[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (No known Ishval number) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in November 2012 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.  Crossings out in this piece of work have the same content as in the original, which were also crossed out and usually incomplete sentences.]



Eugene       Jesus the Being



Anti-Semitism   =   anti-Christian  

Jesus was a Jew who was not anti-jew.


Consciousness permeated with absolute wisdom

2 generalities in Old Testament,

every being has 2 poles.

Jesus claimed he fulfilled a prophecy.

ie the son of God directly ( - able to communicate at right angles to time process)

He represented the goal of the human race

-     was the first to attain that goal.


Energy is thought-power that can do work.

All energy forms are inter-changeable

Matter is energy

Therefore that energy can be changed into:

all forms, ie thinking, feeling, initiative, comprehension etc.


It is possible for will to operate on objects in human race.

Will is a power.

‘He is the only door’  ie no one can get to truth other than by the process he carried out.


Cruxification [sic] is a precondition to a Resurrection.

He claimed full control over his organism.


He was the first to do it.



Zarathustra born 25/12

many similarities with Jesus, but he did not deliberately take all the steps to create

the conditions of his own capture.


Buddah taught an intellectual analysis of universe.  He had a highly developed intellect, but he was supported by the establishment.  Jesus fought the establishment.


Jesus gathered sufficient emotional energy so that, when he was crucified, a mark was made.


He had done nothing but help people.

Therefore through Jesus’s act, cross because a symbol of victory.




Jesus said ‘Children are like angels of heaven’


Hex  )

Six    )   Circle with 6 petals  =  Hexon

Sex   )


I “exist” ie stand out from a background

6 fold being  =  structure of being


Six means Exist

Sex =  means whereby existence occurs


Six means to be indebted to adjoining/intersecting circles.


There is something in our selves which makes us tend to think 6 petals are a separate individual flower.



LOGOS in Greek   =   Word

                       and =   Proportion, Truth


Circle is  -  self-evident

               -  imminent self-evident

     internally to itself is the key to its own structure.


Christ knew what was in men

     ie  one man properly analysed is key to all men


Hexonic  Field )   Is the continuous

EIDETIC Field )   field of hexons

                            ie of form, shape, structure


Field   =  Any area or zone of influence of any effective form (under consideration)


No person with an internal structure has that internal structure as his own.  It is the

product of the inter-actions upon himself of other beings.








     Any form whatever can be drawn by superstressing lines in hexonic field.


     To stand out )  are synonyms

     To exist         )


     Every philosopher is fundamentally

3  -  mathematically )

2  -  logic                  )  interest and understood

1    -  geometry          )


     All inventions of world have been made with the above 3.


     The more complicated structure of human being enables him to comprehend this

                                 in logic

                                 in feeling, emotion

                                 volitional, will                         


                               power       form

                                 will    6  6   thought          Mnemonics

                                            6                            to remind people



     When you put form onto power result is action.


     Through relation with other beings, your mind has become structured.


     You cannot fixate something in your consciousness, without pushing it very hard.


     Most people


If a thing is to become embodied in your muscular / glandular / nervous system, you must drive yourself to embody it.


     Man must be an affirmer of that operation.


     Jesus went to the n’th degree of consistency.


     Matter is only power.

     Therefore Jesus proved he could lay down his life and take it up again.



     Christianity collapsed after 400 years, because it is very hard work.


     One is indebted to an infinity of ancestors, forces, etc.


     Jesus’s Great Rule  =  Turn the other cheek.




     Jesus says “Do not contest for the     zone, give it up”


     When we abdicate responsibility for a particular zone, the other’s egotistic responsibility grow and grow.


     Law  - Daily deal with less and less but as you deal with less and less, you gain more and more experience.


     Jesus claims to be the first man to embody, the way, the truth, the light.


     The elect will have a principle which may be attacked by any principality claiming absolute authority of other beings (circle).


