[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (no known Ishval number) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in May 2013 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.  Crossings out in this piece of work have the same content as in the original, which were also crossed out and usually incomplete sentences.]




Parklands 11.5.75



Demonic Voice   -   Voice that says ‘NO’



Socrates’ Demonic Voice only said ‘NO’


Socrates thought of by Neitzche as turning from

     Old View   -  life affirming

to  New View    life negating  -  life controlling




Therefore Demonic Voice will only speak to say No.


Therefore one has complete freedom with ‘dom’ being the No aspect.




Imagine your potentiality and vocabulary are infinite.


Fall and Pall are the same term.


Aristotelian Logic is very very clear and very very wrong.



Because.  If one comprehends another meaning, ie vegetable (as distinct from human) it shows one comprises that which one comprehends.



Babies cry because they do not know vocabulary to order mummy about.



Civilisation is that grouping together of human beings where there is a tacit conspiracy that everyone will twist everyone else without saying anything about it.


Alternately we will reach:

-    Cont-emporaneity” with Jesus Christ

     ie  Here-nowness gained after it has been lost a very long time





Original human being was as passive to Cosmic Faces as minerality is passive to such forces.



God  =  Absolute Intelligence which precipitates an objective organism which will be able to reciprocate fully with the maker

            ie   man  -  ultimately evolves



Gnome  =  that which sharpens consciousness.



Imagine you have an infinity of possibilities but that you have no vocabulary and no experience, no mode of selection.


You cannot select, because to select suggests you have had experience.


Immediately after ‘the fall’ was ‘the pall’  ie Adam was filled with definitions to cover up the realities.


You Fall when you identify with the definitions and forget that you posited the definitions in the first place.

          ie   -  you are then palled.



Plants represent a level of aesthetic response.

          ie  turn towards, sun, air, water, etc according to like and

          away from dislike.



If we think mentation  ie counting and evaluating is a mobile aesthetic then middle finger is dog, ie seriality.
















Animal can run about and have one experience after another.


Humans have complicated


Animal’s serial thinking relates only to like / dislike connected with its body.


This is the 3 part Lower Self.




A Leap occurs in switch from Serial to Non-Serial Thinking.



Danger in categorisation is that when that talent is developed the individual is apt to think that all that is needed to control the world is to extend and comprehend as talent of categorisation.


Category is an intellectual formal definition of an aspect of reality.


But one has to abandon categorisation  (ie to leap) to become a free-will individual.


Categorisers reckon there are 3 types of tools

Non talking tools

Half talking tools

Talking tools (ie serial thinking tools)



Message from above level of categorisers


                            ( too rigid

Condemns the ( too immobile

                            ( incapable of survival



Prophet gets message from above level of lower inertias and of rigidities.  He is above individual will.  He speaks from hexonic field and wills to speak about it.











Categoriser  =  built the great pyramids and developed agriculture and civilisation.



In terms of survival, the natural man is not a true individual.  He is body orientated and cannot survive.



But categorising talent becomes too proud.  Therefore it breeds its downfall.



Society became sick when you inhibited natural life, to guarantee survival in food cycle.



Therefore people allowed to release inhibited power for a spell in Annual Holiday.  -  ie to release the frustrated energies.



Civilisation is a trick to guarantee the food supply of the oligarchs (ie the categorisers)


The great secret is:


                          Every man is free.



Job significance is essential.


Guardians of state must be initiated into the mysteries.


Initiation teaches


Mineral World No     i)  you are a physical body

                                    ii) you undergo what it means to be in a physical body.


No.1   -    taught you what it meant to be a mineral body.  You were crushed to

                 unconsciousness by having rocks put on you.


No.2   -    Initiation by Water

                 Water put on you until you drown into unconsciousness.  ie you are

                 held under water.





You understand what it feels like to be a fluid feeling type being.



Initiation No.3     Ordeal by Fire


You are reminded that ‘as to your energy’ you are a fiery being.


You discover you are fire.


You learn to walk over the fire quite slowly.




Initiation No.4     Ordeal by Air


You have an oxygen deprivation test and you learn that your thinking process is intimately bound up with oxygen.




Initiation of Will

You have to face something that no one else has every tried to do.  If it fails, you are a hero.  If it succeeds the success is chalked up on record.




You have to be tested thoroughly before your hexonic power initiation test.


Initiation of a New Emergent.


A New Pure [E]idetic Structure that has Never Before Existed.



4 Gaps in Fingers Represent Transitional Phases.


These can be very very difficult.


ie  Water and Earth together   =   Mud.


ie  Transitional Phase between pure materialism and pure aesthetic phase . . .








. . .  is an unclear and unpleasant phase.



Therefore Help required between

Gross Materialist Ideology  -  who has a dull but clear mind.



Aesthetic Mind  -  is a pure feeler.





Ú    Between Water and Fire is Mist.

Therefore Feeling Life is confused with the intention to do something.




Fire and     You are in Trouble when you are struggling to make a pattern through Serial

Mobility     Thinking.






Next          You are in Trouble when you are Having to take the First Step to Initiate.

Step is


ie Volitional

Field with


Flux around


                            Those 4 Transitions

                            and 5 Initiations

                            Make the mystical Nine



                   Ten  -  How do you go from Free-Will to Cosmic Initiation



                   Eleven  -  From Universal Form to Universal Will

                            -  ie from Power All Form to Absolute No Form








Human Life is Pure Spiritual Power which has put itself into forms and to develop through pure contradiction.


