A talk given by Eugene Halliday at Parklands 26:07: 1981. Ishval Audio 69

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Well I’m going to talk about the same subject matter that Hannukah talked about on the last occasion, the Demonic. And she told you all about the denomonic, the demononic, from the point of view of Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard’s view of the demonic is similar to but not identical with the esoteric views of cabalistic philosophy, and it is from that side that we are going to examine it. David has gone to try and find me a new, black, wax crayon to use instead of an ink one that will dry up, because the Devil, the demon, doesn’t want to dry up and he is very waxing, that is, growing. You know that this world is said to be in the grip of the devil, don’t you? This whole world in which we live is in the grip of the devil. His emissary now comes, hot foot, to bring the black, representative chalk.

Trying to catch me out are you? That was typical devilish trick.

Now to represent this devil, this demonic, we have to descend to basics and as we are using language forms we have to descend to fundamental, phonetic symbology. You know the words that we use are composed of signs, each one of which originally, when first invented, had a definite, fixed meaning. Fixed meaning does not mean that it didn’t have a wide application. It means that that wide application was based on a symbolic content that was invariable, absolutely, in Cosmos.

Hello Mark. Did that lady make you late? You know that it was Eve that started all the trouble. It will be Eve that finishes it. We will come to that when we examine Cosmic Sophia, or divine, feminine wisdom.

Now to represent the demonic we have to take a piece of paper and let that paper represent what the Egyptian word from which paper derives, pa-py-rus, represented to the Egyptians. So I will write here Pa. The A is merely a phonetic aid to allow us to pronounce the letter P. otherwise we should say, peh. P is an unvoiced letter naturally, whereas its equivalent at voiced level is B. To pronounce P without a vowel following it I should have to go perh. Now, if you do that and you go perh you will often feel that somebody thinks you are being rude, insulting. Supposing I look at you and say perh. I know a man, over six years of age, a Manxman, and every time he goes perh it expresses disgust with the world. And usually he has the remains of a biscuit in his mouth, which he spits out, meaning, when it is all said and done, it’s coming.

Now, when you see pa remember that P is an unvoiced letter, signifying ‘posit’ .A power, that posits itself.

Posit means P O, power, sit. Sit is made from the base S T, which is the same base as sit and stand because it means self-crucifixion. So the letter P signifies ‘to posit,’ and we are going to put the sign of positing, three forces pressing in to a point. Now the point is only there because these forces press in. If the forces cease to press, then the point will vanish. So, when we look at pa (PA) which is father, we think of precipitating force and what it precipitates is itself. It is a self-precipitated point, symbolised by P. And, when we say the next syllable, ‘py’ in papyrus or, as the would have said in the ancient language, pu which is like a U and an E simultaneously, like a French eu or a German eu (ő) with a doppel punkt on it, it still means posit but the Y means, ‘to assent to’ the positing. The Y means ‘assent to’ yah.

You say yeh, ‘yah’ when you assent if you want a yes, in English or even yes in Esperanto funnily enough. The next part of the word is ‘rus’. Now rus means to discriminate by vibratory intensity a power and have an issuance there from. It is exactly the same word as the Arabic ruch, or the rook in the game of Chess, or the ruach in Hebrew which means ‘spirit.’ It means discriminating intelligent power. So when we write pa-pay-rus we have written Father, that is, positing power; Son, I’ll put Son there, who assents to being posited, that is the acceptance of the Messiah of the fact of being crucified in power, the Son; and the Holy Ghost, HG which in chemistry means Mercury, is the dynamising, kinetic, operative power that has been accepted and differentiates by that same power. So papyrus means… chorus of angels from Raphael somewhere….

And when we take a sheet of the papyrus we are to imagine it infinitely extended through space, and not only in this direction across and up and down but also forwards and back so that we have a three dimensional continuum of paper.

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Now we are to imagine there is nothing other than power, merely power throughout the whole of reality. When the paper waves in this manner, that is the self moving-ness of the pa-py-rus the positing power that accepts its own positing and differentiates thereby. The differentiation is the waving. Now to save time and to stop making a noise with the waving paper I will draw the wave. The wave is like this. There is the sine wave and I will just put it in the form of a plane like that and it is a wave in two dimensions, it has got length and it has got breadth, and I want to draw another one under here, the same kind of thing, and another under there to make a three dimensional continuum. Now we will call this three dimensional continuum of power, total reality. All the realities whatever that there are in this Universe or any other Universe that has ever been or ever will be, are all power modalities, all symbolised by pa-py-rus, by Pi ratio is the acceptance of the positing activity and the spiritual discrimination of that posited accepted power, these three together make pa-py-rus which is the Holy Trinity. In different religions you might change the terms but the meaning is identical, whether we say pa-py-rus or abracad or Father Son and Holy Ghost, or Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, whatever trinity we make, we are talking about the same fact, all is power, all is assented to by the power because there isn’t anything other than the power and the power must assent to its own activity otherwise it wouldn’t do it, and the product of that assented to activity of that power is a discriminating, formal Universe.

Now we are to think about that throughout what we are going to say about the Demonic.

