The text of Ishval audio 60, a talk given at Parklands by Eugene Halliday.

Track 1

I am going to say that inertia is the biggest enemy and friend of the human race and I shall show why that is so. Ladies, who are queens of inertia, and gentlemen who are kings of inertia will appreciate the value of it when they recognise that their very existence depends upon it because, apart from inertia there is only initiative. I am going to do a diagram first a very familiar one. So that somebody will say, “You are always drawing the same diagram.” Perhaps Gerhardt would like to say it for you. Will you say that Gerhardt?

Say what for you?

You are always drawing the same diagram.

Why should I say that?

To please me!

You are always drawing the same diagram.

Thank you dear! Only occasionally somebody pleases me and very often I have to drag it out of them like that you see. Now it is a very feminine thing dragging pleasures out of people.

We usually start by saying let the paper represent an infinite continuum. Do you remember the thing we do with it? We take a sheet of paper and we say, imagine that instead of being finite, a simple rectangle of paper like this it is extended infinitely in all directions. So we have an infinite sheet of paper and then imagine further that we have an infinite number of sheets of paper, one on top of the other so that it is a continuum of paper in three dimensions instead of apparently in two like the sheet is. Now, when I wave the paper like this the ripples produced by doing this action would, apart from making a noise which might be on the recording would, be very difficult to visualise. So it is much better if I draw them and ask you to co-operate with me by remembering what the drawing represents.

So first of all I will draw it quite small down here.

This is the piece of paper waving.

Hello Geoffrey.

This is the drawing of the paper waving, producing diagramatically a sine wave like that,

the flat piece of paper and there is a wavy piece of paper. And I want you to imagine any line I draw is not static It is an actual movement of energy. We will define energy in a moment in a slightly more full way than we did before. When I want to draw a line I take this object (pen) which is, I hope, to be sufficiently full of ink, and push it over the surface of the paper and it leaves a mark of its track rather like an electron would leave a track across a photographic plate of the appropriate kind. So that, any line that you see, I want you to imagine not that it is static but that line is continuously drawing itself, and in exactly the same way, if I put a dot there, I want you to imagine it is not static, but a force is positing the dot and that the moment the dot is posited, it, immediately I remove the pen, vanishes. Now this one does not vanish because it is made of ink. It stays on the paper, but I want you to imagine that within the field of power, which this paper represents, that the dot exists when the power contracts onto a centre and the moment that power lets go of the place where the dot is, the dot vanishes. And therefore the universe is actually dotted. It is doing this with itself making little dots all over, vibrating. Incidentally, that is the Hindu diagram for the sonoriferous ether, the fifth essence, the quintessence, which is sound. Sound is made by moments of contraction and expansion and the sound field is full of little dots. So that would be the Hindu diagram, a circle, dotted for the sound-bearing medium. It is called akasha. Akasha means ‘the unlocked.’ The ‘kash’ is like a case and the A in front is privative. So you are to imagine that the paper is a field of power, that it presses on itself and makes little dots, but every time it does not press, the dot vanishes, whereas, in this diagram the dot does not vanish because it is made of ink. So, anything I draw is to be interpreted as a motion of the paper, and the motion of the paper is to be interpreted as a motion within an infinite field, three-dimensional, and that this power, this field of power, by self-contraction, creates those little dots. Now, it is a peculiar thing, that when you do a lot of dots, the human consciousness tries to tie them together. If I go like that, and you look you will tend to go from one dot to the other and then go round and you will structure a triangle. So that really, the passage of consciousness ties together the dots which are really compressed energies.

Track 2

I am going to give you a term which maybe a physicist might recognise, an erg. What is an erg, John?

It used to be a unit of energy.

It used to be a unit of energy and we will put on the end of it, (O ‘ergo’) is that Latin for something? Yes? And then we will put an N. We have now got a nice word, an ergon, and we are going to say that an ergon is a unit of energy at work. Erg is the work, the ‘on,’ serpent with tail in mouth, is the power that is producing the work. The ergon, it we will say, is the least amount of energy capable of producing a zone of a rotating force. So, instead of talking about atoms or protons or neutrons or quarks or leptons or whatever, we are going to say that there is something much finer than those and that that finer is an ergon, a primordial amount of energy in energy quantum and it is sentient. It feels itself at work and it feels the manner in which it works. So now we are going to say, the whole universe is nothing but a fantastic quantity of ergons and the ergons are psychic as well as physical forces. They are psycho-somatic primordial energies, feeling themselves, initiating their own activities.

