The Peril of Great Price


The text of a talk given at Parklands by Eugene Halliday Ishval Audio 103


Tonight we are going to talk about... What are we going to talk about David?

D.M. The Peril of Great Price.

E.H The Peril of Great Price. It begins with a quote, so much shortened, about a poor thing but mine own. An oyster, highly undesirable in itself and with a pearl hidden in it.. How many oyster swallowers are there here tonight? Aha. How do you deal with an oyster? What do you do with it? Do you chew it?

Chew it and swallow it.

Chew it? What school did you go to? (laughter)

Swallow it.But that was years ago.

 You mean in the days when tradition still existed.

This is terribly important, because in the Ancient World, oyster meant woman and chewing a woman is a waste of time. (laughter). What it meant was do not waste time putting teeth into it. Teeth means analytical judgements. Dents, analytical judgements are symbolised by teeth and to try to analyse a woman is a total waste of time. What you have to do is have nothing to do with them, or, if you do, swallow it whole, don’t bite it, the days of biting should finish by the time you have ended your first year.. I don’t mean in courtship.

 So the oyster is a very ancient joke about the woman of herself. I’ll ask you oyster experts about the anatomy of the oyster. How much structure has it got?

Very little.

Very little, that will do, very little. How much structure has a woman got? (laughter) very little? Well actually they are not committed to it, not to structure. Structure is pronounced with an umlaut on the U like [stricture] Any structure is a stricture on the aesthetic sense. And you know that women can feel in a far more sensitive manner than a man can because a man has hardened his intellect so much that he has destroyed most of his sensitivity. So the woman, symbolised by the oyster is a soft bodied thing with a hard case around it. The hard case is a defence that any woman has against external structure.


Imagine ther is a structure called Universal Logic outside the oyster shell, inside is a very soft, sensitive being actually able to sense changes in moon phases. Do you know that many marine creatures come up to greet the moon, just before the full and they stay up there until it wanes and then they go down? They are actually so sensitive that when they are in the depth of the ocean they know when the moon is coming up and they go up to meet it. And when they have said, “Hello”, fotr a couple of days, they go down again. And women are like that. They are very sensitive to a universal force field tat they arre   hard, or case hardened against external imposition of strict logic.


Now this very same thing, the oyster, so soft, can make a marvellous [meatable] hard, near spiritual thing we call a pearl and that pearl is a product of irritation. This means that if a man has got a woman

Or an oyster, and he inserts into it an irritant which is a hard point and well defined form, the oyster who hates it so much, because it is formal restriction, will surround it with a secretion and turn that little irritant into a pearl. So that if a man owns a woman and knows how to irritate her she will produce a pearl of great price.


Now the art of irritating a woman is rather more subtle than irritating an oyster. In an oyster you just you just go down wait until its mouth opens and pop a little grain of irritant sand or some other minute thing. With a woman it is very difficult to find out what will irritate her and what won’t so you have to be terribly alert and study her most carefully to find out what is most irritating to her.


[Take] that knowledge of space, time. Power, associations, form, sequences, place, emotive tone and if you manage to find out the art of irritating woman she will come out with wonderful wisdom. . It is this wisdom that is symbolised by the pearl.


You notice the word ‘pearl’, it is a word with PL which means Pi Law or reason, with an ear, listening between the P and the L. Now that ear is sensitivity to cosmic sound, the shabda of Hindu Philosophy. To be very sensitive to sound is a remarkable gift to woman, not so common in men because they tend to defend themselves against what they believe is the non-rational statement of the woman. So they shut their ears to what they believe are non-rational statements. So women are not irrational, irrational means bad reason. Women are non-rational, not irrational They do not commit themselves to obey the strictures of logic.


 Now it is a very great errorist game of stimulating the oyster or the woman because it is quite unpredictable by the reason. It is a marvellous study, the basis of which is treated in Hindu Philosophy very thoroughly, but unfortunately – fortunately very symbolically, so it is almost incomprehensible to undo the symbolism. But we will try to do that a little.


The Universe itself is known only to knowers, that is to say consciousness is that in which reality is known. Everything you do is in your consciousness. What is not in your consciousness you do not know.


Yesterday I was talking to a very intelligent fellow about this and I asked him if he was aware that he had a body. And he said, “Yes, when I focus on it.” Was he aware of the chair? “Yes, when I focus on it.” Was he aware of the Sun about ninety three million miles away? “Yes, when I focus on it.” Is that knowledge in consciousness or not? Yes when you focus on it. So focus is tremendously important. There is consciousness which is an infinite field and there is focus within it. And the word is fo, FO which is short for force and ‘cus’ which is from the Latin word meaning to strike, so focus means ‘strike’. And when you have within your Infinite Field of awareness a sudden grasp like that, that is conceptualisation, the ‘cept’ means catch, capture. You strike it and don’t let it get away, that means focus. If you do not focus, you do not know.


Now a very interesting word, vidya, which means knowledge with an A, privative in front of it, avidya, means not knowledge. But the knowledge is the impediment to the not-knowledge. That is to say that when you know a particular thing you have excluded from consciousness, by your focus all that you haven’t bothered to focus upon. So if you focus upon any finite, you unfocus upon the Infinite. Now the Infinite itself is called omniscient, it knows all there is to be known but only if you de-focus from a finite.


Now the whole art of meditation consists in expansion of focus. Contemplation is higher than meditation because it grasps the whole reality and remember the whole of reality is very big and if a person is used to only finite focussing on minutes, little things, and it has taken those things out of their cosmic context and made them private, private. To have a private thought is to be private of other thoughts not included in the definition of the private.


