The text of a talk given by Eugene Halliday at Parklands. ISHVAL AUDIO 92. 26: 06: 1983

This large circle periphery here represents your skin surface, the one in the middle represents the unassailable, impregnable, Immanent Spirit. The power there is so great no stimulus from outside can enter into it. That centre of is-ness is the permanent guarantee of ultimate salvation from the fallen state of an identified being in this zone which we call the zone of action.

A stimulus comes to a new baby and the baby’s consciousness runs out from centre to meet it and makes a record and that is the name, in that manner. Now you all recognise this diagram we have done it very often. When the name is repeated and repeated, many times, every time a stimulus comes it reverberates the name so that any new stimulus coming to it, plus its response from centre, makes another record like Jonnie is a good boy, Jonnie is a bad boy, Jonnie goes to school, Jonnie goes to bed, Jonnie plays with illegitimate things, Jonnie obeys, Jonnie has a grandmother and so on, All these wonderful things gradually, plus their responses, fill up this zone of existential being in this manner. Now you can see, from this diagram, that if we go on filling this zone up in this manner, all the way round, by stimulating it from different points, we shall have a blocked being, a being that will mechanically respond to stimuli. We will go on adding further ones, will go on doing this and this now becomes a drawing of your brain in which half of it is filled up with records of stimulus situations from all round. I will put the nose of the person there and an ear there and another one here. That is a person seen from above now.

This left side of the brain is full of the records of stimuli and central to them the originating one was the name conferred upon the child. And the whole of this part of the being is blocked. Now the sensoral being does not wish to block itself totally so it forces all the data into this left side. It wants to keep the right side free for intelligent new discoveries. So when they are threatened with too much of this stuff and the person threatens to mechanise and become in fact dead, that is to say, inert, a message is sent forth from centre to set up a special centre marked with an Andrew Cross meaning, a rebellious man, and this one attacks the system of conditioning. Everybody has the experience at some point in childhood of a tendency to kick mummy on the shins during a period severe discipline. So the rebellious one is fed from inside to curb this loss. Then occurs a period of identification in which the consciousness in the empirical zone here identifies with this rebellious one and decides to smash society. That is usually mother’s vase or something. In this decision to smash is an interesting error because you cannot smash this without destroying your temporal capacity for relating to socialised beings. All this has to do with socialisation and if you try to smash it and succeed you would reduce yourself to a simple, plain sensorium with no social inhibitions whatever so they will have to lock you up. So, when you attack it very strongly, you fail because the same one that is persuading you to attack it is also feeding its energy into the other element to hit back at the attacker

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Then comes another phase, the attacker becomes depressed because he cannot defeat society. So he says, “Alright, so we’ll have another message over here.” And this one, I will draw a flower in this one, that’s flower power. I ought to draw this in green really, that’s the drop out. That’s the one that says “Well I can’t destroy them so I will have nothing to do with them.” Now there is a very interesting thing about this drop-out as we shall see in a moment. The socially conditioned ones rotating in relation to the primary name given to the child, they are all mutually supporting because they are self-defensive, and the attacking one is wasting its energy against then because it can’t win. So the attacking one is so busy attacking and sulking and kicking it has no time to think of anything else other than a rotten society and its own revolt against it. But, in the case of the flower–power or drop-out person, meaning dropping out of the social system, that one is not spending its time attacking society, it is moving out and it is moving away from society. It wanders about, it goes to Stonehenge at Midsummer; it goes to Findhorn; it goes anywhere; it goes into the desert; it will find somewhere where human society is not. And when it gets there it finds an awful lot drop-outs, all gathering together around the magnificent menhirs and other monuments of the Ancient World. But it has a peculiar virtue that whereas the revolting character in both senses of the word, whereas that revolting character is busy destroying society unsuccessfully, he is not, he is on the look out for something terribly important, far more important than anything else. Somehow he is going to find salvation.

And through the ear comes a stimulus, and the stimulus says, it is possible that there could be a Messianic figure, a Saviour, and immediately, the drop-out, with all his friends, move towards the Saviour. Now, if the Saviour is a real Saviour, he is going to tell you something you don’t want to hear if you are a drop-out. He is going to tell you to go back into the body of society and learn to assimilate it.

Now this Messianic Idea, I’ll put a George Cross on that because it is not going to revolt, it is going to say adjust yourself in your situation, in society. Like we said para Brahman, beyond, and then para, para, beyond the beyond-ness you are still an incarnate being in the body of human society. Now, when the drop-out hears this, he doesn’t like it because it says go back into the place you have gone away from and steel yourself to assimilate the socio- political- economic conditions which have driven you out in the first place. So it feels very uneasy about this advice and would much rather meditate on a high mountain top in nice weather, preferably, than go into the city and be killed with carbon monoxide and lead. So it tends to think there must be another kind of messiah somewhere else. One that can teach you how to levitate, for four thousand dollars. They are quite useful. If you have got the four thousand dollars you can learn that you still don’t float when you have paid.

