[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (dated 7th January 1968 – Sunday - Ishval number 116) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in August 2010 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.]



The Here and The Now

(or Space and Time)


Here is a spatial concept


Now is a time concept

Time always means energy expenditure


Music is space / time diagram


We are spreading our fingers in space on the keyboard and we are counting time.  In the process we expend energy.


The dynamics (in music) is how hard you hit the note.  This is the power of the energy expenditure.


The speed at which you play also effects the amount of energy expenditure.



                                      TIME               =            EMIT


                                                         refers to the energy emission by

                                           those human beings moment by moment.



If you abstracted you are always expending energy as long as you exist, even if only send energy in brain to memory cells. [sic]



When I focus on a person I lose formal consciousness of the other persons in the room, unless they move when they catch my awareness.




I look at the A figure then take time to traverse the space in order to observe the B figure.




i)          The sharp weasel person observes more percepts per second than the more slow person.


Therefore the one is called ‘quick’ relatively and the other ‘dead’.



ii)      The fox.

- moves smoothly, curvaceously and non-aggressively.


to see is to emit energy and to have a purpose.






To see means sharp focus





- means stretched in time, has duration.



A protensive event takes time to perform it.



Philosophically all our experience is based on protensive events.



It takes time to see space, and this takes energy and expend (power).



Space                          )


Time                             )        is a trinity


Power                          )



Ancients saw time protensively.






Caldeians [Chaldeans] means ‘white judges’ said let us see how quickly we can deal with the protensive events by intensification of observation. 



A percept requires the release of energy impulses.



The rate of propagation of nervous impulses may appear static, but when you intensively perceive with the deliberate attempt of moving towards the limiting factor in nervous system, where the muscles are blocked because they cannot move quickly enough to keep [. . .









. . .] pace with the nervous impulses which are trying to keep pace with efficient operation.



Thus is there a sort of ‘sound barrier’ or limit of intensification of perception above which once cannot get faster?  This intrigued the Caldeians [Chaldeans].



Moment of time is a period in time at which a change of direction takes place.  A moment is a portion of time in which a change takes place.



Therefore only in a moment are you free.




It is generally accepted that it is possible to observe all historical moments in the world on [in ?] one moment of time.



Our moment of perception is so narrowed down that we can only observe in the now.






When we tend to think about time as on a single line we are tending to do this for our own convenience.



This is a simplification for our own convenience as really it is curved and multi lined.



Space is described as three dimensional which again is over simplified.



                                      SPACE                                            TIME


                                      HERE                                               NOW



A Now only exists when :-

I as an observer emit energy from my energy store to a perception.



A Here only exists when :-

An observer is talking about his own particular location, being the centre of his observing consciousness, or his observed environment.



A There

Is a here for another being that I have peripheralized.



The T of [t] here marks the point on the periphery of observation.








If I emit energy into a differential power situation, then I create a power situation. 


Therefore live in the here and now with a


NOW  =  WON   backwards.


Every great man has had one particular thing in common.  They always lived in the here and now,  - ie were looking at the power situation in the state where they were.


Every person who cannot get into the here and emit energy into the now is at the mercy of anyone who can.


Therefore there is a real difference in power between different people and at different times.


Political manipulation depends on trickery of playing with energy expenditure of people.


Every event in the universe does not just happen within time, but happens within a particular location within time.


Therefore it is a bit superficial to think that time occurs on a straight line.


Each system of the earth is leaving its locality moment by moment leaving its vibrations behind.


Therefore all past events are still existing in their own place.








It also means that all future moments in here and now are in space waiting for the particular planet to catch up with them and partake in them.


The consciousness of any defined human being is greater than the control of those beings.


Consciousness is infinite and only the context of consciousness is finite.


If the mind tends to serialise protensively, it reaches a stage where there is total impedance of percepts.  Then space itself is solid.  Space is power:


The space power consciousness, [and] the emission of energy, means that reality and space is absolutely solid to the consciousness that perceives at its optimum rate.


