The text of a talk given at Parklands by Eugene Halliday, Ishval  Audio 98


Track 1

Suggestion that I should talk not about the Armageddon but the Last Judgement, first of all we must say there are many last judgements because we live in a travelling now and at each moment it is the last up to that moment. But before we examine the last judgement we will examine what it means to judge. We will take the word itself, break it down into its prime phonetics, and then define it. Can you keep it in your mind, or would you like me to try to operating this? Is it possible to remember? Must be, because I got a reply that was relevant so the question must have been remembered.


J affirmation, now J and Y and I are represented by the same letter in Hebrew only it just depends how you stress it whether it becomes I, Y or J. If it were mainly I it would mean a point, just a location in space. If you turn it into a Y it means assent to that point, and if you turn it into a J, that means to stress or affirm the assented to point. So J means affirmation of that which is offered. And the next letter, a U means drive power, power to drive so JU means an affirmative, driving power. I don’t have to write that down do I? I can remember it. If I couldn’t remember it I’d write it down so I know what it is I was in danger of forgetting. The letter D means a door and a division. A division, divisiveness, separativity. So the JU affirmative drive power Plus D, division. The affirmative driving power is going to divide sheep from goats, haves from have- nots, hard from soft, beautifuls and uglies, they are going to be divided.

The G means consolidation or earth so it means to affirm divisive power. The divisive power is going to cut the consolidated, symbolised by the earth, into pieces. It is going to find out exactly what constitutes this solid globe, this mass of matter. So division is an analytic process. The E at the end means trine life, triple life, threefold life, a life of force, form, function. So judge means affirmation power, dividing or analysing a consolidated situation, searching for a triple aspected life, a life of thought, of feeling and will, a life of force, form and function. That is the judge. The men part following it means to count and to evaluate and the T at the end means to nail, fixate, crucify. So the judgement finally means –   the crucifixion on an evaluation of the triple life consolidate it, divided or analysed by an affirmative driving power. Now let’s remember that for judgement and then we will examine the nature of Last Judgement.


Track 2

Last says join action to self fixation, LAST. The last is when you bind yourself to a self-situation in which you are prepared to pin yourself, to nail yourself on your own activities. That’s last. So the last judgement is that condition in which a being puts itself, when, by affirmative power it divides or analyses its own substantiality in its triple aspect of force, form, function, or will, idea and activity, and to count it, evaluate it, and then to nail oneself on that so that it is permanently fixated..

Now a lot of people have been very frightened by a last judgement propaganda in sermons and religious and  philosophic speeches. And the first last judgement we will consider is the one that happens to a man who, not consciously going down the road muttering things to himself, judging the world, judging his actions, and judging the actions of the people he knows and he is suddenly hit by a car and he is suddenly hit and instantly killed, right in the middle of his last judgement. And that can happen to anybody. It has happened to a few people I know and one I know, having made a statement of an  attitude towards husband, human society, the world at large, got in the car, got drunk and drove carelessly and killed herself. In the middle of her last judgement she had fixated herself so that dying in that moment, she knew what she was thinking and feeling and willing, in that moment. What her condition was, we haven’t had word yet. But we do know that the judgement that you judge of yourself each moment could be the last if death suddenly comes, if in the middle of your condemnation or assessment of something you are suddenly killed, unexpectedly, that is your last judgement and you are stuck with it at the point of death. Whether after death you are able to re evaluate it or not is a very difficult problem.



We do know that every night when we go to sleep we go through a kind of death process, we lose our individuality in deep, dreamless sleep and our last judgement before falling into deep, dreamless sleep conditions the processes that go on in the unconscious mind, and you may even wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night with a mood that was determined by your last judgement before you fell asleep. And that is why it is quite a good thing to put your self in a good mood before going to sleep. You all know he proverb, “Let not the Sun go down on your wrath”, don’t go to bed in a furious temper. If you do and fall asleep in that condition, the whole chemistry of your body is poisoned by the activities of the mood of that anger. So that is one kind of last judgement, on going to sleep every night, a little death. Becoming unaware of individuality and having had a last assessment of one’s self, friend, acquaintances and the world and that continues through sleep until you are able to wake up and gather yourself together and re-assess the statement you made in the morning. Every day a new Sun. “New every morning is the Sun”, that’s the other half of the same proverb.


