lThis transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes for Eugene’s lecture at Parklands on 23rd September 1969 was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in October 2009 - all additions to the original put in by us to aid clarit are in square brackets and italics.  At the time of writing this transcription there is yet no tape recording of this talk.



(Lecture by Eugene Halliday @ Parklands)  28/9/69


Centres  in the human being attached to various parts of the body



(Note)  philosophy  -  we have no history of philosophy stating progressive evolution of truth.



S               =   feeling, which is basis of all knowledge, means perceiving substance

                   of knowledge infinite field of sentience.

                        '' – because we cannot define S

                        S has not [sic – no] limits [therefore] cannot be defined

                        [therefore] is infinite.



S                -    when articulated is consciousness

                                               SCI from cut / shear   

                                               an analytic process

                        if not analysed, one has not got consciousness of internal sentient of being.


                   -    when we define a situation, by definition we then become more in

                        charge of the situation.


                   -    only when we define are we conscious, what we do not is [sic] define consists

                        of matters of which we are unconscious.



S                is that in which phenomena is presented

                        -  seeing is the defined tyrant, for that is [the] means whereby one define[s]


                        and objectives.


                        -  seeing is means whereby we can think geometrically, and look for

                        significance in the object.






P                =   phenomena, perception, predication



S                =   field is not finite and [therefore] infinite


                        noumenon  =  made of absolute definition.



Any sentient being can be represented by S


Any positive being can be represented by P



Binary numbers are allowed only 1 and 0


Similarly in philosophy we could use S and P



P                =   patterns


                        Primary particle, pluralised and then posited in patterns  =  phenomenon.


                   =   play, pattern


Buddhists say  -  only sentience is non-conditioned

only P is conditioned.


                   P = form

                   Prison = forms posited with[in] sentience



3 Fold Division


O                 =   circumscription


[therefore] SOP

                   =   original SOP from which earth created (ancient word for wisdom)


also written:-








                        heart pivotal centre for all other processes



                        Sub divisions are for our insufficiency



                        The only reality is ‘whole reality’

                        all abstract definitions and [therefore] less powerful than whole.



                                      Involution                                                            Evolution


                                                                                     Every individual has to belong and feel

                            Cosmic positives [?]                         Unity of all beings


                                      vibrate                                    verbalise source of origin

                                      posit own

                                                                                     in process of verbalisation                


                                                                                     must integrate



In terms of efficiency

          The more you know about something the better.

          The more free energy one has the better.





H I E R O S    =  the ancient word for priest


H       =       power, control


          =       differentiation of power  =  expression


          more power in differentiated mind, with knowledge of formal facts and freedom from emotional stress.







Crater         =   mixing bowl, to separate people from what they want and they say ‘find it’.



One cell from living organism


Monocell has no internal sub-divisions.



Paramesium   [sic - paramecium]


Human evolution is movement to produce pluralisation with each posited being in S being

Absolutely self-determinate and absolutely reflexive, human race still has a long way to

go towards these evolving cosmic being’s evolutionary purpose.  Only way is

heightened awareness in being.



Belly being cannot get away from herd.




Christ had come to destroy certain facts [facets] in the world – he denied terrestrial relations

of family order to be valid. He was pro logos and anti family.



Buddha also broke herd instinct.  Every point must be self-determinant.


Man who does not study Vietnam etc and he presumes to speak about it and vote about it,

he is a fool.











Evolution will wipe out all non-self-determin [ed]


After World War III men will receive such a shock that every person will have to take a hand

in own good.  He will not be able to sit in house and be satisfied to put a mark on bit

of paper.



Terms in relation to 5 fold division.


Physical body



Physbod     =   made of minerals from earth by a certain agent.  It is a fact that the minerals

                        that lie inertly on earth are picked up by plants and recomposed into growing

                        plant.  This requires light.


                        [therefore] above level of physbod there is a force that organises.



Biofield       -    organises mineral world in vitality force.

                        intimately connected with solar radiation


                        this collectivisation power must be considered “as circumscribed energy

                        system” [therefore] by definition it is a body.

                        Body is any zone that can [. . . non-concluded sentence]



  ''                Vital organising body



                        We have not only a vital organising complex of bodies, we have a mobilising

                        or activity body.



Active Mobilising Body

                   -    These forces that causes us to run about.  It is one over pla [plant]



















                        Mineral is entirely gravity dominated


                        Plant defies gravity and stands up


                        Active mobilising body

                                      is superior to plant it can pull up plants etc



Mental Body

                   -    Able to calculate where to run to person who can evaluate his desires,

                        is superior to being that must rush about.


                        [therefore] there is a definite climb in power and efficiency.



Physical body


Vital organising


Active mobilising





BODHI       -    is superior to others and is able to determine from within itself the entire


                        real [realm?] of cosmic intellect

                        able to work without mental stimulation.

                        contains internal dialectical principle of cosmic intellection.  It knows that all

                        involution caused by self positing.