Now the whole of attempts to meditate, contemplate gain the condition called Samahdi, which means the original seed of being, and t expand consciousness because when you expand consciousness you also expand power to be. Consciousness and power are fundamentally identical. The word for consciousness in Hindu philosophy has a god personified is Shiva, and the word for power is shakti, and power is feminine and consciousness is masculine. This is tremendously important for the relation between males and females. The male, through condensing himself, focussing on ideas, has forgotten that ideas are actually power. How many of the men here, when they think, actually think that they are handling power? Or do they think they are handling ideas which are not power.


What do you say Eric? When you think do you think you are handling power?

Eric: I am conscious that it is power that is being dealt with.

Can you control it as power or are you dependent upon the idea?

Eric: It is not the way with me. Sometimes I am captured by the idea and then I forget it is power I am dealing with.

When you are captured by the idea, idea is Greek for form, you are trapped in identification with the form and every form is under the law proper to that form. Like a triangle has a law of three sidedness and a square of four. If you identify with the triangle then you can only think of three-sidedness and their relationships and the inside and the outside. And so you cannot adequately think about the meaning of square if you are identified with triangle. So if you identify with the idea and forget that it is power you are trapped in the form.


I was talking yesterday, a bit about racism and pointed out that racism is not merely on the horizontal plane, it is also vertical. Horizontally you might say there is a black person, a brown person a yellow person, a white person but vertically there is a hierarchy of powers within social divisions and that is also racism. How do we show that? We take an example from India. One upon a time in India there were what we, as Europeans call aborigines. That means people that were there, as far as we know,, from the origin of the country. And those people were smallish, very dark people with frizzy hair. And then there came in through the North West Passage particularly, some other colours yellow, brown and white. You know the Greeks, the Scythians, the Persians and so on, invaded India through the North West Passage. And when they got there they defeated in battle the Aborigines who were dark, and made a class distinction vertically saying the darkies were the ones we defeated. So we put them at the bottom, and the whites who were at the top were the most violent people the earth has ever known, their supreme work of art being the Hiroshima bomb. They did the definitions, it is always the victors that do the defining after a successful war. The definitions are made by the win. And that simply means the definitions are convenient to the winners. It does not mean that the definitions are true.


Now, imagine, in that conquest there arose a division which is called caste system. But the word for caste there, Varna, means colour. So the original division there was a colour one, whites at the top, yellow, browns, black, and the whites who were the most violent, did the defining what was and what was not worth bothering about. So when we think about racism we don’t need to think merely horizontally, we can think vertically in any society. For instance, southerners particularly were more influenced [than northerners] by the Norman Conquerors so a Norman French vocabulary and pronunciation is found south more than in the north. And all that we call four letter words in the North are really Anglo-Saxon, Jute and Danes, not Norman French. The only words they had for the sub-Latin divide, ‘copulate’, was considered to be very low down the scale socially. So if you spoke Anglo-Saxon or any of the North languages during the period of the Norman Conquest, you were definitely low down the scale socially, and again we had a difference of languages and colour tendencies.


So, when we think about this fact, racism is not merely horizontal but also vertical. There is an much enmity between the very, very high white and the bottom black as there is horizontally between the black and the white at the same social level because you can have a black emperor like we had, say Haile Selassi or the one that loved napoleon and became a new black Napoleon in Africa, supported by the French, and then not supported and removed, and now lives quietly somewhere in  France with the remnants of his furniture. But division can occur horizontally or vertically so we must not think about racism merely as the difference of colour on the same level. Within that discrimination there is a vertical difference of power, difference of social levels difference of monetary levels.


Now the perilist thing is to recognise the meaning of HR. The letter H, eighth letter, H means hierarchy and the letter R means discrimination. When you see a simply English word like HOUR, hours it means a division of time but not only time, but of power, why, can somebody tell me why it is a division of power as well as time?

So that it can function within itself.

Well how did the division arise of time into power?

Of time into power?

Of time into power. It is quite simple. In the morning it is colder when the Sun has been away all night it is colder and as the Sun rises up to the zenith, you become aware of its power and you put your edelweiss hat on.


Now the division of the day and the division of the Moon and month and the division of your spring, summer, autumn, winter is a difference of power, not merely of time. In the winter you don’t need to protect yourself too much against sunlight on your head or in your eyes, but in high summer you do. So the word hour means a unit of time and it also means power discrimination.


Now the peril of disclosing the pearl is this. When a person becomes habituated to a certain mode of thought they begin to believe that their habitual thought process is the basis of reality and they cling to that thought process as security and security then takes the form for civilising. They have words which they unconsciously worship or consider to be the basis of their security. If then, a person comes along and utters a word that contradicts the habitual word of a survival pattern of other people, the ones who are contradicted will react and possibly kill the person who introduces that strange word of contradiction. We know this in the case of religions, because we have the authority of all the great religions that men who saw too clearly too much and said what they saw were persecuted and driven away by emperors, by kings, by priests, out of civilisation. Ant critic had to leave and the more clear his mind the more critic to be. The peril of great price is precisely this, that when you discover by listening, that is the ear in pearl, when you listen carefully you will hear not only the sound of nature, of animals and the wind, the rain and so on, but you will hear in the human being, in the voice of the human being, evidences of hierarchical beliefs. E know this because people are fonder of certain words than they are of others, people who have rested their security on certain ideas and verbal forms that represent those ideas and those ideas and word forms will be defended by them, and if you contradict them you are in peril. What you have heard, and, remember, the first defence  of a sensuous oyster, the sensuous life of pleasure-loving is represented by the oyster’s soft body and it defends itself against a hard, harsh realities of the irritant and it covers up and makes a beautiful body which is not irritant at all. And that pearl in the oyster corresponds with a concept built up in the mind to defend the sensuous side of a human being against interruption.