Track 3

Now, if I had time, I could dot the whole paper because when we consider that the paper symbolises a plane through the continuum of Sentient Power, then we have to say, by the nature of a continuum which has no parts, if there is a quality anywhere whatever in that continuum, then that quality must be reproducible in any other part of the continuum. The qualities in a continuum, because it is not made of parts, are throughout, identical. So if by self-contraction, the continuum can pinch itself and make a dot there it can pinch itself and make a dot there. Therefore within this field of sentient power, self-feeling power, there are an infinity of little points all posited by the continuum itself.



ow, the continuum is infinite and it posits finite points, but the points are only in-tensions of the Infinite. So a finite point is an in tension, spell in tension with a T psychologically and then an S physically, an in-tention. An in - tention, psychologically to make physically a tension. So every ergon can be represented by a little dot. Now the infinite field has an infinite number of ergons in it and every one of them is a little entity in its own right. Called ‘own’ right because it is owed to the infinite continuum, but being posited by the infinite continuum is absolutely valid to be there. Every time the infinite makes a point, the point has infinite justification in being there because infinity has posited that point. That is the first thing, so cover the paper with dots and then pile the papers on top of each other to i nfinity. You then have a three-dimensional field full of dots. I will draw a Masonic Ashlar like that, and then fill it full of dots. Now imagine that cube extended to infinity and the dots extended within it to fill it. We have a three-dimensional dotted field and every little jot, every little dot, is psychosomatic. It knows itself; it feels itself; it operates itself. When Jesus says, “Not one jot shall vanish till all be fulfilled,” he means not a single one of those in the infinite shall disappear until the infinite purpose of the field that precipitated those dots shall have fulfilled itself. We can read patterns, as in a Rorschach Test, as in an ink-blot test where you look at an ink-blot and you see figures into it, you see them by your intention to feel, hope and fear. You project your hopes and fears into that three-dimensional continuum.

Track 4

Now let us look at what happens if we see if we capture any zone. Now, we will capture it simply by lassooing it, by letting it spin. We will use a number six (6) to do it. I want you to imagine the tail of this six is in the infinite. It is coming down from infinity and winding round like this and tying itself in that way, but it has tied a fantastical number of little dots in this way so that it has actually captured a very large number of ergons. That is, of little power packets, each of which is a psychosomatic entity. It feels itself; it knows itself and it initiates its own action. It can do anything that it wills although it has been captured. The word ‘concept’ is made from a word meaning to capture and hold together. To conceptualise is to seize from the infinite possibilities, some of them and then define them within the encapsulated zone. But, when you capture a zone, the zone that you capture is not passive, it is not inactive, it is made of energy, of will, of ideation and aesthetic self-evaluation. It is a feeler, a thinker and a willer. The tiniest little particle, the tiniest virus that infects you, is a little entity with think, feel, will as essential qualities.

Now, let us see what this means to a human being. A human being is such a thing that has come out of infinity and captured a certain zone, full of little dots. Now, in the act of capturing them, just as the intelligence of a baby, seeing a fertilized ovum, captures the ovum that has been fertilized and determines to use it for its own purpose, yet, in that very moment it has captured the totality of the inheritance of both parents and then it has to deal with what it has captured. So, you cannot say that you are your own possession, you cannot claim to be your own man, as they used to say in the days of knight errantry, unless you had subdued under your authority, by conscious control, all the little elements that you have captured in your being. When you breathe in you bring from relatively extended space, for you relatively infinite, a certain amount of air, you draw it in your nostrils, take it in the lungs and you spin it round. But, do you breathe in nothing or do you breathe in air, and is the air pure air or is the air full of intention? Is the air full of minute little viruses, perhaps bacteria? We know perfectly well you can’t take a breath of air from anywhere without that air having in it some elements of life and right down to the fundamental, the ergon, that primary particle which is psychosomatic, a little point which has a will of its own, a feeling of its own and an ideation, a thinking of its own, and yet when you breathe it in, you have to deal with it.

Track 5

A couple of days ago somebody gave me a little cake and I ate the cake and immediately a red spot appeared on my cheek. There had been a disagreement inside my organism. I ate the cake out of what is called politeness and immediately the cells inside thought, “Well he may be polite but that does not mean we have to suffer.” And it happened that it got up to there, by which time they had won their battle and threw it out on the surface, and I, having more or less been influenced by an Edwardian Mother, put my thumb on it and pressed it very hard and said, “Back! Go through the normal channels, this is not what you think it is.” Because, as far as they are concerned, every pore in your body is an anus if they wanted to get rid of something

