[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (dated 2.6.68 - Sunday - no Ishval number) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in September 2010 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.]





How Not to be Influenced

or The Mechanics of Influence





1.       You cannot read or discuss anything without being influenced.


          Conversation is a form of energy exchange.


          -        Energy flows into organism and out of organism, and produces changes.



          A stimulus is being given = energy input.


          this is characterised and put in in a specific form.  (ie has quality and character – c/f man’s or woman’s voice : - feeling/texture).


          The male voice has a rough grating quality, and this is said to effect the psychosomatic psyche even before a child is born.  This is protoplasmically recorded and the human resonates subsequently.  He cannot avoid being influenced.


          The only way to avoid being influenced is to be aware that one is being influenced, but one can (if one wishes to) contradict what is being said.




          + basic physical fact of existence.








          There is a real relationship between emotionally charged words and your vocabulary. 

          - Example:  talk in a different language.


          Emotional response, if you don’t consciously know the direction can be very dangerous.  Signs of emotive responses.


          We have two nervous systems central nervous system and autonomic system.


          By a ‘trick’  - ie conditioning autonomic nervous system  - by substituting symbols (verbal or otherwise) to cause a conditioned reflex response from the autonomic nervous system.

          -    ie the Pavlov’s dogs experiment.




          The conditioned reflex tends to be offset by doubt.


          Therefore through words it is possible to condition parts of your organism.



Persons  - exist who have studied what a stimulus can produce in a body.  These men are differentiated from other men because they have studied the principles of influence.


          Therefore they have learnt :-


a)    how to control own responses.


b)    how to dictate so that people will respond emotionally

                         to what one says.








          The only way to be not influenced by someone else is to take care of one’s one influence.  So, if you do not know the character of one’s one organism, one will not know self control, and one will be controlled by someone else.



          Word forms have emotional content, because they are inhibitors.  One will respond, not only consciously, but also emotively with the emotions of the people who taught us the meanings of the words.


          - Example:  a person responds more emotively to the mother tongue, than in cases where a message is received in a second tongue.  The reason for this is that message goes through brain to translate.  This triggers off the ‘doubt’ mechanism.




          Logic, Mathematics, and Geometry.

-  this is the formal aspect of the situation.  It will produce a response from the autonomic nervous system. 

          Logic, mathematics, and geometry, are said to be ‘cold’ subjects, but this is not the case with those people who find this useful.



Liking / Disliking:

          -  Girl stamping foot saying “I hate you” is a conditioned reflex.











          Like / dislike response is primarily used when out of conscious intellectual control of situation.



Conative Vocabulary :

          - This is a relatively crude vocabulary.



Define Vocabulary into :

a)    logic mathematics, and geometry

b)    Liking or disliking (Affective significance)

c)    Conative significance.



Studying Linguistics – is the means of influence.  In a computerised situation, the problem is what to do with leisure.


          Therefore method is required to devise methods of absorbing boredom.  As the boredom will otherwise erupt and destroy civilization as known.



Self Knowledge – the only way to preserve our own individuality is to be on guard so that we are on guard and always watching how our minds react.



National Inertias – it is impossible to break out of national mass inertias by mass education.  It can only occur by personal, individual  [ . . .







          . . . ] effort.



          Conscious, self-analytical power is now possible.  But from this point, the education of man is entirely an individual effort.  The conscious cognition development can only bring man to the level of self individual consciousness.



          Thereafter each individual from then on must undertake his own self education, self division of vocabulary and reconditioning oneself consciously.  Each person uniquely in his own way.



          This is very important, and is a higher level of development than say the evolution of the potato by shoot from eyes of potato, as opposed to possible mutations (possibly caused by radio active disturbances) which may occur if potato allowed to seed and thus to regenerate.



          The development of cells in brain is rather like the way the seeds form is differentiated by some form of radio disturbance.  Every child demonstrates certain individual characteristics.  This is accepted by most Eastern philosophies, and recognised that human brain is receiving energy and food both from food and from Cosmos itself.



          The radiating forces penetrate and [ . . .






           . . . ] influence individual.  Not because of food, but because other intelligent forces in Cosmos are actively seeking to influence human beings to become



          Ethics   -   concepts that are unique.   Therefore man required to be unique.

                            Reality is that



          Moral    -   groups all together as a commune, and requires one to be




          Ethics (cont)      - each person shall be the sole determining of his [sic]



          Converging of spiritual forces into a single human being.  Understand the logic of his own being.  Fearless in saying what he likes and dislikes.  Conation control is under his own control.  But because he likes uniqueness, he will completely respect the uniqueness in other being.  Growth of individual self awareness.  We shall expose ourselves only, deliberately to forces which condition our own being to our own reflexive self conscious will.






Spirituality and Uniqueness


          ‘The perception of formal relation’.



          Genius – power to generate a unique form.



          The essence of spirituality is its uniqueness.  When you look at what you call the same thing, you should see unique configurations each time you look at it.  When you do not see uniqueness you have become inert.  If you look at something and see one percept, and the next time you look at it and see the same percept, the second time you are not looking at it but are looking at your memory of the first percept.



          For 6,000 years at least a small number of persons have claimed that they are the Government, and have required everyone else to be like them.  They have taught a theory that in some way, all men were equal, and that by implication all men should not strive to be unequal.  Incidentally this doctrine of equality was formulated by beings who were on the top, and rested upon a slave economy.



A Popular Fallacy:


i)             All men are born equal.

ii)            All men shall obey the law of equality.

iii)           All men shall strive not to be unequal except those at the

top who can do what they want.









          melody               )                 

          harmony            )                  variations in use of a word.

          rhythm                )

          dynamics           )


          In any word to any persons

          universal phonetic value


          + racial  -  phonetic value modifying the


          family   -   cross races


          + emotive reaction within family.


          Therefore born into a situation so your real

          response to any word is unique.



          The Fire         )

          -      Wheel     )           the first inventions.

          -      Lever      )           (Socrates said once upon

          Logic              )              a time gold men married gold

                                             women and had gold children and you

                                             knew where gold was.



                                             Gold        -    works from pure initiative


                                             Silver      -    intellect


                                             Copper   -    feeling


                                             Iron          -    will


          Lead   -   right at the beginning of time.





          The ultimate reality is an infinite sentient power.  A uniquely creative force.

          It can never be satisfied with the finite.



          You can communicate with another person if one can agree on a universal

          symbology of terms.




          Circle used to be Kirkle = closed situation.




          If you work serially at something for long enough, one discovers that things are given consciously to the listener.  God is approaching man and is far more ready to give than man is to listen.  For God wants to give man uniqueness; man wants social conformity.









30th June