Now this power is infinite in itself, but, by self centralisation precipitates points of reference of which each individual being is one, each stone is one, each electron is one, each fundamental wavicle is one precipitate of that power and the ancient glyph for that power is simply to bring from infinity a line down. Turn it round and enclose it. And that closure there makes the number six, consequently the number six is said by the Ancient sages and the greatest philosophers, to be the perfect number because when you close the system, it breaks itself into six by a process of positings like this.

All these forms are posited. Because six means existence, ex-sistence, ex-sistere means made out of six, because when we get the compasses and draw a circle and then walk round the circle with the compasses without altering the pitch, it will divide the circle into six. Now each one of those compartments of the six will later on develop itself into a sense organ, so we have five sense organs and one over called common sense, making six organs of sense, five special; one common. When we talk about the mystical six, then we are talking about the fact, the unavoidable fact, to Spinoza unavoidable and inevitable, the unavoidable fact that the moment we make a six, we have enclosed a zone, and that enclosed zone is called a demon. Called a demon because a circumscribing line divides whatever is inside, that is a mogun David inside there, the six-petalled flower or a double triangle, it divides it into six basic functions, and it divides whatever is inside the circle from whatever is outside

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Now the word demon or damon or daemon, means this divisive or dividing function of power which manifests by self-precipitation. Now the real trouble with the demonic is this it is absolutely true to say that every being is self-precipitated and utterly self-responsible. And yet they are all of the infinite and they must give account to their source for their activities. There is no escape from giving an account to the source of the activities because everything is power, everything consumes itself in power, everything develops itself by power. Without power nothing exists, without power nothing can be done about what exists.

So here we are with the magical number six, splitting what is inside the circle from what is outside and therefore meriting the name demon. We will now analyse demon, you and spell it with an EMON or with IMON, or with an AEMON or AIMON, they are all alternative spellings in different languages in different periods. The modern form is simply DEMON which is a simplified form of a more complex form in which A and I are fairly primitive but even before them there was a long pronunciation involving five vowels before the one to cover the five functions which are subdivisions of the common sense. ד

The first letter, D means to divide. Now in the Hebrew D is dalet and dalet means a door, and a door can be shut or opened, so we will say, this binding line is a funny thing it is a door, it can at any point, use this power, open itself. Now when an architect is doing a drawing of a house and he wants to say there is a door here and the hinge is here, he might put a line like that and a line to show this line is the door and it will swing back and block that opening and then be a closed door. Now if we take that sign and write it again this way up, I’ll write it nice in black for you it is exactly the same sign there. That is the letter dalet in Hebrew which is a door. Now it is essential to recognize that a door can be open or can be shut. And the difference between utter unreclaimability of a soul lost is that it has shut the door, and a soul saved has opened the door. When the door is shut, the system is totally enclosed and is called selfish, self blinded, and its merits are locked inside itself, act only upon itself and it has no relation with other selves and is therefore doomed to the finitude of its own imaginings. That is called negative demonism. But when it opens a door lets light in from outside in glances in conversations, in gestures with other beings, when it opens the door it lets new stimulus energy in which vitalise the inside of that being and makes that being conscious of things that otherwise it would not know about. So the door, the dalet, the fourth letter of that alphabet, signifies the possibility of positive or negative demonism, positive if you specialise in particular talents and then offer them to the external world, negative if you take your merits on the inside and won’t let them out and keep them inside as a personal fantasy.

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ow the letter M signifies a closure. If we take the M in the terminal form in the Hebrew you simply do a square like that. That is its terminal form. There is an initial form which has a little break in there so that you can let a bit of air into the situation. Now when you pronounce M you have to close our lips to do it. If you make a noise with your mouth open, aah, it isn’t an M, but if you said mmmaah then it becomes an M. But if you do a little experiment, if you start to say mmmmm and suddenly, you put your fingers and thumb on your nose while you are saying it, you go mmmm you stop. Would you like to do that?


What happens to the M? Can you say it with your mouth closed and your nose closed?


No. So the initial form of that M has a little gap there, that is your nose. Rabbis were very cunning when they invented their alphabet. That little gap is the difference between life and death. Even if you were utterly, absolutely selfish, you would say M and pinch your nose when you said it and then nobody would know you had said it. And that would be very peculiar communication.

Imagine, I will now tell you the secrets of the Universe. Are you ready? I’m going to tell it to you. (5 seconds silence). Possibly the only sign always is a slight pinkening of the face. In other words, if one tries to tell the ultimate secret, one tends to blush. You will find this is true, later on.