Now we have said, and we have accepted, that in-ertia means in-work-affirming. Let us cut the words. In and the ert is a form of erg, which is work, i-a, - affirming work within, inertia. Now the work, remember, is nothing but a self-encapsulating primordial particle at work in the gross material body discriminating the life-field. So we will define the erg a little more carefully. The E which is the fifth letter in English and the fifth letter also in the Hebrew, is a Hé and means the life itself, the life field of power and the letter R, the Hebrew resh, means discriminating capacity, the capacity to see differences. The gimmel, the hard G, the Greek gamma, means consolidation, incarnation or earth. So erg means ‘life differentiating within the earth.’ The O is the zone or situation in which that process occurs, the N is the continuity of that same process. So when we are looking at an ergon, a primary unit of psychosomatic energy, we are saying that it is a serpent with tail in mouth, like that and we are saying that it is the life-field which by its own discriminatory activity, has separated itself, has encapsulated a zone and condensed itself into the form we call earth, the G in Geography, the gimmel, the solidity and the condensation to the nth degree, incarnation. So the word ‘erg’ which is used in physics for a unit of work, also means that the unit of work is a consolidated, differentiated light field function.

Now, wherever we go, whatever we do, we are doing inside a field of sentient power, the life field itself, and we are not only acting upon the field, which is full of little ergons, little dotty psychosomatic, but

they are acting upon us, and if we eat some of them or breathe them in, there is a battle. Who is going to win? You breathe in a certain condition and you get a certain disease. If the enemy ergons, the bacteria, the viruses, if they win you lose and you get a certain disease, a state of dis-ease, but if you win, they die. It is impossible for any single individual to live except at the expense of the death of another being.

Track 6

In a recent debate between two very important political thinkers it was agreed that the purpose of the next war will be quite simply a battle for the raw materials of the world because a nation of millions of people cannot subsist, and especially not in an industrialised commodity producing society, without appropriating the raw materials of the earth, so if it does not get its raw materials, it will collapse. If we don’t get the steel, we can’t make the motor cars. If we don’t get the rubber, we can’t make the tyres. In every way there are raw materials needed, and all the major national governments know that they cannot keep their position as governments unless they get their hands on the raw materials – and they know that every other government in the world has the same intention. When you saw the flames of Abadan and the petrol going up, did you see the price going up at the same time? Did you see it flashing on the screen going up and up? Well, if in their battle for control they destroyed all the oil we would have to run our motorcars on sugar beet or something like that. We will have to find an alternative. So absolutely basic to the battle is the intake of raw material.



ow the raw material of all reality, fundamentally, is power. When that power is at work we call it energy, the affirmer of work. But when we look at the diagram we see that no single individual human being who has captured the zone enclosed by his skin has a free capacity for telling the elements inside his body what to do without them trying to do something about it. How many times do you make your mind up to do a certain thing and find that you have forgotten it, or, it does not seem so very important? Did it ever occur to you that the reason you forgot it was not because you have got a bad memory but because some of these little ergons in here had another plan and blocked your very good memory. Supposing you have a pipe-line, it is a very good pipe-line, but somebody does not want you to have it, so quite simply, they cut it. Does that mean that you forgot or that they attacked you? When the Iranian airforce hit at one of the Iraqi pipelines, did it mean that the pipeline was no good in design or did it mean that the Iranians were going to try and put it out of order? We know perfectly well that in all international matters there is a continuous fight, either by gross material attack, or by what they would today call conventional methods, or by diplomacy, twisting and talking people out of what they want and persuading them to do what you want. And this occurs at all levels internationally. And then, when we look at the internal politics of a nation, it occurs nationally, and then when we look at a family trying to sort out who will inherit what, we find exactly the same thing within a single family unit. And, if we look inside the family we find we could represent each individual member of the family as a dot, a psychosomatic entity with thought, feeling and will and all of them unique and all with a capacity for wanting their own way and working to try to get it. Now, we all know that about a family but we tend not to recognise the same thing is true of the individual. The individual human being is not a simple unit – the individual human being is legion he has captured a zone of ergons, of these primordial, psychosomatic intelligences and they have not liked being captured.

Track 7

Now, if we take a Muslim concept here which is borrowed from the Old Testament, God, that is the Infinite Field of Sentient Power, made man, to look through man, at the universe, made man for God, the universe for man to look at so that the Infinite God, having posited a man inside a universe, can come in, make the big universe, go in and make man and then through man, interfere with the universe.

