[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (No known Ishval number) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in September 2011 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.  Crossings out in this piece of work have the same content as in the original, which were also crossed out and usually incomplete sentences.]



Involution and Evolution

                                              Eugene 25.01.1970


Involution is evolution other way up.


Evolution being something out from a situation or substance.


A ‘term’ implies a word that has been very clearly defined.


How can the qualities that are evolving have got in the first place into it.


Reality is original =  essential powers.


Involution  =  towards the centre

Evolution  =  from the centre.


Men looking for ‘primary causes’ ie forces  -  ie dynamic cause.

-               also looked for unchanging forms and considered:

earth, water, air, fire.


2 temperaments opposed.


          A     Stability       looked for unchanging matter

          B     Causation   looked for dynamic cause


Matter  =  energy locatable and offering resistance.


Governing concept of Involution

          =     directing flow of energy


          field  -  zone of influence



     à O   =  existential material object



Local zones of compaction, due to spacing between energy, called precipitated energy or material.


If we release energy from compacted state, we will reaffirm original attributes of pre-compacted energy



Field of intelligent energy, condensing in field  =  zones of resistance.




Materialistic empirical scientist, concentrates on examination of matter.  (gross material matter)


If we define as ‘real’ only that which our sense organs can perceive, we will put ourselves under concept of granularity.


At top level we are dealing with a continuum which is more powerful and sensitive than those powers so far discovered.




Industrial revolution philosophy denies all psychic forces, and says that only is real which one can touch or see.


Moon is regarded as ‘dead end of involution’  -  ie minerality has contracted as much as it can.


          E  =  field                             )

          N  =  motion                         )  An involutionary movement carried to its term.

          D  =  division, dividing itself )




        ä       ã


          Effective    =   Ex   factive

                                out    to do




Self-condensation   =   incarnation
















There is a measurable biomagnetic field wherever there is a living body.  This field does not emanate from the body but is the course of the body.


The biomagnetic field will always show preferred responses within it.




All forces which condense as lions, elephants, men, etc, condense in that way because they have a preferred response from inside them.




The field power, which is the origin of all things, mysteriously is structured.

Sameness does not mean

Also time zones


The will to differ is common in all zones.


The precipitation is unique in every zone.


Therefore formally identical conclusions will not occur.


If one wills not difference but identity it is possible to resonate in the same way.


If one agrees with someone it is because one wills to agree.


Eternity is not a lot of time.

          it is not serial time or energy emission

          in a cycle of observation


          Father             -             thumb           gen

          Son                 -             forefinger

          Holy Ghost     -             middle finger

          Life                  -             fourth finger

          Body               -             little finger




Love God and your neighbour as yourself etc. does not mean like mindedness (formal agreement)


Right from beginning of Christianity we have many different points of view.


Heresy   =   “I do my own thinking”.


Beings that know they are wilful in their definitions (Franciscans).


Beings that believe idea conditions them (Dominicans).



Our life is a BIAS

-                      Disagreement is highly intelligent Xranity [sic. – no suggestions].


God the father does not want a world full of individuals saying exactly the same thing.



Animated principals.


Evolution  -  means we must bring out of our being what is in


God is simultaneously anti-fascist and anti-communist.


Oligarchs would like people’s preferred responses to be those that are defined for them.





Higher level govt. squeezes people to make them produce new emergents.


-  ie  enclosure of ‘common land’ by defining it as ‘waste land’, resulted in

lotons [unclear word]  beings formed and allowing the industrial revolution.







Initiative requires the overthrow of inertias

Caste System of people stressed on:-


i)                     Body                   )      -                                  inertia people

            )                           -      commodity distribution people (inter-reaction)


ii)                          Biofield          )      -                                  gentle artistic

                            )                       -      inter-reaction  - businessman


iii)                  Preferred Response  -                                warriors


iv)                                                        Form                                 -            Brahmins


v)                                                         Power                               -            Quintessential being.

                                               pure self conscious power cannot be

                                                           defined because it is not form



The inter-reaction of body and biofield aspects gives rise to businessmen.





Evolution   -   we are in process of moving back from physical body to origin.



Generality of present day evolution   -   most people running about on preferred responses.  Very few people are running about on formal logic.


                        (these are often called ‘abstract mathematical thinkers’)




Our physical body is centre of infinite field of sentient power, itself uniquely structured from within the field.









Therefore because you have the courage for function you are going to have courage to think and speak for yourself.


To think there is only one correct solution is a concept of granularity.


When you insert energy into an organism too quickly



( A (L) L E R T                      =   All work





If you are alert




There is no dislike in the continuum.


If you invade the zone of disliking means strict internal honesty.


Ultimate reality is dialectical

          -  you hate as much as you love

          Therefore you must not reject parts of yourself.


A baby is born


Morality   )    makes walls divisions

Wall ality )    - society is walls


You are at war between the divided portions of yourself.


All you need is an emotive negative response to justify internal investigation.


Break it down to its ultimate complex of will.


“Their name is legion”.  All ideas work as if they were separate entities.












Free-will is not doing ‘what you want’. 

It has nothing to do with want.


Grace is equivalent to spirit.

It cannot be demanded from below.


No prayer is without effect.

Prayer is energy.

But empirical ego cannot determine the effect of any prayer.