I could really do with one of those things I have, you know, musical performance turner-overer, because I need more space. In fact we will all need more space in order to live more, so I am going to draw again. What happens, from Infinity comes a power, winds in, closes. Now that closure is the letter B and in the Hebrew it has been squared off because they used a reed pen to write it, but it used to be written like an O. It has since been written like this. To explain how that came to be, imagine in the desert you have a house, but your house is portable and you draw the desert sands there –and then you erect a piece of canvas or a carpet, or a sheepskin like that and bend it over to the top

and you draw the earth line, the desert and the line there, and then you sit inside it, like that, knees up, meditating, sharp nose. Now this sign is the letter B, which is a bet, it is the beth in Bethlehem, ‘House of Bread’ Bethlehem means, and the wind is coming this way. That is why he is sitting in it with this part open. He wants to believe and he wants to shelter himself from the wind. Now the wind is an aleph, the first letter of the alphabet is an aleph and aleph means spirit, and you know spirit is dangerous stuff because it is infinite, and it blows on you, and you don’t know where it comes from, you don’t know where it is going to, you don’t know where it will carry you to if you allow yourself to be carried along as in a whirlwind, you will be carried along, you may be deposited in a swamp or in somebody’s backyard loo. You can never tell when one of those mad cyclones hits America. where people are going to finish up. I’ve got some photographs of cows and motor cars in the air from such an occasion and you never know where they are going to be deposited. Therefore, when you make the letter Beth, in a desert situation, economically you erect something to protect your back from the wind and outside is the Infinite spirit called Aleph, that is in the Greek is called the alpha.

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Now, the pa-py-rus means power actively positing itself and assenting to what it is positing and discriminating because of its self-assent. Now we are in the same position. Any part of the paper can be raised and represent a motion of the spirit. We will draw a man, and then we will let the power go inside, turning in. That power, when it is going in, because it is power, it will not do nothing. It keeps moving. It is eternal, pure activity, so it cannot go to a dead end. It can close in, like a logorhythmic spiral, closer and closer but it cannot go to a dead end. At a certain critical point it flips out again, like that, and this part here, remains empty. Now that is tremendously important. It will go out, it will come in again, go out, come in again, go out, come in again, go out and it will gradually fill up this domain here with action. But inside there I am going to write I S meaning Immanent Spirit. That is the same as the Sanscrit Atman, the highest Self. It is in the middle of being, and it is paper, like the paper outside, that is Transcendent Spirit, trans S. That is the Immanent Spirit and it is identical. Now that which is outside, called Transcendent Spirit in the Sanscrit is called Brahman. Brahman means the Infinitely Extended Spirit, Atman means the encapsulated Immanent Spirit which is in no sense different from the Spirit outside other than between the Immanent Spirit and the Transcendent there is an action band of rotation. Think of all this zone here as action band, that is your mental life and on the periphery there is your physical life but in the middle is your Spiritual initiative. And nothing can touch the Spiritual initiative of any individual. No external power can possibly make the Immanent Spirit change itself. Change, if it comes must come from within that spirit.

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Now we saw that this dividing line that divides the inner from the outer there, also has a line on the inside which divides the immanent from the action band, so it demonic in two ways. It is demonic because it divides from the Transcendent Spirit, it is demonic because it divides from the Immanent Spirit. Now the letter M we saw, was a closure, and we can’t make this closure without shutting the mouth, but when we shut the mouth we cannot make a sound if we pinch our nose. We have to have a little bit of freedom. That Immanent Spirit has a hole, something like an astronomers Black Hole which lets out, through there, back into the Transcendent Spirit and lets Transcendent Spirit into the Immanent Spirit. So the Immanent Spirit and the Transcendent are in no way interfered with by the action of this demonic. Now the D means the divider and the M means substantial closure but the N means negation and intelligence. Now we will see why negation is intelligent and why to be intelligent is to negate because, as we said before, this papyrus, his paper represents Infinity and the wavings of the paper represent modalities of behaviour ways of operation of that power.

Now that power is Infinite and Eternal and has no barriers whatever, and as there are no barriers, it follows that unless barriers are introduced there will be no individuated, separative spirits. There will be no monadic souls, there will be no human beings, there will be no beings of any kind because the letter B means to encapsulate. So that Infinite Power which is Absolute Spirit, supreme sentience, intelligence, posits a negation within itself and that negation is symbolised by the letter N. Symbolised by the letter N because when you don’t like something, you automatically say “Nnnn”, and close your nose. Why should you do that? Because before you had a gross material body, as you now have, you were living not in the primordial ocean of water on Earth, but you lived in the humid atmosphere before the seas were formed, and in that atmosphere, before the precipitation of the sees on Earth, you were a spirit living in the air, like Ariel in the Tempest. In the time pest in the temp est, in the temporal process. We lived. Before the seas were precipitated, as spirits in air and as such we were dependent on the nose we smelled everything.

When we lived in air, we evaluated everything by its perfume, positive or negative. You know that chemistry of rage and chemistry of happiness smells differently. Have you ever smelled a really disappointed envious person? It is not nice. Have you had a good smell at a very happy person who is not thoroughly happy but wallowing in happiness all their lives and they exude a sort of quiet, balanced thing, not like a take away meal, you know. Scent beautifully balanced and when we lived in the air we were true spirits.