Now you all know the manual of power. I am going to draw this manual of power now, very simply. I am going to draw a nice thumb, one, two, three, four, like that. And then, these two, I am going to bend them down, like this, and I going to cross those two off. And that means the manual of power. What the manual says is the thumb, ruled by Venus, that is its symbol, by love, by that which it loves, it initiates. So the thumb means initiative power. Then, on the first finger we write Jupiter and that means the governing concept of whole Cosmos. And then on the middle finger I am going to write Saturn. Saturn is the Lord of Time.. Then we are going to look very carefully at this. Love posits a universe and presses through the universe to generate time The statement here is, there is nothing in total reality that is not posited by an initiative act of will, that what is posited is the governing concept and then the governing concept, extended serially, constitutes the time process. And these two fingers are held down because that one (3) represents the Sun which means life force itself, pleasure/pain and this one, (4) Mercury represents the raw materials of commerce. It is saying by holding these two fingers down the material situation and the pleasure/pain situation shall be subdued and made subject to the authority of the will that has posited a governing concept that has posited serially the time process. And it is because of that it is called the Manual of Power because if you meditate upon it and upon yourself you will find that you have never done anything in the whole of your life without initiating the impulse to do so with some governing concept, something you have captured by your consciousness and then proceeded to activate it serially and thus generate the time process. If you then remind yourself that whatever you do, whether you will be nice or nasty, you are, in fact, being wilful fundamentally. Now that will has come out of this palm here and it is embedded in the palm there. If you look at your thumb, it is embedded in the palm. Your fingers have three joints out of the palm but the thumb has only two. The basic one in the thumb is bedded into the palm, and that means, the overlooking consciousness, the spiritual monad in your being, the original enclosure which you made by coming from infinity and positing yourself in existence in the world, that is your primordial observation zone. You observe, you serve the ob, the orb of being and then you posit inside that, your five functions.

Track 8

Now, we have been asked to talk about inertia. Inertia means the amount of energy put into a thing which establishes that that thing exists. If you put only one unit of energy to make a thing, one little ergon then you only need one little energy unit, to knock it out. But if you put two in you will need two to knock that two out. If you put three million in you will need three million to knock three million out. So, the amount of energy, the number of energy quanta put into your being constitutes your mass inertia.

Now imagine we have all got ancestors and the ancestors have all been made of energy and the energy has always been trine, three-fold, thinking, feeling, willing energy, and the protoplasm that it has generated in order to live as a body on earth is a perfect recording material, then inside our physical body we have the total ancestral inertia of the race from which we are derived. So we can actually step backwards in time millions and millions of years and we can keep moving until we come back to the original differentiating field of life power. But that original field of life power is full of little unit energies, each with its own purpose, so our lives are not simple. We think we are, we have been taught we are by playing a trick on us. We have been taught as babies to say “I” and “me” and “mine,” and define a situation, and when we define that situation we have been taught to say, “That is my situation. I define it and I am supposed to rule it and I am responsible for it.” But, how many babies are taught that their protoplasm is riddled right through with ancestral impulses that the baby will have to deal with? Whether it is an hereditary fact of the shape of the nose or the colour of the eye or teeth shape or chin shape, whatever it is, the baby is already conditioned by its total ancestry. So, the problem of inertia is a vast problem because inertia means the affirmation of the work within a being. But the work done within any individual human being is the work of its total ancestry, right back into the infinite field of power. Now does not that make it look rather difficult for us.

Is it impossible for us?

No, it is not impossible because all we have to do to break it is break identification.

Now the only thing that makes any being identify with any situation is its own intention to modify it, nothing else. Your own intention to modify it is the ground of your involvement. Now if you remember that fact and that you are willing to involve yourself in a concept of how to interfere, you have got three worlds there, the innermost world of the will, the inner world of the concept, the outer world of your temporal activity. We will draw three circles for that.Your outermost, that is your physical body represented by Saturn, the Time God; and then you have an inner world there, we will put Jupiter on there for the concept; and in the innermost we will put Venus for the will that drives because it loves to do things. Quite simply, the will loves doing things. Now providing that you reflect back on the will and tell yourself that what you are doing, you are doing because you are willing to do it, you can rescue yourself from the concept and rescue yourself from the temporal expression of the concept. That is a reflexive act. You take the thing that you are involved in in time, the temporal relationship, the time-matter relationship and you remind yourself that you posited you in it inorder to make a change, to interfere with it and you did that by an act of will and when you do that you go back through the concept into the will. Now that is the number nine isn’t it? Reverse the six (6) into a nine (9). Nine (nein) there means ‘no.’ Six means “Yes” and nine means “No.”

Track 9If I introvert my attention from the temporal world, contemplate the governing concept that I have which I think is worth foisting upon the world and then remember that I generated it by act of will, then I can let go of it because I attribute no reality to it except the reality that I have posited in it in order to interfere with the world.

