[This transcript of Dr Fred Freeman’s notes (No known Ishval number) was by Eleanor Grundy and Alan Roberts in June 2012 - all additions to the original are in square brackets and italics.  Crossings out in this piece of work have the same content as in the original, which were also crossed out and usually incomplete sentences.  Fred’s drawings in the margins and between sentences have been included at that place and as close to the form of them as we can get.]



Time and Eternity

(Eugene) 27.09.1970



Our sense organs are “directional” in some sense.

Therefore we select some particular aspects

Serial mode of presentation of reality.


Existentially seriality requires “energy emission” in the organ itself *

(due to turning of head etc).


          EMIT  =  TIME    (spelt backwards)


not “word jugglery”

written tradition does not contain real secrets, it is “oral tradition”.


          secret  =  sacred   (both refer to power).






The mobility of tongue  -  makes us human. 


“If we can control the tongue, we can control the whole body”.



Brain      =   house where the ruler is


           CHAOS  =  Cover on the light

                         human brain radiates energy into outer space.





Everything above palette is called “heaven”

                  below palette is called “earth”


Brain  = egg shaped light energy which produces a mercurial light (Messianic light).


Physical brain one can take out of skull has been formed by golden egg of life.


Brain is precipitate of intelligent soul.


Only by the manifestation


“The state” aims at stability.


Leviathan (left-handed twister).





If there is serial presentation and co-ordination of the presentation, then logically there must be simultaneous presentation.

          -    verbalise and articulate their different presentations.


In temporal world by splitting human protoplasm and . . .


collective human soul” there is a level of consciousness that assimilates experience of whole group.


The bio-field of


We are only talking about time when we talk about serial emission of energy on particular pathways.







                 Therefore simultaneous presentation of thought, feeling and willing.



              ( thoughts are made of energy and

              ( by nature of being they are

              ( self-evaluating.



Time                    =   serialisation of content of eternity.



Eternal beings     =   because we simultaneously

                                 think, feel, will.



Temporal beings =   because we move serially. 






Plato                    =   places the good, the true and the beautiful.



                 the true is called “the sun (son) of the good”.



                 the good       =   power


                 the true         =   the formal aspect of its mode of operation


                 the beautiful  =   the aesthetic evaluation of this                            







All forms are definable

              -        will as power cannot be defined.


                        -   one may have “intent”

                        ie power held in.




Plato  -  was on oath not to reveal at microcosmic level the hierarchy.


          Therefore he said “the true” ( taking precedence over “the good”,

          he did not say “the good” he said “the spirited element”.






Plato was leg pulling when he said at macrocosmic level “the hierarchy was the good, true and beautiful (which is correct) and that at microcosmic level of man it is “the true, the good and beautiful”.



Larynx   =   the outspeaker of law.



Energy belong to conation.


We cannot think without energy expenditure.


Energy expenditure is all joy.


Limitation of expenditure is all misery.


The soul in man pre exists its own creation


          3 fold non-serialised


          and absolutely eternal





Memory involves energy immission [sic].



                A                           S   L

         B                                               Spirit

                  C                                      Bound (L  =  ligature)



          Spirit self-bound.


          Continuum is not


          Within the eternal continuum, all beings are absolutely inter-penetrating.



          A            =  Absolute


          B            =  Bound


          C            =  Looking


                        Psi-zone is zone where there is leakage from one zone to another.



Chaos             =  does not mean rubbish


                        =  inhibited wisdom


                        ie A B C are interpenetrating


                        Therefore in chaos neither A, B or C can tell what they

                        would be like without interference from B and C




                        The only way to be oneself is to be isolated.


                        Because it is hammered down it is dense and because it is dense

                        it is judged  -  ie evaluated by other human beings.






The one law that is eternal


The above is law of “ejaculation”.



Energy spiralled in and condenses eventually shoots out.


Conquering energy is Q energy.



When one is in time one always has the choice:


              Shall I isolate myself?


              Shall I co-operate?


Any beings who pursue isolated activity are pursuing the time process.





Eternal Hierarchy


Power    )


Form      )





In this world men dig worms up, instead of worms digging men up.


The key to real joy is the acceptance of one’s own level.  “Better one’s own job badly

done than another’s job badly done”.    


  [the next two lines are marked as page 7 but the next page is also marked 7 so they are inserted here]


the working state  =  external form identified.


There is a lot more form in the unconscious than in the conscious.




5 Levels of identification



Physical body                         -


Life force                                -    (biofield)     


Collective ancestoral knowledge


Collective formal                    -    of unwise


Absolute will




There are no values in universe except those inserted into it by people.



If people want it they can’t be it.




Identification determines energy.




Egypt                   =                 imperial materialistic rationalism.



Moses                  =                 lifted out of water totality of ancestoral impulses

                                               (these are “elect”.



Pharoh                 =                 rational light  - illuminated by empirical reason.

-      inertias of rationality.





Desert                  =                 place of sand

                                               -    granularity

                                               no emotion there.


                                               granularity looks only at form, and turns off emotive




Objective fact as objective fact.



Clarify ideas and one then will see in distance true P Law all forms are one form.



One then focusses on Py Law                                                       (woven purpose)



                                                                                        strength                   stability                                                                                                                                               


Solomon         =  peace evaluation


                            spirit posited here/now       


                            what you posit is self-realised by positivity.


                            you posit it and it doesn’t matter how other people evaluate it.     





                            Inherent rationality

-      Eternal





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