This consciousness will perceive onely [one-ly].




= only begotten          The original meaning is that if you are

                                      fast enough greater things are in store.


                                      Go to the generative power so that you

                                      become so quick that you can see the

                                      universe as a block and see onely [one-ly].







The total group pf


ETERNITY  and  TIME in opposite



Total reality

non serial

no voidity

full of power

absolute actual power

- none of solidity of gross material power in time process

- only a total and absolute grasp of whole total comprehension





The road is high power-intensive

volitional activity, simultaneously in the moment.


Every breath is a decision to persist in life.  The mind of a protensive thinker is vacillating.


Here and now is tremendously complex.  The only place any being has ever made a decision, solved a problem is in the here and now process.





The practical method of getting to this is by making the decision in the here and now process.


Either you free yourself in the here and now [. . .






. . .] from all the forces that have made you.



H   A   N


Here and Now



HAN   =  Grace


But this grace can only operate in the here and now, and this means in the moment, by changing your attitude to absolute reality.



G /    -  gross material earth


R /    - ruling tendencies of the differentiation process in that time


A / ) 


C / )  - means the trump

            It can either be above the king or at the bottom of the pack

E / )



Ace means spirit.


It does not have to accept the definition of mere king, so that to rise above that is to be ace high.


But not to know it is to be ace low by being an individual particle which is unaware of its power of self being and therefore is less powerful than those higher up the pack









          - act of faith they may accept that this law of grace (understanding in mind and love in heart).


Focus in here and now.


Learn how to focus.



Deliberately practice remembering what you have looked at and then superimpose one image on top of another.



You can only become intensive









Prayer Wheel




M    )

A    )      Oh the jewel within the lotus

N    )

T     )                              become Umh

R    )                                           Humh

A    )



I have individualised this whole process of substantial individual - progress.


It is not a superstition in its origin.  It is a method in accelerating your mental processes.


Read a poem slowly and absorb it.


Suggestion is slipping something under the guard of the intellect by an emotional trick.






No Where                    - in positive aspect is the infinite sentient power

                                      which is the god head


                                      - in the negative is in between two finite points.



Now Here                    - ditto


                                      - can only apply to consciousness itself.  If you focus upon form

                                      you become pinned down by form.  If you recognise that the

                                      finite here and now is pretension then you temporalise the then

                                      and say the nowhere is self pinned down to any particular locus

                                      of space. [this sentence is very difficult to decipher - this is our best effort to date] 



Lucky                           - LOCI

                                      = locked energy in a place

                                      - the spirit of finite local identification

                                      - the negative aspect of being pinned down to a local reality.


                                      - If you focus your awareness onto a finite point but very aware

                                      of here and now possibilities that he can see the power

                                      potential differentiations in that place.



Here   )                         the two ‘heres’ are closely related

Hear   )                         together.  ‘Hear O’ Israel’ leaves your

                                      hearing (ear) facilities to empower your

                                      ear or feed energy into your ear.






You actually get hold of the energy of the power and comprehend.


To appreciate reality means you must be able to create reality.


Hear is the beginning of power, as child gets benefit of hearing power of other people.


Human races development of sound/symbols able to solve problem of material existential systems and to affect important changes in the world.


Wherever there is power differentiating it does so in a differentiating manner.  So it can be interpreted by more than one sense.  Therefore Hearing and becoming aware of what is happening in a here.






Karl Marx                     quality is intimately related to quantity.


                            -        if you have a sufficient quantity of percepts the

                                      more patterning possibilities you have.


Content              -        hold it together.



Conscious momentary awareness is essential.


Destiny               -        if I have a place I am wanting to go to.

                                      The ideal is the thing not to come to too quickly.

                                      If you keep away, you are determined not to fulfil

                                      your destiny too soon.






There is destiny if you are conscious, fate if you are not conscious.



SWAN              WORK


NAMS              KROW


External           Boehme fated and through fate found destiny