Track 3

Now apart from accidental death, and the death you suffer every night by going to sleep, which is an amazing feat of courage, you may have another death. An individual may actually prepare, rehearse and write down his assessment of himself, his friends, acquaintances, people at large, the world and say, “I am going to practise so that when I come to die I am going to have a judgement already formulated that is good for me and for every one I assess. That’s a special kind where you consciously sit down and assess life and the world and make up your mind before hand in what condition you are going to be at the moment of death. And you rehearse it so that finally, when you come to die, you remember, and this can be done, and I know people who have done it, who have been able at the moment of death, to gather themselves together and remember their assessment of self, others and the world and then die in that assessment, in being [good enough?]

Now there is also another, that is an individual last judgement, consciously assessed, but there is another kind, a social judgement. This can happen where a group of people, in society, the group may be small or large, but a group analyse their lives together, their history brought to date in a now and then assess their behaviour, their force, form, function, their will, their idea, their activity as a group and they may decide it has been a very good group or they may decide it’s been a waste of time. That last judgement as a group, each one in which all the individual members in discussion, co-operate together to formulate this assessment. Now we will say that is for a small social group or a large one but not the whole of humanity.

Now another judgement is when the whole human race decides to judge, to asses itself, “Is it worth it”? I have recently heard people say, “If that’s the human race, I want no part of it”. They have been listening to news, they have heard a profound statement by a gentleman of royal blood saying precisely because he had no experience of it, he can give an unbiased judgement. It is possible to be disgusted with humanity as a whole and not be able to account for its behaviour over the record of six thousand years of its history. That would be a world assessment by human beings, influence each other’s opinions throughout the world. At the moment we haven’t got enough co-ordination of all the nations of the world to make that kind of world judgement.

And then we have another judgement which religious people call the judgement of God, where not the total human race, but the source Power that created that race, assessing the value of having created it. The value of the created  human race as a whole and this also as a final phase, a Last Judgement, was the human race worth it? At the time of Noah, God decided to wipe away all the wickeds by a flood. His Last Judgement was they deserve drowning except for a very small number, Noah and his family. And then the great flood and millions of people drowned, and very, very few were saved. That is the Judgement of God. And afterwards, then the flood had subsided and people began to operate again,  then God said, “That flood was  a waste of time it has not reformed them,  I will no more flood me the Earth, it is no good We cannot cure the human race by destructive activity aimed against that body”.  And a negro preacher once said in my presence and he said in Liverpool, “When God flooded the Earth, men did not reform and he saw that there was no evil that they would not shrink from, and He said, I will no more flood me the Earth, next time, the fire”.

Now fire has always been the symbol of an energy that reduces all matter to heat and then to light and disperses it. So the statement I will finally set fire, Jesus says the same thing, Fire, “I will bring fire”. What to you if it already be kindled”? The fire is already operative in revolutions, in inter-state wars. It will grow, it will get bigger and bigger and finally there will be a terrific conflagration and everything will be purged, the word PUR in purged  means fire, everything will be purified by burning it, everything will be reduced to primary energy and all the wicked forms will be burnt out.  That is the Last Judgement of God. And that one has been used as a very, very frightening concept, especially in the West for a long time.

Track 4

But there is another view of the world in which last judgement signifies something different. In Hindu Philosophy and in oriental philosophies like Buddhism and derivatives, you have a situation where the Universe is conceived to alternate between periods of expression and periods of latency or rest. In modern scientific parlance you could say periods of expression are ec-tropic and turned out, and periods in which they are latent are entropic, turned in. You can turn out into the world, assess everything you see, relate to it, go out hit it, stroke it, kick it, smile at it, say nice words, horrid words, all those things are ectropic. There is an ectropic phase followed by an entropic phase, in which whatever you have done, then you meditate internally on that thing,  and you arrive at an assessment in your entropic state. That is like the pralaya of Hinduism, a flat levelling out, manifestation ceases, manifestation ceases                                      and there is a level of flat energy. That is a laya state, LAYA. It is laying down, but it is not doing nothing. What it is doing is contemplating all its actions and the fruits of those actions and deciding where it went wrong and where it might have modified, and then, after a period in this entropic state it decides to start again a period of manifestation. ectropic. It then sets off a new world on the basis of its last judgement from the old world. The old world is a world that was before the present world, and implies there has been a holistic evaluation.   When we say OLD if we put H before the OL, drop the D, hol, it is a primitive word meaning the whole. We put a W in front of the HOL and add the E. Whole means oppositional  power, a unity  and the binding of that unity in a triple manner. Again think, feel , will, the totality.