Now all HR are biased in two directions; right side brain towards pleasure and all non-rational pursuits, like music, the arts and so on; and the left side is dedicated to reason, so you would say the left side of your brain is like a man and the right side is like a woman. And the right side will defend like a man and the left side like a woman and the right side will defend itself against reason when you try to insert a rational proposition into your pleasure loving half of your mind.


Now when somebody for years has been building up a system of concepts until they made a smooth, spherical, round, all containing view of the world which protects them and gives them the security they believe they need, then if you come along and smash that structure, which you can do with a word, then they will react, often violently. Many critics have been put to death; Galileo had to bend the knee for saying that the Earth went round the Sun and not the reverse; Bruno was burned at the stake for saying the centre of Infinity is everywhere and the circumference nowhere because it decentred the ecclesiastical authorities of his day. So, when you learn by listening carefully to tones of voice you will find out that some people like and some dislike the same words and you will hear tones in the voice of approval and disapproval of every word they hear. And if you are not careful with your words you can find out you have said the wrong word, and something can be said in a second with one word that will totally destroy the fundamental self-consistency of a world view embodied in a conceptual structure which is the pearl to which to that person. When it says in the New Testament, “And they will think in those days they are doing God a favour to kill you,” it means that when your structure of ideas [    ] spherical, perfectly hard is threatened from outside by somebody with a nice drill that can go through your pearl, because their pearl, their defence system in the world is to them their God, they are worshipping their defence system, not the invisible Infinite God, they are worshipping their defence system and when you attack that system then you have threatened to destroy their God and they will think they are doing their God a favour by destroying you for uttering this destructive word.


Now you know there is an expression in Yoga Philosophy, sankya, that nama rupa, name form are really inseparable. The name of a thing and the form of a thing go together and most people think that a name is arbitrary. You see a creature and say, “That is a dog, that is a cat, that is a horse,” and so on entirely arbitrarily, so most people believe. Do you believe that the names you have got for things, say like the word ‘thing’, do you believe that word is the true sound name of a thing such that the very existence of that thing depends on the pronunciation of that word, or do you think that words are arbitrary?


Yes, No.

The German hund, is it the same as the English dog?

No. One dogs your footsteps and the other hounds you down. They are different functions. Now every name has a corresponding form in this manner. The Universe itself is energy power, feminine, non-rational power, feminine power, it just goes and does what it wills to do without any consideration of anything other than its own will. And when it moves, it vibrates, why? Because every movement of energy is within the Universal energy so any local movement is a movement against the environing forces. There are forces all round. Force is Infinite. If you move a little bit of it you are moving it against the resistance of the Infinite Power. You will agree with that? You cannot move without encountering a resistance. Typical demonstration, - if you hit yourself and feel the power in your hand you receive power and the resistance in your skull, don’t you? So you cannot apply a power without getting a resultant kick back from the thing you apply it to. That is like Newton, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you know that then you have to say this, if the power of the Infinite is sentient, that is, feels itself and then locally you identify with a given body or a part of the body called fist, and you punch another part of Universal power with that fist, the Universe will react against your punch and this is called kama, KAMA. It is the same as the European Cupid, name means desire. Now when you desire you go out to get your K and your M, the MA, ma which again is feminine is nothing but “I want,” and the K is in control. There is KA. Control action, MA, appetival action, two together kama, same as our European Cupid.


How do we feel if we know when we desire that is kama, we start a process of reaction and must put a letter R into kama and turn it into Karma? Karma means we have started a reactive process because we have acted. How do you feel if you believe it? You are all power, your body is power, your mind is power, your emotions are power and the moment you allow power to move, it is moving as a finite within an infinite field of power which we expect upon that power necessarily and unavoidably so that you actually start that opposition that is going to defeat you when you try to do something, because if you identify with the finite and its limitations you actually start a non-limited infinite response. Now in the battle between the finite and the Infinite who is going to win?

The Infinite.

The Infinite but does the finite like to believe that?


No, that fact is the origin of the Luciferan Satanic myth. When a very powerful being became so excited at his own brilliance that he thought there was no reason why he should  not become even brighter and more powerful than he already was.. So he made extra effort, dragged more power in,  but because he was finite the extra input of power contradicted itself within him, blocked its own motion and from being free, brilliant spirit it became the mineral world, a stone, which is why there is an STN in Satan and stone. Every person is an ST one, self crucified one if he identifies with the finite or limited purpose in himself. Any purpose. Purpose is that which is set out beforehand in the mind for realisation later, pro positum. For the positing you set up an idea and then you try to make your body obey the idea and then you try to make every other body obey the idea and you have started an infinite reaction to your positing intent.


Now, if you think about that it generally makes you cautious about what you release because the response is Infinite, and your consciousness, your finite purpose is limited and the limited cannot defeat the unlimited and that is why it is said the victory was won before the foundation of the world. It is inherent in power that victory is already there, there is no way of avoiding it.


Now let us look at focus again. It means force-strike. Within the Field of Sentient Power that means power that feels itself. There are an infinity of possibilities of self-finiting by identification. You can look in your mind, see an idea, grab it, as they say, “Did you grab that?” And if you do you commit yourself to an existence determined by the limited nature of the thing with which you have identified. So you have already defeated yourself from the moment of the first grab. Let us think very carefully, when you focus your attention on anything less than the Infinite you have committed yourself to defeat you either immediately, a little later or a lot later. That is always three times in yoga theory, three times, short time, middle time, long time. There is another three times past, present and future.


