decided to put a point. Will you agree with me that that is a sufficient place to put it? We could put it there or there or there or anywhere whatever. I could put it in mid air but in mid air it doesn’t leave a mark on this cellophane. I am going to put it on the cellophane but prior to going on the cellophane it is in my mind. Is it in your minds too? And we agree that I will be your servant in positing this point on here. Now, imagine that whatever is can never cease to be and whatever is not, can never come to be and that means that whatever we are, as spiritual monads, as prime units of initiative power, that is spirit, Spirit means initiative, we can all agree to make a point. Now, will you give me the instruction? Tell me to make a point and I will accept the instruction for you and make the point. Shall I make a point, right?


Track 2

Here is the point, – I hope it is good enough for you. There is a point, a red point symbolising energy positing itself from within itself because we are only instruments of the sentient power of infinity which we call God. God is a shorthand word for Infinite Sentient Power and it has made, with myself as the servant of you, as a multitudinous group of sentient powers, there a point. Now, there was no point there. Then there was a point in our mind. Out of all the things we posited we could have posited not a point but a line or a plane or a cube, a triangle, a square, anything, but we chose a point. Why, because the point is most economic? A point is po-in-T. That means power-in-crucifixion. Because when power posits itself and fixates itself, power is self-crucified. This is the mystery of the crucifixion of all witnesses to truth. To witness to truth is to pin oneself, to nail, fixate, crucify oneself in the image in the mind posited on the cellophane. Now it was not there and now it is there. Where there was no point we posited a point in the mind and then sent a message down this arm to the pen to make the point. The point now exists. Exist means stands out, before, it was hidden. Now, it is standing out visibly from the background. That is a primary point. The phonetic for that primary point is K-T-R. K is a lock. T is the crossing of the forces that make it. Why? Because I have to say to the right, to the left, above, below, co-ordinates to fixate the points, so that our crossing force is locked, T-K, K-T. But the moment I posit that point, the letter R, which is a vibration and which means, as in ruach, spirit, differentiation, the moment the point is there we differentiate the place where the point is from the rest of the cellophane where it is not.

So where nothing was, we have posited something on which we can put our foot. Foot itself means power fixated. It is the same word as put, etymologically, and the same as the pat in pater, father. The power that posits that point is called Father. The power that posits the point is called Father. The point that is posited is a form and is called the Son, (Sun) in both spellings, it is the Father appearing on the stage lower, that is, in manifestation. It is also an illuminator of consciousness because it makes clear for us the meaning of that word we have chosen to call point. So we now have a point where was no point. Now, we are to think the totality of the whole manifest universe is built of points. Science calls it energy quanta - little amounts of energy but each little amount is a point and the universe is nothing but powers posited, little quantities of energy posited by acts of primary sentient power and there we are. If we were to cover this with dots and then connect the dots up with lines we could draw all conceivable forms of universal manifestation. Now, are we clear about that?

Now the word faith and the word foot and put and pat in pater, means faith. Faith is putting power. Where nothing is you preconceive and then put. You place, that is P and you nail or fixate or cross, that is T. P for the positing power, T for the nailing, fixation power. So, there is the P, the point, and I have drawn now the cross, +, the co-ordinates that help to locate it. Now, when this point is posited, is it not true that to posit it we had to take in the infinity of our mental possibilities, the idea of point out of all possibilities and select a point to put it there? Therefore, all around here there are an infinity of other things that we might have put instead of point. We might have had triangle, square and so on. We might have had compasses. We might have had square in that sense and we could cover all the space with all conceivable forms but we didn’t do that. That’s relatively waterproof. Somebody is going to clean it later with something, I suppose. If not, I will do it personally.

Track 3

Now, throughout the whole of infinite space there is sentient power. There is no absolute voidity. There is nowhere where there is not sentient power and it is that sentient power by self-focus, self-striking of its own power that posits form and whatever form it posits clearly it has excluded all alternative forms that it might have posited. So we inhibit. We hold in potential all the other forms that would cause us not to be able to see the point. So every act of clear vision is necessarily an act of inhibition of all the other things that we might have clearly have put instead. Now when we put all the things that are possible to put for us as finite physical beings, it takes infinite time. So we won’t bother to do it but if we did we could cover this and then buy a bigger sheet and cover that and so on with alternative forms. Now when we have covered them all together so that every point contains every other point, so that within that little point there, there is a square and a circle and a triangle and so on, that point is the very principle of all forms whatever and therefore we have to say if we cover the whole sheet with total possibilities that we need a term to express the totality of all the mutually inhibiting form. The name for that is chaos. Now, chaos is not rubbish; it is not total disorder. It is the simultaneous co-presentation of all conceivable orders. So out of chaos we can draw order.

Are you with us Peter?

Yes, I was thinking about the discrimination between the point to point as you said the most economical way is to say is to place a point and say we move from point to point and therefore can create triangles and squares or whatever.


Now, what happens, well, what is happening when you are particularising the shape and when you are chaotic, when you are going from point to point indiscriminately and or working in a geometric pattern with, with ordinary mnemonic? What is the…

Do you mean how do you do it?

Is there a law that governs it? Is there…

The law is that which you posit. Law is from the same verb as to lay. A law is what is laid down as a pattern for action.

The reason that God then could appear to be chaotic?

No, chaos is the term we reserve for the totality of all conceivables presented simultaneously.

That is black, mass black.

That is mass black?


Or in this case mass red or whatever colour arbitrarily we care to posit. In colour symbology in Kabalah and so on, in all the great religious works there is a very full colour symbology and you take mass white for ultimate enlightenment, mass black for ultimate wickedness, the opposite to mass enlightenment, mass blue for intellectuality, mass green for hope, and so on. There is a colour symbology in all major religions. In the Church they would use different vestments for different times of the year. Different altar clothes for different times of the year and so on. All according to colour symbology.

Track 4

Now let us just write the word colour for a moment. That is the same word with the same origin as the word for a tube in your stomach called colon, yes? If we add an R to it, which means to differentiate, then we have the fundamental concept of the prism – a primordial mass of white, when pushed through impedances becomes rainbow. Colour appears through impeding original white light, right? Now, we as human beings, have a gift from our source to be able to think, to be able to reason, to be intellectual, to employ verbal symbols to aid our thought, and, we talk about colouration as emotive stress. We talk about a coloured image meaning emotionally charged don’t we, highly coloured conversation and so on? The col there, notice, you could put a k there, it is quite legitimate, in fact in some languages they would spell colour with a K. In English you can use either S or K sound for a letter written C. Now, if we reverse that, read it Hebraica it is loc. The other way it is Hebraica too, as in col nidre, but this way it is loc because your food tube is a lock, like on a canal, for a throughput of experiences to be differentiated. When you eat you are supposed to chew to break down the food, to differentiate it, to discriminate its parts and then to assimilate to different organs the particular chemistry needed by each organ and that is the colour phenomenon.

Now, the subject matter you gave me the idea for when you were explaining the problem of faith, I will now bring into consciousness. It is this - Hindu religion is concerned more with eternity than with time, similarly with other oriental religions generally. But three religions came out of the Arabian Desert from the same source, and they are not concerned so much with eternity as the end process, the omega, the big O, the final goal as the historical process of getting there. So we say, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, are three historical religions. They are concerned with the march of time, evolution and development in a way that Hindu religion is not. Far eastern religion is more concerned with the repetition of eternity. Now you

remember eternity we translate trinity. Now the letter E, fifth letter, the of the Hebrew, ( ה ) the letter E means itself, life. Life-trinity is the translation eternity. The trinity is Power, Form, Function, a three-fold activity of sentient power not serially presented but presented simultaneously. In time we see things sequentially, serially, one after the other, and in that seeing we abstract each thing that we see from its context of primordial chaos, that is, from eternity. Eternity is all presented simultaneously. Time is the same presented sequentially, serially, bit by bit.