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Remember there isn’t anything other than power, and all power is sentient and before the gross world was precipitated there was liquid, and before the liquid there was a gas, and we lived as spirits in that world and we were dependent on the nose, and consequently we judged with our chief sense at that period, by going around sniffing each other’s being. Animals still do it don’t they. And discriminating human beings do it too. I know a man once who did a favour to an unhappy lady, and afterwards he said to me, “ I don’t know how I managed to do it, it was absolutely horrible, she was an unhappy woman and her chemistry nearly murdered me”. Well I considered he was a sacrificial figure to go through with it, but his nose told him that this terrible unhappiness she had could not be alleviated by the technique he was using. It was a very, very deep spiritual unhappiness and it manifested in her chemistry. Now, when we are chemically balanced it means that we are happy. If we are unbalanced it means to that degree we not unhappy. So the reason the letter N signifies negation is because by the nose we know what to take. The animals smell their food, and if they are not terribly hungry they will not take something that is rubbishy or even mixed good and rubbish, they will as we say, turn their noses up at it. They have got to be very hungry to take something that is not a hundred per cent good. Therefore D M N, the base of demon, symbolises a division, a substantialisation and an intelligent negation. If that Infinite Power, the papyrus, did not negate itself we would not be here. Now, it says very simply in the Bible, God made the world for his own sake, and he made man to work in the world for God’s sake He made us for Himself because without these centres of negation He is eternally an Infinite Power which is pure action producing nothing. In the Qabalistic terminology there, this pure nothing before creation is called the Ain Soph Aur. It is a negative, wisdom light because it does not know anything, it is just infinities of orders not separated out. And those are confusion, there is the chaos. But when it binds any zone within itself, the binding makes a being. Remember the word being is from the verb to be, and to be means to encapsulate To be encapsulated is being.

By the process of making a being, that Infinite Intelligent Power can specialise. There is has specialised in demonstrating an action band and an Immanent Spirit and Transcendent Spirit, and here it has specialised in writing for you the Hebrew letter Beth. And here it specialises again and we will draw for you a triangle, and it will draw another one and say, “stand up and salute the flag”. Each one of these is a specialisation of Infinite Power and without those specialisations, all of which imply encapsulation, that Infinite Power is nothing. And it is called nothing by the rabbi, it is called

Ayin ע which is nothing at all but the nothing is very peculiar because the letter that is operative there of that nothing is that, and that is the letter Ayin and that Ain, in the Egyptian from which it is borrowed is this and you can see how easy it is to copy that by simply doing that and that and that, and you have got that and then turn it round.

It is always a good thing if you want to separate your people from their people to turn it round. You use the same symbol, you don’t recognise it. You are used to seeing the alphabet in a certain way. Is that the letter A? Well it used to be written like that. And if you wanted to divide some people from other people you teach one set of babies this is A and another set of babies this is A and another set of babies that is A . And this A you put a beak on and say means Adler, an eagle. And this one you put a pair of ears on and some eyes and a muzzle and say that is an animal beginning with an A that is really an ‘axs’ (ox) as they say in America. You know the ‘axs’ (ox) is allowed to eat of the ‘carn’ that falls on the threshing floor. The eagle and the ox are the positive and negative aspects of the same force. As a Absolutely transcendent, that alef, that A that alpha, that eagle, is absolutely transcendent intelligence but as sufferer from its own activities, it is an ox, it is a beast of burden to itself.

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When it makes this enclosed zone, it is doubly demonic because the outer action band makes you forget Transcendent Spirit, which is your Infinite origin and the inner action band make you forget your Immanent Spirit which is not other than the Transcendent put inside, and you become occupied with the action band processes between the Immanent and the Transcendent. Now that action band process we call mentation. Mentation means mental activity, and you observe about it, that on the periphery here, the mentation is interfered with by an external physical stimulus from some object, But on the inside it is interfered with by the Immanent Spirit’s command that you do something, and when these two forces, one from outside and the one from inside meet, they make a record of the meeting and the conflict, double triangle. They make a conflict because the external sense stimulus says enjoy yourself, and the Immanent Spirit says be intelligent about it. The external one says enslave yourself to the pleasurable object and the Immanent Spirit, remembering its own transcendence, says do not enslave yourself for anything, because loss of Absolute self-determination under the pleasure stimulus is loss of your own being, it is slavery it is reduction to mechanics within the action band.

So then within this action band, again we have a division into external, sense stimulus knowledge, that is the empirical knowledge of scientists and then spiritual knowledge. Immanent Spirit speaks within and says do not be fooled by the pleasure content of the external stimulus. And there arises in the mentational zone, a fight. It is the fight between truth and pleasure subjection. It is quite simple, you actually find that something is from outside, like a blow on a head with a hammer, are unpleasant, as a stroke from a beautiful person is pleasant, and you tend, automatically to avoid the hammer and pursue the pleasure stroke. But the Spirit within you says, “All of this is a product of the relationship between Immanent Spirit Transcendent Spirit, which are not other than each other, and between which this action band has come to be. So we can divide this mentation into bands, external stimulus dominated there, and then, round there, Immanent Spirit dominated, and then a band between, a sort of No Man’s Land between.