Now, this is only an idea of the Messiah, but it is a true idea, it is the idea of the Logos, the idea of the being that comprehends and assimilates all there is to be assimilated, which means that it is going to say to the critics, the revolutionary fellow, try to destroy it if you like but you never will. The destructive intention is good for it because it is critical, but don’t think you can ever win. Now I want you to find out and criticise only those things worthy of criticism and for that you have to go back into society, like Neil Kinnock and other great critics, and get on with your work of reforming the social situation from within,” significant that it is a Welshman that usually do this reformation of the British Parliament. And the Messiah is saying to the drop-out, “Don’t drop out, go back in and you will have what is called your daily cross. Everybody you meet will crucify you in one way or another like making you peel the potatoes or wash dishes, or even straighten your tie. And if you don’t like it, you can never make this idea of the messianic figure congruent with this is-ness.” Now somehow that idea of a messianic figure is simply the prevision of your self which is hidden in the innermost centre of your being and it has to be moved progressively like this till it becomes congruent with that is-ness centre.

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Now, if it were not attacked by the mob and by the critic, and by the drop-out, if it were not attacked, then the whole being would believe that it had become, itself, the Messiah but it would not be congruent with the innermost sentient centre of power. It would simply be an idea from outside accepted. I don’t know whether you have met any of these, people who are saved, people who are actually saved already. I heard an interview, I think it was last Sunday morning with woman who had led a good life, in quotes, she said that, “I have led a good life, in quotes and I have a good husband, a good home, good car, good house, good children and have always behaved in this good manner as God required me, and then I became ill. Now when I became ill, I became very annoyed, so I went to church and cursed God and shouted at him and said why am I, who is,” in quotes, “good all my life, why am I degenerating into an illness? And I shouted at God for one hour at the end of which time I suddenly felt calm.”

Now her analysis wasn’t really good. She felt calm, and she attributed this calmness to some kind of divine influx into her, instead of running out of energy of cursing God. Because it is a fact, that if you bother to curse your creator; that is yourself in your innermost centre, you will run out of energy and then you will begin to see, automatically, the error of your ways.

Now we have to make this idea of the Messianic possibility there congruent with the innermost centre and it must be against this triple resistance of the mob, of the revolutionary and of the drop-out. And for extras we will put in a Pilate and Ciaphas and a Herod and a Judas and whatever you like to put, who have dictated to the mob anyway, and unless we have this opposition and push towards centre against resistance, we cannot become that messianic reality. The Saviour of our being is already our self that atman in the other diagram, that saviour is already our self in the middle of our being. That is called Emmanuel, Christ within, the divinity within, the innermost centre of aware power. That is the one that posited the circle in the first place; that is the one that has put it through its paces deliberately to consolidate itself. Oh why does it need consolidation?

Well let’s take it all away. What have we got on the screen? Light. Now light symbolises consciousness, but in itself, without and object. What is consciousness like without an object? Is it of any interest? If you have an Infinite Field Sentient Power, self- luminous self-radiant, self what? Has it any utility to itself if it is merely an infinite ocean of absolute shot-throughness of light, understanding, comprehension, etcetera, etcetera, what use is it to itself? Has it any? No.

Now that field of light there is that one we enter when we die and shortly after death, for a short time we find ourselves in that infinite field of light, and ordinarily we don’t like it. The reason we don’t like it is because we have interests, we have patterns of behaviour that we like to develop, we have scientific investigation intentions or, if we are ladies, we have what is called, intentions to make what are called worthwhile relationships. We have always got something there so that when we come into this light which is the most intense light, and perfectly balanced, and brighter than any light that could possibly appear in the time process, that light shines right through our presuppositions. It shines through our concepts and they fade away and vanish. They are there but they are outshone. If you get a piece of paper and shine a light onto the paper and then you get another spot light and shine that light into that light (the first one) and then light into that light, and that light into another light until your paper is covered in spotlights, is it not true that all the illumination of all those separate lights is there, on the paper and yet what you see is a bright piece of paper

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Yet if you take them out one at a time are they not giving you evidence that they were there hidden in the light? Now that light is called the Light that never was on land or sea. That means that never was in land, that means formulated clearly, or on sea, that means an emotionally urgent condition. You cannot get that light if you are emotionally urgent. You can’t get that light if you are clearly defined intellectively, empirically. Intellectual ideas and emotionality block you from that light, and if you get that light you have Absolute Wisdom and no use for it. That is why the sages say, finally I am no use. Like Lao Tse saying in the Tao, I am the most impoverished being, I am so sage, everything is useless. Now that is the condition of that light. And is because that light was in that condition that it permitted creation, that is closure.