Track 5

Right. Now, why did these three religions stress historicity? If we take the Hindu idea of an eternal recurrence of manifestation, rest, manifestation, rest, manifestation, rest, a period of creation, a period of rest, another period of creation, another of rest. Now, as taught, this can have a very peculiar effect on the human psyche. It can actually produce colossal boredom. And by about the sixth century BC there was a terrific revolt and prior to the Christian dispensation this boredom had got to such a pitch that the rulers of the world were really getting fed up with the idea of an eternal recurrence of identical events. Nietzsche borrowed the idea and brought it up to date in the last century under the term of the eternal recurrence in which you do everything that you have done before, again. Everything whatever that we could possibly do has been done an infinite number of times before and will be done an infinite number of times again

Would you say that was dissipating power?

No, I would say it was locking itself up in a repetitive structure called law, rota, torah. The idea of this eternal creation, disillusion, re-creation of the same disillusion, recreation of the same, is a very boring idea. Would you like to come here again forever and repeat your statement of the beginning of this evening and hear me repeat the same words again and again and again, forever, and horribly remember that you had already done it an infinity of times before? Surely with that concept there must arise at some point a revolt. Something must say I dislike intensely this repetition and I want to make everything new. So there, in the Bible is the statement, “Behold I make all things new,” just when you thought everything was going to be repeated I changed it. New rules, new heaven; that means new ideas, a new earth – that means new applications. Now, which would you rather have – eternal boredom or eternal creative production of newnesses? Or are you afraid of being bored by the eternal newnesses?

Now, these historical religions all tell that there is an ultimate term to the evolutionary process that we are not all going to repeat exactly. We are moving from a state of relative unconsciousness to a state of total consciousness and complete individual self-determination. The cosmic law is not going to rule us. We are going to discover the law, to uncover its tricks, to assimilate it and then to re-create our own being from this knowledge and understanding.

Now, these three religions teach that there is a process going on in man, that man is in a kind of test situation on earth and in it he can choose and will choose and in the act of choosing he will create for himself a new character. This is called a new birth. To do this there must be a change of mind, a metanoia. There must be a total change of outlook. One suddenly recognises one has repeated too often one’s silly responses to environmental stimuli with other people and with situations, and one is determined now to make a new response in a totally new way to a situation that could remain the same if we did not change it. I am alpha and omega. I am the original divine voice. Al-pha means divine voice. It is God speaking. Prior to creation it is Al-pha. Creation begins when the letter beth or beta, B begins. B originally is drawn as a circle. When that circle appears that is the B-ginning of formal manifestation.

Prior to that there is an A. I will draw an A. Now, imagine that that A actually is a convenient shorthand form, otherwise I would have to extend that like that, like that and like that and like that and like that to infinity. Now you see, if I do that, what have I got? I have got a triangle there, yes? In that triangle I am going to write Power, Form, Action. Power, Form, Action, and this triangle is a precipitate inwardly of the Infinite Sentient Power produced by these co-ordinates. It is the Father, the pat-er, the filius, the Son and the activation for the Holy Spirit at work. And that triangle has been produced by co-ordination lines of infinite length and I am going to draw the triangle again without those lines to remind us. When they have the triangle up in the Vatican it is to remind them to think at all times in terms of Power, Form, Function, in every situation – in life, in business, in politics, in art, in human relations - it is always a problem of a definite amount of power in a definite formulation and a definite activation of that formulated power. If we handle the PFA of the situation then we have got exactly the beautiful act, the true act of living but if we don’t balance those three we are in trouble. If we have more power than form we are leaking. If we have more form than power we are rigid. If we have activity with no power and no form we have slush. So, PFA must be balanced for the perfect act. Now this perfect act can not come immediately. Spirit always acts indirectly. If spirit were to posit immediately itself it would posit the same that it was before creation. Can you see that? Let’s go back a bit.

Track 6

Before creation the point was not there, but what was there was Eternal Infinite Spirit, Sentient Power, initiative was there and it had not yet initiated but could do anything whatever, but if it were to initiate its self-appearance simultaneously it would re-posit itself like the empty piece of cellophane. The Godhead would be the Godhead again and the Godhead and the Godhead, and there would be no God as Father, God as Son, issuance of Father power, God as Holy Spirit activating power form, but everything would re-posit itself as light infinite. Imagine an infinite light with no form in it, positing itself in its fullness of light – what has it posited? Answer – no change. It has not manifested itself. Manifest means counted individually, fastened, made fast in order to be evaluated. Man-ifest, right? So, spirit, if it were to act directly, would only posit infinity again and there would be no manifestation, no world that we know. There would be no manifestation of separative power, form, function. There would be just be simultaneously infinity, infinity, infinity with an absolute blast of light. That light in Kabalah is called Nothing. It is called ayin. It is called the invisible, never presented observer, and then it is not telling us anything is it? But it could do, but it can only manifest at the expense of creation and creation is arcing. Remember create is from that base K R A, kra, read Hebraica ark and the ark is nothing but the circle. Creation is arcing. The moment it creates, it finites, it makes a zone of finitude and that finitude is manifest, can be counted. There is one and here is another for you and there is a little one inside there and there is another inside there.

Is that the Blake divider?


Is that when you see that Blake picture?

The Blake drawing of God with the compasses?

Yes it is vision ……

Yes, simply the circle excludes infinity and includes finitude, right? So, now we have to say what is the purpose of the historical presentation of this infinite power which could present itself, hold itself repeatedly, eternally but if it did it would be no change. It would be infinite intelligent light power positing itself as infinite intelligent light power without any finiting process. No change.

Now, no finite being would then exist. There would be no education. There would be no understanding. There would be no creatures to understand. But the moment we make that arc, we make a circle, we make a finite. Now, we will draw such a circle again. Now that is the word on as a primitive glyph. I will write it as O N but really the letter N itself means to negate continuously out of all conceivable powers and applications N says no to the infinite and in saying no to infinity says yes to finity. Now we have got a zone there, a circle, and that is a drawing that is the uro boros, serpent with tail in mouth, a very primitive symbol of God as self-stimulating, self-precipitating intelligent power.

Track 7

There is it. Now, once it has put its tail in its mouth it has excluded that is out there, and included Sentient Power. Sentient Power. That outside is expanded and this inside is in-spanded. When you stretch your hand that is called a span and it means a motion of primordial life-power. Within this circle here, now, there are possibilities of further positings. So we go in to the centre and out again and we can do this repeatedly until we fill the whole of this space but we leave the middle there empty because the power can not stop moving. It can move towards the centre and then out but it can’t go to dead centre and stop. So it draws this shape here and it keeps on doing this in cycles of inner-perience. Experience would be outside. In- perience is self-examination of the sentient power enclosed in this circle. Now each one of us is such a circle. Each one of us is fittingly diagrammed in this way. In the very middle there I am going to write I S which means yes. I will draw it a bit bigger for you. In the middle is I S. That is the sense of I, subject. I, the Knower. Outside here, spinning round it like this is the issuance of the I (~S). The I initiates and what comes out there is seen as object. So the whole of this zone here we call the action zone and it cannot go into the dead centre but it is subjected to the orders from centre and if there be two such beings, touching contingently like that, they can interfere with each other and stop each other’s focus on centre. So that if the intelligent centre of this being goes out to look at the other being it can become conditioned by the stimulus received from the other being and then forget its own centre and fall into external identification with the received stimulus. And that is called The Fall. The idea of the Fall in all religions is the idea of being fixated on the periphery of being to the point of forgetting one’s centrality of initiative.