     Every hexons qualities depend on




PARA   =   Beyond


Para-hexonic Field  =  Beyond the six-fold being  -  ie substance not conditioned by hexonic


Behaviour of                                                                                Add t­­­o_


Energy / force  =  power                                                                 Sal  -  vation

                                                                                                        Wash  =  straighten

                                                                                                        A  -  way  -  way

We can co                                                                                           =====


Ecclesia Para-hexonic Ultimate Reality


Wash-away structures that are erroneous or no use to us.




Released from rigidity of structure







     Therefore we can make unity of beings who understand meaning of salvation.


          Feeling of absolute, material independency.


          To understand it is, immediately to be a member.


          Ecclesia  Para  Hexon


          Accommodation in world Situation  =  Survival.



                            SUR ON



                            SUB ON



          Sur on will grow to tolerate radiation.

          Sub on will stay underground.


          Sur on’s children will have high tolerance of radiation.


          Sub on                 will have low tolerance and will build a city underground.


          Reciprocal inter-penetration of other people’s energies is a fact.


          At any moment one chooses to affirm this inter-penetration of energies.


     Any body who chooses not to be moved by art, action, science of another being,

Ú    removes himself from human level and becomes a beast.


          Jesus was first spectacle of innocent man sacrificing himself.




          Gethsemane Dialogue in Bible.

              Story tells us Jesus was meditating and his disciples were sleeping.

              He was wondering if there was anyone who was worthy to carry on

              when he has been crucified.









     Perfection is made of trifles and perfection is no trifle.


     Out of trivialities builds up strength to pull away from earth and mediate of

     hexonic field.




     Our physical bodies are modalities of Jesus’s Hexonic Field.


     Therefore we have Jesus in our inner beings.



     TIM has gone                                            (TIMID) chained down in the time process



                        Hell  =  isolation of individual


                                    pride                       )   hold individual

                                    inertia                     )   down in

                                    and wrong choice  )   isolation











     The problem of truth    versus    time-form


                             PA at top level hexon



     There is tremendous inertia from past.



     St Paul   -     there is a will in the flesh

                          There is a will in the hexonic level


     There is a tendency for people to cling to ideas for which there is no logical ground.



     Jesus said “I am come to destroy the work of women” (Apocryphal Gospel)

-        ie inertia of protoplasmic memory.


          Level at which we are m



         Satan = personification of serpentine intent


          When we identify with the body we are “timid” ie fear pains and loss of pleasures


          (Ra-pour  ie link at hexonic level)


          Generative power of infinite  =  God


          You say will of the father through you to another being.


          But to another person, you are an external being, and he may react on that basis.


          Like / Dislike  =  antipathy of structure




            Ignore  =  wilful disregard




            METANOIA                Level of Hexonic Field is Will level.  One decides whether

to go up to hexonic level, or down to physical level.


            Moral overlooking is below will


            Will is spirit

            I need not be conditioned by like/dislike, or what I know of physical facts.



            JOY  =  affirmation of situation to which you assent.


            When you assent to a situation in which you have put yourself you are in joy.


            Will is immediately present in itself.


            Joy  =  absolute positivity of self-precipitation.



            Ancestors have given us a body full of timidity.


            Creeping in flesh is ancestral, associated with physical body in time process.


            PA  =  Pure Actuality


            There is nothing of inertia in it

            There is extreme positivity





          Metanoia  =  source power of your being


          in metanoia you see a new impression

          a new emergent is coming on.


          You choose whether you will live at the Live Level


          or at the Level of Inertia



                          =  symbol of inertia



                              = symbol of initiative





          Spirit of clarity and self-definition


          Phallic drive and ruling power to control it


         pride that lifts itself up, knowing it is son of father, but also holds itself down.


          Therefore immediate self-presence


          What you are eating is your self



          The same power that gives birth to you devours you.  You are the pure hexonic field.



          At level of will you choose freely whether you like the reciprocal inter-penetration of

         all forms of beings.