So let us use a Muslim concept there to describe this process. It is called annihilation of self. The number six is the symbol in the Bible of the Beast, that means the nationalist state, and of man, the individual. They both have the same number, six and they repeat the six three times, six, six, six, because you have here a precipitation into existence of thought, here a precipitation into feeling, here a precipitation into will, so you have three sixes. Now, when you wind in in that way, six, and then another six, and then another six, you have posited from an absolute act of free will, a governing concept and then pressed into it to make a physical representation of it and then you try to push that through time. Simply we could say we could represent it like this, and remember that diagram. Three sixes, one from the infinite comes in, makes the governing concept, there, by an act of will. The governing concept begins to extend itself through time and posits the material body and pushes that body through time. Now the only way we can escape that is by annihilation of the definition that we gave to justify our interference. Omar has it about the “annihilation’s waste” because when we undo this six we come to a condition of nine. Nein, nine, nicht das! We undo the whole definitional structure and then what do we find? We fund that we are an infinite power. We have not ceased to be what we were.

In the first instance we were power. When we press inwards in this way we posited a finite limiting concept by a finiting act of will and then pushed that finiting concept through serial representation into a physical body in the time process. When we come out of it we deliberately undo it, we reverse the process and we make a nine out of a six. Can anybody add up for me? What is nine and six? Nine plus six is what, is it?


Fifteen, what is five and one?


Six. We call that qabalistic reckoning up. The meaning of nine and six is six because the nine is only an inversion of the same energy that posited itself, so that when you have annihilated yourself, you are still there as the author of the self-annihilation and therefore there is an esoteric statement, after annihilation, there is carrying on. It is still you, the same power which having annihilated itself, and remember, ‘self’ is only a definition, having annihilated the definition of self, you are back again in the infinite field of power that made the initial definition of self. So then, if you will, you can make another definition, or, you could stay out of definition. You could remain in the infinite. If you remain in the infinite the Buddhists would call that Nirvana; an Arab would call that Frana. If you realise that the power of your being was the infinite before it made the finiting definition, you recapture the infinity of your creativity in the act of self-annihilation. If we go to the great European mystics we find that they are all saying the same thing. Identically they say you must naught the self, reduce the self to zero. The self they mean is the definitional finited self. You cannot negate the Absolute Power. What you can do is annihilate, nought, bring to zero the definition that you made of your being. But, remember that when you came in as a six, you came in to a dotted situation and all the purposes of total ancestry of the human race are in there and they all, without exception, want their own way.

Track 10

So the moment you think of annihilating yourself, you cause a panic in the little ergons in your being, those little psychosomatic units. They do not want you to annihilate yourself because you, and this is a horrible truth, one of the harsh realities, you are their doorway from infinity into temporal expression. Just imagine every one of those little dots is really a six and only by getting into you as a human being, can it gain full expression, full incarnation in the time matter world. There is no other way.

In the Solar System there is one planet and one only, where human beings live. This is it, the Earth. Once upon a time, symbolically, they said the Earth was the centre of the Solar System, in the Ptolomaic System, and then somebody thought they were wrong. But they were not wrong. What they meant was that the Earth occupies the central dynamic position. They did not think it was static but they taught that because they wanted the people to focus on existence. And, in fact, the Earth has a position in its orbit in the Solar System, so that any other planet other than the Earth is either too near the Sun, like Venus and Mercury, or too far from the Sun, like Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and all beyond. They are either too near, getting too much energy to assimilate or too far away, insufficient energy. So it is only on the Earth, in its orbit, and this is where the error was made about the Ptolemaic interpretation, the Earth is not static, it has an orbit, it is the orbit that is central, not the static Earth because the Earth is not static, in that centrality of orbit is the necessity of the ground of the incarnation of man.

Now man is a very, very peculiar kind of being. He is not like the animals, in spite of the Darwinian evolutionists he has a very peculiar faculty which we do not find in any animal, and that is the capacity for discussing with himself his own origin. He is actually capable of thinking what is the origin of man. A lion, dreaming after a heavy meal, does not think what is the origin of lion as a man does. A snake does not think what is the origin of snake as a man does. It is the human being and no other being that is destined, from the very nature of its medial position within the Solar System, in its central orbit; and the Solar System itself has a similar position in relation to the galactic system that the Earth has in relation to the Solar System, so that man, within the universe is the only being through whom the energies, those primary energy quanta, those ergons, can gain meaningful salvation. And by salvation I mean washing away from all the rubbish that they don’t want. By incarnating in the human being they can gain a kind of expression, a kind of experience that they cannot gain in the life of the animal, or the plant, or the bacterium or the virus or whatever it is. It is only in the human being that these psychosomatic entities, these ergons can actually complete their evolution.

Now you all know that New Testament statement, “The whole world groans and travails to be delivered from vanity,” because the whole world is fighting. Fighting itself, fighting other beings in order to find some kind of internal stability, some kind of peace, a centre from which it can go forth to creative activity. But, there is only one being in which this process can be carried to its full term and that is a human being. So, the human being represents exactly what is signified in that New Testament statement, “The Son of Man.”