Now we are going to do number one closure, the intention comes from Infinity and there is the zone of closure, Cosmic Egg. And that allows us to make an island and the island, we are going to mark it, I will put a triangle in it to remind us, I’ll put a yod, and a and a vov. I put a triangle to remind you that inside that egg there is a triplicity of power aspect; form, that is the yod, feeling, hé, the life, and conation or drive, the vov, Yod, hé, vov. And that egg was laid by a large hen, that’s the .

Now that little inside the egg there and this big are qualitatively identical. That means that your feeling level you can actually contact if you will stop rummaging about looking for things, and just expose yourself to the field of awareness without private purpose, then the inner or life field there, and the Infinite beyond that life field, are non-different. That is the origin of the doctrine of Shankara of non-dualism. The hé, or life within and the transcendent Infinite without, are not different. And if the inside is not disturbed it can feel the intention of the outside. Now that little egg we made there, we can call it the Island. We call it the Island of the Tonal, the island of the civilised being, the island of the existential being in the time-matter process, and the outside is said to bein ex-isle, in that non-state beyond the state of being bound That big there represents Life Eternal, Life Infinite, source of all lives which appear in eggs. Now the outside the island is called in exile; and the inside the island we experience most obviously in our breathing. So that that letter the fifth letter signifies the energy that causes us to breathe, not the oxygen that we take in or the stuff we let out but the energy that makes our lungs expand and contract. So that this little hole here is called a window and that is the drawing of a kind of corner of a house, the wall end elevation and this is the window, the breathing hole, the wind-hole. So the letter is said to mean a window but it really means capacity for breathing. Now we take into the egg and we take out from the egg the inside and the outside of the egg interchange. The chicken in the egg breathes, the shell is porous. If we were to lacquer the shell and make it air tight it would kill the chicken inside. There is a relation of the inner bound life and the outer life, it is a relation of exchange.

By the egotistical being, we forget that big and we have a person who, in the time process, we diagram like this. Now you recognize there the principle of the head, chest and the tummy, a very archaic form found in Hebrew documents for that letter , the letter which in Hebrew is like thatה is like this meaning the three-fold being where this represents the spine and that is head, chest and tum. Here it is and this is the word Jehovah without the terminal letter , which is infinitely extended. And you see here the I-dentity and the ile principle, life is going to develop in time and you go around with legs and you grab things and you might reject things, and you rush about with three aspects, ideas, feelings and conations or drives. And every living being has got this triplicity within it. And in man the triplicity has attained a degree in the highest philosophies and religion, a degree of articulate awareness of its own trinitary structure.

If you talk to a frog in the pool down there, it probably will not reply to you other than croak, and if you talk to a human being suffering from even the most rudimentary education, you will get a response in words. The human type somehow, has come across a mighty power, the all-powerful ‘word. ’

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There is a man, I am going to write that famous mantra we all know [OM] that signifies all there is substantially, the substance of all reality. And then we are going to put a word said to mean a jewel or a diamond, [MANI] and it means to count down to every individual point until you have totally negated the primordial appetite that precipitated it. Mani, a jewel or a diamond. Jew-el means that Jew is God, and remember that Jew is simply the yod, hé, vov again. The word Jew means God. The word E L, spelled with Hebrew with an A L, means God as first worker, first precipitator. Whereas the word Jew where the I is J, and the window is an E, and the vov or drive is a W, signifies an affirmative, living driving power. That was the initiation name of an enlightened human being following enlightenment within the mysteries in Ancient Egypt, that Jew meant the mysterious, divinised human being. And to be aware of that fact was to be a true jew-el in the crown of the Almighty because the Infinite Power, that supreme light that we mentioned, of itself and nothing else, has swallowed all its values in an infinite luminescence. So it has obscured itself with its own brightness, so it needs representation, re- presentation. The re-presentation as it appears as a Jew, that is to say an affirmative, living, driving being. Any being becomes a Jew if he recognises that he is an ideational, sensitive, power being and says that he is a representative of the Infinite in the act of doing what he is doing, whatever he does.

I will make a dot on the paper.

I made that dot for God. How did I make it? Well I made it because I have energy. Where did I get the energy? Well I had a sandwich. Where did the sandwich get the energy from? From the Sun. Where did the Sun get it from? Condensation of the Solar Field. Where did the Solar Field get it from? From the Brahman. Where did Brahman get it from? Para-brahman. In other words that dot was written by the Absolute Power. If you raised a hand it is God raising it. If God withdrew, that is to say, The Infinite Power withdrew when you were in the middle of an act, you would be stuck like a catatonic schizophrenic, you would be unable to complete your movement, but if the power is there you can change your mind. You have power to change and to choose from this ultimate source.