So at the end of a period of universal manifestation there is a judgement of the meaning of all that activity, and that is he last judgement for that cycle. There is no final, final judgement beyond which there is no more judgement, there is only a final judgement up to the end of a period of manifestation.                   It is exactly like when you go to sleep at night  an you survey, if you are not too tired, the meaning of your daily activities on that day, possibly even on the week, but you evaluate it before you go to sleep,           you judge it, that is your last judgement for that day. And when you are asleep you go through a dream phase and then into a very deep dreamless phase, and then in that phase which is entirely entropic, you decide how to lead tomorrow’s life, how to lead future life. You do that in a state of deep, dreamless sleep. It is like shuffling cards about by feeling instead of visual sensation.                                   


Which is the more comfortable this oriental concept from India of an endless cycle of worlds in which there is manifestation, assessment, sleep, and in the sleep a re-arrangement, preparation for another period of manifestation. In that way you have an infinity of possibilities of reform. Now that was the current belief before Christianity in the Middle East and in the Far East. Everybody believed that the Universe wound in and then wound out, it manifested and then withdrew and you would have an infinity of possibilities of reformation.


Now it was found that when people believed this two things happened to them. One was they stopped making efforts to improve and said I will reform next time round, like St Augustine, That was a very, very dangerous thing, and the other was they became terribly frightened about what was happening when they are deeply asleep and do not consciously, individually know what they are doing, how do they know individually whether the decision made in a deep dreamless sleep is going to be acceptable to them when they wake up. So that is a very frightening thought too isn’t it, that you may go to sleep, go through the dream into a state that as an individual you know nothing about, but you are not doing nothing, you are re-arranging your life so that when. you wake up certain things are going to be attracted to you? You can call that destiny or fate, or karma, they are going to be attracted you, because you decided that they would be and you decided in a state of individual unconsciousness, so that you don’t know what you have decided. Imagine you decided that you have been so naughty it is time for you to lose your job and wake up, or you have been so good that you deserve to be deprived of rewards to make quite sure that you did the good for the good and not for the reward.


Track 5

Now this kind of process goes on in all human minds every night. How do we feel about that? The last judgement we make is tremendously important.  A Russian or American missile accidentally triggered, if you believe in accidents, which I don’t, triggered, might suddenly kill all of us immediately. What are we doing, what is our assessment of our situation, now? Is it such that we can afford to have that assessment at the moment of annihilation of our body and we be thrown into a state like deep, dreamless sleep, where the last judgement we made before death is now operative without our individual awareness. How does that feel, comfortable, when you might be making terrible decisions to lead yourself into terrible troubles?    You know in the Lord’s there is a very difficult little bit so it is generally avoided by the, as Abel discovered, the word, that cleristy, the members of the church teaching come across a little difficult passage. The prayer is being saying to God, it is a prayer to God and yet is says, “Lead us not into temptation”. As if God would lead creatures into temptation. It is a very worrying line. Have you thought about that line? You say to God, “Please God, Thou ultimate good, Thou all compassionate, don’t get me in a mess, I think I am good enough already not to need it. Isn’t that a very difficult line? Have you thought about it?


I heard a very good  nnnyeh Possibly we have got a Russian spy amongst us  leaving niet on it,  the fact that we judge all the time in our waking life. We judge our own actions for efficiency, inefficiency, pleasure content, pain content, and we judge the activities of other people in the light of our personal principles, and we do this all the time, generally unconsciously, but we pay the price of those judgements, and every night, when we go to sleep, the judgements we have made add up to a pattern and that pattern determines our future. When we wake the next day we will do things, feel, think, speak because of our individually unconscious decisions made in deep, dreamless sleep. I think that is a very nerve wracking thought if you have nerves. If you had no nerves it wouldn’t but unfortunately living human beings and animal beings have nerves. They can sense through the nerves, things that are being laid down by judgement. You know, judgement, like prophecy, precipitates events.  “Judge not lest ye be judged”.  If you judge, you put your mind in a certain frame and that frame of mind will determine your next attitude, your next activity,  and the excuse for the activity of other people.