Track 11

The totality of the human race is really one big being, Qabalah calls it Adam Kadmon, the Universal Man. Same thing in the Arabian concept, there is a Universal Man, the same thing in alchemy, the same thing in the esoteric traditions of the West, there is a Universal Man. The totality of all conceivable human beings of past history, present history and future history, in their totality, make up a cosmic human being, and we are little ergons inside this Cosmic Man. And we have exactly the same relationship to that Cosmic Man that every individual cell in our body has to us. The cells swim about in our body and they go about looking for food, and some go around looking for enemy bacterium and gobbling them up, and they are all working very, very busily, and each one thinks it is working only for itself. The phagocyte that gobbles up some bacteria likes eating bacteria, that is its diet. It does not know that the bloodstream in which it is moving is the river of life for the human individual. And the same with every organ in the body. The liver works, the kidneys work, everything works and thinks it is working for itself and it is really working for the individual human being. But the individual human being is likewise working for the Cosmic Man.

Now, inertia means the amount of work put into a thing. Now we have been evolving on this Earth for a number of millions of years during which time the purposes defined by acts of will of our ancestors, the concepts they have generated, the pressing through time to serialise and incarnate those processes, all those are in our bodies now. How does that feel? Can you feel them inside you? Can you feel the arguments that go on? You tell yourself something and a voice inside says, “No, no. Don’t believe that.”

“Why not?”

“Because if you do I cannot do what I want.”

We are full of little impulses and those impulses each has its own purpose and they have deliberately involved themselves in the life of man to get their own way. Now this is called temptation in the religious systems and temptation only means temporal presentation, a presentation in time. You think a certain thought. I will ask you, will you please answer me truthfully, as far as you can, do you believe in God? Any of you?


Do you mean it? Do you believe that He actually knows what you are doing?


Do you really believe it? Do you believe that He can make you do an act that you would define as evil and destructive to you? Why did you not say, “Yes,” immediately?

Because there is something about ‘Free Will’ here.

Aha ha ha, there is a little egotistic thing that wants to have free will.

Not wants to, has got.

Ha, the illusion, the illusion, it has not got anything. You see here is one finger and there is another finger. Now, where the two cross is there a point of intersection?


There isn’t. I did not draw a point of intersection, I drew two lines. The forces that constitute your being, those forces are infinite. They intersect there and you think that where they intersect is an individual with free will. Well it isn’t.

Isn’t it so?

No, it is not an entity at all but you think it is. The reason you think it is is because it is the intention of that infinite field the short term for which is God, intends you to believe that to make you work as if you were a free-will being because it likes to see what free-will beings do with free-will which they think they have got, so that when you say, “My own free will,” the word ‘own’ means owed to the Infinite.

Track 12

You know that the atom, for instance, is practically all space don’t you, and you know that the electron is made of little leptons, even smaller things, yes? And you know that if it exists, it is spinning, yes? And if it is spinning, it is hollow. So the whole thing is hollow. Now that is the Buddhistic idea of the pure void, but you think, because of tension in the feeling of your being, that you exist. It is only tension that makes you think. If I ask Debora there to give you a push, give her a push for me will you Dev, now doesn’t something in your body try to resist it?



The will to stay in being.

No, inertia. The in-working already established of your total ancestry resists, but is that you? Is it? No you don’t, do you see?

Now when you recognise that it isn’t you, never was you and never could be you because the word ‘you’ can strictly apply only to the Infinite Absolute. It doesn’t really apply to you, it is a matter of grace. You are allowed to think that to produce a local tension, to make you do some work on the basis of an illusory idea that you are an individual.

I get tied up.

Good, because you are,aren’t you, because of this mysterious six? You are definitely tied up. Now if anything is happening inside you at the moment in relation to your ideational behaviour, your thinking, if it is as a result of what I am saying to you, have you got control over all the ideational behaviour?


Then you you must also be legion, bound, legion means bound doesn’t it? There is an infinity of little beings inside there and one little tiny group was taught, when you were a little girl to say, “Ghreta.”

A big group.

No, a little one, very little one, very little and it is so tiny, you cling onto it to try to keep it in being. But, the rest of your organism goes on breathing and digesting, desiring and so on and all those things have nothing to do with that little ego that you name as Ghreta. They are quite independent and have no regard for you. They would use a little Ghreta structure and its con-ceit which means conceptualisation, which means grasping at an idea of being, which means grasping at the idea that you would like to intefere with the world, yes? You will admit that you would like to interfere with it?