Now if you recognize ma is the principle of appetite and ni means the negation of the impulse in the appetite, to make oneself into the jewel, one must go through the world dia-mond. One must go through it thoroughly. The word through and thorough are really the same word. Whatever we do, we must do with tremendous thoroughness and when we do it with this tremendous thoroughness we find the minutest detail that we know of is a precipitate of appetite. We never, and nobody ever did, not even God, precipitate anything except by intention of will.

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When we have done that sufficiently, we are so facile that we can afford to play. Well if that is jewel there, or diamond, that is lotus and the lotus means to play in so far and not otherwise, as we have an absolute finger tip on everything we have ever done, and known and recorded in our being so that we can call upon our content at will, in any order whatever, we can play, we can posit the thing. The padme or lotus means ‘let us play,’ the mani means count first to get it right. Can you play MacInroe if you don’t know the rules. Can you play chess if you don’t know the rules? No you cannot play unless you know the rules. If you don’t know the rules you are not playing. If you know all the rules, totally, you can relax and play, and that padme means the foundation or foot of substantial life.

Now substantial life is a game but it likes counting what it has got. It actually loves the process of enumerating its own content and the content of behavioural systems of other beings, and when it is totally familiar with them, it is no longer worried. You know what response to do in any situation. When you have counted all properly, this O M converts into H U M, because now there is a hierarchy within it, the H there signifies the hierarchy. Before this process of jewel-lotus or counting play, there is a whole substance of reality not analysed, not controllable, not enjoyable but oppressing. When a baby comes into the world, some larger bodied being grabs the baby, hits it, makes it breathe, stuffs wadding up its nostrils, swabs its throat and washes it, tidies it up, names it, does all manner of oppressive things because the baby doesn’t yet know how to deal with these creatures called parents and doctors and so on. So that, reality unanalysed is a horrible oppression, and as you proceed to count you grow, you are developing your internal God-ness, your jew-el- ry, your affirmative living power. The more you know, the more O -levels, A- levels, B.A.s failed, M.A.s succeeded, PhDs and beyond. Is there something beyond the beyond of degree, the final degree is voidity. The final degree is rub it all out and recognise what was meant. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven; that is the Kingdom of balanced power, unless you regain the innocence of the baby before it receives its name. Remember the baby before it received its name had a capacity to respond to the stimulus.

One doctor a few weeks ago said that babies are not intelligent and don’t need their mothers because if you get a circle of cardboard the size of a human face and wave it like that, the baby smiles, so it doesn’t need its mother. So all you do is put an oval card on the end of the bed with two dots on, on a spring and when you go by you hit it. Now I think that is a bit biased in the analysis. The reality is that the baby recognised in that form, roughly, a face like Mummy’s. And not particularly the Mummy it has got this time but mummies of all times staring at babies and saying, “Mine, my beloved, my beauty, my intelligent one, my beautiful, intelligent, powerful one, my one just like me.” When the baby is responding to these symbolic cuts of paper or card, it is simply calling on its store of wisdom and thinking, “Mmmm close enough,” but if that card doesn’t do something useful for that baby it will stop responding to it.

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The oppressive nature of that unanalysed whole reality can only be broken down by enumerating it and that is the purpose of empirical science. Empirical science has the job of playing mani, examiner. He is the fellow that cuts the diamond, finds the facets, polishes it and produces finally a decoration with which you can play. We call it the raising of Cain because Cain means the intellect, like Abel meant faith. By breaking down analytically till we know all about our contents and therefore about the world, because the world and ourselves are not different. Our content is the world and the world is our content. We are inside the world, of the world, and the world is inside our consciousness. It is very hard to remember that. There’s a lot of people in this room, none of them are outside my consciousness. Likewise each one of you has all the others in the consciousness.

Now what is this mysterious consciousness, a consciousness that has in it all these bodies, all these functions, all these processes that can be examined, felt, liked, disliked, what is it? It is an Infinite Field of Sentient Power. Now that Infinite Field of Sentient Power we want a word to represent it. Now, it is usual in certain philosophical schools to call it The Self as opposed to a particularised, formulated idea of the self. So let’s examine this word.

