[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (Ishval number 34 – their title Love and Death) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in September 2013 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.  Crossings out in this piece of work have the same content as in the original, which were also crossed out and usually incomplete sentences.]




The Idea of Death


Parklands 28/6/75



LOVE    )

LIVE      )    very closely inter-related


LOVE one embraces something more than ones’ self.  One binds together more beings than one.

              Inter-functional finding relation is involved in love.


Opposite of Life is Death


Opposite of Death is Love


Death  =  dis-integration of being

Death is a door, it is not an end it is a door from one phase into another.


Matter is energy.  There are no irreducible particles.


Some people think human brain works on ‘the either/or principle’.

              ie:  the continuum is either a whole or of discontinuous particles.

              c/f ball-bearings.

              No scientist has found a single primary particle.  All they have

              found is a “behaviour tendency probability” (which is of energy).


Granularity is the view that ultimate reality is made up of primary particles which

cannot be reduced.


Continuum is the view of the reciprocal inter-penetration of all parts of the whole.

c/f undulating water in the ocean.


              - the “m” at the end of continuum denotes material particles

              but it does not denote the separation of these particles from

              each other.


If we had the view that energy is indiscreet quanta of energy, we would be back in the granularity concept.





Think then that the “energy quantum” is a zone of influence in a field of power – an orderly system of power.


If we view this power as not made of particles, then the structure field of energy is whole.


2 Views of Reality

i)                 R  or  Discontinuous View



ii)                 L                 or Continuum View, ie non-discrete, non-serial


Reality is that which differs as a modality of that which does not differ.


     KA-RA-NA              =       Not created power.


There is an infinite ocean of power,

-  which is intelligence.

This power is creating, in its wave process, apparent points of intersection

-  note a spinning vortex in water is not an entity on its own, but is a behavioural modality of the water.


Note.  there are no entities whatever in ultimate reality, other than spinning modalities like vortex in water.


Note.  If you do not spin you do not exist.



(ie Love/Life)

                                                  L  =  to conjoin, ie to belong to the continuum

(ie Death)

                                                  R  =  to differentiate, and to fall to bits.


The continuum is Power which is sentient


Note  =  in act of positing or compressing energy one is taking energy

from the surrounding environment in order to posit the energy



All power feels itself, there is no non-sentient power.


          Therefore all compacted power become an existence-felt entity,

          and it feels the vacuum-ated [sic.] power around it to be voidity


          ie  one gains and loses simultaneously



c/f Genesis ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

          What Adam called ‘evil’ was that which had vacated energy to make

          what he called ‘good’.


In the act of positing, one is vacating the surrounding space of power modalities.


Therefore  What we call

          Life is Death  (and vice versa)


In the act of constraining himself in order to do one thing, ie through concentration, then one is dead to those things on which we do not focus (or concentrate), and for that being these things are ignored, do not exist, ie one is dead to them.


By means of “zones of contraction” ie bodies, the continuum makes itself more aware of its existence.


          BRAHMAN      =   extended self


          JIVA                  =   individuated, empirical self

                                        ie  focussed down consciousness


but extend self is only beneficial to being in that he can concentrate and compact.


Individual can create gradients in himself





              ie  one looks at something, decides what it is and says what it is


-      someone else defines and/or interprets it differently and then trouble



Power is by its very nature tends to formulate and function.  It cannot do nothing.




Therefore think if we want to avoid a situation where A and B each formulate without reference to each other, a situation can arise where both A and B focus more on the


          ie  battle can become so great that participants forget what they

          are there for.


This can apply with nation, family or within an individual.


If there is a disparity of ideas, feelings, or wills, this disparity can kill you either locally, (in parts of the body) or wholly (with death of whole body).


Death is always the same ie Disparity  ie Quarrelling of Energy without

Reference to each other.


A vibration of energy can occur that will disparate with other beings.  Energies . . . 






. . . that operate disparately the being will disintegrate and fall to bits.


                            VIBRATION                 DESTROYS


Therefore we must condemn the Disparity.


Therefore we must find a way in which both A and B can modify their behaviour so that they do not vibrate themselves into non existence.


LOVE is the binding concept that allows disparate energies to harmonise and



Ordinary person has not got

          -    only one will

          -    strong clear concept of like/dislike


Therefore he is emotionally at war within and vibrating process will shake

individual to pieces, and then he will be dead.



LOVE = process that allows man to work for harmonising of all disparate ideas.


At level of thinking, if one does not clarify, it is possible that this idea will be disparate with some other idea.


c/f     i)    Mother and child


             ii)  ‘Mother knows best’

              ie mother would have to know best absolutely and

              in everything at times child thinks it knows best.


              Therefore basis of vibratory energy.


Inside the human being, one has a record of ancestral experience.


The living human being is the survivor of the protoplasm of all its ancestors.