But the rest of you is saying that it is a jolly good job this creature inside this organism has been trained by her parents to behave like a little monkey called Ghreta because through the inertia of her egotistic identification, she will tend to stay in existence, and as long as she stays in existence there is a possibility that we will get our own way. A little bit of titilation here, a bit of pleasure there, a bit of revenge here, a bit of something doing there all because all because Ghreta has been established as a permanent reference in the body. How does that feel?

Pretty grim, actually.

Pretty grim, like a fairy tale?

Yes, exactly.

Now it is precisely this erroneous idea that there is really a Ghreta being there other than a simple verbal, definitional, rotatory system, precisely this erroneous idea that has to be annihilated.


Because you were, before you were named, before you had that Ghreta concept, you were already a field of sentient power with enough intelligence, thought, feeling and will to seize a fertilised ovum and appropriate it. Yes?


You were living and breathing and kicking. You did not ask your mother if you could kick, did you, when you kicked?


No, I didn’t, and consequently, when you get thrown into the world it is the world’s duty to impose on you a concept that will train you to be a citizen.

Track 13

Now the first birth is called the birth from your mother in a physical body into the time-matter process, and that establishes that you are an egotistic, inefficient, incapable, erroneously structured being called a civilised entity. Now, if you do not destroy the whole concept, you cannot enter the second birth which is a birth through the spirit that says, actually I am no thing as divine. What I really am is a free spiritual will who has been tricked into a definition and who is now about to untrick itself by taking whatever has been accepted as a definition and literally taking it to pieces by an analytical self-examination. Now the whole of the inertia, that is, the established motion pattern of the civilisation in which you were brought up, recorded in your protoplasm, is going to try to stop you doing it. So there is a real battle, it is called the Good Fight isn’t it? It is a good fight because the end of it is free, intelligent response as opposed to a bad fight where you fight to retain egotistical illusions and separativity.

So we see our position is fantastically, unbelievably complex. By means of a simple little name given to us in childhood and made to repeat certain social behaviour patterns, we have come to believe that we have a stable reference centre and that that reference centre is the self. Now even Carl Jung agreed that was not true. The Self is not the same thing as the ego concept but the ego concept has had so much energy pushed into it by the educational, civilising process that there is a tremendous amount of inertia. Because it is not merely your mother and father telling you is it? It is their mother and father, and their mother and father, all the way back to the original ancestor. But your original ancestor is God and He has got all the power, not just some of it.

So, coning in from the Infinite to you, at the point of that cone, you sit there and ordinarily, in society, you are made responsible at the tip of that cone, there, that is said to be ‘responsible.’ You are not taught that you are an Infinite Potential of intelligent free responses are you? Otherwise you might not go to school. I mean children very often would prefer to be other than at school wouldn’t they? And if they were not constrained physically they would not go and then they would never become a beautifully civilised being and establish the commodity production system that needs the raw materials to keep itself going.

So when we come to fight inertias, what are we fighting? We are fighting, literally, Infinite Power. So if we identify with the finite ego structure of being we cannot win. Now if we cannot win and there is a fight, what can we do? The answer is simple, give in. That is a very simple solution, give in. Say to the Infinite Absolute Power that is God, “O.K. God, you posited the word ‘God’ as a shorthand for your vast and possibly inconceivable, ineffable, sentient, magnificent, most exalted,” - you know what oriental literature is like, - you are not allowed to say ‘God’ without saying, “Oh most exalted, oh most Eternal and compassionate God knows what,” you have to say, “Oh, paragraph,” before you are allowed to say, “Can I have a drink, please.” And it takes time. And he has imposed on us as an educational system that, for economy’s sake says, “You say I as if you had one.” Because then I can say, “Ghreta!” And you jump. “You are responsible!” Your correct reply is, “Oh sir, believe me, I am a good pupil, I am not in any way responsible unless you, by your grace, impose responsibility on me, which, considering my non-existence, is hardly fair.” You know.

Now, if you have got that much savvy, He says, “Oh, millions of years I have been waiting for this pupil.” He starts taking care of you, do you know why? Because you are strictly nothing and there is nothing He like better than nothing because nothing, absolutely, is pure free spirit. That is Him, He is No Thing.

Track 14

Now the old Hebrew word there which is borrowed into Arabic from the Old Testament and turned into another word, masleem, which is a Moslem, which is quite simply, in a battle against infinite odds, down tools and offer to work for Him. Yes? Now it is said quite simply in the Old Testament, there are lots of masleem fellows who give in. Mohammed, when he was studying these thoughts said, well that is obviously the most sensible thing to do and we just simply modify it slightly, the muslim, the one who accepts the will of God. He will win the battle. Why? Because, strictly he has recognised his own non-existence. He has annihilated himself and yet, mysteriously, he is still there, by the will of the Absolute who says, “Ghreta, you know you don’t exist. You are a fantasy of divine thought but I like thinking about you my dear, and as long as I like thinking about you, you are going to exist.” And you say, “Yes,I know Lord, you gave given me the power to know that what you are saying isperfectly true. So do something with me, - or don’t, and I accept it.”