And that has always been a drawing of a serpent, and that has always been a drawing simply of a sine wave, it is the drawing of a motion of power, not rotating. It is the oldest representation of God in most of the religious systems. A serpent, ser-pent means a free thinker, a free self-hanger. And then we have the name of God there, [E L] and then we have F. Now this means a snake ,[S] and that means the phallus [F] and the phallus or organ of drive, not to be confused with the appendage that males carry about with them in the physical world, but the power that generated that form is called the phallus, distinguished from the penile appendage. The phallus means the reason, that is the phal, and the play,[ lus] that is the same exactly as mani padme, the jewel and the lotus. Now that is to do with our reason or formulative power, where we formulate ourselves and this lus part has to do with the fact that we can play with ourselves when we are fully formulated. Now the EL means God and the L polarises towards the F and the E polarises towards the S. That is to say, the primordial glyph of God, we will put it in a Hebrew letter there, like this, that is God. אל, al is for Aleph, that is the Hebrew spelling of EL there, that is the primordial Infinite Power which can bind itself in a creative act, and the L is the binding factor so when it polarises towards the F which is the third letter in the yod, hé, vov, [F] polarising towards F is polarising towards generation in time. Genesis means Gea nesis, the Earth, GE, physical body, and the energy pushing through that earth makes the grass grow and the trees grow, and the animals and man, all grow because Spirit has condensed itself by self ligaturing, self-binding in order to push through the bound centre. The binding is essential for the experience of the resistance without which there could be no self-awareness. On the other hand, the E, the life letter polarises there towards S, the non-rotator. So the F there, if I draw it in this form , this is the Egyptian of it, that is you can see the F there. If I just do one of our Fs like that, that is a straight line drawing of that Egyptian Hieroglyph and this means the positor, the energy that is ejaculated or thrown out, falls onto a centre and it makes what is called a logos spermaticos. That is, a word embodied in protoplasm, So that when men generate those little creatures, each one of them represents a packet of an intelligent assessment of the world and has fallen onto a centre and become an individuated being and tied itself, ligatured itself, the lamda function, in the act of positing it has created for itself a projection, a new body with which to identify. So over that side is time, but on this side is eternity, the S that does not rotate, here the S is rotated. There it is, going round, there is the number six and that rotatory band is time and this non-rotatory undulation is eternity.

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Now that word self now has a different significance to the kind of meaning you usually mean when you say, “I myself.” You don’t usually say “I myself,” meaning the God within has tied me to a body to investigate certain possibilities of time-matter, and simultaneously the life of the God within has reminded me of my eternality, my utter indestructibility. There are a lot of people today demonstrating against world War Three. They believe this half but they don’t believe that half. They believe that if they get fried with a nuclear weapon, that’s the end of them. It isn’t. They are eternal beings. The body may be destroyed but for a brief space of time that is uncomfortable but then when that’s over, the true life, the life everlasting, the non-identified, the non-captured life is still there, which means it is not so very frightening. You have a little discomfort for a time but then you are still there as an eternal, spiritual actuality. And this polarisation is essential, there must be a resistance in order to make you conscious of what it is that you are willing to become. It is only by your own will and the willing against a resistance that you build yourself up. A force goes along, if it meets no resistance it travels eternally if a resistance is set up like that, that gives you the letter K. The blockage there allows you to be aware that you were moving forwards and therefore the enlightened person, instead of avoiding blockages, deliberately sets them up, deliberately creates obstacles in order to overcome them and investigate the nature of the thing overcome and in the process investigate one’s own nature about one’s capacity for positing such obstacles. We learn about ourselves at the very moment that we learn the nature of the resistant object that we ourselves posited.

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Now the Self splits. We will draw it again. That one is masculine, this one is feminine and this one is God. Now the masculine one has got this representative of the phallic force and the other one, the feminine, has got the agency for serpentry. This one is the Eve and this one is the Adam.

Now let’s consider the nature of the relation man-woman in that diagram. The L function has gone to posit the world of form, and the E, the life function has gone to transcend the world that is posited. That means to say that man is satisfied when he sees the evidence of his prowess, growing up, “That’s my boy.” When he sees that he says, “Aha, I am potent.” But the feminine side is saying, “Wait till it grows up, see if it will really run the business for you, or will it break through your definition and transcend you?” The function of the S or feminine is to loosen the concept of the male that has posited whet he thinks is a worthwhile form. You know the Greek story about a sculptor, who sculpted a very beautiful lady and then fell in love with her. Now it is the function of the female to stop that identification. To see beyond the definition that he makes, to see another aspect of it.

So then how do we feel about the human sexual relationship if we accept this proposition that the male is very busy positing external forms in time and matter and the female is dedicated to being dissatisfied with what is offered? Can you feel ladies that there is a fundamental something in you that makes you dissatisfied with anything you are given? Have you noticed? A man might work very hard for a whole year to buy you an iced lolly. And you look at it and watch it melt in the sun and you say can I have something more enduring like a diamond made in the form of an iced lolly that will endure longer. And if he gets the diamond can he give her a hologrammic one bigger than the usual. He must transcend He must transcend, he must see something beyond his latest creation because, at some point, that F and that S have got to meet again there, to attain the divinisation.

Now there is the concept in the minds of man, there is the chest and there is the tummy and here is the man himself, we will put short legs on to show he is not going very far, and he has polarised himself, the divine hermaphrodite, the divine being, has said, “I will be a searcher for ideas and I will be a dissatisfied being for the ideas, I will eat in order to get the energy to supply myself with both these forces, and my ultimate goal is the return to the primordial El or God, from which we derive.