Now the energy, as your Western physicist tells you, energy is indestructible but can change its form, change the form but not the fact of the energy. Energy is the capacity to do work, capacity to activate itself and that is eternal. So that when you start something you have started a process of eternal energy. You posit a stress accent, you finite the power for you as identified. You do not finite the power beyond your identification. You cannot finite the Infinite. What you can do is, by focussing on a finite purpose finite your identification and therefore go under the law of that identification.


One time, Trevor , you were teaching P.E. weren’t you? Do you still do it?

T: Not to the same degree.

Not to the same degree, so you changed your degree of identification?

T: Yes

Now has your energy therefore changed? Has the energy or has form?

T: there is not the same energy input.

Into what?

T: The teaching of physical education.

No, but have you got energy as such unchanged as energy?

T; Can’t....

You have energy as such unchanged as energy but the form of the application changes, yes?  So the energy itself cannot change. The erg, ERG in energy means a unit of work and Y at the end is the affirmation. You affirm a unit of work. You can change the form of it but not the fact of its essence as energy. Now everything in the Universe is energy.


Count the fingers on your hand, begin with the little finger. The little finger is gross material, physical body, that is energy as gross matter. The next finger is energy as emotionality, energy as fluid feelings on the move; the nest one is energy as time practised, thinking about temporal succession of events. The next one is energy as conceptual grasping the idea of the whole world as a unit; and the next energy is the will as pure initiative; and the next energy, the highest one, is pure consciousness not considered as modified by the will, mentation, feelings or physical body. But the energy throughout is identical, it is the energy that is meant by shakti, the unconsciousness of that energy is extensive and mutually permeable with the energy. So the equation is shakti power equals Shiva consciousness and Shiva consciousness equals shakti power.


Now it is hard for an intellectual to believe that because he can actually think that he can think without moving power. I heard said he can think of an idea either as a force or simply as a form without a force. Now, when we think of an idea as a form, not a force, we call that abstraction. We have taken away from it, drawn away that abstraction, hide away from [.....the draw door] We draw away the concept of power from the concept of form and then we get rid of the concept of power, focus on the form, and then we can’t do anything at all about it, we are at the mercy of the idea.


Is this the battle between the priests and kings?

The battle between the priest and the king, doesn’t Blake say, “The king and the priest must be tied in a tether before two virgins can dwell together?” Observe ‘virgin means man and woman. Vir is man and gin is woman Virgin means a perfectly balanced person. But then it splits into two, vir which becomes King and gin which becomes the church, the priests, yes? You talk about mother church don’t you?


Now every being, without exception, down to the smallest sub atomic particle, every being is both consciousness and power together. You can’t have consciousness that is not power, you can’t have consciousness that is not power, or power that is not consciousness, but the intellectual, civilised male has been trained to a high degree of abstraction, so he thinks he can think without power. Think his ideas with power abstraction, thrown away and therefore, when he thinks he can immobilise his will. That is equivalent to a man murdering his wife. The feminine side of your being is power, the masculine side is intellective initiative.


Now if you allow your intellect to murder your power, it is the same thing as a man murdering woman. When that occurs, which it does, to degrees, every day in family differences of opinion, it is because Adam resented Eve getting Adam into trouble.


Now here is the Peril of Great Price. It takes you a very great price and quite a long time to make a pearl in an oyster. You know, in Scotland, they grow pearls in oysters by deliberately inserting an irritant into the oyster. But, there will be no guarantee that particular oyster will be irritated in the right way to form a good pearl, so you might wait for years, drag them up, examine them, no pearl! You might irritate a woman all your life and get no pearl. You have not had the right irritant.


Now, what is the right irritant for every being. The word  ‘irritate’ tells you, I and a couple of Rs and an I and a T and an A T and E. Now, the irri part means a point vibrating so violently it gives rise to another point, that is I, double R I. Irri, and then you nail it, one on the other, and you get a T, you have to eat that thing, you have to swallow that pearl without grinding it with your teeth.


Let us think very carefully about this. Every being is a unique individual, there is no such thing as identical forms anywhere in the Universe. The nearest we might get to it, two pebbles that have been rolled in a stream for a million years look more or less round. But if you examine them; their chemistry is different, their shape is different, their degree of density is different. If you get two so-called identical twins born and they look fairly alike, enough to deceive a careless observer, but they don’t look alike to a very sharp observer. I saw a couple of girls on TV being interviewed on one occasion. When they came on I said, “Those identical twins,  that one was born after that one.” They hadn’t said anything yet, but one stood respectfully waiting for the other one to move, that was the second one born. It emerged in the interview that their job was playing the  front and back half of a circus horse, and when asked the back legs was asked, “Aren’t you annoyed always playing the back legs?” “Oh no I’ve always been the back legs I was the second one born.” So even so-called identical twins in the womb, in the same womb, one is on the right, the other is on the left, one is above, one is below, one kicks out and bangs the other’s kidney,  the other hits that with the first in the eye, and they... this is a real fight you know.....


I had to work once, identical twins, men they were very funny and one that believed that he was being followed and the other believed there was a man in front who was beating him. And we traced the record of this and these two sperms were just like that, one behind the other a bit, and they both reached the egg simultaneously and promptly migrated to opposite sides and sat down and sulked. And the whole pattern of their lives after that up to when I met them when they were forty was about one being in front and the other behind. It was very strange because the one that was behind didn’t like going upstairs on the bus if there was a man in front of him. That was a very subtle distinction. The whole mind was,  is somebody is in front of me and I was going to be the only enterer?, only enterer of this wonderful pearl, this ovum. I was going to be the Lord in this ovum and that idiot crashed in with me through my own personal hole that I believe I had made. Neither of them knew enough to know that they couldn’t get in unless the ovum let them in because an ovum has the power to keep every sperm out and listen, ear in the pearl, to see on my periphery.