Now it is like a very, very good potter who gets a jolly good piece of clay with no odd bits of stone in it that might finish up on the end of a nose and ruin the model. He is very pleased when the clay has the right consistency of body and when it is malleable and, perhaps, if you put it on the wheel, it responds beautifully. So it says very simply in the Book, God says, “If you love me, sincerely, I will love you, specially. I love you any way because love means working for the development of potentialities of being, and I create you in order to work for you, with you, in you, through you, for my sake.” Because everything is for God’s sake, isn’t it? The reason it is for God’s sake is very simple, there is not any other being other than God.

So we have a very simple statement. Wherever there is being it is only God being it; wherever there is power it is only God powering; wherever there is sensitivity it is God being sensitive, and this God is Infinite and the world is a finite structure, and this Infinite God transcends absolutely its own creation and it permeates it and works through it and particularly through the human individual who can comprehend the meaning of what God is saying to the human being, namely, “I have posited you as an instrument through which I can interfere with the world that I make. You are the special agent of God.”

Track 15

Now the inertia of your training and particularly of materialistic training, is that you are just an evolute of senseless matter. The organism is supposed to be matter and the matter is supposed to be atoms, and the atoms are supposed to be senseless. And yet, by their accidental configurations in the form of the human being, through the actual configuration of what we call a nervous system, consciousness mysteriously appears as a by-product of excessive complication, that the whole thing is senseless. That is materialism, that you are an accidental gathering together of senseless particles. That is materialism.

But that is one section of God isn’t it?

But there isn’t anything other than God, so it must be God who posited materialism, so materialism must have a function. A function, do you know what it is?

To make you realise that it isn’t.

That is dialectics.

Yes, quite.

Make you materialistic and get you identified until you get in a real mess, until you actually wish you were not materialistic. Like Bernard Shaw being an atheist all his life until he turns ninety and then he suddenly thinks maybe he was wrong. He is not sure about the gates through which he is about to go, whether he gets to being clobbered for being and idiot or what. So he thinks he will hedge his bets a little bit.

Now materialism, that is, the anti-god, is a definite amount of energy involved in existence. That is inertia of the universe to nail us all down at the materialistic level to teach us that we are impotent. Aren’t we at a lovely point at the moment with ICBMs, icbooms pointed from the U.S.A to Russia and some of them on English soil and pointing everywhere. They are marvellous weapons, and if somebody got nervous and pressed the button, the human race might be annihilated. And do you know thatis actually causing serious thought in politician’s debate, the total idiocy of it. But we cannot get to divine consciousness without going through anti-divine consciousness.

Now the sum total of the derived wisdom of the human race, gathered together in Cosmos from which it is derived is the Omega of the universe. The Alpha is the Infinite itself and the Omega is nothing but that Alpha self-realised in a human being. You gather together the totality of all wisdoms of hermeneutics, of art, religion. philosophy, science, gather them all together inside you and assert them to be the work of the Infinite and we are individual throughput points of the Infinite. And our best thing is to say to the Infinite, “What next?” instead of perpetuating the usual, “I will do something.” If you identify yourself with the finite and say, “I will do something, I will enjoy myself, I will create havoc, I will hi-jack a plane, I will do this and that and the other,” you can only do that if you are allowed to do it to teach some silly ass a lesson. Like in the case of the hi-jackers, didn’t they really upset the governments of the world? They made them think just at the very moment when everything was coming under control, when the top jet set could jump into Concorde and have a quick cocktail in New York and fly over to Tokyo to kiss the girl friend and back to London to sign a contract without interference. But the hi-jackers said, “You could be in trouble!”

Now everything that has happened, including the very worst thing that has ever happened to the human race, is a good thing because of the evolution of consciousness from facing the evil. So, there are no absolute evils. Every evil is a good, disguised. But funnily enough, there are absolute goods. It is a funny kind of dialectical opposition in which the two opposing forces are not equal on the same plane, but it is like saying, “I am like that with my friend, do you see? I am the one underneath, we are friendly.” Now if you know that fact and you know that you are nothing but a nothing, an illusion of an intersection point of forces when reality is infinite forcelessness, and then you really listen inside, and I mean listen inside, inside your head, between your ears, and say, “What next?” And you sincerely listen, you will say something relevant like, “Let us break off now shall we?” Yes?