The fact that you fall onto that other centre does that mean it has a more powerful polarity?

No, it means you have become interested in the external stimulus and you don’t’ fall onto the centre of the other being, you fall onto your own periphery.

It is better to stand on the periphery?

Yes. Now that peripheralisation of awareness results in identification with the external world called the material world and the fascinating, that is binding of consciousness to the external stimulus situation; so that you are tied up, not by the other being but by your own interest in the stimulus. The Fall is really a down- going of an interested power identifying with a stimulus rather than going to its own centre which is creative. The whole meaning of the fall in religion is abandoning one’s centre of initiative and peripheralising one’s awareness by becoming interested more in what another being is expressing than what you might creatively express.

Track 8

Now, every time we examine a thing we go round it and we bring back the stimulus energy to centre to examine it. But we are not very good at it really, we don’t pay full attention. Supposing somebody generously gives you a new Rolls Royce and you pat it and stroke it and lift the bonnet up and measure the tyres and the tread and count the cylinders and so on. Usually you get tired after a bit and have to go to bed for a rest. You cannot exhaust the full interest of any single thing given to you, no matter how small because everything is precipitated by the infinite and the most finite, the most small thing we have has an infinity of implications in it and we haven’t time to exhaust it. So what we do is we go round, go back, think about it and fall asleep. And then we wake up again and go out and we examine something else and we never really exhaust the significance of any single experience whether it is a relatively simple experience like buying a bun or getting married. You tend not to exhaust before you pass on to your next experience.

Now, supposing we said. Let’s simplify it a bit further. We make a circle like that. That circle

has come from the infinite and made the number six. It has come from infinity, eternity, into time. It then goes further, investigates a circle – goes out and investigates another circle, goes out, like some fellow goes to the theatre, comes out, goes and has a drink, comes out, goes home, has a sleep, comes out and goes to business in the morning, now, how many of us actually sit down and try to co-ordinate these activities? How many of us actually say I have been to the theatre tonight? What is the exact correspondence in that and going to the American Bar in the Midland? What is the exact correspondence with that, in all its elements, all its parts, with being married, with going to business? Do we put everything into correspondence? Do we? Do we actually? Is it new idea or is it an idea we have had and never accomplished? There is a very old yogic exercise. When you go to bed at night remember the whole of your day backwards – starting in bed and thinking backwards right through the day. Most of the people I know that have tried it have fallen asleep and not known at what point they fell asleep, or how far they got through their day.

When you do that exercise do you in fact go backwards in time step by step even to walking backwards? or do you move backwards to an incident and then move forward and then move back again and move forward, back again and move forward or continue backwards?

Well we said that time is a linear, sequential, serial presentation of the contents of eternity but eternity is not time. Now, when you go into a deep dreamless sleep you go into eternity and that is why you can’t remember it in time afterwards because the mode of consciousness called temporal is linear and the mode of awareness eternal is not linear. But between the waking temporal state when you think you are conscious of what you are doing and the state of deep sleep where you are actually eternally, infinitely aware, you have a mediating state called dreaming. Now, in dreaming you can go in any direction whatever; forwards, backwards, upside, downside, inside, outside and generally at random.

So is it in that twilight state that you bring in the non serial approach that you do during the day?

Yes – the twilight state – two lights, where sunset or dawn is, is easier to practice that exercise than at any other time. By practice you can actually make yourself start to dream and remain awake and you can then examine the contents of eternity in time, if you have the power to remember what it is you are looking for, and that requires tremendous practice.

Track 9

Now, every time we go round we assimilate a bit of an experience and then come out to another experience. So in fact we do not exhaust any particular one and so we have to keep going round like this and we have always got a gap no matter how often we go round like this, extroverting attention, introverting, extroverting introverting, extroverting, introverting and so on. You see, gradually we are filling up this space with the lines, the world lines of our investigation but we have always got some more that we can go into here. We can gradually reduce the area between, like this, as we go, and until we have exhausted all conceivable possibilities of our own self-investigation, it is not called the Consummation of Days and it is not yet the Last Judgment. Every time you go out there is a judgment, when you come back there is a judgment. When you go out you judge the world, the lamps the ceiling the floor. When you come in you judge your mental state in response to it. Outside are events. Inside are states of feeling, of emotion, of impulse. Until you have filled in the whole space and left nothing whatever unexamined, it is not yet the Last Judgment for that individual.

So when we read the Bible we look back say the Last Judgment seems to be a day where we will all be there and we will all be judged on what we have done in our….


And we will all be judged individually at all different times .

Well, you are judged individually at different times and you are judged eternally and collectively as well. All beings are being evaluated in their experiences while they are undergoing them and also there is a final judgment which actually preceded your appearance in time, because remember, your potentiality before you enter birth is there in its totality.

Will there be a new set of hierarchical values made at that time?

Yes, totally different from the ones you think you have got now. None of the problems which you now think are problems will then be of any interest because you will have transcended them for higher ones but the final one is this, “I am Self-Responsible.” That is the Last Judgment. Before that time you blame everybody else for your condition, for your misfortune. At the Last Judgment you blame you.

When Christ said, when Christ on the cross said they know not what they do

Yes, that is pretty obvious

Jesus then says he must then take full responsibility for himself, but at the same time he said to God why hast thou forsaken me?

We have had this one before, if your memory is any good, we have dealt this before.

Yes, I know

He, in order to be what he was, the first born of the dead, the first born of many brothers, the leader of human evolution who attains a state of total Last Judgment with himself first and then said, I will now draw you a picture of the Last Judgment. There is my halo and here is my body. That is my last judgment. I have a zone of influence. I am active, the vertical and I am passive to my own activity - that is the horizontal. That is a diagram of us, each one of us. We are a zone of sentient power, positively active, negatively passive to our own positivity. We lay our life down and we pay the price. We make decisions, most of them stupid, and then we have to deal with them.

Is that pure point?

Pure point.

Track 10

Now, that symbol is a very, very ancient symbol, long before historical Christianity but not before Cosmic Logos. Cosmic Logos is that symbol. I am power. I am initiative. I am the recipient of my initiative.

That is the meaning of that symbol. That is why that symbol is placed like a wheel behind the heads of saints. A saint is a person who has realized he is S A in T, self-observing, crucified one. A saint is a person that knows he is the cause of his own condition and affirms it and accepts it. Now, at the Last Judgment for the individual, that can occur in time when a man or a woman suddenly realises, “My God, I am responsible for me. I can’t blame anybody.” – It is my reaction to the stimulus, to the event, to the circumstance. – not the event, but my response, is my business. That is the Last Judgment. But the whole human race also has a cumulative Last Judgment and the whole universe of manifestation has a Last Judgment too.

It means he would be saying, I was slow, that would be self responsibility?

Providing you accepted that you were the cause of your being slow.


Not if you said I am slow because somebody made me slow.

No, if you said that then that would be hell.

Well, a very nice lady said to me today that she had made a bit of a mistake and it wasn’t her fault because the man had told her – but her response was her response. We have to accept total responsibility. Until we do we have not reached Last Judgment for us, but when we do that is the Last Judgment. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. When we realise this and we stop blaming other people for our condition, we have had the Last Judgment. After that we are freely, creatively beings of initiative. We are not inert. We are not dead. Dead means unable to change ourselves, we are able to create ourselves anew every instant.