The HUMAN BEING has to


‘I’ into the LETTER ‘O’

IS Live into Love






If we cannot embrace all these disparate functions we are going to fall to bits.


Purpose of continuum was to produce a harmonious zone of thinking, feeling and willing.


How do we embrace disparity? 

Through Tolerance we control through understanding.


Live becomes Love if we allow that all beings are pursuing the same goal.



Attitudes to DYING


Deny         i)       Refusal at thought of death

           ii)     Anger at thought of death

          iii)     Depression

          iv)     Acceptance

           v)     Looking Forward (I wonder what is going to happen next)



i)       BLISS uninterrupted motions of power

          ie going along with no impedences but where any motion of power

          intersect spin occurs and one then feels it.  Therefore one tends to contract

          on it in order to get rid of it.


          But as one focuses one tends to focus more on it in order to refuse or deny

          it and it becomes more important than the bliss.



ii)      Because one focus, one becomes pinned and the energy of the refusal

          causes a vibrating rage or effort, ie anger.

          ie one is determined to smash the opposition.



          JIVA  -  this zone is interrupting my bliss.  But eventually one becomes . . .






          . . .  aware that one cannot win.  So one becomes


iii)     Depressed.  One realises one cannot do anything about it.

          Therefore one decides to accept.



iv)     Acceptance.  But as one accepts, the energy caused by the turbulation

          dies down and then one finds oneself back in the Continuum.



v)      Looking Forward

          Therefore instead of merely extend bliss, one has a moving about centre

          and one becomes aware of other egoic beings moving about and one has

          a consciousness, instead of contracting itself down, which is looking on a

          transcendental state of awareness,

          ie instead of contracting down it moves as it wants to.



          An expanding consciousness, can see patterns of opportunity for other beings

          along gradient lines that have been laid down by the field of consciousness.







          Level above Tolerance is

          Conscious  Deliberate  Reciprocal  Interfunction


          The being that concentrates on the egoic level tends to regard that which he

          does not concentrate on as ‘rubbish’.




          2 Kinds of Death

i)       Death by annihilation or dispersal of energies into the field.



ii)      Death by Egoic concentration, which closes contact with remainder of field.




          Christianity is in Cosmos


          Chris   =   Cross in Circle



          This principle was taught in every major religion.


          First point of individuation.


          No reciprocal relation of the order.


          The first attitude to Cross-ti-anity was rejection.

          But in the act of rejection

                            energy was focussed

                            therefore became centre of human consciousness


          ie  the Stone that was rejected became the corner stone of the temple

          (ie  of the time process)

          If we rejected the original process



          At the level of hexonic power there was total interference, so that no one

          could do anything.



LIVE          Egoic Individuation

LOVE        Zone of Interfunction  -  LOVE                 

LAUGH              Infinite Bliss


          Infinite power.

          If one does not focus on body, one is in the love


          Laugh  =  conjunction of infinite power

                            allow live, love, laff



          One has never been afraid of death naturally.

          One has been taught to fear it by civilisation, built up

          progressively by education.



          When you are moving about enjoying yourself


          Death is a Doorway to where you were before you were Born.

                                    -    Reciprocal Relation                   )

                                    -    Shore [share?] my individuality  )    Death         

                                    -    Absolute Bliss                                  )        to

                                                                                               )    Door to


          There are no ultimate disparate particles.

          Our being is composed of functions of infinite power.


          If you argue with someone you feed the energy in the other person.


          Death is a fiction, caused by concentration of focus on a vortex which

          is part of infinite field of power.


          The reality is Absolute Sentient Power



(Identify with your physical body as your egoic self


          Death        )

          Life            )                  JOKE

          Love          )

          Laugh       )


Everything you do is self precipitated by SP





          When your evolution is complete, you are free to start your

          activity or deification.



          If a human being strain upon a particular course.  The whole field strains away

          from it.  Thus the straining causes a ranging or gradient.


          Gradient exists.  The whole universe is shot through and through with them.


          Concept has an emotional feel round it.


          If one changes ones idea, one will find ones emotional field changes.


          Taking advantage of gradients is called ‘Cosmic Efficiency’.



          LAUGH means “Conjoin to Power”


          You have to do 2 things at once.


              i)   Be individuated (to find out what I need)


              ii)  Be conscious that one’s origin is in the infinite (and that Absolute

                   in all beings also wants something).


          Humane individuation


          The Kingdom of Heaven is Power

          Not Egoic power but Absolute Power


          Every human being has a mental horizon.

          Therefore accept your position, find out your dead points; 

          ie those of you who are not interested in something are dead to it.

          The ego transfixes you on the world outside and you forget your body. 

          Your body is a universe on its own.


          You can die:

          -    Physically               )

          -    Emotionally            )

          -    Meditationally        )

          -    Comprehensively )

          -    Volitionally             )

          -    Hexonically            )