Supposing I am an ovum, yes? And I am listening and I am surrounded by thousands of battering rams, and I am terribly sensitive and I am listening, like this.  Mmmm, well that side are knocking louder than this side, so I tend to this side and those on the right side and those on the left differ in knock power, those above and those below. And finally I pin the loudest knocker and at that moment I open, whishth, and the poor fellow is dragged in. He actually believed that he penetrated that wall but he was allowed in, - terrible thought. What happens to male pride if you think you have battered your way into a situation only to find, in a moment of drunken confession, she confesses she let you in. What happens to pride at that point?


Gone. Well a gentleman didn’t tell me this, a lady.


So everything whatever is unique. Let us see why it should be.


What are the orbits of the planets, what shape are they please?


Elliptical? Yes they are not pure circles are they? Why not?

Pull and push.

Pull and push? Well couldn’t they be equal pull and push? Why are they elliptical?

Because elliptical they make it that shape.

Oh a very short tautology. They are elliptical because they are shaped like an ellipse! You are cheating Peter, you are at it again.

It is because they are thrown further and further out.

Now what keeps the planets in the Solar System?

Not many people done their ‘O’ levels here I think. Aren’t little babies taught that the Sun gravitationally pulls the planets towards it and their orbital velocities tend to throw them away from it? And they take up a position of balance between a tendency to fall under the Sun and a tendency to be hurled off the Sun. But, is the Sun still?


Does the Sun move?


Where does it go?

Round itself.

No, it means simply rotating on its own axis.

No, no. It goes round in the Galaxy.

It has got another big star way out and it goes round that.


So, imagine the Sun is travelling and the Earth is trying to go round it in a perfect circle. Can it do it?


Now if you examine an ellipse that is bent because it has been made around a travelling body which is travelling round another body, which has been travelling round another body, which has been travelling round another body which has been travelling round another body to infinity, can there be any point whatever upon that orbital path that is equal in intention, intention, extension, stress or strain?


Impossible and therefore there is no possibility in the whole of Universal manifestation and beyond, the para-cosmic, nowhere is there a possibility of Absolute identity in every way. Physical bodies are not identical, emotional fields are not identical, mentational processes not, conceptual power not, volitional power not, consciousness not.  But consciousness as such, that is, as not object identified does not come under discussion about formal differences does it? Pure consciousness without an object has no differences at all so it cannot be like any finited, identified consciousness which is identified with a given body. So we can’t say we have a common field of consciousness which keeps us all the same, can we? We have to say that although consciousness like energy is energy, the forms and functions of it vary with the positions, velocity and so on of the finite being under consideration or the infinite under consideration, they cannot be identical.


So then, how are you going to make an equation that the Spirit of man, is intelligence and will, the Spirit of man can be identical with the spirit of another man, is that possible?


So could you possibly get agreement between two men about anything?


So doesn’t that require tolerance about differences of opinion?


And could you possibly get identity of opinion between a man and a woman when one is being rational and the other non-rational?

Very difficult.

Very difficult. Have you tried it or didn’t you bother?

Right, everyone down to the smallest sub-atomic vibration, a wavicle sub-atomically is unique to itself. Now the content of consciousness of any being determines the way the being functions. So if you have a different body, you have a different function, stimulation of the body through the senses gives rise to an emotive response, then it gives rise to a mentational, counting response, that gives rise to a conceptualisation view of the world, that gives rise to a volitional intent and that moves within the consciousness which itself does not change. So, how can there be any agreement whatever other than absolute tolerance. We agree to disagree. If you had identical viewpoints you could agree. Now, is there any way we could have identical viewpoints about anything?


Peter:  If you ... could see the world through my eyes.

If I could see the world through your eyes, is that what you said?

P: If you could see the world through my eyes.

If I could see the world through your eyes, would that be O.K? Only if I could see.P: No because that would mean identical....

Would I not have to identify with you?

You would have to be in the same body, the same eyes, the same position.

Hmmm,  Peter then you could see the world through my eyes.

I would be right if I could see through your eyes exactly, I would definitely be quite correct from your viewpoint. Do you agree? Would that help me?

P: No.

Supposing I reverse the suggestion, you see it through my eyes. Can you do it?

P: No.

Now it is actually possible to do this you know. You can actually break the identification with your own body, with your own body, with your own emotional field, your own mentation, your own conception, your own volition, and deliberately identify with the body and sense organs of another being and see the world as they see it. Do you know what you tend to do when you do that?

Drop it immediately.

P: Is that through fear of loss of your own body?

No, no. It is through the sheer recognition of the stupidity of being like that. (Laughter) You have gone a bit further than Peter.

Now remember, we have said before, all attained yogis see exactly the same thing and they have a name for it. The name is purna. PURNA. This is the complete, whole reality, purna. I can use that term and I can give you another term of it, shall I say pina, PINA, pina.