Now, these three religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, are arranged by many thinkers in this way – The Old Testament, so-called, deals with God the Father. The New Testament deals with God the Son and the Islamic Testament deals with the Holy Ghost. God the Father posits the world, God the Son redeems the world as a whole and Islam says “And every individual within it has the Holy Spirit within the individual – not just within the collective.” So that in Islam everybody is equal before God absolutely, in principle, not necessarily in practice, but in principle every Muslim is equal to every other Muslim – There are no highs and lows in the eyes of God. Now in some Christian sects there may be a high and low in the hierarchy of the church but not before God. And Dionysus of Aries Hill said the hierarchy is not the persons of the church but the order of development of the awareness of the structure of reality. Judaism has said there is a God; there is intelligent power concerned for the historical evolution and development of the human race and determined to turn every human being into a god functioning for The God. Christianity says yes, “And I have done the work,” says Jesus. It can be done. “I have done it. I prove it – I insult the establishment and get crucified and I don’t complain. And I will do it again, and I will come back and do it again until everyone knows how to do it and in those days none shall teach another of God for all shall know him because he is what is inside there – the initiating spirit in the centre of every being.”

Track 11

Now, history is moving towards a condition where the whole human race is being brought into consciousness of their total self-responsibility. I saw a newsreel the other night of a twelve-mile long line of corpses in Germany, on the road, living people lying down and saying this is how we will be when we are dead. We are being treated as not here in the middle of a military exercise. So they took their initiative and they lay down on the road, twelve miles long of them, and that was their initiative. They say we don’t like this nuclear destruction of the human race. That is their verdict. They are making a definite stand - we don’t want to destroy everything. But there are other forces on earth that say we don’t mind destroying everybody except us, and we have our shelters and we are more intelligent than most so we ought to be saved because this final judgment called Armageddon, that means the judgment of earth’s arms – the testing of the earth fight, what we call the nuclear holocaust, is nothing but the natural logical product of the condition of man; that men are not fond of each other; that the human race are not kindly disposed, that they are quite content to be cut into groups, into individuals, into nations, into political parties and they are quite content to blow the other side up in the name of their own survival. Now as long as human beings are prepared to blow up other human beings for their own survival, then there is going to be a movement towards the Armageddon – the final test of physical violence on earth.

Now that is preceded by a war in heaven. Remember heaven – the uplifted – the heaved up. Heaven is the idea world – the world of your ideas. The battle is a battle of concepts saying materialistic Marxism believes that you are a machine that can be manipulated, destroyed, brainwashed, sent to Siberia and so on. It is an idea in the mind of a group of people – that all people can be manipulated. Wills can be changed with electric shocks, and there is another thought on earth in some other people – that human beings are fundamentally, internally divine. One part of the world is grossly materialistic and violently disposed and the other part says no, we are spiritually disposed and we do not believe that external attack and violence and brainwashing techniques can fundamentally alter our spiritual determination to be free individuals. This is an ideological battle. It is called war in heaven. And the war in heaven precedes the war on earth. You can see that in all the news every day, an ideological statement from two sides of the iron curtain. As long as people have this war within their mind that war will move towards expressing itself in physical activity. Physical violence is merely the external expression of mental violence and every day you know enough people who go about cursing each other quietly in business and wishing each other no good in daily life - just mentally, but tighten up the situation a bit and mental becomes emotional and emotional becomes physically active.

Now, historically we are moving, not towards a repetition of an identical situation as manifestation, rest, manifestation, rest – we are moving towards a peak of self-realisation of self-responsibility, each individual totally self-responsible. And we are being pushed towards it by cosmic evolutionary power which we call God. We know we have got to face this situation. We are not going to stop the powers on earth that prefer physical violence to intelligent solutions. We are not going to stop miners beating policemen or policeman beating miners in picketing fights. They have got to stop it from the inside and until that is stopped in everyone there is a movement towards that Armageddon which no individual can stop outside himself. He can stop it inside but not outside. So, it is our duty to each one of us, as an individual, to solve the internal problem of the Armageddon in us as individuals. If we can’t solve it in the individual, in us, simple proposition – God so loved the world he gives himself, incarnate, as his own son, as his own spirit into the human race and says love one another as I have loved you. Now until we can do that we are moving step by step towards nuclear blast-off. It isn’t a matter of whether we like it or not - it is a matter of fact.

Track 12

How much power has an average citizen got against his government in any country in the world? Hmm.

No one has this power.

Where would you begin? He has got nothing except a voice of complaint and a truncheon on the back of the neck. But, if he changes himself internally and solves the problem of that Armageddon in himself well then he won’t be in that position. When it finally occurs, because it must occur because human beings are not trying to make it not occur, but the few who do see it, they will not be in that position when it occurs.

Symbolically in the Bible you have a number – a hundred and forty four thousand will be saved. That is not many if you take that number literally; but a hundred and forty four is twelve times twelve isn’t it? Ten means ordinal perfection; twelve means governmental perfection. Now, twelve times twelve means governmental perfection refined so that even the details are covered. Ordinal perfection is ten; sufficient is a hundred; a thousand is plenty. A hundred and forty four thousand means that the impulses inside every individual within the nervous system are so clustered together, that in every individual who has that number, there is total self-control and transcendence of the need for a personal Armageddon.

Four, four, nine as well which is in the opposite to the six.

Well, you can juggle all night, if you wish, with your numbers. The symbology is perfectly plain. We need ordinal perfection and we need governmental perfection, and we need it to fine details and that is the meaning of a hundred and forty four thousand. It is not a hundred and forty four thousand human individuals or a hundred and forty four thousand nerve endings in your body; but it is that number needed for control of self so that one does not have this vicious, aggressive, counter-reactive process.

A hundred and forty four thousand pure points?


Presumably though that that unification is brought about by living out one’s days in the count that you cannot do it before you can do it in one sense, it is self-fulfilment and therefore the days of no more judgment. Don’t they certainly presuppose a preparedness to suffer sufficiently to gain that unity?

Yes, but this is within the power of any individuals who prefer to accelerate his development.

So, yes, right.

I often get this statement made ‘I can’t do it before I do it’ and it means I don’t want to.

But there is a difference between accelerating one’s own development and egotistically cutting corners.

A very great difference. Accelerating one’s own development is always towards death. Every moment that you say “I am a zone of sentient power. I have an active aspect whereby I initiate, and a passive aspect where I suffer the consequences of my initiation.” Every time you say that and mean it and understand it you accelerate. Every time you forget it you retard, and you can lose your gains, and there is that horrible, very frightening statement in the Revelation, ‘Let him that is filthy be filthy still.’ That is on the day that the whistle blows and they say “Missiles have just left Moscow, you have thirty five seconds to put your back door over your bed and hide under it,” and you might be busy being naughty. So it says if you are being naughty then be naughty still. You can’t suddenly say, “Oh my God, if only I had known, I would have reformed ten seconds ago. I would, honest, Lord.”

Track 13

We are in a very, very delicate position and today more than at any other time in history. The battles of the great heroes in India, in China, in Japan, in the Norse sagas – they are nothing compared to what we are threatened with today. We are threatened with a permanent blasting of the earth’s fruitfulness, the pollution of its rivers, its earth, everything, for thousands of years so that all life will perish except for the insects that have dug in deep enough beforehand.

The scorpion.

The scorpion.