Now most people, ninety five percent of people, live in the outer action band dominated by the external self-stimulus. Religiously trained people and ethically trained people, have been moved a bit towards the Immanent Spirit’s voice, to obey it, but there is a vast mass of middle class people here who are not quite sure whether they should listen to the external world or the Inner World of Spirit, and you all know the story of Peer Gynt, don’t you, and how he made his law, his motto for himself, “All for self”. And he went through the whole of his life, tricking people and he became eventually, as he once predicted to his mother, “I will be king or Kaiser”. And eventually he made a lot of money, he became a Kaiser of commerce. But his conscience inside him is worrying him and his Immanent Spirit was telling him, so whenever he sold negative harmful things to people, he always arranged to sell bibles with them. Do you remember, in the story, he used to export bibles and rum, together? And he always sent missionaries out wherever he cheated people, and he made money out of selling negroes as slaves; and he made money out of drugs, he made money out of many, many ways. “But”, he said, “I will pay for my vices in my virtues. So for every cheat that I do, I will send a bible out”. Now he was living in this middle zone.

Track 9

Now that is the diagram of the human being. We have a funny thing, an external world, an outer band, a middle band, an inner band and the innermost, one, two, three four, five, there is your mnemonic. Your middle finger represents the middle band and represents your temporising, that is, your behaviour in the time process. Shall I enjoy myself of shall I obey the dictate of spirit? I am not wise enough to know which is which anyway, and some philosophers have said that the external, material world is a manifestation of spirit. Nietzsche said that the body, this physical body, is very wise. It is a wise as the spirit because it is spirit, so why not listen to it. But the Immanent Spirit says, although it is spirit, precipitated, to be precipitated is to be circumscribed and to identify with circumscription is to be enslaved and slavery is bad. So there is a dialogue going on, there is a genuine fight and this fight plays the devil with us because we have the Immanent Spirit, which we call conscience, there, and she is telling us all the time that we are very much better off being nice to each other rather than horrid, that our business improves if we are polite to the customers. Funny that isn’t it? And that everything goes wrong if we close our door that we drew before, that little door there, close it, let nobody into ourselves, let nobody into our mind, nobody into our soul, nobody into our feeling, and keep ourselves to ourselves, and then we are safe. Well we are, but do you breathe well in a safe? There aren’t many safes that I know that are fireproofed if they have got holes in. To be absolutely safe, you have to be dead. There is no safety other than in absolute death and therefore we have to learn, somehow, to live in danger and this, of course, the great philosophers are all agreed about.

We have to live dangerously. Why? The word danger is from ‘dan’ which means ‘to judge’ and dan is D N which means divide and negate. If we don’t negate the Infinite Absolute there are no beings to talk to each other and the thing is an absolute negation of the possibilities of particularised action. But if we do negate that Infinite, which is the Nirvana of the Buddhists, is we do negate it, we come down to identify with a given individual being, and when we identify with it, if we forget our transcendence and forget our immanence we go into this action band and we become encapsulated and enslaved by mentational processes.

The whole of Pantanjala’s Yoga consists in the destruction of the mentational process there which is called, vriti. It is ripples of energy catching our imagination, that vriti, vibration in the mind, and it is seeking what? Pleasure and enlightenment. And it seeks the enlightenment to increase the pleasure. But the seeking of the pleasure reduces the enlightenment except about what happens when you have the pleasure. What happens when you have the pleasure is slavery. And as you become more and more enslaved you become more and more enlightened about the enslaving capacities of external stimulation, until finally you have to say somehow I’ve got to balance transcendence in immanence and to do that I must still the action band, which is demonic, it divides me. My immanence, my transcendence and spirit are divided by the action and therefore somehow I must kill it. Therefore suppression of those chita abilities, those mental vibrations, is rule one in Patanjali Yoga.

Track 10

If you can’t stop mentation, you can’t stop being a machine. How do you stop mentation? Well first of all you look at it. You have to become convinced that it is rubbish, but if you are not convinced you will go on doing it. To be convinced that it is rubbish, finally it is to attain the sate called vairāgya. Now that means total indifference to the process of rubbish because you have seen it to be rubbish. Most people indulge daily and nightly in fantasies of things they would do if they could and marvellous places they would go to if they existed, and intelligent, beautiful people devoted to creating happiness for the visitor, also and most human beings live in a this state of fantasy which is this mentational world.

Now, unless we recognise that nothing except the concreted fact is non-fantastic, then we cannot stop that meantation. As long as we are interested in the pleasure fruits of mentation, we live in the state, cabbalistically called, Lillith. That means playing about with our own emotions in fantastic creations of non-existential relationships, Lillith, playing about. Lillith is called a succubus, that is a drainer of energy. And it is because of her activity that God made Eve to try to distract him, because at that time has was auto-erotic, wallowing in the fantasies of his own mind. The techniques of doing that are actually, quite simple. The actual fact of the ground of it is very, very difficult for one only reason, inertia. We have the inertia of millions of years of long body, protoplasmic, ancestral records, trapping us and presenting us with things whether we like it or not as it is said in Islam. They are very fond of that expression, whether you like it or not, the Universe is logical, it is a logo-logical power, and you will pay if you allow yourself to wallow in that mentational band. But you will never give it up until you are convinced that it is rubbish, and you will never be so convinced unless you watch it impartially. View it phenomenologically. Just view it, don’t condemn it for that suppresses it. Don’t praise it, that magnifies it. Snuff it as it is and without comment, without criticism, without approval, without disapproval, see it as it is. And, when you so see it, then it begins to cease, the fantasy dies down.