Now have you seen a bas-relief from the Middle East from a few thousand years ago, showing a high priest with a pine cone in his hand and he is holding it like this with the narrow point towards the layman’s nose and threatening him with the pine cone?  When you hold your hand like that and imagine the round part hidden is in the palm there, and the sharp point is between your fingers, yes? And the part hidden in your palm is round means it is not punctilious, not precise. It is the wilful, non-analytic, non-structured drive to power and is purely feminine. But the point where you hold your fingers together and make the point of the cone is analytic, compressive, restrictive, masculine. So that when the high priest went like that to the layman he was saying, “I know more than you do because I am backed by feminine power, my reason is the product of my power, yes?” Power is the origin of the intellect not the other way round.


There is an argument in Christianity about whether intellect predates will or will intellect. Franciscans and Dominicans argue about that but the ultimate reality is that will creates intellect as an instrument and the will is a bol, BOL, VOL, bolition, volition. Volition is a ball and when you sharpen one end of it like point, like a pear, it becomes intellect. There is no intellect unless you focus your will sharply. So a person can be very, very wilful but they won’t be punctiliously accurate. A woman may throw the dinner plate at her husband’s head and miss not really because she wants him not to die yet, but because she is a rotten aimer. She hasn’t had the wahuga, you know, the practise in war, hunt and games to get the accuracy of throwing the javelin or discus, or whatever. You know you need an awful lot of nervous control to be able to throw accurately. The best way when somebody, a feminine throws something at you is not to duck it, because if you did you might duck into it.


Think of that pear, notice the ear in pear, and our pare[pair] is one form of it to show  there is a pear in  [pare]pair. One end is rounded. That is feminine one end is sharpish that is masculine and that is a pear[pair] but isn’t that pear/pair not two? It is a being with a round end and a sharp end, yes? Well the wilful end is round and comprehensive and has a very whole idea of what it is going to do, namely, whatever it wants. But the male, sharp end wants to do particular things accurately, so the male end specialises in high ‘tec’ and the woman appreciating travelling to see Father Christmas in which has been travelling round another body Lapland by Concord. He doesn’t mind going on holiday if he survives the sharp end.


One young fellow said to me, I think I have mentioned before to you, “Do women have more than three phases?” I said, “What are the three?” He said, “Nagging moaning and sulking.” So I said, “Isn’t there a fourth?” and he said, “Oh yes, sunbathing.” Now that is a fairly good approximation. But why? Why do they have to nag, why do they have to moan, why do they sulk, and why do they sunbathe whenever he is out of the house, then wrap it up quickly, turn the sunlamp off, Five to five, put the pan on, put a wisp of hair down to show you have been working all day? (laugh). You have to think there is a war verum omna contria omna the war of everything against everything. Why? Because the Infinite Sentient field of Power can initiate anywhere within it anything whatever so there is no overriding law controlling what happens to each little zone within it. Every zone within it is uniquely wilful, intellectual, temporal, calculating, emotively responsive and physically precipitate and every one of them is absolutely justified in being so, because it is what it is.


You know what the Bishop of Durham said recently to the question, “Do you believe in the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ?.” He said, “Yes, course, God is being Jesus Christ in the place of Jesus Christ, like he is being the Bishop of Durham in the place of the Bishop of Durham, where I am.”


There is that kind of sense looking at themselves       there are all those aspects and I shall focus on that and let it be.

Let it be? Can you stop it? Very kind of you to let it be. You know it is inherent  no soon hear of conceit in the human race. I think I’ll just meditate on Absolute Power. I will allow it to give me a message. I think that it is wonderful! The absolute belief is much more intelligent. I live by grace given to me by the Absolute. If I get an idea, “Thank you Lord for that idea. Do you mind giving me also to go with it, the capacity for making it function.”


Haven’t we got to learn an absolute humility because we are not quite as Infinite as the Infinite. We are only nearly like that. Now a human being is a very marvellous being because it is exactly half way and at the correct orbital distance dynamically, hermetically between the Infinite omniscience of the Absolute and the utterly terrified subordinated static condition of the inert mineral world, a stone. Vegetables rescue themselves a bit from a stone, animals run about a bit, man can actually meditate on and become alike in all respect except one, the Infinite.


What do you mean there by half way, please?

 Well, it has the bones, like minerals, he has growing things in his body that we call vegetable systems,, that is a medical term isn’t it? He has animal spirits, namely desires, he has mental processes, that is mankind and he has spirit in his initiative. He can actually agree with the Absolute being absolute and not want to usurp it. Hmm.


So is it half way that realisation? So man is actually a middle being between a stone and God.

Yes and he has the job of divinisation of the stone. Man has been evolved in order to clear up the mess made by the primordial, satanic form which produced the mineral world. You know the material world is said to be in the grip of the Devil. That means in the grip of minerality and inertia and stupidity, all that is meant by tamas, all that is meant by dark nescience. At one end supreme enlightenment at the other end, black stupidity and man is between and he can choose which way he moves, down or up. If he moves towards less freedom, theologically we say he is on the way to Hell; if he moves towards more freedom he moves towards what we call heaven. Hell is inhibition; Heaven is balance of power.


Now, to get at this pearl, we have to listen, I mean that literally. In our heads there is a centre which vibrates in resonance with the Absolute. Now the sounds that the Absolute makes are sounds of reality. You know these sounds in the alternation of compression and decompression, and this alternation which we call sound at audio level is in everything whatever that moves. Everything that moves vibrates. The reason it vibrates is because of sound. It may be audio level for us or audio level for a beetle or a microbe and we have our own gamut of responsiveness, but we are all vibratory and if we listen we can actually hear inside our heads the voices of our total ancestry sounding like a jumble of voices, called in the Book of Revelation, the sound of many waters. And these waters are nations and people and languages. Every ancestry you have ever had that was spoken has left a record in our protoplasm of that voice and we can listen and hear our ancestors,  to our first ancestor, the one we call God that is the whole. We are sub-divisions of a whole and we can’t avoid that. It is like a cell in your body, it can’t avoid being a cell in your body even if it doesn’t like it, it is a cell of your body.