It is a very serious moment and we tend to think it isn’t really serious, but we have a little article that says that the nuclear shelters of the Royal family are now well assured. There are many caves fitted up, in Wales, like factories. There are many more all over the world for those that are wealthy enough and have enough initiative to have accepted the idea of that holocaust, that nuclear war and they have already put their baked beans down below.

I know a man, and it is now, I think, about twelve years since I had a cup of tea with him, and I couldn’t get in the house without squeezing between the bean cans. True. He asked me to go and see his library – a marvellous collection of wonderful books on comparative religion, philosophy, yoga, everything. Open the front door, it would just let me round the door and there were beans and down the centre of the hall enough room for us to go sideways. I said, “What about the library?” and he said, “Sorry, it is full of beans. We will have to wait till we have eaten a few.”

That wasn’t sensible

He is prepared. Now, I know a lot of people that are prepared to shoot him the day there is a shortage of beans – true. Because, do you know what he did that man? He was very, very foolish. He actually went to the local greengrocers and the local grocers and the local everything and ordered everything he needed and said “Sh, don’t tell anybody “. You know if you go to the corner shop and tell them your most private secret it is all over immediately, isn’t it? Well, he went and he told everybody in the shops, “These beans are for the Armageddon”. So where are they going for beans when they have sold out in the shops?

He has got the opportunity though to keep them, hasn’t he?

To keep the beans? Yes. That is not what he is stashing them for.

Not at the moment no, not at the moment, but.

It is funny because personally is very thin, If he stays that thin his beans are going to last him an awful long time. But it is a very real situation and the nearer it gets to it, the more hysterically amused by it people become. Why can’t people take it seriously that we are going to be fried by the million? Do you know why? Fundamentally we don’t believe in death. We don’t believe in death. Fundamentally, it is an unassimillable idea.

There isn’t a death

You can have a body and destroy it but have you destroyed fundamental Sentient Power? – No, and therefore we tend not to take it seriously, but our own development we must take seriously.

Part 2

Track 14

Now, until we have a reference point we have nothing whatever to discus, have we, right?

Now the least mark we can make is a point, is it not? And we do it first as an idea in our mind, and then I will take it from my mind, push it along my arm a point and posit it there. Now, in order to posit it, I had to move my arm through space Now I have a stop watch, I won’t bother to bring it out and wind it up but I could have pressed it, start it and pressed it to stop it, between here and there and then we would have known how many seconds it took me to carry the idea from my mind along my arm to the playing of the selotape…..

Can I ask a question at this point, I’m sorry to interrupt, I make an apology for that, is the dot not a dot before it is a dot?

Didn’t we say we had an idea of a dot in the mind before we put it down here?

You said before, whatever is not can never come to be.

Right, but the idea of the dot is already there internally is it not?


It is in the mind before it gets onto the cellophane. There is an answer to that by Plato if you want it. The source of all ideas is the vibrating infinite continuum of sentient power. All the ideas are already eternally there, yes?

In chaos, yes.

Now chaos is simultaneous presentation of all of it including all the hidden orders that could be abstracted from it, right? Now one of them is the dot, and as it happens it is the most economic mark we can make.

Is that the point?

It uses the least ink and being Scottish on my mother’s I prefer the dot to the line, because it uses less ink, right? So I put the dot down there, but it is already there in my consciousness. Nothing can come to be except that which already is. Coming to be is making it manifest.

Now supposing I write the word ‘emit’ like that, and then read it Hebraica, that is time. I emit, I out put from the field of consciousness which is not expressed a little bit of it called ‘dot.’ Yes?


Time is an emission. Now I could diagram it like this. Here is a plane in eternity, because eternity contains everything and there is a little bit, the dot on the end of that bend and when I look at this this way it is a dot, but it is really a bend in eternity. Eternity is the Field of Sentient Power. If we bend it, that bend itself can be looked at as a point. We can ignore all this and this and look at that and say there is a point, but it is there before we look at it. It cannot come to be unless it is.

So we really re-cognise it.

Re-cognise means know it again.

Now in Platonism you have a simple statement There is a numenal world, a world of names and the names are sound structures of forms and they are all co-eternal, but when I utter the word ‘dot’ I abstract from an infinity of possibilities. Like Aunt Agatha, yes, Grandma Grey, and dot, they are terms.

So the only responsibility any being has is for the idea he admits.

Right, and idea means, what?

Let in.

To-put. And you are back in time in the ‘mit’ aren’t you. As soon as you mit, transmit, and so on, you are posited out of the universal balanced field a particular super-stress, yes? You, John Jeorrett are a super-stressed pattern, different from Trevor Smith but you are fundamentally identical in the absolute eternal chaos. There you are not discriminated, here you are discriminated and it is your dis-crimination, ‘dis’ means two doesn’t it and the ‘crim’ means ‘creation’ discrimination means a-part-creating. You have manifested through a series of choices becoming John Jeorrett manifestly, Trevor has manifested becoming Trevor, manifestly, which shows a preference in you for John Jeorrettness, and Trevor for Trevor Smithness, yes? And a tendency of the egoic self is to affirm its own self is better than other selves otherwise it would have no grounds to prefer it.

But you have to endeavour to do that which you will seriously value.

And when you said values you said a word with a VAL which is VOL, volition. You said you will value.


You will to believe that John Jeorrett is better than Trevor Smith.

No, not making a valuation.

No, I am making it for you.

You did.

I’m making it for you, that in the place where you are you have preferred John Jeorrett-ness.

If were to say to you, tell me truthfully, if I, Frankenstein, by a little switch of nerves, here or there, could Trevorise your brain-box, would you be so happy with it?

There would be a bit of a war.

A bit of a war, yes, you prefer you to Trevor in your place. And at the same time you prefer Trevor in his place.


Yes, I love Trevor in his place, like I love Peter in his place. I love everybody in their place.

I think it would be too much to be Peter.

When Jesus says,, “I go to prepare a place for you,” He is telling his disciples there If you understand this game you can have a unique place where you can be yourself Johning or Trevoring or whatever.

It would have to have us make, us making this.

Make means substantial lock, yes? That is all it means. And the substance is power. Substance is power. You know that from fundamental physics now, don’t you? There is no matter other than energy behaving as matter. The fundamental substance of reality is power.

That is transmutable.

Formally but not powerfully. It can admit degrees, it can admit formal differences but power remains power and that power is sentient. So it is a self-positing power, and it posits John there and Trevor there. And it posits that John prefers John there to Trevor there, and prefers Trevor there to there. It prefers everybody else to be where they are elsewhere while I am being me here. Yes?

Well isn’t our preference a preference to one-ness?

Preference means that before the fact you essentially make it. To prefer is to do it beforehand.

Like the dot.

Like the dot. Now we wouldn’t be individuals unless there were a preference for individuality.

Before hope, the fool is there isn’t it?

Well, God is no fool, and He, the omnipotent, omniscient, has made these differences, so they must have a utility to Him. Our unique individuality is valuable to God. That is the meaning of the parable of the prodigal Son. Naughty boys have more interesting tales than exceptionally good boys. Right? So we are all self- assertive. By divine fiat

Yes, all before we know so.

So absolute egotism is a divine command to be so, in order to exhaust a possibility of an investigation.

Yes and that too.

Track 15

Now the word sin is the translation in the English Bible of a Greek word that means missing the mark. The mark for any being is pure, individuated, self-determination, and when you are purely, self- determined you are not reactive to external stimulus. So that you are wholly, purely you. And, if everybody in the universe are wholly purely themselves, individually that would enrich the world that God makes. So we have a duty to be individually what we are uniquely, divinely imposed, we must be our unique self, not our copy self. I don’t want to sit up all night studying how to be a second Scargill. I am quite happy that he is being that there. I don’t even want to be a McGregor. I don’t want to be anything that you can throw things at.