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Now that is a diagram of the whole process.

Now can we assimilate this in fact? Can we take all feminine criticism? Can the male take the criticism that comes from within himself, inside his own being, his own feminine half; and can in the female the logic that is hidden in woman tolerate her own rationality. Each human being is bi-polar and has to come to terms with the other pole. Can we do it with ease? The answer is no, we cannot. Why not? Because of a process a long time ago called The Fall. The Fall was a fall into contingency.

When from the Infinite, there is a precipitation like that and there is a set up of a being and there is another precipitate like this, formation of another kind of being and another one like this formation of another kind of being, each being, in order to enrich the Infinite Field of Sentient Power is formulated uniquely, and providing they don’t collide with each other, they develop towards their uniquenesses. But if they do collide at the point of collision there is mutual obscuration of form. That means a loss of identity. That is called contingent relationship. Contingent relationship is the cause of all obscurations of thought, of emotion and physical relation. If we keep very quiet we can find out whether we have six or five or four points to our star from within. But if we knock on another being for external witness, we become obscured we know what we are and we don’t know what they are. So therefore, we need a distance between each other. Now psychologically, that distance is quite simply tolerance. You know that engineers say if I have a spindle, the end section like that and I have a binding metal there and I have oil in between there then I can rotate the one and the other together, and the oil lubricates it, reduces friction an allows a proper play. Now supposing I say here is the character of this rod and it has that characteristic, and here is a character of another one, this characteristic, and I put oil in here, now the oil can absorb the characteristic motion of the square and the characteristic motion of the triangle without obscuring either the square or the triangle.

Now that oil is love, tolerance is love. The oil that you put in your car, petr-oil, rock oil, that oil is the love life of millions of minute marine animals that died long ago. All the oil that we find in the mineral world, in metals, because metals are very oily; in the plant world that we can abstract from plants as essential oils; in the animal world; in the human world, all that oil is the chemistry of the love life of that being. And that love-life oil is the lubricator of our relations, and there should always be that love between, in the inter-space between the beings, so that you don’t, in order to comfort somebody, pat them so hard they come up in red weals, or you break a bone like a boxer who married a bride, and at the altar gave her his first public salutation and broke five ribs. Now that happened a few years ago. And that kind of impulsive insensitivity can make a contingency that destroys the organisms that are supposed to be coming into relation.

By means of this mysterious oil, remember every particle of oil in the Universe in the mineral, the vegetable, the animal, the human, every particle of that oil is love embodied, and it allows a distance, so that you don’t press somebody, physically, contingently to do something for you. You give them a space and you fill the space with the right feeling and you are not in a hurry. If you don’t push, it happens by that magical power. Because that love is the super field which has the power to absorb the motion from the square and the triangle, and to produce a pattern like this in the oil. Now you notice, when we do this, we have a line that is common the one on the base of the square and the triangle. That is the point of similarity between two people, and we have a difference. This line doesn’t match this one, this line doesn’t match that one. That’s our difference which makes the relationship worth-while.

So this mysterious oil, a physical fact, is what it is because of the spiritual intentions to allow freedom within the relationship. To demand nothing, to push for nothing, but to be ready for anything, open, sensitive, non-compulsive, non-coercive

Notice that word.

Now here is our letter L again. ל

That is the word oil in its proper magic form. There is a whole being; it has polarised itself, there is the letter I, the dot in the middle; here is the O and it has bound itself like this.

Now that is the form which you already know in its Chinese form, which is like that. This form and this are identical, the Egyptian form of the same is that.

The Christian form of the same is that. There are many forms of it but they all have the same origin and exactly the same meaning. The one whole being polarises itself towards form for clarity; towards feeling for relations between the forms. And it is this mysteriousness between –ness, be twain-ness. Now young couples when they do what is called falling in love, want to get rid of their twain-ness, they don’t like being two and they often talk about being only one. They might even say, “Oh I wish I were inside you,” meaning not merely, physically sexually, but actually inside, safe within the other being and if these two beings were safely inside each other, totally, there would be no twain-ness. There would also be no conscious relationship because they would be differentiating factor.

Now how do we feel if we say to ourselves, there is a whole power, the power polarised towards form which is male, towards feeling which is female and the feeling sensitivity can find the significance of the form, whereas the form without the feeling is totally locked up in itself

Track 10

Now we have done the seven parts in many ways before, we will now do them starting with Saturn there. We won’t bother about the ones beyond Saturn because they are not individuating influences. The individuating influences start with Saturn. Then comes Jupiter, then Mars, then the Earth, then Venus, then Mercury and then the Sun. That is the order of the planets. We are not putting the Moons in because if we should put a moon in we should put them all in. Jupiter has moons, lots of the planets have moons and we have one. We are not putting ours in the diagram. We are going to put the whole of the diagram in the Moon, phasic, changes will occur. And we are going to count one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. In both cases that Earth there is the reciprocal centre of the three planets outside the Earth and the three planets inside the Earth.