The Last Judgement, the judgement of the last, LAST, we bind ourselves actively to self-crucifixion by the judgement we make. Now really can we afford? A young man said to me today, “I want to be able to live my life always telling the truth. Always to tell the truth. And I said, “Do you know it”? Now he never thought whether he knew it or not, but he was determined to tell it.  His self- assessment up to date had been “I want to tell the truth to everybody” ,   so I gave him a few little test questions of situations in which he might say something and note the reaction of the people to what he said and of course it is a good reaction.  Sadly he shook his head, sometimes when you tell the truth people don’t like it. Should you tell it? Supposing a person in a terminal illness doesn’t understand their own degree of neurological balance and they say to the doctor, “Tell me, am I now at death’s door?” and if the doc says yes they probably die there and then. Or if he says, “Yes” they may say “Hmmm, what does he think he is God? He knows when I am going to die”,  and they get better out of sheer awkwardness. That does happen you know. I’ve known many cases of this. “I was told I was in a terminal state and his arrogance annoyed me, so do you know what I did?” I started doing the exercises which the nurses came round every morning to make me do, which I refused to do on principle. So from that moment I wiggled my toes. My circulation increased, my ankles became less congested, I thought that feels a bit better, I’ll do it with my knees.  So I wiggled my knees and my hips, my lower abdomen and I began to feel better. Then I suddenly realised I could really annoy this doc by improving, beyond expectation”. And then, a fortnight later he gets out of bed and says to the doc, “Heh”. He had been practising that under the bedclothes all night.   I am not telling you fabrications I’m telling you these things I actually know about. So your last judgement, if voiced to someone else might provoke them into a reaction which you might have to put up with.


I know a fellow, he has got a grandmother, she is quite young, she is only ninety three at the moment      and he said to her, she wasn’t looking very well. He was hoping she wasn’t very well. She said, “You are not going to get what you are expecting, I am going to outlive you, in principle”.  It is a matter of will.

When you make a judgement you don’t make it in a vacuum,  you make it in the field of the Universe, and the Universal power reacts to your judgement. We are not alone. Now most people, when  identified with the empirical, egoic self, finite, they believe, erroneously, that it is insulated, that they have information there that they  can make judgements and assess and no one knows about it. It is not true When you go into a deep dreamless sleep do you know you exchange information with other deep dreamless sleepers and you are continuously, through the universal field of sentient power passing information to your enemies and misinformation to your supporters so that you will really have a problem worth working on? So judgement itself is very dangerous and the Last Judgement, the one you are caught with at death, is very, very dangerous. How do you know, if you cannot go to sleep consciously and in the dream have perfect self-control, how many have that? How many, when they go into a dream, have perfect reflection and can dream what they will dream and control it? How many do that? Not many. And then going into dreamless sleep where there is no consciousness of individuality at all and in that deep, dreamless sleep there is a plot, not only of an individual but of the totality of all individuals in the total Universe, and they are swapping information with each other, like a wonderful, international espionage system, where everybody is a triple agent for everybody else.


Track 6

I rather like that idea.

Who does?

I do.

Do you? Why?

Well, seems more sensible.

Seems more sensible.  I would have thought it was all sensible. What is more sensible about that?

Well, when we are awake we are trying to keep secrets aren’t we and so we act accordingly.

Hmmmm, and when you are asleep you are giving them away.

Yes, we are, but we don’t think we are.

 But when you are awake, don’t you try to keep more secrets, knowing that when you go to asleep you     will give them away?  

I hadn’t thought about it like that.

Well will you start thinking about it?


During the day normally, for business reasons, secrets are kept. If you are in business and you have a rival, you don’t tell your rival where you buy from and at what price, or your anticipated market, you keep it a secret. That is business. You can’t conduct a business, say they, without doing it. I think it is possible to do it. I think it is possible to tell all your rivals exactly what you are going to do, and still live, but not in that business. What it means is you change your business, instead of being in a lower level business you go for a higher one. Every time you give away all your information, they are so grateful, a message goes through the Field, “This fellow deserves promotion”, and he goes up. This is called ascending the scala perfectionis. You are rising all the time in efficiency, and right at the top, at the level of pure spirit, you are in business called God’s Business, busy about my Father’s business.  Now there is no business like show business at that level because that’s universal, and you have the Absolute backing of the Absolute, and therefore you must succeed at that level because you have told the truth at lower levels and as a result, lost your business. But you haven’t lost your intelligence.


Your intelligence is always providing you with a better business, a cleaner business. A man might be working in a very naughty, horrible business at the very bottom of the social scale and then he might think, “I don’t like this dirty business. I am going to tell all my rivals how to put me out of business by telling them where I buy and where I sell”, until he is thrown out of business. He is put onto social security. And then, with the amount of money which he gets from that, which is equivalent to the money he was getting when he worked, he starts a new business, but this time not in the sewer, this time he is a road sweeper. Each time he does this he goes up and up and up and up and right at the top there is a pure business called the business of pure spirit. You don’t get paid any money for it, you don’t need any money for it.   


Track 7

But isn’t that the state that when you are classifying as in your sleep?