In the same way we are cells of a cosmic body in its totality is called the Body of God. It is structured in such a logical way, free from any contradiction, it deserves the name Logos. And that Logos is called the second person of the Trinity. And the first one is the will that precipitated it. The Will is the Father, the Logos is the Son, the activity is called the Holy Spirit.


Ow tis is true of every single being, not merely of humans but of animals, of vegetables and minerals but in the human being it has evolved to a level of receptivity such that now it can verbally articulate its position. An animal can’t and barking and growling and snarling is not sufficiently refined and complex to  express abstract, metaphysical principles and apart from sucking noises which plants make, they haven’t got a very large vocabulary. If you listen, lying on the grass on a nice day you can hear the grass sucking. Have you done that? You can actually hear suckings in plants. Their voice is to suck, suck, suck. It is a nice little word in Sanskrit SUKHA. In English it is the same as our word sugar; sweet. There is another one, spell the same word, take the S away and put D, dukha. That means impedance, pain, “I don’t  like it.”


So, if you block the end of a rose, somebody gives you a rose and you block the end of it up with, say, sealing wax or resin, and then put it in water, when it tries to suck, it can’t get the water and it wilts and looks miserable and dies unless you cut the wax off and put it back in the water. And it is not too late, it will suck and grow and revive again.


Now human beings are exactly like the mineral world, the plant world, the animal world and the human world, which at its top level is divine world. But to be divine, you must be reflexive. You have to understand that you are i the middle between the dead stone, dead there means least possible  motion, minimal kinetic power, and divinity means maximum kinetic power for any created being. It is attainable by anyone whatever who wills to get it, but the human being is the only being up to now in evolution that has the articulate power to verbalise and formulate an intention of divinisation.


Now to get it, remember, you have to break inertias. The inertia of your self-image is number one enemy. You think you have to preserve yourself as a finite, you set up a system of ideas to support your belief that you are right to fight for your self defence. You put this into verbal form, you make a verbal structure which is your world, observe, ‘world’ is word, word with an L in and the L means at work, energetic conjunction through stimulation. The world is only a word. Every human being’s world is simply the theme that he sees and verbalises as his means of self-defence. So, if somebody comes along with a word he hasn’t thought of which contradicts some element he has thought of, he will become enraged because he starts falling to pieces. He can actually disintegrate by the word, the word itself won’t fit, it rattles biofield of the brain, it rattles other ideas. Suddenly there is a blow out, what you call in modern jargon, a mind-blowing process and the person is then very, very much reduced in capacity. And they may be so shaken that they can’t fight their way back unless they receive very good aid they won’t do.. So we have to recognise the big enemy is self-imagery as a finite being wanting its own way and believing, foolishly, that it can get it, and identifying with a vocabulary pattern which it embraces and adheres to and defends with all its might.


So that is number one enemy. In one word that is called pride


 Now the next enemy is covetousness. This is the story of the seven deadlies. What you find out you have not got and wish you had, that is called covetousness. Now when you find you can’t get it then it becomes envy. That is your third sin. Envy is a terrible feeling that if only I had been able to do certain things which allowed my development, I would have developed.  But I didn’t, I couldn’t and I can’t so I am envious.


Now after that comes anger, I become enraged, what a horrible world that does not let me establish my proud-ful self image. So the anger tries to smash things up. It would smash itself. I’ve actually seen men in hospital who have actually broken their own bones by smashing their arms against the wall in sheer rage that the body would not obey them.


And then, when that fails to do it, gluttony. I know exactly what this damned, obstreperous, rebellious world – I’ll eat it. So you get a great big tin of biscuits and start stuffing. And you think that if you can swallow all the power, all the power you can get out of the biscuits, you are then equipped to make a come- back and smash  right back against all opposition and re-establish your proud image. Well you can’t really eat all that much without getting a bit tight in the tum. Well, what do you do next?


You give up. You are so full you can’t eat. Well there must be something I can do. I know, I will go to a brothel, I will relax, I will find a charming lady who is power and she will nourish me. She will succour me. SUCKER. And then after that, sloth. The other six deadlies get me nowhere. I will go to sleep. It is quite logical.


Now the hardest thing for the self image  is to give itself up because it is equivalent to a death equivalent to the death of the self image. Now, remember, everything is energy, everything is power every idea that has structured the egoic structure had made the self image, every one of those is a living sentient power has integrated with other powers and wants its own way, and it will not give itself up unless you personally smash it. Now this is very dangerous, this is the peril, you pay a great price because you have to get all your energies together and smash your own self image with your own effort. That is what Jesus was doing in Gethsemane. It is very hard to smash your own self image because you don’t like looking at unpleasant things. But if you actually look in your mind and listen you will find a lot of voices supporting your image self image and making excuses for it and you will hear them talking utter drivel and you may have to say honestly, “That is drivel, that is an excuse, that is nonsense. I cannot maintain this rubbish, I must fight it”. But the energy that is formulating itself as its defensive mechanism fights you trying to break it and unless you are terribly determined you won’t break it, it will break you. It will make you miserable and back you go into your biscuits and amusement arcade


Now, to get the energy necessary to face that battle with the self image you have to concentrate very hard and that means centre energy, focus energy and make a bullet out of it. Bullet means with the will, and you have to shoot at your self image where you know it is wrong. And you do know it is wrong, because you know you are not at your physical body infinite so you can’t say you are a world beater physically, can you?