No, horrible.

Right, now we are going to examine time. We can make these bends, this represent eternity as a plane of being. Now there is a very old diagram of a human spine, very simple, it goes like that. That’s a primitive drawing of the human spine. The Egyptians have a rather more formulated thing, more naturalistic for the same thing, but in oriental masonry you would cut this into thirty-three segments, and they would correspond with thirty three bones in the human spine. Now in the beginning that’s how many there are, and then some fuse together. So you say seven cervicals, twelve thoracic and five lumbar and so on. You reduce them but you start with thirty three. Now that thirty-three is three times eleven, isn’t it and eleven means one over ten, it means the individual over an ordinal system. Your body is an ordinal system; your heart beats, your liver works, we hope; your kidneys work and over it there is a consciousness, which in the psalm is called My Lord. My Lord that orders me about, and The Lord that orders Cosmos about. The Lord said to my lord, the Universal Lord or principle of order said to this local being, order, The Lord said to my lord, “Sit still till I make your enemies your footstool.”

And your enemies are?

All the impulses in you which keep breaking your unity,


And they do. You have a physical body reactivity, and emotional reactivity, a time-mentational reactivity, conceptual reactivity, volitional interference within a field of consciousness, and it is very difficult to balance them all and until we are balanced, we haven’t consummated our day.

Now we have this drawing of the spine and if you say, let’s put a man’s head on top there and we’ll have a pelvis down here. Now some of the nerves that come out of here control sexuality and food appetite and so on. The ones on the larynx control your verbalisation capacity and you have total representation of every stage in the spine, inside the head in small. That’s like a little universe, and the body is like a middle universe and the whole cosmos is a big universe. So we call the body itself a meso-cosmos and a micro-cosmos in your brain and a mega-cosmos for The Cosmos. And for an infinity of those, the megalo-cosmos. but it is also order within order within order.

Now the sexual nerves round here have evolved a long, long, long, long time ago, very closely with the food one, because if we don’t eat we can’t breed, and once upon a time, consciousness was down there, and what we call rising through the planes is the elevation of consciousness from the genital area, gradually, up the spine. As we rise up we pan out the nerves sideways like this, and put them in the body like this, to give orders from each level like that.

Now at the bottom level we are driven by primordial appetites and the will to survive, eating and sexuality, yes? And the consciousness is very low in the spine for those, and each little plexus in the body has a little brain of its own. Just like the solar plexus is a brain which was developed in the great saurians for controlling the tail and back legs, eighty foot long being.

Now when we come up to the level of the heart, to there, you have a feeling of your whole relation with other beings, and when you come up to the larynx you have a feeling of capacity for verbalising.

Track 16

Now this verbalising is the most important thing there is, just as it says in the Gospel of John, “In the beginning was the Logos, the Word,” without the Word nothing was made that was made. Now word is the sound is in not? And you know that sound vibrations produce geometrical figures on a plate of glass, the so-called Chladni Figures, you know there is an unbreakable relationship between sound and form and that you can actually shatter the form of a human being, and which is done experimentally electro-magnetically. If you broadcast a beam radio wave at Peter here and you can shatter his nervous system, I mean break it in bits by electro-magnetic vibrations. They’ve killed monkeys with it so why not Peter? It can’t be much more difficult can it? So we suggest to Peter he does not sleep on his electric blanket while it is switched on! I mean that.

Waiting for them both to do it then he’ll turn it off.

Now, if you don’t turn it off and you know John, perfectly well, you cannot insulate the field when a current is running along the wire. So when you lie on the electric blanket you are creating a field outside the wiring of the blanket, yes, which is interfering with your nervous distribution in your nervous system? It can make you ill. Well that is just one of the ways of doing it, but with beam radio you can shatter somebody’s brain process and kill them in a matter of seconds by electro-magnetic vibrations; it is one of the more sophisticated modern weapons.

Well I stand to gain knowing where he lives

Now most of the fellows that do the work are more likely to know where you are than you are likely to know where they are.


So, now this question of rising through the planes. This represents one of the planes, yes? And when we come into being we come down from eternity into the being, through the brain and down the spine like that until we finish up in the reproduction centre down there, and that is called descending through the planes. Now when we descend we insert a certain amount of energy from eternity into the time process.

Now, whatever level you think of in meditation is the level from which you gather the energy that you are going to posit in your body. So if you have universal compassion, you harmonise your own nervous system and cells; and if you hate, you also hate yourself. And there is no way whereby you can have an inimical thought, a damaging thought about another being without producing a corresponding damage in yourself. So, in this oriental masonry, we have a thirty three level being. And we divide that into three basics, thinking, feeling and willing and then we subdivide each one, eleven. And then, to keep it very simple put it on the hand. And see your hand, little finger physical body; ring finger – emotion; middle finger – time thinking; index finger conceptual, eternal proposition; thumb- volition, palm consciousness itself. And then each finger has three, a below, above and a middle doesn’t it? So you can begin to multiply the symbology. But to keep it simple, you say, I am going to write, I’ll put it here, like this, and there is the thumb, there is the middle finger, ring finger, little finger, index finger, there is the hand, right?. Now the symbology is this, Mercury on the little finger, symbolizing materiality, com-merce, commercially; the Sun on your ring finger for life force, liking and disliking; Saturn on your middle finger, for time, Saturn-Chronos, time, time-thinking; Jupiter on your index finger for universal concepts; Venus on the thumb for drive, primordial push; and the triangle occurs here, in the palm and we will put Mars in there and then we will put the moon in its three phases on this little finger side of the palm.

Track 17

We have now disposed the seven planets as symbols upon the hand and we remember these and they aid us to control our own responses by self-observation within a field of time presentation. So we now put the thing down like this, standing on little finger, ring finger, index and thumb and the middle finger is like the head of an animal in time. That is a quadruped. We are led by the time stimulus as by the nose in the fallen state. In the Revelation, it says the number of man and of the beast is the same, six, six, six, Six for thinking, six for feeling, six for willing, and that the number of the beast and the man is the same for the fallen man, the man who behaves like a quadruped. “His breath goes down to the ground even as the beast.” But, the moment man remembers that he originates in eternity, and eternity does not mean a lot of time, time is serial presentation of the contents of eternity, eternity is hé trinity, three-fold life, power, form, function, timeless, that it breaks into the time as manifestations of being, based on emotions, based on thinking, based on purposing.

Now, all these processes are within every individual, down to the smallest microbe, virus, the flea. William Blake’s drawing of the soul of the flea. The flea also thinks and feels and wills, so does the sheep, so does an intellectual, so does an Einstein. But it is all the same process for all beings, it is called panta karana, five-fold creation, where the five are evolutes of the palm, the fingers grow out of the palm in the embryonic development. Your five senses grow out of the one sense you call common sense, common to the five.

Now when you know that, you can examine your own self physically to see what you are doing physically, emotionally to see what your like- dislike is, mentationally to see how you are thinking about time events; conceptually, how you are thinking about eternally true control concepts; volitionally, what is your intent now; and consciously in the field embracing those five together.

So it is Mars that counts as zeal or could it be common sense?

Did you say zeal?


Well zeal is an extra energy input into a situation.