When the fantasy dies there down, the Immanent Spirit and the Transcendent Spirit are seen to be what they are, non-different, and then you understand that this band of action between here was deliberately precipitated by that Transccendent Spirit, between itself and Immanence to create a world of particularised individuals. God made Man for himself, and all the egoic differences of Man were made in order to produce varieties of functions.

Now this is the whole principle of The Demonic. There is a division on your integument, your skin surface so that when you identify with it you forget transcendence and you are trapped in the stimulus in your skin, and when you go inside to try to find Immanent Spirit, to become religious to climb out of the mess that the external stimulus has got you into, there is another band there that says “Keep out”, your education is not yet finished. So it is a double demon. I think there is a drink called “Double Diamond”, isn’t there? It is a good nmonic for double demon. There is also a new beer for the Wedding called “Dyanamite”, I believe. It guarantees to give you a headache according to the ad.

The Demonic then, is a double divider, it divides you from transcendence, divides you from immanence and traps you in the action band of mentation. And the action band of mentation is double because some of it thinks about externally derived pleasures, and the inner part thinks about spiritual enlightenment and power and escape from the external world, and the quarrel between these two is perpetual as long as you live until you say, “I’m going to find out what it is about and start telling myself the truth and not indulge in the fantasy but look at the fantasy as fantasy.

Track 11

Spike Milligan doesn’t like people that kill animals does he? So he is not going to the wedding, but he is going to the wedding anyway. That is an inner-outer conflict. A woman said to me the other day she was disappointed with Spike, she thought he has the courage of his convictions, but he had to confess to a certain schizoid tendency before. Schizophrenia is the difference between awareness of Immanent Spirit and Transcendent Spirit or being trapped in the action band so you don’t know which side to side with. Now ultimately, you don’t have to side with either. What you have to do is stop the rubbish of the action band and let it die down, and then the fruit of that is Absolute free, intelligent, creative self-determination. Not selfish with the door shut. True Self, atmanic self, the true brahmanic self, in its absolute creativity, giving, it is not out to get, it is out to give, new creative forms into the Universe.

Now in its positive form, the demon is absolutely justified because it allows particularised characterisation, individuation and the values of individuation, positive demon. But if you make being locked up, shut up in yourself with the door closed, but it didn’t actually describe that, in the barrel of self, he says, shut up. Kierkergaard says the same thing. All the great philosophers say the same thing and all the great religious founders say the same thing, to be encapsulated with the door shut is negative demonism, and it is death, it is corruption because as a finite being, as Nietzsche would say, with a finite, encapsulated energy, so many energy quanta inside you, there must be, necessarily, a finite number of permutations and at the end of those permutations there is only repetition, an endless repetition of the same things. As long as your door is shut to infinity you will repeat the same rubbish the same statement, life after life. And every resolution you make and break, you will make and break again and again and again to eternity. This is one of Nietzsche most horrible thoughts, the idea of eternal recurrence, then he tried to escape out of it by saying, “Open the door and remember your transcendence and posit your immanence”. Demonism, positive demon, negative, to make a cult to make an ism out of it. Ism means ‘a substantialised view of reality’. As soon as you close it you make an ‘ism’. An ism is when you close the system of thought. The I in ism represents thought, ideation, the S represents the spirit, the M represents the closure. So every ism, communism, conservatism, liberalism, demonism, artistism, music-ism, whatever ism it is, is fundamentally wrong because it is closed.

But, we can’t pronounce that M with a closed nose, we have to breathe and therefore we are reminded of the fact there is transcendence and we can let the Immanent Spirit watch, put that magical eye inside here. And when we said the name of that eye is ayin and that ayin is Hebrew as well as Egyptian for negation for nothingness. Now why should it be that if you remove everything there is in the whole of phenomenal- ogical manifestation, why should it be that there is nothing and that nothing is represented by an eye? Jacob Bőhme calls that eye the wunderauge, the wonderful eye. Why is it represented by an eye? Because if you remove all phenomena, what remains is that which precipitated the phenomena by looking. That eye is The Watcher, that eye is an observer that was never observed in itself as it is. So that is quite to correct to use that word, that ayin, that AYIN that ayin that negation, for the eye to represent the Observer and the Observer who is not the observed.

Track 12

Krishnamurti said to an interviewer recently that the Observer is the observed. Well I would say to that, only if you reduced the object and the subject to that which is behind both you remove the polarity. But in fact, any formed object is not the Observer but is an intention of the Observer. And if you think it is the Observer, you get trapped in the form; but if you know that the Observer is pure consciousness, pure Sentient Power, precipitating its own world by nothing but its own intention.