I watched a programme of the Strongest Men in the World a few months ago. Last year the man who won it was a lovely blue eyed blond, great muscles, and he won. This year the title was taken off him and he jumped up and down and looked quite annoyed about that and there is another one came [crowned]. And there will always be another won’t there


Are we going older or not?


Can I punch as hard now as I could when I was eighteen?


Wrong! That was mechanics you see, not mine. I am meaning I have to fight dirtier now like any old dog. So we go older and older and older and normally we go weaker and weaker, and weaker in th’arm and head, don’t we?


Now why do we get weaker in the head as we get older, do you know why?

Lack of interest.

Lack of interest, yes. How do we get lack of interest

Lack of energy.

How do we get that? Energy is interest.[ identification with all the things we are looking at.

Identification with failure, “Where has my charm gone? Once I was a Valentino with sideboards.” I’ve got a sideboard here, upstairs, belonging to my mother, but only one. I haven’t got a pair of sideboards.


Now, when you meditate upon your losses of power, you lose interest. Isn’t that dreadful?


You can actually stop being interested in interesting things because you can’ see how those things are going to give you the power that you want to  number one top dog, top cat.


Now, when you come to face your failures, you begin to lose interest. When you lose interest you are no longer drawing energy in from the Infinite Field which you could do if you wished. If you think, “What for?”

I know that Peter’s opinion of me won’t improve if I practise on the barbells. Would he like me better if I could do a handspring? [...........say yes] He said, “No, stop wasting my time. Why did I want to do handsprings like an old man sitting on a gate? Wasn’t Louis Carroll very aware of that? And how about “Goosey, goosey gander,

Whither do you wander,

Upstairs, downstairs,

In my lady’s chamber.”

What is the rest of it?

“There is met an old man

Who wouldn’t say his prayers,

So I took him by the left leg

And threw him down the stairs.”

There I met an old man, that is Saturn-Chronos, my temporal self, “Won’t say his prayers.” My self image will not give itself up will it? So somebody has to take it by the left leg, that is the weak one, and throw him down the hierarchy to the bottom. And it is going to happen to everyone. So you had better get in on the Right side of God quick. That is why it is said in evangelising, “We must have committal, now. Give yourself up to your saviour. Take Jesus as your personal saviour now because if you don’t you are out of this hall!” Get out, forget it, you are not even going to get a hamburger!


So Jesus says, work while it is light because the night comes when no man can work. In moments of sudden realisation, work like mad before it goes because it won’t last, because the Universe is rhythmical, sways, goes up, goes down, your universe rises and falls. When it rises, become interested in something really valuable and then when you can’t be interested, that will carry on by inertia and reappear later to be worked on again. And the object is to smash the self image and become a true representative of the Infinite, which you do by amusing it by be what is called, a Suffering Servant. The word ‘servant’ is very amusing, it means ‘free development of life.’


How does it do that? How can deciding that to freely to develop life can [   ] being a servant?. The ant at the end means continuity of action in that manner. Servant means ‘free development of life’. Now if you can make yourself of great service to all beings, what will all beings do for you?


Do you think they might preserve you a bit?

They will help you develop.

Why would they do that?

Because they oppose you.

If you serve them they will oppose you?


They will remember you.

Mmm, they will. When they remember you they energise you.


You know your post mortem continuity of character depends on whether people remember you. If they are indifferent to you they don’t give you any energy. So whether you will give them a helpful hand or a kick in the pants is irrelevant really, they remember you on both accounts and if they remember you they are feeding your image within the Infinite Field. So your immortality depends on how many people are feeding you with their energies because they couldn’t be indifferent to you, because you wouldn’t let them, either by excessive serving of them or by excessive irritation of them to make Pearls.


Charming thought isn’t it. Now, remember, to sum up, the peril, the great danger is this. Everyone you meet has an inertia sustaining its self image. That inertia is a structure of ideas. The ideas are embodied in names and the names can disrupt their image. And, if a word comes from you and it disrupts their image, you are in trouble. Sorrow must come, woe to him by whom. So would that make you feel more careful about words?



Talking about words that upset people....

Talking about words that upset them, I’ve observed that occasionally myself. “I don’t wish to hear any of that discussion.” The lady said to me, “I am not vanting to hear that.”


Now let us think about that a little carefully shall we?


The oyster and the softness of it, means a woman, but the softness is a disguise for Absolute Power, yes? It is just that it has not got a high technical mode of approach. But it won’t give up its power pursuit to sunbathing, that its weapon is sulking, moaning and nagging, and unless a man can take those three weapons, he is going to crumble.


Remember men die statistically fifteen years earlier than women because they structure themselves with ideas and the ideas are very easily shattered by words. Now let us meditate very hard. When you use a word to control thought, that word is called a mantra. Now man means negate your mother. Your mother is your substance with its pleasure pursuit and the N is your nous or intelligence whereby you negate your ma appetite and tra is a short form of torah, law, the law by which you negate your own appetite, which is for power and superiority and self imagery. And you have to negate it and you do it by use of the word. And when you think about that word and repeat that word, gradually it establishes in you a belief that you don’t need a self image in order to survive, you are an eternal being, backed by the Infinite, serving the Infinite’s purpose and you do not need to fight to survive. The Universe itself will help you to survive because you are a part of the Universe, an indestructible part. And when you remember that and believe it, you don’t need to fight to preserve yourself. Can you believe it?


Now to believe it you must have sufficient energy to oppose your ancestral inertias that have been trying, for thousands of years, to build up that self-image




Transcribed by M.L. March 2013