Yes, well that is the centre. The triangle in the centre there is energy. All energy is triple, that is power, form, function, and it simply spreads out so that on your knuckles, you have three sections on each finger, don’t you? And the lower part nearest the palm corresponds with your belly; the middle part with your chest and the top part with your head. But it is all energy. So, everything we do is energy and when we know this, we begin to watch inside our own being for responses from all levels.

Now to do that we must become conscious of the meaning of consciousness. What does it mean, if I say to you, John, be conscious of your physical body, now, and now switch consciousness from your physicality to whether you like it or not?

Well you become aware.

Well, you are aware of your body already, aren’t you?

Yes, but what does it mean?

What does it mean to become aware of your like and dislike? We call this the awareness of the aesthetic., I like it, I dislike it.

What it means is that you have the opportunity to be in control.

Right, and what does it mean if you decide to think about your position in time as a physical body with feelings of like and dislike?

Well it means you have the opportunity to go on to determine whether it is inertia or initiative.

And what does it mean if you have a governing concept of eternal validity yes, like the concept of absolute interpenetration of all beings?

What does it feel like?


I’ve done that.

Right, that means, fundamentally you are for it and recognise it to be something to do with the persistence of your being.


Yes? And when you feel about consciousness as consciousness in a reflexive act of consciousness, reflective self-consciousness, what’s that like? You don’t think about your body or your emotion or your time, or your concept, or your will, merely the fact of consciousness of consciousness.

Well there is a space for it, an interplay of images and words.

Well it is certainly an opportunity for interplay of everything. Now you are rising in the plane of being when you move from little finger up to palm, through the other fingers and thumb. Four of them are horizontal and the thumb is at right angles to it. Four are really all under passivity law. Physical body is passive to stimuli, emotional field, passive, time thinking passive to time stimuli, concepts passive to universal concepts, volition passive to the opportunity to change. Consciousness itself is the origin of all of them. And the initiator, the will, is within the field of awareness isn’t it? When we put the dot there we did so by an act of volition but before the volition that put the dot there we have the field of awareness don’t we?

What is the critical state to be able to do that and focus and by in sense, sense?

Yes. Now, the Fall is when you forget to be conscious and you don’t notice that you are willing to do something, you don’t notice that you have chosen the governing concept and you go under a time stimulus of an emotion from a body stimulus and you crash into identification with the body. And if you stay down there you are equivalent to being a mineral.

So I am called a mineral.

Track 18

Mineral, vegetable, animal, human, super-human or heroic, angelic. Now the space in which these six are is divine and you can choose whether to go or down this ladder. This is Jacob’s Ladder, the human spine is Jacob’s ladder and messages go from the brain down and from the body up, and a messenger is called an angel, the word angel means messenger. So nerve impulses going up and down the spine are called angels rising and descending the Jacob’s Ladder.

Do they stand outside time?

If you are outside time you are in eternity and you have nothing serial to say.

Don’t the angels have anything to do with time?

Angels in-break like this in order to say something at that point to be received by this other point, like there is an in-break into that human being there and the point where it comes in to the fontanel, there, goes through the skull into the brain, that point is an angel, a message. All the messages come from eternity into time.

Does the angel in coming to speak make its own effect at that point??

No, it leaves it to the incarnate consciousness to respond to the angel.

So there is a meeting at that point?

Because there must be an agreement, otherwise man would be a puppet. Man is free to make a decision whether to believe the angel or not.

But the angel speaks through an existing process.

But an angel is a definite amount of power, form, function, energy with a definite intent to come from eternity into the time process. An angel is not a fiction. It is a definite amount of power, intelligently formed and actively trying to give you a message so that you can either accept it or reject it.

That is when we say we have an illumination or something of a clarification occurs and we have it. A case of gain.

Right, so you might suddenly get a flash of insight for which you apparently have not worked. That is an angelic in-break.

But have we or haven’t we worked? We have.

Or you have worked but that has not made the thing happen. Grace makes it happen.

So it is a gift.

It’s a gift, but if you don’t work you may not get the gift. It does not mean that you won’t because God can give you a gift even if you don’t work. And that’s to set at nothing those people those people who think you can only get good things by working for them. You see, if you think that all the good things that you have got are the product of your work, you become conceited. You can say, “Thank God, I am not as other men. I’ve worked for what I’ve got,” and you ignore grace. The ability to work is already grace.

Track 19

You see, essentially, the whole thing is simple. There is an Absolute Self, which is the Infinite. If that Self does not kill itself it abides alone.

How does it kill itself?

Kill means ‘lock.’ That means create. So, it gets its only, its one-ly begotten Son is itself locked up. That’s the messianic Self.

What is locked up?

The power of the Infinite Sentient Power imposes locking on itself in order to become manifest. As in the Koran it would say, “I was a hidden treasure. I desired to manifest myself, therefore I created the world. If I don’t create, I don’t manifest, and the marvellous things I could do I‘ve not done if I don’t do them. But if I do do them I am doing them. It is I, myself, in the doing, but I must not forget that it is I, myself, doing it. Otherwise I fall into thinking that something is being done without my I positing it.

So there was something there to comparei t to. Is that comparable?

You can compare anything.

So it is not relevant.

You can make it relevant. The whole thing about creativity is this, nothing is unconnected with everything else. And it is up to you to see a connection and make a connection if there isn’t one. because if there isn’t one it is because you’ve unmade the one that was in the primordial chaos. Remember, chaos is not disorder, its an infinity of simultaneously presented orders.

Its all there.

It is all there.

So it’s the seed falling to the ground. When is says, unless the seed falls to the ground.

It abides alone.

It abides alone.

Now that’s…

Is the seed there the spirit?

Seed is the spirit.

So the spirit incarnates?


Itself and when the baby is born where is the protestation from, is it from the protoplasm which has become, enlivened with spirit or is it just spirit crying out in pain?

You mustn’t be dualistic, matter is spirit reduced to the least possible initiative.


Yes. Pure spirit is pure initiative, matter is inertia, yes?

I see, yes.

But when the spirit posits an inertia, that inertia stands as matter. It’s a resistance. There aren’t any resistances other that spirit setting itself up as resistant to its own initiative..

So at conception then, a kind of spirit condenses and takes some of that of from the mother what it requires.


.to produce its own substantial body?

Hmmm, and there is a dialogue, because the mother may like or dislike the baby. I mean, about eighty percent of babies are abortion attempts that failed. I’m taking about statistics now. So the mother has an opinion, the baby has an opinion, the father has an opinion, society has an opinion . The baby is in the middle of those opinions and they are all fighting.

Now the seed hasn’t fallen to the ground has it at that point?

Yes, it falls at the point of conception, it goes through a fall-opian tube. Its not accidental, it is not an idle joke to get from the ovary to that tube there is a gap, It is a genuine fall, but the word fall and pall are the same word, P A double L, pall, covering, it covers itself. You are essentially a being of Sentient power Absolute. Now, if you remain at that level, you are non-manifest so that you have to get into a body which is a-palling, it is a covering and it wraps up your essential self in a substantial inertia, subjected to stimuli, from it’s mother, from the environment conditions, the conditions in the womb, the agreements or disagreements of mother and father and everybody else, the field of that child is within the field of the total human situation, yes? But it is appalled; it is covered by the mere fact of becoming a fertilised entrant being.

It seizes the sperm-ovum as they come together, it is the third force that unites sperm and ovum. And that is a real being with a real intent but it has the intent of the mother, the father, society at large, battling with it. Some of them come in and they look around and they go back immediately.

In relationship to the persistence of getting involved and incarnated


To an ever greater degree,


Isn’t that also the seed falling to the ground?