Now the earth is a certain orbital distance from the Sun the only orbital distance at which the human being can actually come to be and evolve to its level of perfect reciprocal balancing of pairs of opposites.

And its job is to breed beings able to assimilate one trine outside the Earth’s orbit, another trine within it, and we are going to examine them.

Saturn symbolises greed, condensation, possessiveness and the Sun signifies generosity. So hanging onto things oneself and radiating powers outwardly. Those are the two opposites. The being on Earth, the human being has to learn how to balance his fundamental greed which makes him into an existential being and without which you couldn’t be a being. If you didn’t eat your own meals, you wouldn’t exist, if you didn’t have an appetite to eat you wouldn’t exist, and the appetite to self existence is symbolised by Saturn. But then, if you merely had that you would condense onto a hard point like a black hole. There would be no relationship and therefore it would be meaningless, lacking the mean, the balance between, therefore generosity, symbolised by the Sun has to permeate the greed and when you eat you eat to be of service with the energy you get from the food.

Now you all know all know the kind of person called Jupiter type, very large bodied gentleman, usually a successful multi-millionaire, and they are very generous to charities, they are built by divine intent to comprehend the process of accumulation of importancies, importing, carrying in, like the Saturn function but in order to become the biggest store. Jupiter, as a planet has a big store of energy it is he biggest of the bodies of the planets in the system. So here is the fellow who depends on his largesse and down here, opposite to him is the Mercurial opposite, namely intellectual cleverness. This Jupiter type man comprehends all. He is a funny fellow, his business is fortunate, whatever he does turns to success, to wealth, power, everything big comes easy to him because the will of the Absolute is that he collects those things. And he doesn’t bother about minute details, he has secretaries to do that. He himself, comprehends all there is.

And then there is war, Mars. That is because, any such great man with a possessive instinct to gather together the great wealth that later will be given to charities, has to make war on other organisations because of the law of necessary opposition. And the opposite to that is the Venus love. Now the human being, on the Earth, is resting on the Sabbath. There are two threes and a six.

In this particular diagram we have stretched it out in the actual order of the solar bodies within a system. The human being has to know how to make love and war simultaneously. He is not allowed to fight the Argentinians in the Falklands except in a friendly way. I am quite serious about that, if you have an enemy, you must love him but if you don’t you will be in trouble. You have to be able to draw the war to a close and then come to a settlement that will allow him to subsist and continue as your necessary opposition to will keep you alert, alive, awake. And then this large, all comprehending person the Jupiter man, must be balanced with the knower of the detail. The Jupiter man knows all, the Mercury man knows each within the all. It is essential not only to grasp the whole plan of the work but to know the details within the plan.

A woman said to me recently that she loved the whole Universe, but not the people in it. Well., it’s a possibility, but it isn’t correct. That is like being Jupiter expansive and not commercially minded to relate to those beings. And then making war and love must be done about the same purpose, the same goal, the same object. If you love it you have to fight for it, if it is worth fighting for it is worth loving the being that opposes you and makes you alert to the possible loss of the loved thing.

Now, if you can balance those two trines in an Earth body on the Earth, and there is nowhere else in the Solar system or in the sidereal system where this can be done, then you are divinised, you attain the goal.

Track 11

You know this diagram we do on the hexon, and we start with one circle and we shift the compass and we draw another circle, and then we draw another one, and we draw another one, and we draw another one, and we draw another one and we draw another one. Now you will observe that the one we started with first which we shall call number one, if we come to this from outside and count one, two three four five, six, seven, the circle that began it is now the seventh, that is Sabbath, the Sabbat. That is the one that generated these six, that is like the six planets and this one in the middle this six-petalled lotus, is the Earth which balances the other two trines And one of the trines is here where we have the function of the Sun there, and Mercury there, and Venus there; and then we have Saturn there, and we have Mars here and Jupiter there. Now we have got our six days of the week balanced on the seventh one.

God rested on the seventh day, but the seventh day was already a concept in the mind of the goal to be attained after the differentiation of the other six. The differentiation of those two trines in that six is the necessity of clarifying the meaning of the Sabbat, the day of Rest, the seventh day, taking the bat part as house, like the beth in Bethlehem, the house of the seventh is where the seven which are here separated up there, are here overlapping and producing another seven the whole and the six petals made by the inter-relation.

