[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (No known Ishval number) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in July 2011 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.]



Easter Play 1969


Logos             -   is not logic (Aristotle).

                             is not a linear, serial, temporal events

                             a temporal logic.


Logos             =  logologic  =  logic of non-temporal

                            events of time simultaneously occurring.


Eternity          =  different order of being, not in time.


Imagine a consciousness with a spherical eye (like fly) and all serial behaviour occurring within sphere, able to experience simultaneously all events of universe.

Here – now – dynamic (simultaneous all seeing eye)

Spherical comprehension of total reality)  =  Logologic.


Non-adultery     =      progressive refinement so as to remove all one is not aiming at.

                            So that goal is non-adulterated.


External, temporal, stimulus.


Adam             =  man


Innocence     =  non-interpretation of events (ie ‘in no sense’)

                            one interprets through being trained to interpret.


Adult              =  adulterated by external stimuli.

                            Therefore loss of innocence.

                            Therefore one sees life in terms of ‘value judgements’

- ie this is right or wrong.


Adult must embark on self examination in order to regain lost innocence.


In the dying process there is a dying purpose.



Mary Magdalene =   basic appetite

                                    woman, cosmic ocean.


M    =    substance                (substance which when stimulated

R    =    response                  (responds


Magdalene    =  process of appetite not controlled uncivilised



Prodigal         =  try to get down to lowest level because by internal

                                    dynamism when one ‘drives’ right down to bottom

                                    one will have to turn round.


Mary               =  female equivalent of prodigal son.


                             One does not find human being looking for basic

                            materialism at bottom.


There is a limit of centripetal  

                            involution – driving into earth

                            evolution  -  driving back outwards.


Most people are not very clear about what they are trying to achieve.

Lukewarm     =  oscillations around middle.


                        Matter is energy.

                        Energy is spirit.

                        Spirit has posited matter as its footstool.


Deliberate pursuits of extremes, essential as one cannot learn until one has gone to excess.


The doctrine of the extremes.   If one is strong enough (without crying about it) one can consciously define what one is sure about in an absolute extreme.


L N                  =  flax or

L N function  =  interweaving of power.

                        =  trying to make itself an object by our appetite.


All material existence is fundamentally an appetite.

No sense logical therefore God is a devouring fire.


One end of being has no intent but reduction of universe to fire.


Christos         =  control, inhibit this primeval attitude of fire


Control           =  relative death







Christos         =  logical principle which stops beings from eating up the universe.


Human being decides when to relieve appetites.



          53          =

              ( 10   =  ordinal perfection

              (    5   =  five senses

              (    3   =  thinking, feeling, willing.


Biological age   )

Emotional age  )    may all be different.

Rational age     )

Spiritual age      )




A human being is always an end in itself.


Christ             =  anointed one (anointed with oil of cosmic love).

(in philosophic terms)


Gethsemane     =       seed of the earth


Seeds of ancestral experience within every man’s protoplasm.


Jesus had to decide whether to get crucified.


Purpose of crucifixion  =  to show how to fixate (ie if I say I will do something,

                            I will do it).


Sin                  =  aim, purpose, meaning, significance, etc.


Sin                  =  aims of ancestors in our protoplasm pursuing their aims.

                            If we cannot control them, this is a sin.


Quick             =  only way of determining the speed live [sic]








Egoic self is built up by giving child a name and building up a definitional structure.  This is bad conditioned response.


Egoic self can disintegrate whilst the physical body is still alive.


If after death egoic structure is still there as an energy system


Satisfaction   -   that state of being made full.

-     every appetite that is fed continues as a hunger.

-     appetite can only be satisfied through a control which fulfils it.