If you go back to mediaeval times you find the scholastics there thoroughly aware of intentionality as the source of knowledge, the source of information. We only know that which we intend to know. Intend means ‘in-hold,’ in-hold. When we intend, we in-hold power, and in the intention we have a tension, physically, for our psychological intention, there is a physiological tension. We hold in energies and the energy plays about in the held-in zone, the intentional zone. When later on Brentano takes the same thing and then Husserl takes the same thing, we come to the same fact, that the Universe is nothing but embodied intentions, and intentions are of the Infinite Intelligence, that Infinite Sentient Power which simply within its infinity gazes in where nothing is, and in the act of the self-introversion of itself, it creates, it posits that point, the P of PA power. It posits by its own internal, self-looking. Imagine a figure painted, perhaps by William Blake, he didn’t actually do it but he could have done, imagine a great figure representing the Absolute Power and imagine that Power painted wonderfully so you can feel that somehow it was looking inside itself, a sort of spherical eye, looking into itself, and in the middle of this eye, it posits a dot. And that dot, in its intelligence, it calls simply, correctly, pupil, learner. The Black hole in the middle of your eye, you know that black hole is a hole, it is not some figment is it, it is a hole, like a Black Hole. And if you go inside it you will find a retina. If you go along the nerves from the retina, you will find an ocular centre in the back of your head., and if you go through that ocular centre you change frequency, you will come to the Ayin soph aur, you will come to that very principle of intelligent self-observation which in its internalisation precipitates the world., and when you know you are an internaliser, a self-precipitator of your world and that the Absolute has precipitated the world with you in it as another precipitator, a sub-order precipitator and called a son of that God because precisely you are going to shine inwards into yourself in an act of internal contemplation. You will turn in and in the process you will create that which was not.

Now the word ‘faith’ means the ability to put your foot down where nothing is and in the act of putting your foot down, to posit something to put it on. Now that is faith and that faith is real power, it is Sentient Power. When it looks inside itself it posits a point, of power, by simple intention. So, if I look inside my hand like that, focus my mind and take my hand away, and I am still looking, do you know what is happening there, bio-magnetically? There is a bio-field, spinning. You know today you can take bio-magnetic readings from the body without touching your skin surface. You can put those electrodes away from your body like that you can get a reading with a definite frequency and a voltage, showing that your bio-magnetic field is not necessarily confined within the domain of your skin surface and that when you concentrate upon it, you intend and intentionally produce a zone of compaction of energy. If you want to develop a disease it is quite simple all you have to do is imagine what would be most frightening and then keep frightening yourself with it and you will operate it. If you look inside you can make all kinds of horrible things by simply looking at them and believing in them. Believe means ‘love’. You love this thing that you make. Maybe it is a horrible wen on the cheek, like the hunchback of Notre Dame had. You can blow it up, you can get sympathy with it, that is Adler’s psychology. You make a bump on your nose, it goes very red then people feel sorry for you, might even donate surgery for you, you might even go to a charming cosmetic surgeon and pay six thousand pounds then they remove it for you, then you will then be acceptable. Not only will you be acceptable, you will be on TV as having gone through the process and they will pay you for it. So blowing your nose up could be quite profitable. One marvellous film I saw of ladies bosoms being cut to pieces and going wrong and right, wonderful programme. There is a lot of money in it. You know you can make money out of anything if you try, but you have to know the rules.

Track 13

Now, to be a positive demon, not to believe in demonism as an ultimate explanation, but to know the fact of the Immanent and the Transcendent Spirit are absolutely non-different and the action band between them is the zone of mentation and conceptualisation. On the outside we have sense data here, on the inside we have concepts and here we have percepts and to know that the whole of the functions of ultimate reality are intentional self-precipitations, is to comprehend that pa-py-rus.

Now we are all self-precipitated, every one of us and we have a destiny determined by us. Nobody has put us here, we have. Every baby in a mother’s womb put itself there. Every baby in the womb makes its own placenta, it isn’t the mother that makes the placenta and says to the baby I am terribly fond of babies, I think I will feed you, I will precipitate a placenta, No, before she has got time to do that the baby goes whish, placenta, grab, I will feed on her, “I will feed on her damask cheek like a worm in the bud”, the power in that little child of self-precipitation, self-parasitic grabbing of its mother in order to get born, is just one of the powers of spirit, and it is entirely self-responsible for its self-precipitation and she is going to pay for it, and that paying is called karma. Karma means if you like something, and you do it, you will pay. Kama is the Cupid of Sanscrit. In Karma is action-reaction. What you love you will do and what you do you will pay for. And, whatever you do in deeds or whatever you do, divides you from something else. Observe that fact. In the realm of time, in matter, in space, every act as it is particularised as it is particularised is a non-doing of every other act that you might have done is an infinity of other acts that you might have done. So every act is not only a doing of that thing but it is a non-doing of an infinity of other valuables that you haven’t done and possibly not even thought of, so to do is to disintegrate. The Japanese have a way out of this wu-wei- wu, the Bhagavad Gita was written to give you the way out of it; Act non-act.

Now how do you do an act and act means to, release power and enclose it and crucify it, so like doing, it divides you and it pins you, the ability to do /not-do simultaneously, wu-wei- wu, do it, don’t do it. Now how do you do that? It is simple. You do it and don’t identify with it. You see how easy it is?


Yes? Catch this. You see you were ready to help, weren’t you, catch it. Now I did that little act, I could have done a million, or even more if I thought, but it was that one and you immediately showed reciprocity, that means the door was open, that means you are alive. Supposing you were not alive and your door was closed I could throw it at you and hit you, mmmm? If everybody was asleep it is safe If one wakes up it is no longer safe to the others, mmm?