                        Bodhi covers everything that is definable, beyond which is only that which is

                        undefinable or infinite. 





Until you can integrate your personality, you are not yet ready for the higher triad No.7














          Personality is empirical


          When man has made his mind empirically very cleverly, and is ready to dedicate himself to absolute service, then the whole              



          The moment a very clever personality decides he will not use his own cleverness in his own purposes he cannot rise to higher levels but when he decides not to do so, the internal divisions within him disappear.


                   If [the ?] transfiguration of Jesus



          Spiritual triad beings use man’s private cleverness to further their cosmic purposes



          Omnipotence to nescience to being saturated with cleverness so that he can dedicate his cleverness absolutely to cosmos


          A being can only be of real service to the spiritual triad which can remove necessary dividing line of private purposes.


          Whatever he has done has enriched cosmos and offers it to infinite and in process of offering it to absolute he wipes out difference between hi self and absolute.



          Pearl rolled out of circulation in cosmos to recognise that all things have authority over things with authority over them except top and bottom.     

























Questions on Talk



ATMA      )

BUDDHI  )                 The triad above the personality

ATMA       )




ATMA         -    object by letter symbols to define metaphysical symbols in which every letter                                 has a meaning.  Showing that there is a logical and ontological reason.



A                 symbolises  -  Absolute



T                 symbolises  -  insection [intersection ?] of forces in absolute implies stability of


                    substantial power because circumscribed

                     [therefore] material

                    ma  =  appetite



MA              means yourself

                    [therefore] -

                    essential appetite of man is absolutely same as absolute


                    every being constitutes fodder for every other being


                    -    ie every eater is edible

                    who shall eat who, when, where and for what crime


                    absolute is eating absolute


                    intelligence of man is intelligence of absolute a KNOW ABLE being.



ATMA is BRAMA      

               in every man there is a point of reflection on self awareness that gives every

              man the absolute right to oppose every other man talking absolutely














BUDDHI         =  pure logic or logo logic

                   (derived not from self-stimulus but internal self knowledge)



P                 =   MC2 (made nuclear bomb)


                   power derived from own power with dominant situation [?]




                   Substantial, motion issue

                   (origin of word mind, mensuration the mind counting process than will apply

                   itself to external world.



          This is cause of all unease or disease

          [therefore] 2-way squirt may occur without prior consultation,

          this is human communication


          contingent stimulation causes mind to withdraw or shrinking  


          shrinking is an empirical response to an empirical


          all diseases caused by some shrinking from some stimulus























                   lower mind

                   that mentation process which is conditioned by your appetite being outside you

                   -    ie you have been captured by the stimulus

                   -    ie cupidity or stupidity


                   a person is reacting because he has been touched or effected


                   absolute self-stimulating being





KAMA MANAS   =  the fall or subordination to the external stimulus



                   This is the school of Zen, decide you are a centre of creative values. 

                   If you close your mind to external stimulus, is to allow original manas or

                   self-stimulation to function.


                    [Therefore] every being must learn not to be a slave to external stimulus.




Obsolete     =   functions that stand in orbit.




Chemical changes in body are precipitated by act of will.




















A            absolute          )

·                         posits a point  )  = AL  [or A1] or Ai


              posits many primary particles to serve as many particular centres or reference.

              These particular particles are masses of matter with which empirical science is






              reflexively aware men termed “divine men”.



              5 vowels signify 5 levels of being within evolutionary intent of absolute                


               A  -    absolute

              I    =   absolute individuated

              E  =   absolute individual then has possibility of evolution



              prior to pluralisation absolute has no possibility of relationships


              where you control desires, the energy differentiates you instead of going outside




              fall is involutionary process

              way back is evolutionary process.







A T M A      -    absolute cannot get rid of itself.

                        it must do something with itself as the absolute he is a creation

                        as a result of his creative process he [...... sentence incomplete]



















                        Logologically ‘highest mercy is greatest severity’.




NO                  =  negation, continuity of process of circumscription




“NO escape”   means the escape is by saying “no” to the slavery of the external stimulus




Charming   -    is to help people in slavery to the external stimulus in the process you will

                        get wiser and wiser.


                        so called success in this world consists of finding out what people want

                        and then supplying it.  Danger is that in the process one may become

                        dependent upon the external stimulus of their needs




pain is a psychological point of refusal of stimulus.


          all energy is sentience

          electrons in orbit are bored

          by jumping orbit they break boredom



to increase active possibility is to increase joy potentialities 



where it becomes unprofitable to endure pain one faints.




SACRIFICE    =  secret doing


patterned energy

survivor is some protoplasm of person who is sacrificed [therefore] his protoplasm vibrates

in tune with patterned energy of sacrificed physical level human being and are conditioned

















in one direction but feed back is in opposite direction.




SACRED        =          SECRET and unassimilable.

















26/10/69 [probably date of next meeting]