It is all seed falling to the ground. Every time you are putting energy into a physical act, even like bending one finger, that is a seed, a spirit, differentiate see-d, yes? The D is a door, dalet, see the door. There we are the plane of eternity the bend. It is see the door there, that see-d. Seed means spirit going through the door. If I draw you a little spirit, condensed like this, yes? And that little there thing belongs there and it has come down there, and it will fall to the ground, lie down there and it will come up like this, won’t it? And it will make an oak tree, yes? Was the oak tree in the acorn?


No, the oak tree was in the field, with the acorn and the acorn is the condensation of the numenal oak tree, put into the ground to pick up matter to manifest itself with. The numenal oak is there in eternity, so is the numenal acorn.

The individual oak tree.


Well, let me ask the question this way. Can the true individual oak tree begin to grow until man has fulfilled his days, because until he fulfils his days…

You disguised that same question as before,

Playing about.

You are still making the same statement you made before, “I can’t do it before I do it.” You disguised the statement. You are saying I can’t do it until I do it. The oak tree is noumenal and the acorn is numenal and so is everything else, but in order to get into the earth body to get the mass inertia to repeat the experiment till you become incarnate, embodied, thoroughly convinced that you are you by overcoming the resistance of the material body’s dictatorship. Only by overcoming the resistance do you become you. So you have got to get into the earth. Now it is no good taking a numenal oak up there and pushing that in the earth, it is not economic. The best thing to do is make an acorn, put that into the earth and then drive through it and become an oak tree. But each oak tree is conditioned by the ground in which the acorn fell.

Is the acorn the catalyst?


Is the acorn the catalyst?

No, the power is the catalyst, the acorn is the form. The acorn is an objective form, the catalyst is consciousness itself. Can you see it Bill?

Track 20

There is a tendency, which we can call ‘prodigality syndrome’ if you like, not to want to do it before we do it. You see, the longer we can stay out from eternity in the time process, the more we suffer, pains, miseries and so on.

The longer we stay out of eternity?

Yes, in time.

Well why is it I would have said the longer we stay out of incarnation?

Ahaaaa, you are incarnate, you don’t stay out of incarnation, you are always trying to get into it. I don’t see you trying to get into eternity, I see you trying to preserve yourself in time. Everything you do daily, your work and everything about you is an attempt to preserve you in time. You don’t want to get back to eternity yet. Like St Augustine, “Lord, deliver me, but not today.”

Do you see that in me?

Oh in everybody, and you didn’t invent that one. It is pretty obvious.

But is there not an intelligence in saying what St Augustine says, “Not today,” or is that a dupe, is that a trap?

That is the dupe, that is the dupe specially appointed by eternity to make sure your prodigality doesn’t back out too soon.

That is what I am saying all along about…

I know what you are saying all along, you are trying to justify staying in the time process and saying “I can’t go back to eternity until I go back.” I say, “Of course you can’t.” but you are making it into a reason why you shouldn’t go back, whereas you should try to go back as quick as you can and rely on the eternal stopping you. Otherwise, you are co-operating with the wicked one, the one that wants to stay out for its own ends, it is enjoying itself in time.

Now eternity is saying, “When you have finished messing about, come back and tell me your funny stories. Don’t think you are telling me anything, I know it all. But I’d like to hear your version.”

Can you see how the enrichment of eternity occurs through the idiocy of temporal beings?


Remember, ‘idiot’ means ‘layman’, simply Latin for ‘layman’ and a layman is a passive being in relation to assimilate. So we are thrown out of eternity, some of the rabbis said we were kicked over the ramparts because we kept looking over the edge and would not go down but couldn’t keep away from looking. And God’s patience, like Hitler’s, ran out and He booted us over the edge. But a very, very illuminated being, like Lucifer didn’t wait to be kicked.

Track 21

Now remember, in order to learn, you have to make mistakes. But you can’t make a mistake deliberately. What you do deliberately is not a mistake, so you have to pray to be ignorant enough to make a mistake, and it is very hard work. It is what Neitzsche called the umvertung alle werte you have got to turn everything over, the same as we did tonight. Whatever you thought, or been taught to think as a child, forget it. A baby, when a baby comes into the world it has no regard for anybody. Do you know that? It is totally self-willed.

It doesn’t show it does it very much?

No, it gets a bit bigger in the body, yes? Now when it comes in it is essentially itself but it can’t be any good, it can’t do anything with itself unless you first put it in jail, to make it want to get out. That is the meaning of the presence of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. It is all nice and then say, “But don’t eat that one.” That’s so you get focussed on what not to do. If you weren’t focussed you would not do it. You would have been lying on your back with Adam, now with fruit falling in your mouth, dreaming away, perfect and totally ignorant of misery. You would have no sympathy for the dispossessed for the pot-bellied, starving, Somalian babies. You would have no sympathy, you wouldn’t know about it, so you would be very deficient, so you’ve got to be offered, but not forced to accept a temptation. And then, when you take it, you fall and then you suffer and then you develop sympathy, compassion, intelligence. But that intelligence develops only in so far as your essence as a baby is covered up with civilisation’s attack upon you to educate you.

Only in so far as it is covered?

Yes, which it is by society educating you. Educating is an incorrect word there. It is indoctrinating isn’t it? They cover the essential baby. The baby wants its own way. “Mummy I hate you, you didn’t give me an ice cream. Mummy I love you, you did give me an ice cream.” That’s baby talk. Now you have got to put the baby to bed, forcibly when it doesn’t want to go, to teach the baby discipline to make the baby become an individual which it isn’t as a baby. And then you have to re-get rid of the conditioning that you imposed on the baby to re-become the baby with the full knowledge of the whole cycle. “Except you become as a little child, again.”

Is that the second birth.

That’s the second birth.

Eugene can you talk about conscious and the unconscious, is there one word because it really makes that irrelative?

It doesn’t, it doesn’t do that. Look. There is the plane of eternity, and that is Sentient Power itself. It simply puts a warp in it like that and goes back. There is no duality there, you posit your object and remember that you posited your object. That’s the origin of the letter V. V is just a short form of that process, I posit myself and remember myself as positor.

Is that the beginning of the word, that V?

Beginning of a word.


It is the beginning of the word, ‘word.’ In the word ‘word’ you have got two of them, haven’t you?


You have got two because there are two worlds, the numenal one and the phenomenal one, that is phenomenal and that is numenal. When you train yourself to verbalise, that this idea which is in my consciousness, I am positing by my interest and, in return, it is I who am positing it. You go back as you come in, and that is your V for development, and all you need then is the zone of activity, the differentiator and the discriminative process whereby you shut the door or open it to an event. Right.

Isn’t it terribly simple. In the beginning was the Word. Let us translate, in the beginning was the numenal-phenomenal world and the phenomena were nothing but the numena serialised, so there aren’t two. We then rotated that fact to divide the outside, Infinite, chaos, from the inside, to be ordered, included, and then we vibrate it to discriminate it and then we categorise and separate the differences disclosed by the letter R D, a rod of measuring or the reed with which you measure the New Jerusalem. The word ‘word contains the whole process, just like the word logos contains the whole process. Logos is light, that is lambda, ( Λ) gamma ( Γ) , that is O G, macrocosmos-microcosmos, issuance, that is your word logos. It is all there in the word word in the word, word; in the word wort, in memra, in shabda. Whatever word you take for word you will find the whole process in every language contains exactly the same information from a slightly different viewpoint, right?

Thank you.

Eternity And Time Part 1 21