Now we have a physical body, emotional body, a mentational body, a conceptual body, a volitional body, consciousness body in this space, which generated this first circle. We have to think about the first circle coming to be by the intention of the Absolute, then we can rest. We rest when we know that this body, this body of food, this ana maya kosha, this body of food is a precipitate of the infinite intention of the Absolute to incarnate itself in the human being. Now it is a tremendously high ideal to say that the human being, every single individual human being is a divine being hidden inside a fallen body of time-matter, and the function of the time-matter process is to discover the divinity within in, in the presence of resistances specially designed to make that discovery very, very difficult. Because if it is not difficult it would be a concept, an idea, but not a gross established fact of Sentient Power self-determinant. The resistance has to be affirmed, has to be loved.

We take our pet word Joy. Now the J there means affirm and the Y there means assent to, and the O in the middle means the situation. If we enter a situation, if we assent to going in the situation then we are to affirm that we have assented, and if we have affirmed that to which we have assented, our psychological state is joy. That of course this is nothing but again the JO, short form of Jehovah, assented to. The word joy means the will of God accepted, where God means Infinite, Intelligent, Sentient Power with the purpose of the divinisation of the human soul

Track 12

We have to accept difficulty is the essence of the way of substantialisation of Spirit, anything easy will do no good. Every time we do something easily, we are slipping, we are not advancing. “Those who are not for me are against me.” There is no middle. We are either moving towards that centre or we are being flung out by centrifugal force, from a centre, to have further experiencial events which will drive us back to centre ultimately.

How do we feel about it? Just think each person in this room is a god sitting on a chair, a god sitting there. How do you realise it? Well, you start with a little thing, bend you finger. Now, if you can bend one finger, you can move your hand. If you can move your hand, you can move your arm; if you can move your arm you can move your body and your head. If you can move any part of your protoplasm, then in principle, you can move every part. And the ultimate goal is to be able to move the whole being, because this being is nothing but Sentient Power, to move the whole being, deliberately, in any manner whatever, to join the Cosmic Dance of powers, the Shiva Dance. How do you feel if you sit there and say, “I am a divine being. I am a god here, incarnate on Earth?” Is it not written in your scriptures, “Ye are gods?” Now how far does the behaviour or the belief or the feeling, feel like a god, think like a god, act like a god? And, if not there is work to be done. And the moment we say that, the mob, that is total ancestry, come against you and then the rebellious ones who want to destroy comes against us; and the drop out thinks it is too much like work, and the high priest and the army and the navy and the air-force are all out to stop you until you are quite certain that you are serious about becoming congruent on centre with the Immanent Centre of Sentient Power.

But how do you feel if that is true? Can you feel that it is true? How do you feel if you accept it, just hypothetically? What does it feel like? It is called sitting in Zazen. All you do is just remember, “I tend to forget I am god.” Is that funny?


It is. Is it not true though? We tend to forget we are God. And if we do, do we think like God when we forget that we are God? Do we feel like god when we forget we are God; do we act like god when we forget we are God?


We don’t. Worship is continual remembrance. Worship is worth-shape, the worthwhile shape is the shape of divinity.

I always find when people do this exercise of sitting, just remembering it is true I am god, you wouldn’t think so, but it is true, I forget. I don’t think like God, I don’t feel like God, I don’t act like god, but I am God. I think I will just rest in that thought a moment. Quakers do it and then they suddenly come out with a mouthful of prophecy. And they have to have a rule and don’t speak unless it is really urgent. And to make it really urgent to speak, don’t be urgent, sit, quietly, it is dialectical. If it is urgent sit on it and wait. Something has got to give, it doesn’t have to be you.

Now supposing we accept this hypothetically and experimentally. The place is full of gods. How do you feel? There are gods all round you, gods to the right of you, gods to the left of you, gods in front of you, gods behind you, and they are all equally gods qualitatively. What can you say to the god or goddess next to you? Something rude? Good evening, God. Now if you can remember that, what kind of world is it? Do you get out your inter-continental ballistic missiles and start firing?


No, you have no need to do that. Somebody’s got coal, somebody’s got aluminium, you’d like a bit of that? Well let’s find some personas who don’t believe in god to handle the distribution. They will, but we can’t expect them all to believe they are God until all the aluminium and all the iron and all the manganese and all the other things have been gathered together by Cainish power and controlled. We have got to have space stations all the way through the Solar system and beyond for people to go on for new experiments. Until we’ve got them, and we need Cainish men to invent them. When they exist, these particular bodies might have been abandoned but the souls that had them will be back, saying, “Mmm, nice space-station, this one, Alpha Centauri, mm, quite nice.” Go for a fortnight you know. You travel faster than the speed of light in those days, you don’t need to fight your way on a hovercraft or a common plane, you just stand like they do in Star Trek. All you get is another kind of light and jet. You are to get mysteries but you will do, and the more you comprehend the inner divinity you have got, the more you will comprehend that every one else has the same and then you have a level of co-operation that cannot be attained in any other way.

Now, during the break, commingle with the gods. See what kind of conversation tends to come up. See if you can tell the same jokes in the same way if you remember that you are God. Can you? It’s very hard.

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