Yes but is the state that in your waking state you are trying to dodge.

Yes, well that’s why I say that the other state is better.

Until you give up the waking state process of secrecy because you know the other one is better.

Well you should do.

Oh, should, yes should, must and ought.

Well it is a good idea to keep in mind isn’t it?

How about an idea on which to act.

Pardon! Well I haven’t got all that many secrets that I want to keep so I won’t be a big job.

Well, as long as you have this little proviso, a good idea about which to think, you won’t do it.

Why not.

Because you have said…

It is something I’ve meant to do.

It is a good idea to think about doing it

No to do it.

But the actual doing of it…


 The actual doing of it?


So you tell the truth.

That means you remember it all the time.

Ah, but do you tell it?

Yes, If you have to. Well you do what they do in your sleep don’t you, you don’t make a mental decision about it

Don’t you?

To me it seems like being on centre

Like being off centre?

On centre

On centrte, When you are on centre do you tell the truth?

One never is…

Have you ever been on it?

I’d like to think you would.

What for? Could you tell it straight or in parable?

Well you would tell it in parable if you are having to tell it straight and you would have to choose wouldn’t you?

Well how would you know whether to tell naked truth or parabolic truth?

Well if you were on centre you would, but we are not on centre are we?

That is always a very individual thing and in an individual instant. There is time, travelling through now and you are always now, but you choose now whether it is time to tell the truth and whether straight or parabolic.

We think that we do choose.

I know you choose, yes? you can’t not choose.   

But not consciously so you don’t.

If you are not….

So you don’t.

If you are not conscious and you are not quick enough, it means you are not interested enough. Consciousness is a matter of interest, quickness is a matter of interest, so if you are interested enough you will be conscious and quick.

Yes and you will be on centre, not pulled off it.

Yes, yes. If you are quick enough, conscious enough you will be producing the correct response. Having said that, every individual has to say, truthfully, internally, whether or not, in a given now, an instant, there is that kind of quickness that kind of clarity that knows what is to be said, because there is convergence and consciousness and the will to do the universal true thing. It is called an ideal condition.


How many people try to make that ideal condition in daily life or how many think, maybe, later, when I have learned more and made myself more secure, then I will be able to afford to make this true statement?   

So  you must bet astute …  

Why do you say that m..?

Or you wouldn’t be able to think about it would you, or feel about it?

Well you could think about it so there is only one doing it. Iit needn’t be a few, one would be enough providing the one was a whole one.

So then there must be three in the one or a now in the middle one.

Right somewhere, your soul, your sentience your sentient power, remembers wholeness and knows it is not in that state now.  That is called The Fall. There is an awareness of the wholeness of all being, all life, all worlds, they are all the same. They are the Supreme One, and you remember it and that is called conscience, it niggles you when you do something inefficient or wrong, it doesn’t let you be quiet because you remember wholeness is the primary experience of all beings. Now when you’ve made that statement, that is the last judgement, can you go further than that? Is there another judgement beyond that? Either reality is related absolutely through all beings or not?

You mean after you have made the judgement  you have assumed?

Mmmm,. Well let me put it to you,

Well then you would have to decide and say, well that is what you would do.  

Ahmm, let me put it to you.  Do you believe in the absolute inter-relation of all beings and no insulation possibilities at the top level? 

I don’t understand that.

You can’t insulate one thing from another because it is a continuum.

Yes I am into that.

So there is no possibility of keeping a secret.


It‘s bound to leak somewhere. Now do you believe that?


Right, then you have to make a judgement, On that basis do you live your life as if that is true or was it so unpleasant you will deny it and say I do not believe that that communication occurs and I believe that individuals are insulated and I can keep my secrets and never be found out.

No I don’t believe that.

Well then you have made the judgement that you believe in the Absolute inter-penetration of all beings

Then you must feel very uncomfortable every time you don’t act on that belief.

Yes we are….[Break in the tape}.


Track 8

So you have got the conscience, con science means the totality of your knowledge. Now do you like being uncomfortable?


Why not? Consid…..

I could say yes-no couldn’t I? I could say No I don’t like the feeling but yes because it makes me remember it all the better.

Right now take sides, this is another judgement. You don’t like the feeling but you know that the feeling leads you to a higher level and that you will suffer painfully, physically, psychologically, spiritually until you go to a higher level. And you make a judgement, the last judgement you make is this, as from now here, tonight, in here, you will make a super effort to act always in this non-dualistic, non-pluralistic,   non- insulating type of activity. Do you make that decision?