Therefore precipitates, categorises, etc and to bring all into relation, so that stress / strain of relation brings all beings to a higher level of consciousness.






Meta-noia   Secret is that Thou art that which thou seekest.  It is the energy going through you that creates you.


You are conscious through resistance to the will, ie contradiction, ie energy opposing itself.



The human race is the only tip through which the Absolute can gain self-conscious awareness.  Therefore it is not the will of the Absolute that the human race shall perish.


State is a slow moving beast that has to be stirred into action.


State develops at expense of spontaneity.



Civilisation is to guarantee survival.


But human race is not here merely for survival but for self-conscious striving to attain higher level.


Today no one believes there is any value in anything.  (Pre-civilised, pre-individuated state).  Matter-centralisation.  Set as of nuclii all over the world.



People who are aware that . . .









. . . to make a whole one must get the separate arts and integrate them together.



Passivity   -   minerality.

Struggling out to Grow  -  like plants

Mobilising of ones self serially



Remembrance of Cosmic Origin



One must expose



God is Called “Pure Act”

            It knows what it is  -  “life”


In its encapsulated state, it is normally filled with

anxiety  =  but  ie        negative    )  aspects of anxiety

                                      or positive )



Leap is essential.  To get from serialisation to immediate.

            ie  Being immediate, your serial mind cannot keep up with it.

                 Sensation of immediacy.



Christ I am the doer.


Leap is non-rational from serial to spontaneous.


To leap one must “cast out fear”


            These are two deaths:


First Death             ie  death of physical body


Second Death            disintegration of one’s point of reference

Ideational                                  (ie  one can carry oneself through physical death)                  









Re Second Death.  I do not rest on categories of ideas, I rest on the will.  The will posits the categories.


If you accept the definition of another person of your problems, then you really have a problem.  Your own definition of the problem may be quite different and hardly a problem at all.





The bigger the threat of civilisation to the individual the bigger the stimulus upon the individual either to regress back or to develop his intelligence.



I must state my governing concept and

I must state the freedom of my will



Regression and Degeneration otherwise will occur.



Salvage intelligence of last 6,000 years, so that human race does not regress.



Ú          2 Basic Governing Concept


Many Men         ie

                            Plurality and alienation of cells.

                            Alienation, absolutely and originally

                            ie total disintegration of universe


One Man            there is only one man the Cosmic Man who has pluralised

                            into individual selves

                            Total harmonisation of the universe – There is no middle course.














Postponement is Guilt

                            if you postpone deciding between the two

                            Basic Governing Concepts.



There is No Middle Between these 2 Ways.



If you choose to believe in the Absolute Man  -  you are harmonious, and consistently harmonious.


-      What is opinion.  God makes

opinions, to make us disagree. 




If we believe we are absolutely externally alienated  -  we can have a

consistent view.



Right Hand Power is Universal God Belief.



Fiends are frightened of being found out.



Spirit is Free Intelligence.












[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (no known Ishval number) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in May 2013 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.  Crossings out in this piece of work have the same content as in the original, which were also crossed out and usually incomplete sentences. 


This sheet was with the previous although its subject matter seems different.  The dates are close so Fred may have kept them merely for convenience.  To date no more of this lecture or personal interview have been found. ]




Symbol is letter “Y

ie roots, trunk



Christendom          =   structure of State Church on top of Christianity

                                 -    a necessary anti-christ, so that men can choose between                                                                         Christ and Anti-Christ.


SH                           =   shoot up

                                 -    light                              Up to Share

                                 -    share


R                              =   root

                                 =   go down                      Down to Selfishness

                                 =   to be different


Trunk                       =   Law of Life

                                      as you grow, so you bifurcate

                                      ie  branch (ie  break unity)


                                      First break, ie  from parent

                                      Second break  ie  from your children


Air                            =   intellect            )  ie  we must share both

Light                        =   consciousness )


Root                         =   keep your differences

                                      good fences keep good neighbours


Wise                        =   See whole Tree

ISWS                       =   Jesus

Whisdom                =   spiritually directed

Wisdom                  =   wisdom  )  without spiritual directed

Whirld                                        )


Throne                    =   One who is thrown and who rests

                                      on ones own centre

                                      ie  if you rush back, you are a thrown

                                      being who is dependent on the thrower.




                                      Cells in Society is

                                      Bureaucracy is cell


                                      If only by integrity of


AN … CHOR         =   Snake   =   create a hierarchy

                                      Primary selfishness (ie  God is the supreme being).


Know the truth and the truth will set you free

                                 ie  the truth liberates you from the rubbish.


Body is the object and the consciousness is the subject

                                 So the conscious field is the subject



 U                    =   symbol of earth

                                      Active / Passive     =     x

                                      Therefore immediate dualism

                                      ie  body which is attackable, because it is condensed in space.


Con  densed          =   With judgement

Con  densed               is to expose yourself to judgement



Fallen                          you fall into identification with your throwness

Tranquillise                 you are tranquillised because you and everyone else has fallen

                                      ie  Mass Failure causes Mass Tranquillisation

                                      ie  everyone stops their creative endeavour


THR  ONE              =   Law of Unity

THR  =  law

KURT  =  short

one is short with