So, we are P A, we are positing actualities, self positing. Then comes the crunch, if we posit ourselves do we assent to the results of our self-positing? We are power, are we going to be py, PY, are we going to assent to the results of our activities, or are we going to shut the door and say I don’t want the result? Now if we assent to the results of our activities we convert into ruh, we become spiritual beings discriminating our power and issuing from our discriminative power. Then we are called ruh. As positing in our power, as assenting to our self-positing we are py (pi), and as discriminating because we have accepted the limitations imposed on ourselves by this self-positing, we are ruh.

Now I said it was the same thing as saying abracadabra. Ab is the same thing as Father, ra means Son and cad means to fall, cadere to fall. Now to fall means to identify with that which differentiates. Ab means the actuation of the being ra means that rationality, the natural resultant to that self-positing, and cad means that you fall into identification if you are not careful but then it says abracad- abra. The second abra means resurrection. After you have fallen you get hit. When are hit, the pain makes you remember that you precipitated yourself, so you say abra for cad, abra, you resurrect. Now until you get hit when you have identified, you don’t normally remember that you did it, and if you are very foolish when you get hit, you blame somebody else. And if you wish to grow spiritually very quickly, you don’t blame anybody else, no matter what it is. You accept that it couldn’t happen to you unless you were there and that you put yourself there is the womb to begin with were, and you stole food to grow and you became big and uncomfortable and kicked your sheltering mother, and when you were ready you came out and screamed and were very unruly. And when you went to the university later on you were rude to the one that fed and clothed and educated you and you say, “All your life, you worked to keep me mother, now go out and keep yourself!” That is the reality, the harsh reality of ultimate Sentient Power, and only intelligent self-awareness rescues you, and the only solution is open the doors. The doors of perception must be open. William Blake said, “If you were to purify your organs of perception, then you would know and see everything as it is, Infinite.” The slightest particle of dust, a grain of sand on the beach if you put that under an electron microscope, it is infinite, it isn’t confined. What you thought was solid object is field force going out to Infinity. Every minutest bit of dust in the world and every non-living and living being is Infinite. And that is why Lao Tse said that the pine needle tip and the mountain are the same size. He did not mean that relatively a man on a mountain is like a fly on a pine needle, he didn’t mean that. He meant that the field force that precipitated the mountain and the field force that precipitated the pine needle are Infinite and therefore the needle and the mountain are the same size.

Track 14

Now the only thing that makes demons of us is this intention to finiteness., the intention, the inner-holdingness to become a finite being. It is not inflicted on us by the Absolute like a naughty god trying to annoy us, we, from infinity become ourselves , and that Infinite Power allows us to become ourselves. and then allows us to pay our own prices for becoming what we have willed to become. Now if we know that we are positive in our demon view and it is not an ism, because we are not closing it, we are leaving the door open to Infinity. And because we don’t close the door we are not a negative demon, we are a positive. You can’t get rid of your demonic capacity for self-separation, you can’t get rid of the differences of your mind, your Soul, your spirit, your aesthetic sensitivity, everybody is absolutely unique and it is not to be got rid of. What is has to be is shared and to share it you open the door

So the whole problem of the demonic is really fundamentally simple. We are demons in so far as we are distinguishable as substantial intelligences. That same letter N, that means negativity, the negation of the Infinite to posit the finite, is also the same word NOUS nous or nowse, however you prefer to pronounce it, and nous means the perception of what is of no use. NO US E. say no use, instead of saying nous, NOUS say “Oh it’s dropped its E”. E means life. The ability of intelligence to detect what is of no use, that is nous, and that is the N in the demon

Now any person who is working towards self- integration with the intention to close and never give a value to any other being is a negative demon. But any person who is working with intention to close in order to meditate, in order to contemplate, in order to discover new powers, new contributions, in order to be able to open the door and throw into the Universe things that it could never have got in any other way, that one is a positive demon.

So to be a demon is not necessarily bad, not necessarily good, to be a demon is to be a good-bad potential. And you have to choose and the choice is always the same. “Do I close down”, that is negative demonism, if you intend to retain what you learn, or do I close down to contemplate, to meditate to bring new emergents, to open the door and give them out. That is positive demonic behaviour.

It is a simple little test which anybody that is being sincere, knows when they examine themselves. Am I closing down to possess for myself, exclusively, to keep other people from the values I discover or am I closing down to possess for myself down to meditate, to contemplate the mysteries of Immanent Spirit and disclose the Immanent Transcendent Spirit as the source of the whole demonic structure?

Self-examination always reveals that. In the analysis of motivation of action, that is of intention. So if you say to yourself, “What is my intention, am I trying to keep this to myself and hope to retain it and not to ever give it out to other people”, that is negative demonism, whereas if I close myself in order to be quiet, to quieten my mentation and clear and then discover my Immanence transcendent and then to give forth the fruit of this to other beings, then you are a positive demon and absolutely justified because the Absolute has made you for that very end.

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