Well if you can remember that you are immediately perfected. Now for how long can you remember it?

I can remember it but how long before I fall by the wayside again?

Why do you fall? I used to have jokes, I used to have jokes, I used to have jokes with you about this when you used to trip up occasionally and you used to blame me.

Well yes, I don’t blame you now after all that time.

Yes, you used to say it was because you were looking at me. But I observed that when you walked you didn’t walk with the feet on parallel lines, you always walked with one forward and the other behind, like that. That is why you tripped up. Now what was the psychological meaning of that? You put your right foot forward, that’s your will and the idea goes behind it and catches it and you fall. And you get a new idea, truth, you put your left foot forward and the will goes behind and you trip up. And that was because at a certain level of awareness you knew very well that if you walked parallel like that, you would get there.

What?    .             

I’d have missed a few lessons.

That’s right, you would have missed a few lessons like St Augustine.

And I wouldn’t have to have had so much compassion, probably.



And you would have been like that horrible son who never went out, the brother of the prodigal that did go out, who because he never went out, had no experience and when the prodigal came home, he complained. He had had his share. Why? What was to kill a fatted calf for him, he had been paid already. 

So all your sins and self- trippings are merely to give you compassion, yes? Now can you make a judgement like this, if that is all I am learning, compassion, I’ll have it now and then I won’t need any further lessons will I?

Are some people conscious in this deep ,dreamless sleep that brings with this knowledge of it, like the rest of us?

Some… formulate the idea of the affirmative?

Hmm, mmm there is a level which is not egoic consciousness. It is called super-consciousness or universal consciousness and it knows everything that everybody is doing all the time, it never goes to sleep. You know in theology you get this idea that God is eternally awake. The field of Power, Sentient Power, is itself ever aware. It has no need to sleep. Do you know what sleep is for? Assimilating a lesson that you didn’t assimilate when you were awake. People lead their lives daily and they don’t take much notice of the lesson that is there do they? They are too busy, aren’t they?

Maybe a man comes to the door, He likes the look of your garden or your house, he thinks, “This is a good one”, [knock, knock,  knock,] Madam I am a Buddhist beggar, I am so poor I can’t even afford saffron robes so I come in an ordinary civilised suit which I got from Oxfam, but really I am  a Buddhist beggar. Now do you say, “Is this a con trick” or do you give him something? And you have to assess then and there don’t you? And if you don’t,   you say, “Oh I can’t be bothered with that. I’m very, very busy. As a matter of fact I am weeding in the garden at the moment and I saw two slugs going towards my lettuces. So if you will exc.. Goodbye, and perhaps some other day”, and you go and remove the snails that were about to eat the lettuces and you pull up a few weeds, but you actually did not learn the lesson then and there.


And it comes back.

So when you go to sleep you have to reassess it and we are doing this all the time. We have no time to deal with the problem that is here with us. We are too busy fighting for what we want

Are you saying in this case then that if one was able to asses the lesson during waking hours this would be not necessary?

Mmmm. Now we said before that the Universe itself is put to sleep, periodically, alternating with periods of manifestation.  God lets the Universe go to sleep for the sake of the people that are fed up with the lessons that accumulated which they can’t deal with. Throughout the day how many times are we put under test and we are too busy to deal with it?

Oh no.

And they add up and if you get a great pile of them we can go to bed and sleep like a log, and we are terribly busy. But if we practise and solve every problem   then in sleep time we reduce the need to re-examine it. But that requires very sharp alertness during waking time.

It often happens, before you go to sleep, you get yourself together and say like tomorrow I will be better and do this, that and the other and be more disciplined etcetera, go to sleep and wake up and feel absolutely terrible Is it that the unconscious is there, working against the ego or…?

MMMM Remember what we said about the Lord’s Prayer? “Lead us not into temptation” which ordinarily, when you go to sleep at night are preceded by a reformation promise, it is because you have been in trouble during the day. You are not trying to evolve; you are trying to dodge trouble. And your higher self says “Aha, you want to dodge that trouble, I’ll give you another one.”

But how does that relate to the last judgement because you are going to be positive about what you are going to do the next day.

You said “positive”.


That means you posited something that pleased you, but what you actually posited was, I will so behave tomorrow I’ll have no further trouble tomorrow. Trouble is what I do want so I posit “No trouble”. And I call that the reformation.

So then what happens of you die in that time when you posited that 


…As a last judgement if that has been your judgement.

