This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes for the ISHVAL meeting on 27th July 1969 was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts September 2009







From primary unity there arises an apparent duality.


If one man thinks or feels he modifies the structure in the continuum.  Everybody is involved in every act by every person.











Heart normally falters on dexter than on sinister side, to symbolise that have nots on sinister side are deficient, weaker and penitent.  Dexter side is full and inpenitent.


We notice that inequalities between dexter and sinister sides of heart manifest in inequalities of


i)    forms

ii)   drive – conation

iii)  affective or feeling assessment

iv) co-ordination


Imagine extended into infinite space.



The human brain is device for selecting a serialising aspect of reality in such meagre way that they can be assimilated by human being.




L        =       God’s larynx.  Imagine that the L circle is inside heart.


          =       We must extend both circles to infinity


          =       (larynx tongue link centre)



1A     =       instinct of the animal order when an animal is in own environment.


                   (perfectly adjusted

                   (perfectly articulated pattern for its own environment


                   Animals have situation responses within own environment, but not a language.



Because men talk serially they can make mistakes which animals do not do.  Man in gaining seriality has placed himself in position of possible error.




If man focuses into infinite he makes no mistake but if he focuses serially he is liable to error.


In gaining linear clarity man loses total comprehension of reality.



Therefore everyone has been born by someone and conditioned by blood and inheritance.


Therefore in navel centre we have evidence of herd instinct.


All centres must be congruent to be placed on other centres.


God has made on one blood all nations.








                        -           a serpent holding its tail

                        -           spermatic energy

                        -           spirit locked in matter and time


All these


Spermatic energy is connected by process by which one collects a cord or navel


Therefore they presuppose animal instinct.


Presupposed by S that there is combined (?) closure, and then it can articulate within sphere of control all that need to be articulated.



Different methods of counting



ii)       Start with star

          or infinite spirit





Herd  =       intercommunication necessity

                   need for


All spermatic energy is spirit

- sperms produced by men are logoi in infinite.






Heart centre - this is intimately connected with my affective life wishes, because extra blood needed to pursue desires.


Heart is not just a blood pump, it cannot operate effectively if it cannot respond to effective desires.


The larynx  =   law based entirely (?) on definition


                   Lar    =     law of infinite reality,

                            but can only be controlled by speech


Out of the fullness of life the heart speaks.  From your feelings you chose your words.


There is an intimate connection between voice and feeling life.


Universal compassion.  Each animal in its own environment perfectly symbolises perfect responses in its proper environment.


The proud man says “I refuse to accept as real anything I have not verbalised.”


Dialectically the navel circle that all men are equal states that potentially all men are leaders.


There are leaders in the herd from animal intelligence – ie politicians, entertainers, etc.


It is presupposed that there shall also be an articulated leader in the human herd.


Efficient function, animal world discovered was that yapping, gibbering, etc, were useful activities.










What is above is a mirrored reflection of what is below.


Above         =   manifest

Below         =   hidden



Due to double folding

          My favourite number is 3˝ mirrored


Opposition is true friendship (Wm Blake).


Everything we do in a geometric way is a way of controlling thought.


Invoke = call in that function from infinite.


Wherever you are the grass is greener than the other man’s from his point of view.

Therefore accept his point of view and your grass is greener.


The most obvious, the most inter-related fact is spirit into spermatised energy.


3˝ = think, feel, will and remember there is something left out

          The ˝ is your co-ordinated potentialities.


3˝ = holy trinity              )

          or primary energy  )      these are concepts

          pure form               )



Whatever we know about space, time, power there is also a half about which we know nothing.






Any impulse in a human being in space time power world, he has absolute authority for so believing because of the evolutionary necessity of opposition.


We have the herd to consider.


We ourselves have no power of command other than ancestoral stresses derived from ancestors and accented.


Great men have been produced by humanity as a whole.


All clever tricks (?) of articulated men are product of men studying nature.


Man has produced nothing than did not pre-exist him.


Real humanity is important sentient power of infinite itself.











The gap between thinking and feeling is unbridgeable except by the divine spark of illumination.


The human race can evolve/devolve according to quality of discrimination of sensitivity of will towards different centres.


Without selection no evolution.


Salvation    - means washing away properties not necessary to that being.


Adultery      -    mixing with properties not pure to it.


Love           -    it is not necessary to go into physical relations at empirical egoic being.






To make a relation one must not be an empirical ego.


A physical sexual relationship is a spiritual fact.  Therefore it must include infinity.


Opposite to sacrament is material utilisation (?) at physical level.


Material world permeated by finest energies of spirit.


Symbol of woman      -    past


Symbol of man           -    future


Symbol of child          -    present sense of strain between past and future.


Individual is child of past and of future precipitated in present – the here now child of past and future.


The tension in field


The spark is the product of the intolerable tension – of attempt to bridge impossible.


Flash of illumination does not bridge ..... (?) ends but merely shows that it is possible to tolerate paradox.


I have to accept to my other paradoxical self-contradiction.


One watches feeling, whilst one analyses forms.


The feeling changes as one changes form.



For every feeling one should find the corresponding idea because an idea is only precipitated feeling.



Perfect function is possible only in the here and now.


One is a functional possibility.


There is no substitute to sensitivity to the functional possibility.


Every spirit seeks a body to perform a function.


At the very moment of doing one finite act one must be aware of an infinity of possibility.






A real poem is a bunch of metaphors condensed.


Men think they can explain anything given sufficient time.


Women know one can explain nothing given an infinity of time.


The pure positivity of creative spirit – (the only function worshipped by anyone).


Matter precipitated to offer a resistance to spirit to fight and thus to embody function.


The consciously embodied function comes from resistance between polar opposites.


Property concept has trapped people as it is non functional.


The spark that makes the bridge unnecessary .


The observer is not the observed – is concept to help meditation.


If a thing is

                   thought     )


                   feeling      )    simultaneously

                                    )    co-presented

                   volition  ) 


                   co-ordination embodied in physical body.


Walking, physical, objective diagrams.


Only if one can counsel ones flesh to obey ones though, feeling and volition, then one is a developed being.


Body cannot tolerate contradiction, and therefore manifests inertia.


6 faced being


Six sides of true metaphysics.





There is no standard of beauty other than the standard of efficient function






B  EAU  TY         -      includes water


water flows beautifully


economy of energy expenditure in any function is beauty.  Whatever impediment is economy of energy. [sic]


Any perfect function in universe if it were not for rival functions would absorb all energies of universe.


Refinement of feeling – liking disliking



TUR                )   -      law of rotation of energy

BULENCE      )           which create impedences

                                    Which stops world being immediately beautiful.


One cannot get real desire for beauty without turbulence.


Eternity is not a lot of time.  Time is a process within eternity to make one appreciate perfection of immediate function. 


Turbulence has been created to generate resistance.


We owe a tremendous debt to dogma.  This is the means whereby empirical egotism is broken.  The prodigal son is the supreme paradox


One can only find finite situation.


Dogma – is very tightly defined ritual.

Whatever is established


                   D       courses of ultimate reality


                   G      command that it be obeyed (it is good)

                   MA    in the name of your sacred mother


Dogma is what is asserted to be good and to be obeyed.


Those who are ready for next evolutionary step.










A verbal formula which I will impose upon all minds below me.


The amount of energy required to formulate a dogma is very great.


Internally self-consistent thought structures.



A    B          =   Hebrew for Father


1    2           =   numbers


1 + 2           =   3





(28th September next meeting)