Well you are still struggling in the dream and you haven’t enough control have you? That is how it would say, in oriental philosophies like Buddhism, if you die in a state of unresolved judgement, you spend perhaps thousands of years, dodging the judgement.

So what is that when w you go to sleep?

The prayer is being saying to God, it is a prayer to God and yet is says, “Lead us not into temptation”. As if God would lead creatures into temptation. It is a very worrying line. Have you thought about that line? You say to God, “Please God, Thou ultimate good, Thou all compassionate, don’t get me in a mess, I think I am good enough already not to need it. Isn’t that a very difficult line? Have you thought about it? Track 9

So he wants light on the ground where your foot is, not over there. Most people like a very long shining light up there, just one foot at a time. If you were a Hindu or Orthodox, when you wake up in the morning, your first thing you have to say to yourself is “I and the Absolute are non-different, yes”? Remind yourself you have a divine origin. You say, “I am Brahman, I am this infinitely extended power that made the Universe but I am in a body, so I put my foot out of the bed like this, and I put it on the ground, right foot please, that means the will, and when it touches the ground I say I will now adjust myself to the material fact, and then get out of bed. And there is an immediate material fact. But you are a married woman, yes?  Supposing like a friend of mine, a vicar in the Isle of Man who went on a holiday and forgot he was married, he went to jail for that you know, say, “I have committed myself to earthly matters. I accept my committal. That is that J, affirm, you know like your name, Joy means JOY, affirm situations assented to. If you assent, then affirm it. If you are not going to affirm it, don’t assent.

How does that feel?

No escape.

You can see how very useful that Lord’s Prayer thing is.  Lead us not into temptation means we know you, High and Mighty, you are fond of prodigals, well I have had enough, I’ve prodigalled enough. And He says, “Who are you to say what is enough? I like funny stories, prodigality provides them, you are not funny enough yet”.

Why do we say it then?

You mean why did Christ tell you to say it? 

I would expect that to be “Lead us into temptation, not”….

Oh no, lead us not,   you see Jesus is a super psychologist. You know if…

It is, “ but deliver us from evil”.

You get a dictionary of, what do they call them, phone books, classified, look under psychiatrists and look how many, look how many Jewish names there are, you see, they are good psychologists already. Do you know why?


Because they had to spread out for three thousand years, learning among foreigners and when they finally get back, if you like to go to Jerusalem, or some big city in Israel,  and you go down a road and you see a little brass plate and it says so and so PHD, psychiatrist, and you look at the next one and there is the same plate but a different name, and you look at the next,  and there is the same plate but a different name, and do you know the man who makes those plates has a very good business, because he has them all stamped out, except for the name, waiting for the next immigrant, see. And Jesus was Jewish, and, funnily enough, God is Jewish too, because the name Jahweh is a Jewish name and the word Jew is made of the first three letters of God’s name and the fourth letter refers to Infinity. JEU in English JEW, yes, means Jahweh, and the terminal letter, which is a Hé, which means life, is Infinite, as is a Jew.

Now, if you know that you are not surprised if he bends the advice a bit.

Oh no, not a bit, not surprised.

So He says, did you say, “Why did he do it that way” ?                      

Yes it  does, it puzzles me.

Now if you are not surprised why are you puzzled?

If what?

If you are not surprised, why are you puzzled?

That was a good one.

He is a fellow that gives good advice. Suppose he said to you now, when you pray to God, pray like this. “Oh God, lead me into temptation”. Do you know what is the first thing you do? [Traduce  somebody else’s phone,],

You are already biased towards certain activities, you would have license. So you say, “Lead us not”, and that reminds you, because you are always falling asleep, there is temptation, so you go on guard. Do you know what happens when you go on guard? You get tired and you forget. And you fall because you are on guard. That is Jewish. Didn’t God do it on Adam and Eve in the same way, see?


See, there is a nice garden, in the middle the Tree of Life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You can eat everything but that one. Curiously if He hadn’t have mentioned it they would never have got round to that one.

They never knew it.

Never seen it.


Track 10

Have you noticed if you get mediaeval paintings of Adam and Eve in the Garden before the Fall, they have got no navels?

They haven’t?

Have you noticed?


Well look. If it is before the Fall, because they haven’t started extroverting their love life, and the word ‘navel’ means ‘Snake veil’, something to hide. Did God put the snake in the Garden?

Sorry, no.        

He didn’t did He, hold himself responsible for the presence of the snake which is a tempting? Well then whose problem was it they fell?  Not God’s, because He didn’t fall.

Can we not say both because they are also God?



God as God does not make mistakes. He…

No, God as man makes mistakes. 

God as man makes mistakes, by identifying with the finite condition of man, but that is not God.          Even the Bishop of Durham, because he knows that God is being the Bishop of Durham in the place where the Bishop of Durham is.

Has God made a deliberate mistake?

He can’t, nobody can make a deliberate mistake. They can do a wrong act, deliberately, but it would not be a mistake. A mistake, by definition is an error of judgement. You can’t do it deliberately.


Now how important is this judgement, the last one we make either before we accidentally get killed, for those who believe in accidents, or the one we formulate…… It is a rather frightening thing this question of the Last Judgement, I think I will write a note about it and put it up in the kitchen and I will read it every day. Birds in their little nests agree, I’ll put it over the sink and I will read it every day. Do you? Or because it is there do you not read it?

Because it is there you don’t read it.   

You don’t need to do you? It is there in case you want to.


Now it says the serpent in the Garden of Eden is the most subtle of all the beasts. It is smarter than anybody. That is because it is the personification of pure sensuality. Now there is nothing finer in sensitivity than sensuousness, only the intellect blunts the edges on it There have been estimates about its relative speed,, there have been experiments, electrically, with instruments and someone has come up with the statement that the sensuous judgement is thirty thousand times quicker than an intellectual assessment .


Milton said that God said that the angels, or the higher angels went off guard when the serpent was going to come in, when the Devil was changing into the serpent,t and He put lesser angels of who wouldn’t recognize him.

Who did that?

I don’t know, that is what Milton said. Michael and Raphael and the other archangels taken off, …lesser angels that wouldn’t recognize the Devil.

Who had the authority to put inferior angels on the job?

Well, God I suppose.


That is what Milton says.

Well who had the authority to put inferior angels on the job?

So it was especially sent for us.

 Another take, even before Adam and Eve. You get that in the Koran where it says very clearly that when man was made, God said to all the angels, “Bow down and worship this creature that I have made”, and they all bowed down except one, Iblis, Satan, and raised the problem, why didn’t he bow down, God is omnipotent?  Could have made him bow down. And the answer is, God made him not bow down so that Adam would not be conceited. If all the angels bowed down without an exception, Adam would have through he was a super creature. So you must have a dissenter, even only one, to make rude gestures to you in your perfection, otherwise you are in danger of total absorption in egotistic self-imagery


Where does that come in, the angels bow down to man?

In the Koran .

In the Koran.


There is a very, very nice description of that, you see because man has no weapons, like tigers, no long talons, no big teeth, no horns, he is very weak, the most vulnerable, therefore he has to be given intelligence, how to use instruments without growing them. If you want to pinch, make a pair of pincers, when not in use put them in the tool draw. If you want to fly make an aeroplane, when not in use put it in the hangar. You don’t want to go shopping with wings, you knock things off the shelf!


I heard,  did anyone see that wonderful Blues programme last night going on to one thirty. Did any of you see it? Do you remember a lovely song, it was my favourite of the evening. You know Blues is all about misery, personal suffering, and this fellow sang a marvellous song, “I’ve got the blues so much I’m gonna to die, I’m gonna to die, or go shopping.”    I’m gonna to die, or go shopping, I haven’t made my mind up yet. That is so human you know.

But what is he going shopping for?

Do you know I know a fellow who went to drown himself in the bath, really. He was so depressed he went in the bath, he filled it right up, and it was going out of the drain hole at the top. So he got some plasticine and bunged it up until it was overflowing. And then he got in it with two bricks. No, I’m not joking, and he held the bricks on his face to lie underneath the water and then his brain began to work. He steadied his will and he was thinking this, which he confessed to me afterwards, “Is the water flowing fast enough over the edge of the bath to go under the door and down the passage and let the wife know”? And he wasn’t sure and he had to get up. And when he got up, his enthusiasm had gone. So he took out the plasticine so she wouldn’t know, and he let the water out, and he dried all the bathroom floor in case she shouted for his carelessness.

Now isn’t that human?  So isn’t Last Judgement stuff wonderfully interesting? Thrilling stuff really. Will it alert us?

I said the other day, in fact, was it Friday Zeta? Now write this thing out for me, which she did. She has been doing calligraphy, you know, and she is very good at it now, apart from her other talents, if you want anything writing beautifully, just go to Zeta, she’ll find the time when she is not weeding, to do it for you. And she brought this beautifully lettered statement. It says, “If God can do it, I can do it.” Good? “But he has got to be in my position when He does it, otherwise it is not fair play”.